Ann Widdecombe to stand for the Brexit Party ahead of EU elections

for me today is an extraordinary mix of feelings because here I am the right side conservative central office where I have stood so many general elections and where I used to come when I was in the shadow cabinet and if this was always my political home while it ain't now well actually part of the way the 23rd it might be the lifelong Tory said that the government's failure to secure brexit has forced her to make the decision in addition to her numerous reality television appearances she was known for her hardline conservative sometimes controversial views

Michael Martin

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  1. From an American citizen with deep English roots: GO BREXIT PARTY!   May
    and her TORY Remainers have
    been bought off by the EU with money (40 billion pounds are at stake for
    the EU) or offers of a life time positions with the EU.  Why else would
    Sellout their country, ruin their own political party, and put the
    citizens of England into permanent slavery to the EU??? 

    Follow the money.

    A great American patriot- PATRICK HENRY said in a famous speech in 1776,
    "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!"      A great American politician –
    Jefferson said in 1787 – "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants!"     Both were of
    British families but felt the
    need to resist royal imposition of unjust laws and actions.

  2. Ann please try and save this country, many will support you! Already pen in hand to tick any box for you. UKIP could be saved if this sensible woman can turn it around. Hellish country we live in currently, being turned into a bigger cess pit by the day. God bless this wonderful example of womanhood, we need more like you.

  3. We live in a world of limp wristted, tree huggers,who are frightened of thier own shadow and offended by the slightest thing and that's just the Fake news media.

  4. Ann was my MP for many years. She is so honest great PM not like all the self serving liers in the commons today.

  5. Brexit is going to end the NHS within 5 years; start budgeting for private health insurance. Ask Widdicombe…it's what she advocates.

  6. Bill Cash Challenges Brexit Extension! Holding EU elections is absolutely central to the Remainer cause of keeping the UK as full members of the EU… So why does Mr. Farage concentrate on his Brexit Party, instead of doing his utmost to derail the EU election? Why doesn´t he inform the English, and support Sir Cash case over annulling the Statutory Instrument that changed the exit date in the Withdrawal Act from the 12th of April 2019 to the 31st of October 2019?

  7. This woman is evil incarnate, she introduced piss tests for drugs into prisons and the marjuana takes 28-38 days to clear from the body, heroin only takes 3 days. All the marjuana smokers took to heroin and left prison with a £120 a day habit, needless to say they were back in jail within a year. I have witnessed this and I have a book on Amazon called Prison and Beyond. These politicians never have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  8. Unfortunately, the UK must exit the EU. If the UK citizenry are cheated out of BREXIT, then there will always be a majority or large minority anti-EU element in the UK. My hope is that after BREXIT the UK economy tanks and a contrite UK begs for readmission to the EU. Remember, the GBP has devalued 14% since the BREXIT referendum and will doubtlessly depreciate much more after BREXIT actually occurs. BTW, I am a UK/US dual national and am somewhat sheltered from the harmful effects of BREXIT as many of my assets are in US$ in the USA. Most Brits are not in such fortunate circumstances.

  9. Genuine people standing for what the UK electorate voted for .
    Not the fudge the Conservative and Labour parties are trying to implement.

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