An Astrologer Guesses Strangers’ Zodiac Sign (Ray) | Lineup | Cut

– Did I get you right? – Yeah, yeah. – You’ve got fish teeth. (laughing) – Is that bad? – No, it’s Pisces. – No. (laughing) (classical music playing) – My name is Ray Couture. I’m a professional astrologer. Between 45 and 50 years. Not in a group setting, but wherever I am I look
at somebody and say, are you a Pisces? And sometimes they say, yeah, and sometimes they say,
none of your business. (laughing) – Hi, what’s your name? – Nathaniel. – [Ray] How tall are you? – 5’10. – Can I see your profile? Oh, okay. You’re Scorpio. – What makes me a Scorpio to you? – [Ray] The intensity. – Hmm. – How are you sir? – Hi, how are you? When you were growing up what kind of problems did
you have with your parents? – They could never decide if they wanted to be together or not. – Do you worry a lot? – Absolutely, mainly about my son. – Just face that way. Oh, the ears of a Capricorn
are just chiseled. I’ll go with Virgo. – Okay. – Changing that to Libra. He accepted it too fast. (laughing) I have to watch how people act too. What did you study in college? – I didn’t go to college. – Do you travel? – Mm hmm. – Like, would you say a lot? – A lot. – Your hands. Whether they’re fingers or claws. – What do I have? – Put ’em up this way
and then turn ’em around. And I’ll see it that way. You have fingers, no claws. Sagittarius. – Thank you. – Yeah, you’re welcome. How tall are you? – 6’1. – Are you an artist? – [Man] I am. – [Ray] You pick up a newspaper article or somebody hands you
something to proofread, first thing you see is
what’s wrong with it? – Yeah, I’d say so. – What color are your eyes? – Uh, Hazel, I think. S- Hazelish, ah. And we’ll go with Aquarius
and leave it like that. – Okay. – Do people consider you weird,
a little bit off the wall? – Yeah. – [Ray] What time were you born? – 12:41 p.m. – [Ray] 12:41 p.m. Let me ask you this, in relationships, are you sort of like a dog on a bone? I got this, this is mine. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – Taurus, okay, thank you. – Okay. – Hi. – Hi. (laughing) Oh you are different, aren’t you? (laughing) Challenging, bet you can’t
tell who I am kind of attitude. (laughs) If you were to draw a circle, how close to an oval would it be? Instead of a circle. – It would probably be an oval. – A little wild here and there, right? – Yes. – Pisces, thank you. Ah, here you go. – Thank you. – Who’s next? Let me see your hand. So you’re independent thinker? – Yeah. (laughing) – I’m married to a transgender, so your trans and I appreciate
the courage and the work. – I appreciate that. – Goes into actually
becoming who you really are. – Yeah. – So there’s enormous amount of change involved in that process. There you are, Cancer. – Okay, thank you. – Okay, your ears, oh okay. All right. Well, it could be Capricorn ear. Capricorns have nothing to spare. Everything is usable it has
to be used and so forth. I’m gonna I’m gonna
try Capricorn with you. It could be Aquarius, so I
might change later, okay? – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Hi, what’s your name? – Amalia. – Hmm. (laughing) She puts her foot forward, you know. When you were growing up,
what did you want to be? – Like a leader or like
actress or something like fun. An entertainer for sure. – Now do you like to
control things around you? – Yes, I like it my way. – Most Leos are like that. – Oh, okay. (laughing) – Here I am. (laughing) – Bye. – This is fun. (laughing) I don’t care if I get any of them right. (laughing) – Do you know that women or men or people with red hair have a
lot of Neanderthal DNA? (laughing) – Haven’t heard that one yet, no. – Is that your natural color? – It is.
– Yeah, okay. Can I see your hands? – Yes. They look like Neanderthal hands? (laughing) – Final answer is Aries. – Hello, hello my Gemini, how are you? – I’m good, how are you? – Where did you go to school? – I did not go to college,
I became a wife and mom. – In that order? – Yes. – Good for you. (laughing) – We had children way
after we got married. – Argue a lot? – Ha, no he doesn’t argue with me. I’m argumentative, but he just kind of. – You’re argumentative? – Yes. – So you win every argument? – I do. – Yeah, okay you’re a Gemini. – Hi. – So all we do here is
say are you a Virgo? (laughing) – I wish it were that easy. – Could I see your ears again? The Capricorn thing is gone, okay. Switch signs with him. – Is this is your final answer? – I think so. – Okay. – So there you have it. I’m afraid, but sure. (laughing) That’s not too bad. (laughing) I don’t know, none of ’em apparently. (laughing) – Okay, I’m a weirdo,
got that wrong though. – You’re a nice weirdo
though, you’re nice weird. You’re different, you know. Yeah, he’s in the middle of an eclipse for the last four or five months struggling with this whole process of how you’re gonna deal with this. – He’s not wrong. (laughing) – So you got me wrong
but my mother is a Virgo and we’re very close, so you might be feeling her presence. – It could be because you’re a Cancer and you carry a moon with you and you carry your mother with you. You’re very warm and
when you don’t feel good, you’re getting a little needy and so you call mom. – And that’s why the girls run away. (groaning) – What made you think I was a Sag? – It just felt so honest, so dedicated to truth. – Between you and me, I don’t really believe
in astrology too much. – I know I do. – Really? – It’s not you shouldn’t believe in it. When you’re born, you
take in all this stuff and you manifest whatever that kind of consciousness is. Now your consciousness has got to do with staying on a high road, always
to be truthful and honest and you cannot stand a liar, you just (puffing) maybe after this you’d be more interested in
finding out more about astrology because you’re capable of learning. – Okay, well thank you so
much for guessing me right. – Thank you for coming here and exposing yourself to this. (laughing) – How did I not do that? – I got Aquarius. – Did I get Virgo for you the first time? – No, Aquarius. – I had Aquarius.
– Yeah. – Wow, what was wrong with me? (laughing) How did I not know that? – I’m an Aries and you
guessed me as a Taurus. – Yes, you’re a Taurus. – I was born April 19th,
so I’m at the cusp, so if it’s near the cusp
from Aries to Taurus. You’ll have Taurus qualities as well as Aries qualities and so that turns out to be your problem. The Aries wants to go and a Taurus says is it worth it, should I really do this and so forth? So you have to sort of
balance all those things. – Thank you so much. – Welcome, all right. Did I get you right? – Yeah, yeah. – Got fish teeth. (laughing) – Is that bad? – No, it’s Pisces. – No. (laughing) – What are you studying? – I’m a film student. – Film student, so you want to connect with people through picture? – Yes. – Right. And your grandmother was really, really important in your life? – Yeah. – Extremely important,
she took care of you. – Yeah. – You had to get what you needed from her because it wasn’t coming from mom and pop. – Yeah. (laughing) – Hi, the Virgo thing is that you have something
to offer the world and part of that is gonna
be you know with writing. – I’m a writer, I mean I’m an editor too, I
was an editor for a long time. – So you got to keep writing, don’t stop. – Thanks, tell your spouse
that I said more power to them. – Oh, I’ll tell Madeline, fine, thank you. – You guessed me right. – What’s your birthday? – December 24th. – So you’ve already gone through, I won’t call it a near-death experience. You were hanging on the edges for a while about three years ago or maybe even four. You did the right thing, you had to do the right thing. – I think so. (awing) – You got me right. – I got you right? – Mm hmm. Didn’t you have difficulties until you’re about 18 feeling worthless or not valuable. – Yeah. – It was in college? You ran into somebody who told you how great you really are. – Yeah. – Well, when I know
what time and so forth, I can really figure this out, but you know just the sun
sign is a little hard. – I met my biological mom when I was 19. – Ah. – Oh my God, yeah. – And she said I love you. – Yeah. (laughing) – I’m stunned right now. – So what do you think
about astrology (mumbles)? – Zodiac itself I think is
a little too broad and vague and can apply to everybody else. – Do you know what time were you born? – I don’t know.
– Not at all, nothing. – No, I have no clue. I’m more concerned about my death time than I am when I was born. – Do you have any other way to waste time? – To waste time? – Sure, thinking about death, I mean. – I don’t think a lot about it. – Oh, you don’t?
– No. – Okay, so you’re a Gemini, I see how you go from
one side of an issue. (laughing) – You got me, you got me. – Keeps floating that way. – He’s a magnet. (laughing) So what time were you born. – Uh, 6:15 a.m. – 6:15 morning Taurus, sun
just came up (mumbles). Just some unfinished business, that’s been sitting around for a while. Actually, thinking of a school again. – Yeah, I started actually started doing school about a year ago, but then we had some bad stuff unless I actually passed away, so I stopped. – Who passed? – My son.
– Your son. – Yeah. You still have a reason to live. Your son is still with you, he’s still encouraging you. You can move forward and he would definitely appreciate that. It’s alright. – Okay. – Have faith in yourself. – Thank you. – Welcome. – So you’re a Scorpio? – That’s me. – People go woo la la. (laughing) – I think a lot of people’s
perceptions about Scorpios, they’re just really intense
and more mysterious. I can see myself as intense, not quite mysterious, but I could see how it it
could be to a certain extent. – The thing about Scorpio despite the fact that you
really just like this, you have to have a relationship. – Do I have to? (laughing) Can’t I just, can’t it
just be my work like. (laughing) – Oh yeah, it was a lot of fun. Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you. (applauding)

Michael Martin

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  1. I did know that the girl in the white shirt was sagritarius (since i first saw her) hahaha i was just like yes she is one like me

  2. I guessed almost all them correct 😉 Uve had people buy me drinks and give me cash at bars for guessing. First of all he need Sri see them interact in a group setti g. Also, people have rising sign and Sun sign. Interactions may give away tendencies that Sun sign doesn't. 🙂

  3. The moment I saw the girl with the purple hair, I felt instantly she was a taurus. I'm a taurus but I only guessed from her outfit and just the way she carried herself lol

  4. Woah so surprised that i can feel she is a gemini the way she talks, walk and everything. I thought i was the only one who gets so defensive.

  5. Purple hair girl : I’m argumentative
    Rey: so you win every argument?
    Purple hair girl : yea
    Me: TAURUS
    I could kinda tell by her looks to.

  6. Just thought it was interesting to add that the lineup videos post were Dr Phil embarrassing a fake psychic on national tv, and to catch a predator after that. Inside the mind of a thief was also there. Might as well call this whole category “deception”. (Con artists) notice that he’s been doing this for 50 years got less than 50% right off of appearance but needed volunteered interaction to manipulate a broad empowering confidence.

  7. I'm a Leo and I'm kinda shy but at home I'm like bouncing off the walls and I wanna be an attorney when I grow up ;w;

  8. I learned that people outwardly appear to others like their ascendant sign. But will mostly inwardly become their sun sign through out their lifetime. So maybe he got more right then he knows. Only the participants would have to learn what their ascendant signs are and remember his picks for them.

  9. Here’s the thing each person has an individual natal chart …one has to look at the person sun ☀️ sign, moon sign, n rising sign. The rising sign determines your appearance, your moon 🌚 sign determines your emotions n your sun sign determines what people don’t know until they talk with u. Ur natal chart is good to know because it has your blue print to your life n how n what planets affect you , your houses, your mid heaven, by putting your name, date of birth, place of birth n time u could get a free natal chart. Here’s the free natal chart…if you have any questions I would be more then glad to help u…
    N here’s how accurate a natal chart is on yourself..
    N if you go n google free natal charts u will find more information..I learned a lot about myself which I always questioned n it was real interesting…what I know now I which I knew then…moreover, u could find out who are u compatible or not ..n another eye opener…n there’s so much important things there to know about what, why, how, n when u do things n what have u.
    Well I hope I could help anyone on here…🦋🦋🦋🦋💕💕💕💕🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. September 24th is a libra, Libra goes from September 23rd to October 23rd …….. (I know this because me and my father are both Libras and he was born on September 24th)

  11. omg the aries girl I was so sure that’s she’s aries because I am turns out that I’m right plus I was born on 19th of April like her she’s soooo me

  12. When I say suckers, I don't mean evil or bad folks. I mean people are suckers for really stupid thinking that people seriously have to be like their "sign." My sign is simply me. Compliment me or say something nice because of my "sign?" Sure that's okay with me. What's not okay is saying I got a positive quality I wouldn't have if I was born a different day. Or that I have to with no choice ever be a certain way good or bad. Just choose people. All it is.

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