[Are Your] Relationships: Gifting or Karmic?

if ever you had a good supportive family of origin or marital family you know congratulations because those if they go well they're called gifting relationships our gifting relationships are usually the minority of our relations it depends on who a person is you know but and your level of lessons and so forth it doesn't make you better as a person but let's just say it reflects better things so to have gifting relationships is really a blessing you never fail to say thank you to people who actually try to be loving and patient and forgiving and responsible you know we can take it for granted because it's sometimes forget not everybody's like that so if you've got a friend who's willing to be honest with you god you know give thanks to the gods of olympus man because it's just it's rare and it's beautiful to have again whatever level that might have been even and friends of the past whether they passed on or not high school friends or whatever stop and take a moment just say wow thank you if you have children you can just casually have conversation by the way you know who's been your favorite friend you know in this lifetime and you can tell them your story well I had a friend like this and and then ask him let's get together and and say thank you you know and you have a way of talking them you know into kind of doing a prayer you know and and just saying thank you and yet you're doing something very deep it looks very casual for the child but it's very deep because you're giving things and they're giving thanks and then the person out there that you're thanking will feel out of the blue they'll feel this wave of something support love whatever it is they may be in need of that at that moment as a matter of fact but even if they're not in the nita in that moment they'll they'll feel it when they ever they are indeed because your prayers of love will reach them at the time most needed and of course the opposite is also true there's people we struggle with and you can still have that conversation with your partner your child about you know who have you struggled with and how so and why so and instead of saying to your child you know well those people are bad like you know maybe that's the generation was brought up in when people weren't very nice they're just bad and you know then there's people that are good you can try to take it a little deeper by explaining to the child you know Wow okay what kid what do you think you could learn from that and mommy daddy you know had a friend like that – they were kind of challenging you don't say they were rude bad me just say yeah sometimes it was really strange I was confused you know using terminology they could understand I was confused by sometimes why they would be nice and then sometimes mean but what do you think you could learn from that you know you asked them and then you can share what you learned you can both kind of sit there you gotta show him by going hmm let me think about this for a second you know and let them think about it when you think they've had some time you can say do you have anything yet and whether they do or not you can say oh you know what I have an interesting thing always talk at their level of understanding childlike sweet you know simple clear and then just you know this is well this is something I learned and it's kind of cool you know it also takes the intensity of some of our relationships that seem such a drag and it puts them in a different kind of a vibe a different air about it rather than horrible horrible horrible it starts to become a little more you know at ease or relaxed you know so speaking of that there are gifting relationships and there are the challenging karmic relationships and those challenging ones are challenging they're called that for a reason and often those are people that are the instead of their on on board they're like yeah you know I'm willing to apologize for something or own something they're there they're being obnoxious or they're just being defensive and all that whatever it is they're being not just offensive guarded whatever not taking responsibility whatever it is if it clearly will tell you what they're about where they're coming from it'll tell you what you're dealing with not so that it corroborates your judgments that's not what we're looking for we're not looking for validation but we're looking for a different level of clarity like okay they're kind of defensive I guess that's probably where they're coming from they're feeling like that's that's how they were brought up or whatever it's at what they were taught it's kind of a drag I'd like to reach them at a different level but that's not happening between us ask yourself did I try to be as tactful as I could have or did I attack and that made them defensive and if you think you've done your best god bless you man just know you've done your best and not not cave into the egos doubtfulness all that said still another level we're going to go to hear all that said we shift to yet another thing which is besides the people we would like to be this way or not be that way and so on family there's spiritual family I mean relationships you have karmic ones and you have gifting one's the gifting one's are giving you reward and decency as people because the good work you've done in your life you know and you got to be careful not to overly sit and stew in the karmic relationships you know you're not a failure if by chance you don't give it five extra years of your life you know to try to make those work just do the best you can I tend to hang in there a little longer than most people could with challenging people I'm glad that I do that because one in every so many of them will turn around and I'm really great like it's you know it's like a person that's its taking care of animals and you just go that extra mile and then you realize the extra mile doesn't save every animal but every time it saves some of them you realize I almost gave up on those animals and you wouldn't want to do that now using that exaggerated example though doesn't mean I'm saying you should hang in there because you might save somebody because then you're a rescuer all I'm saying is how far can you go in and check in within yourself and see what you can afford to do I just happen to feel like I can afford going a little bit longer with some people but then there are times you know that I've hung in there a bit longer and I go oh that was kind of a waste of you know an extra month year five years or whatever all that I need though because regret serves no purpose other than we learn from it that's the only purpose regret ever serves that's in the Bible as exactly that don'ts do don't dwell on the regrets but just say to yourself if you did hang in there longer like I have at times just say what did I you know could I learn from that what did I gain what were my intentions was it being controlling was it being a rescuer and generally I can say to myself I feel pretty good for the times I I hung in with relationships my intentions were usually good the outcome is usually good but things still come to an end and then when it comes to an end can I do my best to make it a loving experience you know people don't like endings so even when you do your best to bring a loving ending sometimes they're still annoyed by you or hate you because you still brought it to an end so you're thinking well we'll all just have a little celebration we'll have a cake you know and and we'll just enjoy and appreciate that we gave it our all no that's not what's gonna happen the person who doesn't get what they want egotistical e is gonna be the one that gets ticked off and you know still continues to jab or or you know turn their nose up I'm not being judgmental I just don't want to speak to you you know turn their nose up and that's just as rude it's just passive-aggressive so you know people will do that and it's not ours to fix them but it is ours to be patient and learn our lessons from it and move our own way so taking that yet again further there's also levels of family there's human family which are mostly karmic relationships and they're spiritual family which are mostly gifting relationships but the ego intends on taking even your spiritual family relations and turning them into karmic relationships you know we can sit at an ending be in a workshop you know and a conference and people just sit in the audience they're just wow they're so enamoured therein oh god the energy the vibe the love we all sing together you know we all get in a circle and hold we're all hugging there's tears like oh you know part of us about why couldn't my family be like this I feel more loved by people that I don't even know at a spiritual gathering you know or singing you know some chant and in a you know Grove somewhere with druids and pagans or or at unity you know doing our closing song whatever it is it oh and even even in in studying sacred sexuality oh you know it's like people can learn to go god I recognize that even this kind of intimacy can be so loving and incredible so we can have all kinds of versions of wonderful when we practice spirituality in all areas of our life but it often happens you gather with those people hang around them a little longer and they start to feel just like they resent what you felt for your family of origin in other words we catch them in the egos looking for even the most affectionate intimate oh my god this relationship feels wonderful this workshop feels wonderful I'm being hugged and being held everybody's praying together dancing together and we're like wow and then hang out with those people long enough you know go out to eat with them do something else and you start to notice things that annoy you and that's where the ego kicks in and starts to fault find you have an option you can also discipline yourself to not be around people and constantly look for fault you can also choose don't hang around with them so long so many minutes or hours that you start to have a problem if that's what you need to keep your ego in check then do it just like if you talk to your mother and she's annoying and you find that God the first 10 minutes of the conversation goes so well once we reach 15 minutes I want to kill myself you know then don't go to 15 minutes go to 10 and hang up going wow that was pretty nice then earn 11 minutes earn 12 minutes earn 13 oops didn't go up back off to leaven again try 12 till you can afford 13 it's a way to discipline the ego that just acts like a spoiled child to ruin everything all the time with nagging and complaining tugging and pulling and whining just saying no there will not be any desert right now that kind of thing you know just say no and remember generally what I'm saying two kinds of relationships karmic ones and gifting ones and even our spiritual family there's two types of family spiritual and human and the spiritual family is mostly gifting human family mostly karmic but our job is to turn all of them into gifting relations meaning I will not hate anyone I will learn what I can from every one of these relationships and I will affirm that every human being whether their family of origin or spiritual family friends you know in gatherings I will affirm that every one of them has a light within them so I make them all kind of even I might choose to hang out with one ten minutes and another thirty I might choose to live with one and not another you know that's boundaries but I still internally will affirm those things I just said I refused to hate I choose to learn and I also affirmed to love the love in each person so our job is to turn turn all those relationships into gifts gifting relationships and gifts and keep in mind though the human relationships generally are challenging their karmic that's why we're with them again there might be a family member that is the gift in that family the one that helps keep you saying or feel some collaboration and camaraderie in all the insanity you know we're usually the black sheep in our families because we're light workers were spiritual and all that not better than anybody we're just choosing to be awake or to choose to awaken that's right that's what we've chosen to do and still there's usually one other spy for the good side in the family that's the voice of sanity whether your family was just kind of neutrally awkward or whether they were full-on nuts still there was often one person that was a more sane you know I've seen many a movie where everybody seems just off but there's there's one in there that's you know just trying to help trying to plant some positive seeds and so forth especially to those that are struggling to make it through you know fighting to make it through that family or that life somebody's trying to feed them some light even if the person doesn't know to call it that they're somehow just good people well they became sort of a living angel a family angel a family guide even if they're unconscious of it so again there are the spiritual family and the human family and those are the conditions generally the spiritual family is is said to be our gifts so they can be it can be very addicting to be around spiritual people because God and love is addicting but just not in the old gross way it's addicting meaning a good way how could it we'll call it irresistible instead of addictive it's addictive in the irresistible sense God is irresistible love is irresistible that's all and so when we see that we feel that we hear that we we love it so you have your spiritual groups go man go go and drink it in drink in every bit of light you can you know and if you have a restaurant you go to that you like the food it's pretty good and there's another one where it's great but their absolute jerks that work there an owner that doesn't care about anyone and abuses their the clients or the earlier employees don't go you can give up a little bit of a the food that rates a nine as opposed to a seven or an eight I'd rather eat foods of a seven then enable the behaviors of somebody feeding me that said you know has the food of a nine motive behavior of a one hope that made sense but it's you know choose love man support love and be supported by love let people come to you who respect the good in you but also respect the good in others I see so many people in my life that everything else is more important it's it's kind of bizarre they go well they may not realize this is the terminology but they complain about their family and they love spirituality so that means anybody in this virtual movement that they know is potentially part of their spiritual family so what they do is all of a sudden we have a spiritual festival spiritual gathering and they don't show because it was their mother-in-law's birthday the mother-in-law you know who buried them and hates them and they hate them and back and forth and all that and yet they'll go they'll go and honor duty and obligation before love and inspiration it blows my mind and I know that I'm odd I know that a mod in a million ways from Sunday but you know I I find it incomprehensible I find it to be I don't even understand how to begin to understand to this behavior that people would not choose to be in a state of love as opposed to in a state of duty and obligation I don't care who the person is you owe them nothing you'll only God for your creation of being a beautiful being when you pay homage to people that are abusive you're actually Fanning the flames on their altar of ego you know throw some some sacrifices on to the altar – how about your heart you know how about your mind you just throw your yourself your insides and out man onto the altar watch it burn and then actually accuse it to be you know accuse them and blame them for it you're the one who's putting yourself on the altar say no say no to unhealthiness you know choose to to to become a customer to people that have integrity you know choose to to let people know how much you appreciate them I mean it's so cool and you don't realize the good it does for them remember those people might have had bad days and they still chose to be nice to you on a bad day for examiner and yet you might not have noticed how much work it took for them to try to push through whatever they were going through to continue being nice to you and help you helpful to you and we forget to say thank you so imagine if for a moment we get a clue and we go you know what I have forgotten that one relative of mine was the sanity when I felt so much insanity I've got to say thank you not on Christmas with a card out of the blue an email or something heartfelt that was spontaneous let them know you have no idea the good that it will do their soul you have no idea and when I say you don't have any idea I'm not saying because you're small mentally I'm saying because it's inconceivable what miracle consciousness does what love does for people to raise their consciousness it's it's immeasurable but it's fantastic and you know I think you know each of you have done good so I'm thanking all of you you can say well but you're not even sure that they good I get it doesn't matter my soul knows every bit of good because my soul is a reflection of the light of God so my soul is fully aware and all-knowing you know it's not a egotist extent the part of me that is connected with God is all-knowing so even without my Michaels little conscious brain knowing trust that my soul knows and everybody else soul knows but we don't all take time to say wait a minute let me speak from my soul and say thank you thank you for every time you set self aside to do some good for somebody you know there's good manju when Jesus said your treasure awaits you in heaven you know fundamentalists might think that means that after everybody on the planet has been judged and gone to hell you get to go and cash in on that's how they think of it everything's about stuff they're gonna go and cash in and so do good deeds because that means you'll have more gold coins in heaven they don't have gold coins in heaven they have it in the L so if that's what you want that's where you got to go together okay including Las Vegas anyway I'm kidding but not anyway find better places to hang out than that find places that you feel light and if you're the light in even a place like Vegas or whatever other place that seems kind of weird shallow you know if you're the light there then be the light there hang out with other light workers though don't get don't get fogged in with the darkness because in those kinds of places man there's a heavy energy that that's a bit bigger than you as you know yourself to be it's not as big as the part you don't know yourself to be your divinity but it's bigger than your humaneness so that's why if you hang around with addicts you're putting yourself in harm's way not because I don't think you have the strength to say no but it means every day you're putting yourself in the fog it absorbs into your skin into your into your soul so you know if you choose to do such a thing make sure you do it with some camaraderie find some soul friends in those kinds of towns or or or places whatever it happens to be and if your family doesn't have any camaraderie like that see if you can find some and if there isn't enough then limit your amount of time around such places or people wherever that place might be some places some people it's work that becomes that really dark place very sorry for that I know how that must feel however there's another way heal what you can learn what you can while you're there but while you're there you can also figure out an exit strategy and start planning for your new life you don't have to live karmically you can live with gifts and miraculously so finishing what I was saying a moment ago the the people that make it an obligation to follow human stuff there are comments Jesus is made only a couple and they're very consistent in and clear that which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit so start embracing your spiritual family you know and I have unity of Sedona people come there I don't want people to drag themselves there and make themselves just because Michael said you should make sure it's a priority definitely definitely make it a priority to be there some Sundays per month every Sunday would be ideal not for me it would be ideal for you because you'd be fed consistently but if all you do is listen to it and say oh that was nice and then go back to your same old life it's not going to absorb as well it's not going to make as much a difference try to think they try to imagine that you're going to a mystery school try and imagine that you're you're going in you're listening and you will never be saying you're gonna sit and listen and absorb then when he's done talking that guy up there you know and the Sunday service is over shut it and don't just jump to your garbage of life go into okay how do I breathe this in and see how it applies to me you know almost like your training cuz you are imagine that it's like a training you're learning and training on how you're gonna now apply this at work how might you apply this with your ex you know actually see how how it applies I don't write anything in a book that I can't imagine applying and sometimes when I'm writing the things I'm imagining how it applies so I'm taking the teachings of God channeling through me and then grounding it sometimes in literally by imagining myself doing it so that I remembered the words getting real specific to breathe three times and 40 no because I'm actually doing it to see and I do it from a place not just as Michael I do it as a plate from a place of if I'm all people what would we do what would do us the best what would work for us the best how many breaths would this take for the average person what is better to do less better to do and so on so I you're imagining and sort of channeling the needs of everybody that's how I deal with that in your family remember their spiritual family and give them the priority give them your grace give them your love tell them how much you appreciate all good that they ever brought you don't call and hate and criticize the people that didn't but you can say things tactfully depending on the person and circumstance when they say where have you been we haven't seen you as much you know you can say oh I you know been spending a lot of time working on myself and of course with that you might get some cheering and laughter and teasing but I who cares you know just you can say something tactful like I'm just spending a lot of time working on myself you know and and when they push the issue and they have an argument with you a week later you can say remember that I was telling you about working on myself some of that includes not wanting to have arguments instead of saying you're a jerk say I'm not really wanting to do arguments but what I will promise is when we hang up which be in a second when we hang up you tell them I promise you I'm gonna sit with this and look at this and see if there's something I've done or set here but in advance let me apologize because you you seem a little upset maybe I'm wrong I don't know but you seem upset with me so if there's anything I can you know that I've done I apologize in advance but I'll sit with this and look at this look responsible they're still going to be annoyed because you're not doing things their way but you can be a better person with that please absorb all the spiritual family members you have I'm one of them as a brother spiritual brother you know you'll know of other people in your life that are somehow supportive of your your soul's purpose people that are rooting you on it could be your counselor now they may not want to call it that because they think there's a certain appropriateness they have to keep a certain distance from you that fills you no legalistic but you in your heart can still say you know what you are like a a spiritual brother-sister thank you it means someone I look up to someone I appreciate not worship not crave not hate not this that just simply love and respect it's fantastic Jesus says in A Course in Miracles he doesn't deserve your worship but he does deserve your respect he's worked it man he's lived it and he worked and he came through it so he's saying I got there first I woke up now let me help the rest of you just respect and trust that I know what I'm saying because I've been there and I as a teacher can say the same thing without any hesitation I don't need or deserve any kind of worship or whatever else it might be but certainly I deserve some respect do I crave it or insist on it no but I'm saying it's all teachers deserve respect for what they've done if it's a math teacher they deserve a little of your attention if you're in their math class because they walked it to learn the math to become your teacher so all teachers deserve that respect as long as they're respectable I don't mean if a math teacher is a gherkin and cruel to all the students I'm talking about appreciating the gifts of that person as especially if they are people that live from a place that you know respect so keep that in mind and also remember to be respectful to others by the way you know on this note and the hope you don't take this wrong I did have somebody you know I've had people say to me many things about you know really love you know your work and all that I think that's great it sounds arrogant to say oh you know the great I think I'm wonderful the truth is if I sucked at this I could not with clear conscience do this work I couldn't I'd have to do something else so I do this work because I do like it I do think I'm good at it I do think people gain from it it's not a boasting it's it's a reality that if I didn't think I was good at it why would I even be doing it it wouldn't make any sense so it's okay that you recognize that you're you're great Reiki practitioner you're a great friend you're a great partner or whatever it happens to be don't boast it but but feel it and appreciate it and there have been times in my life people say God you know you have such an energy about you how were you one of the Apostles or this or that I don't really comment on those things the few times I've had were two friends and they ended up abusing it anyway so it's not worth doing that because people will either worship you or use it against because that's the human ego trying to destroy what you share so I don't really go there but sometimes a few times I've had them go to the extreme of were you Jesus in your previous lifetime you know that this happened in for example Japan the promoters and so forth they were saying we're talking amongst people and people are wondering you know because they come from such a childlike beautiful clear simplicity kind of place and they were all talking feeling such you know wow about me and they were like we're wondering you know like maybe you were Jesus I'm thinking wow I mean it's funny it's quite an honor but it's also kind of silly it from my mind you know I get it I appreciate it I'm not saying they're silly the people are selling I'm saying it's kind of silly because I have nothing to offer that Jesus you know didn't offer a billion-fold I'm a human being just teaching it as I understand it Jesus embodied it from mind body soul Jesus embodied an inside-outside outside-inside perfectly I'm just working it you know I'm just I'm kind of in it and and unwinding and letting it in and then letting some parts out that aren't congruent and I'm just playing I'm just working a time my mind is a my relationship with Christ consciousness is a yoga relationship it's a working it and unwinding it opening its just it's like that it's just a beautiful dance but it is a dance Jesus the dance bursts and he completely embodies so I would be kind of a scaling down a bit for Jesus to say okay I'm gonna come back and be Michael that's not to be read myself I'm just saying it's the truth and I think it's but it is beautiful that people thought it so you know what I take a moment say that they even thought that is quite beautiful thank you and to be able to say thank you why cuz it strokes the ego no it doesn't stroke my ego cuz I'm sober enough to not even get interested in it doing that for me in fact like I said it makes me kind of laugh but what I can do with it is say thank you by you saying that that means you saw something good and the only way you can see something good is if you accessed a good part of yourself so good job for that it also means you might have seen something you thought was good in me Wow thank you I mean I am really appreciative of that it also for me would make me stop and say hmm that's pretty big man they they saw that much goodness and you know what it does for Michael Muir dad is it makes me say to myself hmm I probably need to raise the bar a bit more and try to do that if somebody's seen that level of goodness in me I'm gonna do my best to actually raise my level of consciousness a bit more so I can live up to that standard that's how I am I don't know about you but think about it if my children said to me you know dad I was talking to my friend you know let's say when they were little ones especially I was talking to my friends and they say you're the nicest dad of all I don't just go well of course I am I go to myself I think oh crap I better do my best to really live up to that because everybody the more good would come from it not because I'm gonna try to live a an ego stroke more good would come from that I try to raise the bar to become as good as people might see me to be I mean that's how I am anyway is there a question sorry was Mary Magdalene Jesus's teacher how could you teach the Christ and then there's a difference between Jesus at 10 and Jesus at 30 or 33 Mary you you could say everybody was a teacher of Jesus in the sense that he would look at anyone and anything and see something that he would absorb and learn from not learn as in I now have raised my understanding for example he saw people that demonstrated faith in him and he went Wow can you believe this I haven't seen this much faith in anybody so there were moments that people wow him the way I have just described going wow I really loved what that person said it's really really opening me up to a new level so there's that level of learning educationally no you know when Jesus was a child he had teachers at various schools and systems as in a scene and so forth you know masters all over the planet talked that young boy because he was integrating all their teachings but no not a teacher as our fantasies might want to conjure and I'm sorry I know you know some folks want to make it kind of a romanticized thing Mary you know you can you can conjure these things up and there are people that are gonna tell you that they channeled even Mary who said this is Mary I'm coming to you from the 18,000 dimension and I want to let you know that I was Jesus's teacher I was cry stood before Jesus but out of duty and sacrifice I decided to set that aside for a moment so I could let him have the limelight you know because he had Leo in a more favourable position in his astrological chart I know people say that and it might make you go wow that's amazing but just you know you don't have to buy that there's a gospel of Mary Magdalene that actually that she wrote it's in fragments but she wrote it she why not listen to her instead of people that make crap up in the spiritual community okay and she makes it very clear I loved this man he was an amazing master of masters but I saw in him divinity so when I saw that person embodying that level of divinity I chose to let him be my master and said this is my soul subservience to God not just a woman to a man that's not it mice this is my soul saying teach me master meaning my soul to God not God Jesus but God it's a metaphor and so she loved him and she loved what he embodied in the gospel of Mary Magdalene she said plain and clear when the Apostle said why does Jesus teach you sometimes things he doesn't teach us sometimes almost more spiritual deeper things and you know what she said she said because I would believe anything he told me meaning I am totally open I trust him a hundred percent so she demonstrated the Divine Feminine the Divine Feminine means humility by the way the Divine Feminine means a state of openness and humility that's why the chalice is the symbol like this I'm open if we start to make masculine the divine feminine and say the divine feminine is the warrior the divine feminine is the the leader then what you're doing is you are closing the chalice pushing your hands up saying I need nothing from the higher realms because I have everything I need right here and now you've become a man okay you just become a man the woman meaning the divine feminine in men am it needs to look like this the last shall be first and the first shall be last so if I say what do I need to learn today Who am I what should I be doing with my life and my answer is this I don't know as soon as I do that gesture it's symbolic of saying I the little ego I do not know so show me and then this symbol of me being open allows the floodgates to pour and I become a channel the the Magdalene is so perfectly the Divine Feminine a symbol of the Divine Feminine she's a symbol of the Divine Feminine as the maiden meaning the the girl woman and mother Mary as the the matriarch the mother there are two symbols two versions of the Divine Feminine but two different versions one the mother one the daughter and ultimately all women and then men need to be both the the divine father God the Divine Son God the Divine Mother God the divine daughter God we have to integrate all those archetypes the male and the female the you know older patriarch matriarch male/female and so on and the younger the younger because it has a value you know it's it's the playful it's the psyche versus you know Aphrodite it's the younger Maiden they who still feel sexy and it's the younger maiden who says show me I'm excited and then there's the mother who says it's time to put away some things and take care now she's the nurturer she's the mom she nurtures she feeds she takes care you see the the leader female but leader and then there's that younger girl who's got the energy and excitement and the archetype seems so different in Greek mythology they didn't get a very well our job is to reconcile their differences and bring the mature woman and the youthful woman together in one being bring them reconcile them make the the because they can have their extremes the maiden can be very I don't want to do any work I don't want to break a nail and the mothers like you know an extreme the mother can be bitchy and never you know happy with anything just like moms can be sometimes so you bring the mom away from her extreme negative the maiden away from her extreme negative and you bring the good from each and you merge them together you find that you are the perfect woman even if you're a man your femininity is perfected and the same has to go with the male archetypes you know it's more than you asked but I'm just giving a bigger picture of a fuller picture of it because even though the the masculine that can be too controlling and intense back it off a little bit and he's a leader and and he knows how to say no someone's trying to hurt you he says no the man who stands up they can sense there's someone at home here you don't break into this house I'm here and at the same time there's the youthful boy who never loses his innocence and his silliness you can see that in me I think I mean I see it and you know people you know I think have seen that playful side it's something I don't think will ever go away I you know I could probably be if I live to be a hundred years old you're probably gonna still find me you know looking at books you know and materials on fairies and watching movies more often cartoons then then dramas and I'm not into the crap murder mysteries and all that you know I love the soul I love spirit and I love that youthfulness even you know even my diet it's a great deal of what a kid would eat so that's just part of me and the vitality level that I have that's because I feel somewhat integrated in any case you know I know that that question about Magdalene and her role can go a lot of different places I probably can sound like I'm not agreeing corroborating or supporting some of the roles some people would like to put her in but the truth is because some of the roles they put her in are not the of respect they're just ridiculous and they're making up things to fit their ego but what I believe of Magdalene is actually far greater than anybody makes up in their little stories about her what I believe about her is nothing of an ego status it's a soul status she symbolizes as does Mother Mary in her way they symbolize this perfect receptivity to say Here I am remember when mother Mary was being visited by an angel who came to tell her she would be impregnated she said I am the handmaiden of the Lord if more of if everybody said that as their morning prayer the whole world would change in a day I it's a perfect Divine Feminine prayer I am the handmaiden of the Lord and Mary Magdalene made herself that available in one of the misinterpretations in the Lost Gospels that says that she was Jesus's companion and then the people that want to romanticize and they do that to humanize her and humanize Jesus which tears them down they think it raises them up but it only raises them ego their ego and the the of those beings but also of the people that try to embellish these stories the real story is the translation for she's his companion is the same word for his mother his daughter his sister it meant she was this perfect other that's all and what she was choosing to be you tell me and I'll do it I believe it I trust you and it's like if any of us had a near-death experience and we come out of it going oh my god there is a God and people around us are like no you might have been imagining it you know you know it you feel it inside and out that's how she felt when she met Jesus that's how people feel when they meet me often and I hope it's also true when they meet you that you are a presence enough to where they go what is this it's profoundly because you should create profound feelings and people if you're being a great person if you're being loving you're being nice and then you start to become really good at whatever it is you do you kind of shake them up there's people that have met you know spiritual teachers and nonce teachers like that had such an energy it kind of quickens something inside of people and then people don't know what to do with it so what they do is romanticize it wow what is this feeling I need to marry or be in love with you or fantasize about you so they do that with Mary Magdalene they do it with Jesus because they don't understand what divine love actually feels like it looks like and so they can't wrap their mind around it so they they make something up that feels a little more familiar to them must have been romantic and they don't understand what it means to sublimate a sexual energy for example and turn it into absolutely blissful experience they don't know how to sublimate human desires and fantasies and turn them into fantastic states of consciousness so that's okay you know everybody is at the level they're at if none of this answer made any sense I apologize if it made sense but you didn't agree with it I apologize that's okay you know if you happen to see her or Jesus or any or me or anybody else in some other way then I'm exhibiting it or depicting it that's fine you know here and how you want to hear it feel and how you want to feel it because it'll somehow serve where you are at this time I hope it serves you if it doesn't then dump it and could get a different opinion okay I pray this is all made sense and I bid you all to have a great great day and a great week as I said I'll be in Dallas if you guys want to join we'll try to stream out some of it to you perhaps if we can from there but there's such a great Center you know I really appreciate they're really trying to build something new there they've had Church there in the old days and it was a little churchy to a lot of people's standards and because it was churchy the people the older fashion people in the area populated it they had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of attendees because it was old-fashioned enough to fit the people of the region and so it was full of new thought people but old fashioned who thought people and then they went through a lot of changes a lot of losses a lot of endings and and just unhealthy stuff and now what they're doing is rebuilding saying you know let's try to build a new light here a new vision a new energy and so it's a steady upward movement in more and more youthful I don't mean young age youthful spiritual bright people attending not not people that are choosing to be as dark or gloomy or judgmental or old school so I really admire it and you know I do I do go to really great church as if if you see me at a center or at a church let's say one year and you don't see me there the next year it's probably not a good sign so you know whoever that those places are I've had them from coast to coast you know I've experienced them in a couple states in the West Coast and and you know some on the East Coast when the darkness starts to eat them alive I don't feel the call to go there and I don't just mean darkness as in bad evil negative I mean even when they allow themselves to be more interested in old-school teachings and they sometimes asked me not to mention God too much if you can believe that it's true they asked me to not mention Christ because that's kind of old-school which means they're in no school you know they're not in anything that's going to teach their soul because you cannot exclude God nor Christ as a consciousness and expect to get anywhere so in such places you know to thine own spiritual self be true guys so I am and so some of those places you'll you'll not see me back there and it reminds me it is very similar Jesus went into the temple and in one version of the story Jesus goes into the temple and the Pharisees which are just like the board members and the ministers of some churches that I don't go to anymore the Pharisees they'll say you know they're picking on him and working him and trying to trick him into this and that try to catch him because they want to prove themselves superior to the teacher not to the priest you know the priest is a priests the teachers beyond a priest and of any denomination so Jesus Thoth shows up he's the teacher and he just cuts them down with with his clarity there's nothing they can pull off with him and when they finally pushed their luck and tried to commit such darkness that he that he finally just puts him in their place he ends it with the words along the lines of you will not see me here again until you have learned how to cry and what he's saying is you will never see me in your Center again until you learn an ounce of humility and you don't have it when you tell me I cannot teach God or Christ if you're being ridiculous you know there's other spiritual words for it like idiotic but I'll try not to use those because you might take it too personally or seriously but it's idiotic it's it's stupid beyond comprehension that spiritual teachers centers would do such a thing and they do it not just to me they do it all throughout the world the spiritual hypocrisy we all make mistakes mind you but when we live and thrive off of our mistakes and hypocrisy something's really wrong so we need to wake up and own those pieces and keep refining them and moving forward whether you're a student a master teacher keep moving forward and growing you know we should all be refining and and and when when you look at us jesus said when you see me you see the father that's the goal guys is to let all else be purged out either the easy way or the hard way and hopefully the easy way all the nonsense to be purged out but know that when you see me man you see me walking you see me teaching and walking the walk and living the life you know there are people if only I enabled some more behaviors and attitudes I could I could have even more people attend where I teach a unity of Sedona I could easily add a third service and fill that one up but I know that there's a limit to what I'm going to be willing to do and I won't enable people's egos and so I teach and it's God nice as spiritual as I can the Christ moves through and it's great and only people that are willing to to see and feel that Christ consciousness can handle it and it's kind of cool I could water it down and get another 150 people in there and I cannot and I will not and that's the way it is as much as I love people and try to be sensitive to their needs there's a line that we all have to draw and that line is what we can afford and I can't afford to placate egos you know as much and whether it's friends students attendees like you know that's not a direction I can go not because I judge it and hate it and fear I'm just already moving so quickly at other in other in a different direction into the heavens and bringing the heavens with us right here every time I'm teaching I do my best to to bring heaven here and now and every once in a while even on these Facebook things there'll be somebody who says who do you think you are and that they would never even understand the answer to that because I would only be able to say hopefully only what God thinks I am and you know that would be pretty amazing pretty big for a person that wants to pick up you know an ego and say oh you know you think you're something guys jesus said you are all gods and goddesses so who are we to argue with that we are we are gods goddesses and now we have to do our best to live up to that if I try to just act like one then I'm just a jerk I'm just a hypocrite and that's not very cool but imagine trying to live up to that do our best to live up to it as a parent as a lover as a friend as or whatever else we do in life do our best to live up to it be of service help others that's how you can test your growth it's not how great you become it's how much you're willing to still get in the trenches and help people on a day to day basis be of service help people man help everything you can without becoming a rescuer help where you can how you can be the voice of reason being the voice of of mediation when people aren't understanding each other be a voice of sanity and be a voice of of strength when you see the hypocrisy –zz lovingly tactfully say to those churches and centers hey you know what I can see there's a little something here and most of the time they will not care and they will not listen so don't get your heart broken just understand you're up against something that is very entrenched it's been around for thousands of years and Jesus himself went up against it and they crucified you know they did and he left them mind you he chose that he led that but he did see it for what it was and said you guys are hypocrites he pretend to be wayshowers to God you're the opposite which means you offer only armed and he said and there's a there's a I'm paraphrasing there's a special Karma for those kinds of people and it's not a good karma man it's it's not good news so if you're going to pretend I'm a yoga teacher then try to live up to yoga if you say you're a parent be a good parent man love love love love whatever you say you're gonna do try to do well and well doesn't mean a perfectionist it means do well with as much love as possible I pray this is all made sense I pray that you know you guys have the patience to understand when I say these things you know that they keep in perspective because I'm just sharing you know from my heart this is me and sharing my personal experience and teaching at the same time so many blessings to you all I pray to see you soon pray you can join us somewhere along the lines and remember you can get on our Facebook you know likes and all that friends and and again only share the word with people who were you know truly interested in such a thing okay blessings to you all peace be with you bye-bye

Michael Martin

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  1. Thankyou Michael..i have been bending over backwards to help my 89 yr old mother who has issues of looking weak..and is abusive verbally..im disabled and i felt it was required to take all the hate becouse its my mother..honor your mother…thing..i love her very much..but i think she feels me seeing her as weak..and she has pride and so cant accept my help in a healthy way..so Thankyou very much for helping me see that i need to allow her to choose who she wants to care for her..rt now none of the family is stepping up..im the only empath in my family besides my daughter and she wont..i feel somewhat stupid for hanging in here so long…but i thought she would oneday realize im here for her becouse i love her..but its not healthy for me to continue..i have bad depression and need to go take care of myself now..Blessings..Namaste💝

  2. I've decided to be 100% Truthfull with all of my relations.. as of yet I don't know anyone else who is 💯% Truthfull.. feels a bit lonely and I feel like somewhat of an alien lol..

    But I have been secluding and I know that when I start making videos soon I will find and inspire many more like me 😀

  3. I’m really grateful that you’re doing these youtube talks Michael. The honesty, integrity and willingness to stand in your truth is inspiring ALWAYS. I like that you reference Jesus’ teaching, Thank you! …Love ya Brother!! Good vibes,…GREAT teachings!

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