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  1. Hey Sophie I'm a junior in high school and I wanted to go to NYU so bad but my test score like the act is like a 28 would that be bad, but I'm a straight A students with AP classes under my belt.

  2. I'm so glad we do not have terms like freshmens etc in Ireland makes you feel like you are just going into education lol . I've been through education after high school , a lot of IT courses and business before college and would hate to be called that
    . going on to college to do tourism and event management 🙂

  3. hi! just wanted to say i love your channel! okay so i'm going to be a junior and have always dreamt of going to NYU (or columbia but that's reallyyyy unrealistic haha) but ever since i was little I've always felt drawn to the city! So my gpa is a 98.8 and that probably translates to somewhere around a 4.0 I guess? Anyways all of my classes are either advanced or APS (besides this years math) and I will be taking 2 APs this year (I took one AP last year but freaked out when the test came and unfortunately didn't pass, however I did really well in the class) I did well on the PSAT and know that with some hard work I can meet NYUS standards. I am an active member of Model United Nations, am enrolled in honor societies, am a representative for my high school for my county, am going to get involved with the school newspaper and youth court (where you practice being s judge, attorney, etc.) and have been a dancer all my life. I hope to be a lawyer, an editor for a magazine (possibly fashion or beauty), or work in the advertising/the media field. Because of this I am thinking of studying communications! Do you think that will be a good major for me? And do you think I can even get in? NYU is my dreams and I am thinking about college a lot recently. I know it's still early but I'm worried and I want do everything I can to be accepted. Thank you so much!

  4. I don't know if you know, but if you major in Journalism you have to also have another major/double major. I was wondering if you can us MCC as your double major because I am interested in both majors! xx

  5. This video was so helpful!! I'm hoping to apply in the fall. (: You said your dorms are 10 blocks away from where your classes are located. Is it recommended to bring a car?

  6. hey sophie, what's the difference between a scholar ship and merit based scholarship? i'm from the u.k. looking to study at NYU, however we wouldn't be able to afford it. How much does the scholarship pay for? xx

  7. Hey Sophie! Very informative video. Thank you so much! I just have one question: Is NYU regarded as a prestigious school? Not in a pretentious way, but do you feel respected for going there? I've heard mixed comments ranging from NYU being easy to it being regarded as one of the better schools in the nation… Your feedback and experience would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  8. Hey:) I'm a junior right now, and I've been struggling with depression for the first two years, ending up with mainly B pluses and the occasional A with a 3.4 GPA. If I get straight A's this year with three APs this year and 5 APs next year and try to get as high as I can will i have a chance? Thanks 🙂

  9. I know you most likely won't know the answer to this, but, do you know how much the work load is if you major in drama and are in new studio broadway? or any freinds who know the answer to this

  10. I really hope you see this!!! I want apply to nyu in the major of international relations, butttt I'm not pretty sure if I can pay it, I'm foreign and my degrees are different than in the USA, I think I'm a sophomore, so my question is if the nyu have some support for the international students and how much expensive is the nyu or a university in general?

  11. Hi! I am a rising sophomore and I was wondering if NYU looked at high school Regents exams. I got a 90 in Algebra 1 but a 77 in Earth Science which is terrible because I want to go into a science major. I was just wondering if NYU does look at these grades.

  12. In this video you said that you don't like crowds or tons of people and I'm the exact same way and in those situations it causes me to have severe anxiety. I am considering going to NYU and was wondering if the class sizes are too overwhelming and 'scary' in a way

  13. I scored a 'D' in general papers in the A levels(Universities dont recognize this subject). I have 2as and 2Bs other than that. Should i apply to NYU?

  14. Is your major one you would recommend to someone who is interested in pursuing journalism one day?

  15. how many hours of homework do u usually have each night? also how many hours do u spend on projects and atudying? and if u wanna go to grad school, what gpa is considered good?

  16. i really wanna go to NYU, so do you have any tips for high school, that help you got into NYU ?

    ~ thanks <3

  17. I'm hoping if I show this to my parents they'll let me visit and apply to NYU. It is a long drive, but I've always dreamed of living in NYC (or LA lol). I'm looking at majoring in English to become a teacher and maybe even a writer

  18. I considered applying to NYU (I'm going to Penn State main campus) but I opted not to because I have really high anxiety and severe depression and I thought a big city would be dangerous for my mood and my ability to adjust since I'm already having to adapt to leaving home for next year and I wasn't sure (and I'm still not) if I was intelligent enough to get into that school and plus as an undecided student I thought it was too expensive but it I decide PSU isn't for me and I considered transferring (NYU fascinates me) do you have any specific words of advice or any input as to how difficult it may be or may not be to get in? That's probably a really weird questions. 😂😂😂

  19. Hey my name is Cristina I'm a going to be a junior next year and I had no idea what I wanted to do other than I did want to go to collage and I was looking into NYU then I stubbled upon your channel and became very interested in your channel and hearing about your major are things that I enjoy and I didn't know you can actually do that as a career. It would be very helpful if you could make a video about your major.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.😊

  20. Hi! I'm a senior right now and I am really set on applying to NYU as my dream school, is MCC a competitive course? It's a course I really have been looking at for a long time. And what are sample internship opportunities you got? 🙂 If it's alright with you!

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