Are You Ready for REAL ID? | Understand the New Rules & Sorting Through the Confusion

You’ve probably noticed signs posted at
airports and government offices about how REAL ID is coming. Though if you look online, it’s a total
mess. While the rule goes into effect in October
2020, the Department of Homeland Security site says something to the effect of it starting
in January 2018. Yeah, 2018! What’s going on everyone? It’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In this video, we’re going to discuss the
REAL ID requirement and hopefully clarify the confusing mess that’s associated with
this new law. (light chiming music) As I mentioned earlier, REAL ID is
coming. The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress in
2005 in response to September 11th in an effort to standardize official identifications issued
across the US such as driver’s licenses. The goal was to establish minimum security
standards. The idea was that it would make domestic air
travel safer by reducing the number of fake IDs that are in circulation since the cards
feature additional security information. REAL ID has not been embraced by a lot of
states or even groups that advocate privacy. These groups are concerned that personal data
will end up in the hands of a central national database. Though the federal government contends that
they are simply providing a standard set of requirements for all official IDs, and will
not be storing the data in one central place. Before we dig deeper into REAL ID, if you’re
new here, welcome to our channel. Trip Astute is a travel channel that is focused
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consider subscribing. Officially, in October 2020, you’ll need
to provide a form of identification that is REAL ID compliant on all domestic flights. The ID that is most commonly used by passengers
is their driver’s license. But what makes a driver’s license a REAL
ID? In most states, you’ll see a gold or black
star on the front of the license, though that’s not always the case either. Another way to know if you have a real ID
is to check whether the ID says “Not for Federal Identification” or “Federal Limits
Apply”. If you see that on your driver’s license,
then you definitely do not have a REAL ID. Ironically, my driver’s license which I
renewed in 2016 doesn’t have the disclaimer or star symbol, but I know it’s not REAL
ID compliant. As you can see, it’s pretty confusing. So, what about this January 2018 date? This date on the DHS website confuses everyone
as well. Basically, DHS is saying that if you’re
from a state that isn’t compliant, then you need to provide additional information
starting in 2018. Though most states are in compliance, and
those that aren’t, have asked for extensions. My guess is that states that are behind on
the compliance effort will continue to ask for extensions rather than having to deal
with passengers who are denied onto their flights before October 2020. Technically it could happen, but I think it’s
highly unlikely. I think the only state where there is a risk
of this happening is California since they are currently in under review status. California’s situation is a bit confusing. The state was previously in compliance and
started to issue REAL IDs last year. However, DHS then said that California’s
proof of residency checks were insufficient, so the state was placed in review status. I still think they are going to sort it out. California has already started to ask for
more documentation when getting a REAL ID, so I would be surprised if they are not marked
green or yellow on the chart soon. I really dislike that DHS is putting out the
statement about 2018 because I think it’s confusing a lot of people. I honestly think that it would be more effective
to just publicize the October 2020 date as that seems to be when things are actually
going to change. With all that said, you will need to have
some form of REAL ID by October 2020. The good news is that you don’t have to
get a REAL ID driver’s license if you already have another REAL ID compliant identification,
such as a Global Entry card, a passport, US Passport Card, Enhanced Driver’s License,
and several others. So, if you have Global Entry, you
technically already have a REAL-ID complaint identification card. If you don’t have Global Entry, I highly
suggest getting it, especially if you have a credit card that will pay for it. For more information on Global Entry, check
out our video on it. If you want to get a REAL ID compliant driver’s
license, then you’ll need to go to your DMV in-person and bring along some additional
documentation. You’ll need proof of identity, which can
be a US Birth Certificate, US Passport, Employment Authorization Document, Permanent Resident
Card, or foreign passport with an approved form I-94. You’ll also need to bring proof of your
Social Security number, such as a Social Security Card, W-2, or paystub with your social security
number. Be careful with paystubs though since many
will hide your social security number for security reasons, so they won’t work. You’ll also need to provide proof of residency,
such as a rental or lease agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill, or school document. I would actually bring two kinds of documents as
some states, such as California, require multiple and different proofs of residency. Lastly, you’ll need to show any name change
documentation if you’ve changed your name. This includes marriage certificates or divorce
decrees. You’ll want to check with your local DMV
to see if they have any additional requirements to get a REAL ID compliant driver’s license. As always, I also wanted to share some additional
tips to keep in mind. 1. Check your state’s status: As I mentioned
earlier with California, you’ll want to check your state’s status to find out your
state’s REAL ID status. As of this video, eight states and territories
are under extension, one is under review, and the rest are compliant. I’ll include a link to the DHS website chart
in the video description. California residents, in particular, should
probably keep an eye out for an update. 2. Real ID applies to domestic travel and federal
facilities: Having a REAL ID will not only be a requirement for domestic air travel,
but also for entering federal buildings, military bases, and nuclear power plants. On that note, 3. REAL ID does not replace a passport: While
a REAL ID is required to board a domestic flight starting in October 2020, you’ll
still need a passport to travel internationally. The REAL ID does not replace your passport. And while Passport Cards are considered REAL
ID compliant, you still need a traditional passport book to travel internationally using
air travel. If you want to learn more about Passport Cards,
check out our video on the topic. Kids do not need a REAL ID: Children under
18 do not need to provide identification when traveling with an adult companion. The adult companion will obviously need to
show their ID though. That being said, you’ll want to contact
the airlines for any other specific guidelines or requirements. For example, some airlines require documentation
on a child’s age before they can board a flight. 5. Enhanced drivers licenses are REAL ID compliant:
To make things even more confusing, you might have an enhanced driver’s license but wonder
if it’s REAL ID compliant since it doesn’t have a star marking or any disclaimer text. Rest assured — enhanced driver’s licenses,
which are only issued in a couple of states, are all REAL ID compliant. In case you’re wondering what they are,
they’re similar to Passport Cards and can prove US citizenship. 6. REAL ID State Identification cards are also
available: You might be asking, “What do I do if I don’t even have a driver’s license?” If you don’t drive, then an option might
be to get a state ID from your DMV. These often resemble a driver’s license,
but are meant to serve strictly as a State ID. You should be able to get one that is REAL
ID compliant by following the same process and providing the same set of documentation. As you can tell, I don’t think that the
rollout and preparation for REAL ID has been very smooth. It wasn’t until I researched this video
that I even understood when things are scheduled to change. Since my driver’s license expires in 2020,
I’ll probably opt to get the REAL ID version. Though it’s nice knowing that I’ll still
covered by some of my other IDs like my passport and Global Entry card. Have you had to get a new license in order
to be REAL ID compliant? Has the process been confusing to you as well? Please share your experience in the comment
section below. Hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful. If so, please give us a thumbs up and consider
sharing the video with others. It really helps us to grow the channel and
our community. Until next time, travel safe and travel smart.

Michael Martin

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  1. So question: my wife and I just got married, her name changed and we changed her name via the social security dept. My wife doesn’t drive, so she has a state I.D. instead, did I hear correctly that state I.D.’s are REAL ID ready? We live in AZ if that makes any difference…

  2. Wondering how US citizens living abroad are able to apply if they have no permanent US residency? Or maybe it's not needed…?

  3. Good topic, better than most folks realize yet. As info, only about half the states were compliant about 3 yrs ago, so it’s really come a long way. It’s a great process for confirming who someone is and that their ID is valid, but does not prove US citizenship (nor is it intended to), as legal immigrants can also get it as you noted. Further, 12 states & DC issue license to undocumented immigrants, but not sure if that will be the case come Oct 2020. It’s not only a confusing topic today, it’s still evolving. –

  4. Hi, my driver license from Florida is expired, I not in USA at the moment , when I’m back the new driver license be real ID….? Or I need to do something special….,,,,,,,

  5. I applied for a REAL ID DL in California this year. I set an appointment on the DMV website and showed up an hour before I was scheduled. They took me right away and the process was fine for the most part. The only snag I hit was on the proof of residency. They requested at least 2 different documents. I had only 1 on hand, but then they asked if I had my car registration (this works for proof of residence). Thankfully, I did, so I ran to my car and grabbed it. It all worked out from there. It pays to save correspondence relating to your bank/credit cards (not the offers/invitations, but the ones you already have) with at least relatively recent dates leading up to the application.

    On a separate note, for my DL and passport photos, I like to dress up in a suit. And I mean full suit. If you wear only the top, you might feel self-conscious. Plus, if you’re wearing a full suit, you’ll have an easier time exuding confidence that you’re a professional. My rationale is that you’ll be stuck with the photo for the next 5 years (10 for passports), so you should look as presentable as possible, even if only a small part of the suit shows up in the photo. But this is just my approach. You should do whatever you’re comfortable doing.

  6. It's false I'm in Baltimore Maryland and I was required to get a real ID when I renewed my license and I said I wanted a regular license because I have a passport and they said I'm required to get one no exceptions.

  7. I recently moved and got the real ID. Major pain waiting in line at the DMV. You need so much documentation to get one! At least it's good for eight years.

  8. Thank you Ernest, didn't even know this was coming Boss ! This is going to be a game changer for sure when it comes to traveling.
    have a great weekend .

    Jose P.

  9. Questions what if somebody is coming from Germany, Italy, Russia, Mexico and there coming to La, Chicago, Washington, Florida what gets done then? or if there returning home what happens now. If you live in Germany you can't go to a Dmv in Chicago what happens now?

    My license should be fine correct I've been to Ireland and Florida and no problems yet?

  10. I just renewed my license this year. I'm from Texas and mine has a gold circle with a white star on it. I just got Global Entry this year too and I was so excited!

  11. I am in CA and went to get the real ID and they asked for a second proof of residency on the spot, even though the website at the time only asked for one. Luckily I had my insurance documents in my glove box and went out to grab them.

  12. I live in Washington where we have Enhanced ID. After I looked up what was required on the DMV website, it was a piece of cake.

  13. When I got to the DMV to get the real ID waiting on the line they told everyone to go on the website to to register once you go thru the question they ask from you at the end they will give u a code number take a picture of that code number then when is time to see the worker for the paperwork they will ask for that code number then they will start to check if everything is ok then you pay 28.00 after that they will send u to take the picture since I am a senior I also took another picture for senior ID that one is free 😬

  14. I live in Maryland. I didn’t know anything about this shit until a friend told me last night , after the Maryland deadline. I didn’t get no notice in the mail or anything.

  15. Anyone who is worried about the Federal government capturing all this information in one place, I’ve got bad news for you. It’s called the NSA. They have everything about you. And it’s called Google. And FaceBook. And Amazon. And TransUnion. And EquiFax. And Experian. And many others. The cat is out of the bag. People can buy your info on the Dark Web. It’s kind of pointless to worry further because it’s done.

  16. My friend claimed that in the future to travel internationally, a passport and a real ID will need to be presented together. She claimed that it is stated in Miami airport. Does anyone know if this is true or if shes full of BS?

  17. New World Order …how Fluoride dumb down do the think we are. .. !? The pied Piper's the law …they need to be hanged if found guilty of crimes against humanity

  18. The review status has been resolved. The DMV sent out letters to anyone that renewed prior to April 29th. All they need to do is sign the letter if it's the same address provided at the time of applying for REAL ID.

    Please note that if the person uses a PO BOX – they need to provide 1 of the 2 residency documents need to have BOTH the PO BOX AND a Physical Address on one of them. The other may have either address.

  19. 9/11 crime: a way of fear… Paranoia…. Limitless Control…
    I ask the guy at dmv about this must sign commercial "contract" he said you cannot proceed in getting your DL without just sign ing it… ( to just sign)

  20. SS# is not for purposes of ID. Already presented Birth Certificate when I applied for my first driver's license in the '60's. My SS# WAS my DL# til they advised against it. I'm going to say "no" to their little gold star. I don't need no steenking "real" ID. All I need is my DL. Oh, you forgot two pieces of mail verifying your address.

  21. Ah, so the end draws nearer. The time approaches when everyone will have a universal identification, that has all of our our information on it. All mandatory of course,

  22. For the record, I HATE this!!
    Second, I am one who does not have a birth certificate.
    My birth certificate is not valid, in that my first name is not listed. My middle name is listed as my first name.
    My parents never fixed it, so the name I have had forever is not mine.
    I have tried and tried to ask the board of records for my birth certificate, but they say it can't be found.
    So what do I do?

  23. What do you do if your homeless but still want to fly to see family? I have no resident documents . My license has my old address before being homeless? Does this mean homeless people living in there cars can’t fly? I know many.

  24. Utah just sends everyone a new ID automatically. No waiting, No application, No confirmation of your identity. I guess it saves them money by just sending them out to everyone.

  25. Child custody, unpaid parking tickets so on goes and attached on Real ID. State DMV and Federal will ban from entering state to state anytime. Lol.

  26. THANK YOU for answering a question that I couldn't find anywhere>REAL ID DOES NOT REPLACE A PASSPORT. I need a passport with my real id if I'm traveling internationally.

  27. A real ID is not required for TRAVEL, if you have a Passport. Americans are lazy and don like carrying their passports when traveling. Problem solved

  28. Do international travellers need it? Have family going over to the US and they are confused if they are under it as well.

  29. This shits real not even like fake shit, May God bless your work Mr Mark you made my life I appreciate you a lot, reach him via WhatsApp +15309365004

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