Amber Chitty Wilson Community Engagement Awards 2019

I do have a couple of comments from
students that have taken Amber’s course “she is always available no matter how
busy she is and absolutely the nicest person” “she answers every email I have
sent thoroughly and quickly” “the internship coordinator Amber Wilson is
the absolute best person I have ever met” Students call Amber awesome, exceptional,
amazing, organized, always available incredibly helpful, wonderful. Amber is
simply magnificent. She has
benefited our internship program. She is so dedicated to the work. I have always loved working with
students they’re so bright and enthusiastic I get to work with pretty
much all the students within the College of Communications.
I would say that the largest chunk is advising and that takes place through
large group orientation sessions a lot of one-on-one meetings with students in
person over the phone over email So not only is Amber our internship
coordinator but she has taken a leadership role serving on committees
she’s just a great person and a great colleague as well. What I love about
Amber is invest a lot of her heart into it it’s
not just a job she’s not just check marketing and the
not a list of things she has to do but she is truly invested in the student’s
career development she sees the end goal for each of us
so Amber coordinates 700 internships a year and she does so with skill and
detail and care. You know hundreds of students going through the internship
class we need someone with organizational
skills and she just has the whole package. She is dedicated beyond measure
I think whether it’s late nights that you know can span past midnight, or whether it’s seeing students during non-office hours. She has this gracious approach as if it’s a privilege for her
do this kind of work for them. One thing that makes me extremely happy is when I
see students go through the internship program and a year or two later
I’m contacted by them to recruit interns to work under them so that’s always
fantastic to kind of having them come full circle and then offer those
opportunities to students who come after them is really heart warming as well. She gets our
students she knows issues and challenges that some of our students face. Students
come from very diverse backgrounds different circumstances we have students
who are parents and they’re working full-time and they’re working part-time we
have some that start their own companies. She puts students first she prioritizes
students above everything else it seems and just is willing to put in everything to make sure that their experience is good. So I’m sure it’s very hard to pick one
person each year for the the internship coordinator award but I
certainly have to say I can’t think of anyone better for the award than Amber Chitty Wilson.

Michael Martin

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