Air-filled Sunflower Birthday Arrangement

Hi everyone, I’m Edward Munoz and I’m here today at burton + BURTON® to show you how you can make this beautiful, air-filled
base. I hope you like it because this way, you can do the same process to make a
happy birthday base or for Mother’s Day. On the end of this video, make sure you
are over there until the end of this video, I will show you how you can add
something secret on the end, okay? If you are ready, I’m ready! Look how beautiful butterfly. The first thing that we will do today, we have to
make two balloon quads. One quad with 8 pumps and another quad with four pumps. When I say pumps, it is one, two, three, four. And when I say eight, it is one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. We start with the eight pumps. Eight pumps. Other balloon. I have one
balloon with eight pumps, I have another balloon with eight pumps and we have to
tie together. Stretch the neck and wrap around two times, one, two, and tie, like
that. We have to repeat this process one more time. When we have one duplet and we have another duplet, we need to put together in the middle and twist two times, one and two. This is a quad. We have to make one more quad, but with four pumps. When you have your quad with eight pumps and you have the four pumps, just put your quad first, the eight pumps, the bigger one, and the other quad will be on top, and just wrap
twice. This is the base of your project. Now, we need to blow up one standard
foil balloon to put on top of this base. Look how beautiful a balloon we have here. You have the same design for two occasions. We have a Happy Birthday and
we have a Happy Mother’s Day. With a 260 balloon, we will wrap all the neck down. I will show you right now. Just wrap all the neck, like that, and tie twice, one and two. Now, you hold the 260 balloon and tie on the bottom of your base, and
cut the extra. If you need to use a weight on the base, you can use a
water balloon or you can use a foil weight. In this case, I will use a water
balloon. Now, we will add one butterfly to our design. These butterflies are air-filled, meaning you need to use the heat sealer. if you don’t know how to use the heat sealer, just put some air with your hand pump in your balloon, take out the extra air in your neck, and now, make sure your heat
sealer is on #3. Just push down and that’s it. With the Oasis U-glu Dashes, we will cover this mechanic. This neck, we will
use the Oasis, just one, to tape it on the back. I put one here, just peel the Oasis. Now it looks clean. The same process to add this balloon to our base. That’s it! It’s easy and simple, this beautiful base.
Remember, you have your quad, you have a standard foil, you have an air-filled
balloon, everything just with air. You don’t need helium. But in case you have
extra helium and you want to add more and more balloons with helium, you can do it. I will show you right now. I want to show you how to add this balloon
with helium on these beautiful base just with air. If you see, this balloon is a
14-inch and we have a bigger one. I have my curling ribbon and just tie these balloons to my base. Just cut the extra. If you have extra
ribbon, just curl the ribbon, like this. I hope you enjoyed this video. Remember, follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, @burtonplusburton. Thank you for watching, bye bye.

Michael Martin

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