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anybody ever been into a Jewish synagogue we got to give you an impression after but you do wonderful people for the Brethren and I'm the rapper because listed everything is Sun gal and it goes a little something like this rabbi to bread them over there my name is Jaime comedy no but I watch is your profession I am a boho horse kahan default rabbi so next Bedouin general dad what is thy name my name is Bob come on watch if y'all profesh your arm well Parnell I am the owner of the London Palladium I boo Cox for five thousand pounds a week ability it's a sort of disco dance this music is all a part of another tomorrow another kind of language speaking things of nature naturalist the way it should be every year about one and a half million people in Britain go to holiday camp I'm even do the cooking in a self-contained flat but a day that I canvassed assumed form text there holy shit I wrote a Valentine I never met him I always wanted to well the culture show have insisted that I come along to one of the more hip and alternative festivals to see if I can be sure she fucking pants it started when the singer of Scottish indie band Belle and Sebastian Stewart Murdoch used his own experience of working at a holiday camp to come up with the idea of a music festival called the bowling weekender named after a haircut inviting all of the bands that inspired him to play at an out of season holiday camp advisors everybody seems to quite present like you know that's the thing I don't know whether it's because everybody feels that the absence of in common or something never in the history of pop festivals has it been one Quay like this but more importantly one band Belle and Sebastian has can pick an incredible lineup of music Barry Hogan the original promoter for the event continue the idea what's the ethos behind well it's just like an alternative to the bigger festivals we invite a curator and they select all the band so it's not making a mix tape for the movie so so taking the recollection that we're on a stage to watch the films on a TV TV and every inch a late the festival has television which is programmed by the curator for three days my whole thing is that we're not about like to make loads of money we're only just to just keep working with stuff that we've been even and and when moments that won't you know if we lose that interest then there's timetabling this sort of reminds me like college it's like rocket miles high school you got to travel to the end of the earth to see these things they're all in one place this is all chalet imagine display site of the 1950's survivors and the nuclear family come down and the son Hylton masseuse for Michelle to shop comic celebrity takes a backseat as a cigarette catches and sets off the smoke alarm what do you think of the cool set in London you constantly updating your own a parade of your 10 biggest Wang's she's the waitress and she's gone Mike Mike Patton invades yes taking some five no more reunion today yeah I think pavement would reform them player this festival every credit card for the crown do we really want to see why play okay Rosie as well it would be amazing the most my butthole third first man Lord our fan would be a great seeing Scott Joplin I felt like playing the show he's dead man who's been doing the curator there's no one greater than this curator my dick you writin spoiled for riches yeah listen what are you gonna play with those French breath and I wanted to look easy Tom it online and anything that I'm gonna fight I'll not just I wanna fuckin how about it so I stopped listening the neat guy when I joined the Bad Seeds that's the quote of the year truth I used to like I used to I used to like yeah my face is fucked my buddies gone and I can't help but think standing up here and all this applause and gazing down and all the young and the beautiful with your questioning but I must have loved all things who loved myself that I must above all things who look myself but I must above all things I love myself a saree girl in the crowd I ran over I shouted out I asked if I could take her out here but she just didn't want to I'll change the sheets on my bed I combed the hairs across my head I sucked it my god still she said that she just didn't watch you of border dosage snow-white dose that bitter dishes in rubber gloves I called a honeybee I caught a lover but she just did not want to she just never wants to a sinner every type of flower played the guitar by the hour I patted her revolting little chihuahua but still she just did not want to a road of son of a hundred lights I walked her through the dandelions I kissed her under the trembling Pines oh but she just shrugged and said that she just didn't want to she just never wants to before I have another go I called on my little ho I felt like fucking marcel mouseau must feel when she just said to me there she just don't want to she just never wants to she just never ever doesn't ever want to I got that no pussy blues I got that no pussy blue I dive it how was your char on your man stuffed by the way I really like it you like it yeah it's totally badass really yeah good thanks for inviting me by the way so totally nice little loan did you see Mary Marcato Hadean my god as well yeah yeah it was fantastic yeah did you see like a Felix the fiddle pie I that was believed also who I was his tears hopefully there would be like one enormous rock-and-roll band you know with participant from all over the earth you know I mean everywhere not just San Francisco up in New York everywhere everywhere there's news issue that there would be this sort of continuum of music which would be and people would go to concerts for example they wouldn't where there would be no headliner you know there would only be music and that's like I think it would be groovy if it went to that place rather than the star system and all the rest of that show business stuff you know it's really unnecessary weird thing about this I'm stuck no sponsorship anything that's really rare I mean see especially any of us festivals but coming here is fine nine points so ever so that's really cool to see actually I mean that they're able to do it without having to intention of going to like rock'n'roll weekend as some weekend as an Eastern mirror and they went holiday comes as well I never got to rock and roll ones you know and then we had people who were seriously singing salty and out of the Sun skates two little girls and dresses of fire they're in pigtails of braided smoke which jump from their moon crater Scouts the glowing seeds of the Knightly garden that will blossom in a full moons regardless of the Sun they know the night and the seven names of the winds details of their windblown father's who will father these mothers of life and what will become of me children of the night only some will star the sky only believers in death will die and father's must feather the wings of women for the unfettered masses danger ridiculous carrying crosses two pallets filled tombs the future sell silent through blood vivid wombs are crippled with riddles of cows and spoons and births moons and Earth's Sun centered at noon she buries raves in the soil and plants her feet in the sky soil seeds a circus of carrots and clowns and Minster shows her desires and her eyes 10-quart just an infinity fetal fisted for evolution but open hands birth humility now what's the density of an eagerness and it must – fine we align the sprout winds I'm lost in the slaying steps in Ganga with hang reps of my orbit rainbows Saturn's rings Oh I'm gonna say some prayers Christine Christian mission Alex Malik young rock and roll oh I think it's a problem because rock'n'roll is getting old and older you know for me are the 60s the only the real rock'n'roll and you only can try to copy it you know also people see rock and roll as as youth culture and when youth culture becomes monopolized by big business what are the youth to do do do you have any idea I think we should destroy the the the bogus capitalist process that is destroying youth culture by mass marketing and commercials commercial paranoia behavior control and the first step to do is to destroy the record companies do you not agree what made you decide to take a music career when I entered it in like seven before I really thought most rock'n'roll stunk and I thought if somebody didn't get in there and start working it was going to become a big business instead of a powerful force for us kids myself included these middle-aged cunts in in fucking cowboy boots like dancing around and their fucking moaning you can't even hear it I'm into a few more acts do a couple more shows because I think that's all they expect but I'm doing myself and last one today that I thought would be fun to do some work I play maps say something name the back number son all backed up by date you pay all that go back paint the back never stop and having a good time you only go this way enjoying yourself today we may be not here tomorrow enjoy yourself it's pretty wet dad isn't it yeah kind of odd sort of it's very strange but it seems to way enjoying yourself absolutely real son what's good named after this time I don't think I've seen this much music into such a hunt some type of period of time my wife doesn't run off boss got Mitchell she's crazy bad I make you go see where she went I can't fly really what a handsome man like to dedicate this to Barney for asking us to come back you cutie right to all the bonds that played today thank you and for all you for coming along how about good we can thanks I think we should the bogus calculators process destroying youth culture but mass marketing do you not agree one of the big problems at British holiday camp is the weather alternative indoor programs are ready to be brought into operation whenever they need the newcomers with eighty principles of state Comics the fields they're jugglers bands of course the 30 people employed purely on overtime dancin and then there's the bars with all their various types entertainer from a single pianist may surprise you that you can go in a bar and someone's playing a beautiful things like punk rock is like you know newspapers and media have like you know thrown it out of proportion but the main thing of it was that uh Robin was getting back in the hands of the people growing the kids again not too big they're nice guys everybody always telling me how great I am but they just never want to pay too much you know maybe I'm I'll be one of people gonna be famous when the dead good good I think importers head kids for asking me to play I don't know nothing about em I like some of my kids like Semien money we don't see I agree upon nothing y'all hate it I would add some I just don't believe I've seen it before good now I was watching some Discovery Channel thing and they were doing a history of Jesus Christ and they kept mentioning how humble Jesus was he was just a simple humble carpenter Hey hi Jesus I brought this table and I was wondering if you could fix it one of the lakes is uneven I'm wondering if you could just sort of I guess do you know lever it or something whatever that's called and level it and get it done I was wondering is that something you could do I am the son of God okay so I just need it level though but that's great all right this is fucking ridiculous this is stupid this is dumb right it's not feeling very well this isn't going very low at all wait right tell me about punk rock punk rock folk rock is a word used by dilettante and and heartless manipulators about music that takes up the energies and the bodies and the hearts and the souls and the time and the minds of young men who give what they have to it and give everything they have to it and it's a it's a term that's based on contempt it's a term that's based in fashion style elitism Satanism and everything that's rotten about rock and roll I didn't even get a chance to diss on Jesus he didn't I got a plan on the headboards don't worry darling you got a point on your headlights that was the most amazing set we need to find him right now they talk to him let's go find that it's just new they don't understand he created that thing right on stage live like in front of everybody like that's as hard his soul with energy just going in front of everybody and just letting it out pouring out its ending every other ceiling need to let him know that we feel that we understand it respecting we love it we're not permissive we are still playing to family audience our dressing rooms still have to notice up we won't have 30 gags the audience don't like it and if someone does go on and crack a really blue bag the entertainment manager is around so fast it's unbelievable it comes out that we try and keep with the princess this movie introduces late-night cabaret last year great success we've gone from strength to strength this year so we are trying to keep up with the Mockingjay guys that get overly from work gags I'm gonna bring out a whole book of them from the inside for next Christmas I'm heading for the dirty old bastard man who then is the guy that gets home home from work early finds his best friend screwing his wife on the floor pulls him off beeps into a pole and throws him out and his wife says if you carry on like this you're not going to have any powers left I have had a few people come up to me so who are really weird to us reason I think it completely kind of like the inside of your brain sometimes music is only a small percentage of people's lives and seen by everyone here in one place it's more than you know I mean it really is a main part of their life phoner denominator see Jen's just it was it the DC guys they cool understand mo Suzuki's here this weekend huh what a guy genius we have a common friendly mr. Matt Smith and I've seen that a few other Japanese people here yourself I mean is that jumping patois first haiku and those of you for the uninitiated – haiku is a well-known form of poetry pioneered in the 15th century in japan by a guy called Paschal who wrote for the floating will school of Zen Buddhism it's a poem of a second scene syllable discipline which called haiku number one goes like this to convey one's mood in 17 syllables is very difficult when I was little my father was famous he was the greatest son Ryan the Empire and he's the Shogun's Decapitator she's cut off the head to have a hundred and thirty-one Lords oh gee for some reason I would think about I heard there was a party in 295 but I don't have a hard time at sea this way it does I was there earlier the world got great and I helped to make it that way I was down with a world trade and I helped to make it that way mr. music it's the music of the rave the music of the Sun and the stars the music of yourself vibrating yes your music to y'all just immense everyone's supposed to be playing their part in this best artistry of the time oh they're not letting you mean they dispatched thank gonna give anything the black sheep if you want me everybody well really glad really glad to come to your party but I hear the party is until tomorrow so when you have your party tomorrow remember we'll be thinking about you he'll be thinking about you tonight when we get in our old tour bus and through the English countryside we'll be thinking of your little town near the sea and you sleeping I hope you have celestial dreams and I hope that you walk amongst angels and I hope you see the planets in your dreams and I hope you see your hands in your dreams I hope you parting is such sweet sorrow

Michael Martin

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  1. I want to go to one! They should start it up again. I'm willing to pay big bucks for tickets, if necessary.

  2. I've never heard of Dirty Three. Perhaps their studio recordings are fine but they sound god awful here.

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