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Hi Instagram, I’m Angela
and I’m a PGCE student Today we’re at the Southbank Centre,
Royal Festival Hall UCL graduation – it’ll be so much fun, we’re going to watch everyone graduate. Are you ready? I’m Dr Claire Robbins and I’d just like
to say a really big congratulations to all our PGCE, MA and doctoral students
who’ve graduated today. It’s a fantastic event, really beautiful here at the Royal
Festival Hall, all the family’s here. Angela: How do you feel?
Emma: Yeah it’s nice, we
graduated actually a year ago so it’s nice to catch up with everyone from that.
Billy: Yeah it’s nice to see everyone get some sort of accomplishment for all the
hard work that went in. It’s really hot. Angela: How do you sum up your experience
at the IOE in three words? Alice: challenging, satisfying,
and life-changing. [Behind the scenes in the room where the academic staff wait before the graduation ceremony] Angela: Hi, so I saw you look awesome with your hat and you’ve got this ceremonial mace I’m wondering what your role is? Tony: my role here today is to lead
the faculty (staff) into the ceremony, to make sure everyone gets on stage. This symbol that I carry here is part of UCL tradition. [Music: YMCA by Village People plays in background]
Angela: Hi UCL, I’m in my own special box at the graduation hall, feeling like a celeb!
Look at that, everyone’s here! [Applause as graduates cross the stage] Angela: Hi Jane, I was wondering what you studied?
Jane: I studied Music Education Masters Angela: Are you ready to take on the world?
Jane: That’s a difficult question I don’t think we’re all ready but
more ready than I was before I think we’re really well equipped with
this course and everything. Mark: I did a PGCE in Computer Science and I used to be a computer science university lecturer but I decided to move into schools so I
thought I would do the PGCE at the IOE which is now UCL and now I’m graduating
for the third time in my life which is quite nice and I have my daughter here
who’s going to be graduating herself next year.
Angela: What are you looking forward to in the next year or so? Mark: I’ve just been appointed Head of Computer Science at Ada, the National Digital Skills College, and I’m really looking forward to taking on that role.
Angela: That’s amazing, congratualtions Mark: Thank you very much,
very kind of you. Angela: Hi Charlotte and Olivia,
how was your time at the IOE? Charlotte: Yeah it was really enjoyable – great staff, great friends I made there, I really loved it. Angela: how would you describe
it in three words? Charlotte: Hard, enjoyable, and challenging.
Angela: Olivia? Charlotte: Can’t talk yet! [Fanfare by Majestic Brass plays as the second graduation ceremony of the day begins] [Applause, views of the hall as the ceremony is filmed] [UCL President and Provost Michael Arthur gives the opening address] We’re very proud to see so many graduates from the Institute of Education here today for the conferment of their degrees. Later in today’s ceremony we will also be acknowledging the contribution… Angela: It’s been a really long week of graduation ceremonies. What are your reflections on the past week? Michael: Well it’s always a great time of year,
for us it’s closing the academic year and conferring people’s degrees when they’ve worked so hard, and sending them off into the world. Angela: We have Amber – she’s
going to give us some advice about the PGCE Amber: My top tips for PGCE would be to stay
organised, not to stress too much and just do your best. Angela: What’s your name?
Theodore: My name is Theodore Charles Angela: and what did you study? Theodore: I studied the PGCE
in Business Education. Angela: and what advice would
you give for future PGCE students? Theodore: I will tell students who are doing
their PGCE to try and find a little niche and when I say a niche I mean a particular
area of research that is very much appealing to them and try to pursue it
up to masters level and perhaps they could take it later on to a doctoral
level and I think that is how they will be able to shape and change
the world of education. Angela: that’s incredible advice thank you so much
Theodore: you’re very welcome [Food and drink being distributed] Interviewer: What’s the title of your PhD?
Interviewee: My PhD is looking at the…[fades] [Displaying UCL alumni merchandise] Angela: such an incredible day at the
Royal Festival Hall today with the UCL graduates. So many people told
me about their experience and how good it’s been here. It’s so weird
to think about this time next year I’ll be in the
same shoes graduating. When you graduate remember to sign up
to the UCL alumni community because we want to stay in touch with you!

Michael Martin

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