the World Series of Poker $1500 event
called The Closer no not that chick closer show be closer three-day ones
this is 1b you’re gonna be coming back for day 2 on Monday
so let’s bag and tag 25k starting stack 30 minute levels it’s a turbo let’s
gamble let’s take some spots let’s win some flips let’s close it out closer do it flavors pick up pocket sevens raise it up get
three callers and it’s an ace ten three two Spade flop good bet but I’m thinking
one of these people has an ace they’re not gonna fold so we just check
fold and we’re now down to 20,000 chips but blinds at 300 600 we’re 10 handed
under the gun makes it 1,300 under the gun plus one asian male age thirty to
sixty calls middle position calls we’re on the button with pocket eights great
spot to just call with our 20k stack and Shawn Buchanan completes in the big
blind the flop comes ace eight five two hearts we do have the eight of hearts so
that’s a good thing action checks to under the gun plus one who bets 2600 I
could raise here but I think it’s better just to call on position makes our range
a little bit wider and we might get it over call from the under the gun or the
big blind so I put in the 2600 and Shawn Buchanan thinks for a while and makes it
seven thousand what’s he repping straight flush draw
ace five pocket fives I don’t know but we’re not folding original better puts
in the call I have seventeen thousand three hundred total I think we only have
one move here we got to deny some equity with our Jam
it’s another ten thousand we might be able to fold out some gut shots or bad
flush draws so I shove all-in Shawn Buchanan thinks for a few minutes
and folds under the gun plus one thing’s for a few more minutes it’s the clock
called on him and he folds we take it down we’re now up to 35,000 chips
feeling good what what you say they’re gonna die it’s
gonna you’re an oxygen problem no hands of note for two hours and we go
on dinner break with 40 mm chips coming back to 1,000 2500 2500 it’s a turbo
let’s gamble I had to deal in my standing in the main
on day two this whole day topping any other cell phone case cell phone
charging get your case get your charger with blinds at 1,000 2500 2500 under the
gun plus one opens to 5500 Alan Jeffrey Schulman puts in the call on the cutoff
we’re in the big blind with 8 6 offsuit put in the call we have 25,000 to start
we’re going for a little stop and go let’s flop a pair the flop comes jack 6
3 2 diamonds let’s go for it at 15,000 with 6,000 behind original RAZR folds
and Alan Jeffrey Shulman shoves all in of course we call she has ace deuce of
diamonds and we got video the six is good with blind sets 1500 3000 3000 action
folds to the small blind a very nice recreational player viewer the vlog he
has about two hundred and fifty thousand ships he’s doing very well
any shoves all in he has discovered we have fifty six thousand five hundred in
the big blind and I looked down at pocket queens hello ladies I put in the
call he has King Jack and we got to feed the king the board comes out all bricks
and we double up we now have over a hundred and ten thousand chips feeling
great with blinds at fifteen hundred three thousand three thousand folds us
in the high Jack I have a screen off suit so of course we’re gonna raise it
up to 6,500 action folds to the button a asian male age 21 to 35 he puts in the
three bed eighteen thousand with a hundred and forty thousand behind he has
us covered small blinds next to act he’s a player by the name of Shaun Deeb and
he goes deep into the tank and asked for account of the button stack
he has his both covered and he eventually folds its back to me and this
is decision time is he bluffing on the button or does he have East King Jack’s
Plus can we just fold a screen here a big shout out to Ben CB owner of razor
edge comm he spent thousands of dollars in thousands of hours of computing power
to solve pretty much every preflop scenario you can imagine with the use of
pile solver he created the tournament master class expert range viewer which
shows every situation you could be in and the solution of how you should
perfectly play your hands in a very balanced and profitable strategy
sign up today using my links in the description below this is what you’re
supposed to do with ace-queen with 30 blinds and this range viewer shows you
how to proceed with your entire hijack open raising range with 30 plus blinds
facing a three-bet we came to play to win got to take chances in life let’s
take a chance here I shove all in a nice nap folds we take it down 3k big blind
Chad eaves ledge aka bad beat man o8 online old-school rigged opens under the
gun to 6000 Shaun Deeb calls the middle position I defend my big blind with four
or five of diamonds flop comes eight four three two hearts good flop for us
we check and both players check I think we have the best hand the turn is a four
of clubs and now I really think I have the best hand so it’s a good time to bet
I could have various straight draws or flush draws don’t have to have value
they might Hiromi with ace high I bet 10,000 original raiser folds and Shaun
Deeb puts in the call I am putting him on a sigh the river is an ace of
diamonds so I want to go for value size up to 33,000 he snap calls trips are
good five kicker and we now have a hundred and ninety five thousand chips
things are looking up in the closer at the World Series of Poker I do not win
any hands for the last hour and we now have a hundred and thirty eight thousand
going to three k6k big blind eight from the money let’s cash and then we’ll make
the final table with blinds at three thousand six thousand we’re now hand for
hand under the gun bad beat man OE Chad years late makes it 12 thousand folds to
me the big line I have nine seven of hearts could fold or we could put in the
call and try to get a low flop the flop comes nine four three two diamonds one
heart we check he bets 11,000 didn’t come this far to fold top pair I put in
the call the turn is a seven of diamonds mixed blessing perhaps I check and he
bets 18,000 you could have an over pair with a diamond you could already have
made a flush with something like Jack 10 of diamonds what’s our plan here just
fold fold the cash why risk it call and call any nine diamond River or
we can shove all in for 81,000 chips put them to the test
he’s probably gonna call with all this over pairs and 9x type hands you got to
put it all on the line if you want to win in tournament poker
he quickly folds and we take down a nice pot we’re still hand for hand on the
stone money bubble 110 left 109 pay blinds at five thousand ten thousand my
Clea opens to twenty five thousand under the gun I’m under the gun plus two with
king queen suited in one hundred and six thousand don’t think I have any fold
equity should respect its onto the gun raised nine handed and we lay it down
middle position vladimir guests combined russian superstar opens two twenty three
thousand i’m of the small blind with king queen off in a hundred and ten
thousand and we fold I love folding King Queen with blind
said five thousand ten thousand folds me in the cut off I looked at at East 9
offsuit as you can see from this razor edge range viewer chart ace nine off
will be a profitable show with just over ten blinds in the cut off easy Jam we’re
all in folds to the big blind Shaun Deeb asked for a count and puts in the call
he shows King Jack offsuit let’s hold our tournament life is on the line we
got video Thank You Chancellor look with blinds at five thousand ten
thousand Pat Lions open shrubs in middle position for sixty four thousand and
gives a speech about somebody please call
I don’t read this for strength when it folds to me in the small blind of about
200 thousand and pocket fives big blind has 120 thousand pretty easy I so we’re
all in big blind folds Pat Lyons has a six offsuit I believe and we got video I can move to a new table there’s about
twenty minutes left in the night with blinds at six thousand twelve thousand I
have about two hundred and eighty thousand in my stack I make it twenty
five thousand in the cut off with King Queen off suit the button shoves all in
for one hundred and sixty seven thousand a Caucasian male age twenty-one to
twenty-eight action folds back to us and we have a decision we could call or we
could fold these are our options I think King Queens a little bit too
strong to raise fold in the cutoff late position open
he could be shoving a very wide range any pair any Ace any suited broad ways
as you can see here King Queen off suit is a call versa button jam with fifteen
blinds and has similar equity as hands like pocket deuces pocket threes ace
nine suited ace ten off and King Jack suited it’s not for our tournament life
you got a gamble to win I put in the call I’m tired of folding King Queen he
shows Queen jack of spades let’s hold here’s the video and I have bagged 144,000 chips in the
World Series of Poker $1500 closer event might be coming back for day two with
nine blinds not optimal but it’s all about survival we would have five
hundred thousand chips if our Qinghai holds and that crucial all-in
but that’s poker got to take the good with the bad and stay strong stay tuned
for part two it’s gonna be epic let’s run up these nine blinds and do hundreds
of thousands of dollars it’s a turbo on this edition of boat skis best let’s
talk about body odor when viewers of the vlog approached me in a tournament the
first thing they usually say is love the vlogs and then they usually reference a
vlog that they really enjoy or really hit home with them and most of the time
it’s the ones when I’ve encountered horrible body odor here’s a few clips so
we flat call pocket tents a stinky freshman who I’ve been hoping will bust
soon shoves all in for forty seven thousand we double up the stinky
Frenchman we now do our best to inform the Frenchman that he has horrible body
odor emitting from his armpits as I’ve learned there’s no nice way of
saying this and people always take offense to it he hit me with denial I
confirmed he then went with deflection saying it might be me
I said let’s call the floor in now they could sniff both of us
he said yeah sure I say you shower he says yes I say deodorant he says knowing
mesh I’ve been sitting next to him for four
hours he’s knitting it up stinking it up I’m in seat nine where tent handed about
only nine people at the table see ten sits down and he smells like rotten fish
and chips I know this smell not gonna get too into detail but after a few
minutes I pull him aside and say hey uh did you get lucky with a girl before you
entered this tournament he looks befuddled and says no I said oh I smell
little something Anya he goes oh that’s because I didn’t shower today where do
they get these people I put out a tweet I said no it’s a hundred percent you
shower or you’ll be disqualified for man walked by I said for this guy just
admitted he hasn’t showered in three days he smells horrible and I’ve been
dealing with it for six hours did you shower you can smell it
dealer can smell it everybody can smell it pour water the floor tells him to go
buy some deodorant and put on deodorant in humans the formation of body odors is
caused by factors such as diet gender health and medication but the major
contributing factor comes from bacterial activity on skin gland secretions humans
have three types of sweat glands eccrine sweat glands apocrine sweat glands and
sebaceous glands it green sweat glands are present from birth while the latter
two become activated during puberty among the different types of humans skin
glands the body odor is primarily the result of the Apple cream sweat glands
which secrete the majority of chemical compounds needed for the skin flora to
metabolize it into odorant substances this happens mostly in the auxilary
armpit region although the gland can also be found in the areola and genital
region and around the navel in humans the armpit region seemed more important
than the general regions for body odor which may be related to human bipedalism
the genital and armpit regions also contain springy hairs which help to fuse
body odors shout out to Wikipedia I’m here to help of course you know I’m
famous for calling out my table mates for stinking it up and really creating a
horrible experience for everybody that’s in their proximity but here are some pro
tips they can make you not the stinky one first of all bar soap is something
that existed in the 1990s that nobody uses anymore let me introduce you
to the loofah don’t get it twisted this product is not only for females it’s
okay to be a man and use a loofah but of course you don’t need bar soap anymore
they have something that’s much much better body wash that’s right
I’ve tried many body washes and this is my favorite Trader Joe’s makes it it’s
the tea tree tingle smells great opens up your nasal cavities and keeps you
fresh for 24 hours shower everyday people of course you got to have your
tea tree tingle conditioner and crew daily shampoo after you shower apply
deodorant shocker I know your pits will get sweaty as the day goes on especially
if it’s 110 degrees out in Las Vegas or if you’re in high-pressure situations
playing poker playing 10 handed all day wear deodorant it’s not gonna clog your
pores it’s not going to do anything bad wear it it’s a necessity some people
enjoy baths I get it very relaxing get a good sweat maybe a
little bubble bath I used to do hand histories in bubble baths
I recommend the Trader Joe’s tea tree oil for your bubble baths and of course
don’t be afraid to throw in some of this sprouts brand soothing eucalyptus
peppermint muscle soak Epsom salt those great things for your body
protip take care of your body and your body will take care of you and that
concludes posties best the World Series of Poker $1500 tournament it’s called
the closer we’ve made it to day two we got unlucky at the end of the night
losing a big hand with king queen versus queen jack but we’re still alive of
course they drew four hands and the blinds went right through us and we
didn’t get to play our button bringing us down to nine blinds instead of twelve
but that’s how it goes we’re gonna make the best of these nine blinds stick it
in there and pray you got to be aggressive and fearless to win
tournaments played a lot of tournaments yesterday online on ECR and I figured
that’s really where my zone is I’m aggressive and fearless and you just go
for it you have to embrace the variants and Gamble here we drop well big deal with blinds
at 8016 thousand I’m under the gun plus two with ace five of Spades 144,000
ships and I shove all-in everybody folds take it down blinds are now ten thousand
twenty thousand I have a hundred and forty-four thousand still I’m one of the
gun plus one with pocket threes I make it one hundred and ten thousand ago guy
my left snap calls he thinks I’m all in action folds around and he almost shows
his hand could be valuable information but I have thirty four thousand behind
the flop comes King at nine three rainbow
we got bottom set I shove all in he snapped calls with East King he thought
he was good but he was not and we double up now
three hundred thousand ships feeling great side note this player when he sat
down at the table today he was bragging about his journey to the Rio and being
outside and running and sweating a lot didn’t concern me at first but as the
days gone on I’m in the ninth seat he’s in the one seat the dealers in between
us but that familiar smell that I’ve dodged all summer is upon us that’s
right pungent body odor like a skunk like a bad strain of weed however you
want to put it it’s on him and he keeps emitting it
yeah yes this is unbelievable beyond I know I questioned my table mates about
it we have some audio of a few confrontations and in the end I deduced
that it is in fact him oh this isn’t even big oh this is beyond
beyond which be Bo get you some of this you stinky guy in one seat I shouldn’t
have to be assaulted nasally to do to their negligence I told the floor stinky
and Siwon you want to give him a sniff he does a walk by sniffing and then the
next hand comes up action folds to under the gun plus two at twelve thousand
twenty four thousand twenty four thousand he shoves all in for two
hundred and seventy four thousand folds to me in the big blind and I have pocket
kings and somehow exactly two hundred and seventy four thousand it was meant
to be we put in the call Rupp against ace Queen suited let’s hold and here’s
the video Colin more further proof that we’re in a very
cruel and evil simulation is stinky on my left says runner runner when the flop
comes and as you guessed it it goes your honor runner clubs and then a few words
are exchanged as you can tell in this video rid the sweat the stinky guy says
for the sweat that’s pretty ironic EGH I asked for the sweat it’s ironic
I bet for 99 exactly incredible was I in the wrong is he in
denial hey I’ve never smelled in my life buddy really well I can smell you now
that’s from the car maybe you’re the one who stunk up the car on the car sticking
up you oh it’s the chicken and the egg something must be done people always
take offense I’m the only one that speaks up for our rights it’s better to
light a candle than curse the darkness and this World Series is over I’m out of
the REO cashed out 45-minute payout line for 20 people great customer service
check out my man on YouTube Rula Devon
grinder available on all platforms now thanks guys
World Series 2019 and I am out of the $1,500 closer a hundred and eighth place
for $3500 almost two and a half binds and here are my final results for the
entire World Series of Poker PL aka profit and loss statement this is the
harsh reality of being a professional tournament poker player it’s all about
the big win we did not get the big win but we’re surviving
stay tuned plenty more vlogs to come there you have it folks
six weeks non-stop poker action you got to see it all behind the scenes look at
what it takes to be a professional poker player the ups and a lot of downs we
lost a lot of money but it’s not gonna affect my lifestyle still gonna continue
playing online in live in beautiful Las Vegas thank you for joining me on this
adventure find me on Twitter at I see you are a rook and of course you can
catch me playing online on America’s card room as the Boesky the summer is
over but the journey isn’t thanks for watching

Michael Martin

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