After A Bride Found Out Her Fiancé Was Cheating, She Got The Most Epic Revenge At The Altar

after a bride found out her fiance was cheating she got the most epic revenge at the altar Casey was poised to marry the man she adored however in the final hours preceding the ceremony she was sent a number of x-rated phone messages that proved her husband-to-be had been sleeping with someone else for months rather than cancel the wedding she vowed it would become the perfect setting for a dramatic act of revenge the happy bride-to-be was enjoying the countdown to her wedding day with a bunch of her closest friends Casey and her group had all been spending time together in a posh hotel room which had been chosen for this pre-wedding ketchup the bubbly was flowing on what Casey expected to be her last day as a single woman the Australian fiancee had been with her partner Alex for six years their families had become buddies and everything was in place for what Casey believed would be the best day of her life complete with the fairytale ending after meeting Alex Casey had known straightaway that he was the one Casey thought little of it when her phone buzzed again to announce the arrival of a new message she was expecting it to be someone wishing her well for the next day glass in hand Casey jokingly shimmied across the hotel room to find pick up the new message as her bridesmaid remarked on how busy her handset was that evening however the message she actually received instead provoked tears of heartbreak and horror Alex it transpired had not been an honest and committed fiancee in fact quite the opposite he had been getting very intimate with another woman and Casey had now been sent copies of the x-rated messages he had exchanged with her the proof was all there in unpleasant detail alongside screenshots of these messages sad a question I wouldn't marry him will you scanning the texts the true extent of Alex's betrayal was all too obvious the evidence was there in black and white that he had been sleeping with this woman and the messages ranged from months back to just a few days ago Casey says at this point she knew that the messages were real and showed the ugly truth about what had been going on the tears started to fall as she read them through every word was like a dagger in my heart Casey told writer Danielle collie who retold the story on online magazine whim according dr. Rowan Burkhardt speaking in the video the psychology of cheating which accompanies the piece on whim there are two main causes for infidelity the first is the cheater reacting to a problem in the relationship the second is a person string when romantic feelings for their partner disappear as dr. Burkhardt says a person can react to a problem by stepping out of the relationship into the arms of someone else in the second case if a person loses their loving feelings for a partner they have a need to find this romantic connection elsewhere this is when attraction for a person outside the relationship becomes all the greater he explains however after a sleepless night Casey decided that with the wedding fund spent and people having already travelled to attend she shouldn't cancel it the guests deserved better so she opted instead to pay Alex back for his cheating ways and the hurt he'd caused in the most public way possible on the day of her wedding she was shaking with nerves just like any other bride but instead of concentrating on a blissful life of togetherness Casey was thinking of something else revenge as she told wim this was supposed to be the happiest day of my life instead I knew it was the end of my dream relationship and everyone was going to witness it as she walked toward the altar Casey said her dress felt like a costume as she anticipated the huge dramatic scene soon to follow when she reached her waiting groom she had no intention of reciting vows she put down her bouquet got out her phone and prepared to recite the incriminating texts instead I stood at the front of the room in my wedding dress and doubt at the excited faces of our friends and family she recalled in whim my hands were shaking but not nearly as much as my insides quivered then she kicked off what was to be a shocking speech off by announcing there would be no wedding today her address covered all the embarrassing details about Alex and his mystery woman many messages contained sexual references and went into a lot of detail such as the one which went your body is f incredible and s do you know how to use it I wish my girlfriend had half the skills you do another read I miss you so much I can't stop thinking about L s fing you I've never had this kind of connection before despite most of them being rather too much information Kacie knew making them public would be an effective way to humiliate Alex the way he had humiliated her his secret finally out Alex didn't hang around he got up and hurriedly left the church with the golfing faces of his family still coming to terms with the revelation left behind perhaps fittingly Kasey had the final word offering anyone who still wanted to the chance to celebrate anyway she said I love all of you and is horrible as this is I'm glad you all are here there will not be a wedding reception today but instead there will be a celebration of honesty finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts and despite the upset and her broken heart Kasey still had one hell of a party this story has appeared in various guises around the web one site L online asked readers to vote on whether they would also expose a cheating lover at the altar the response roughly 60% of people said they would do just as Kasey had done dark deeds as the site says should be made to come to light many respondents on web site Irish central which ran a version of the story on November 20th praised Casey's actions Graham Houghton said a very brave woman who deserves and will certainly find someone better I wish her luck and happiness meanwhile will AG expressed similar sentiments saying wow very strong and forward-thinking of her honesty is the best policy with self and others blessings all one suggestion made by intolerant liberal was the story could be made for the silver screen he commented Hollywood will no doubt be making a version a rom-com said in Boston starring Brad Pitt as the Betty Jennifer Aniston as the wronged and a plethora of other b-list stars there won't be a dry eye in the house you

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  1. I'm glad she chose to move on from an individual who was unfaithful. This action would save her from many headaches. Now doors are open for the right man to enter. A strong and courageous lady.

  2. Yes, it takes a lot of strength to do this, I don't know if I am that strong but I would give it my all. Thank God she found out before she got married. Nasty self centered people.

  3. I just don't get why he didn't leave her if he'd fallen out of love with her. Why bother sticking with a relationship AND get stuck in a marriage with someone you don't wanna be with anymore? It's okay if someone falls out of love. It happens. But don't drag the relationship onward. Break up and move on before making a huge commitment that will cost a truck ton to get lawyers and the government involved.

  4. There’s also some men who are serial cheaters. They need it to prove they’re men? Learned behavior from a lifetime of father cheated grandfather cheated and so on

  5. My 1st (so called) husband Tom walked the aisle with me while his pregnant mistress was at work back in his hometown. His best friend that travelled to my country with him for the wedding was the only one that knew at the time and told him he needed to be honest with me and it was all he could do to get him even to come to the wedding. Had I been told the night before of this, I'd have taken Tom aside to ask him if this was true (after a stiff drink of course) and he and his family would have been sent unceremoniously (literally) to stay somewhere other than with my family from then on until their return flight! I'd not have wasted one more second of my time with any of them except the honest one. I might have asked HIM out for a date that night instead though 😉 LOL. That's been over 25 years ago now!

  6. God's blessings to you my dear ,he does not deserve you ,as hard as it was that my dear was a blessing in disguise.

  7. Hate when these things go on and on and on. I skipped to the alter. Glad she still had a good time with friends and family. smh

  8. Who sent the messages ! Apparently the man did not intend to end the cheating after the marriage but his partner in crime felt other wise. Would love to have a post date !

  9. great casey. unbelievable casey. her action wd open the minds of asia who think westerners women are loose and liberal when comes to chastity . westerners lose their virginity at 14 or 16 . they live in have children then marry at 35. after convinced all is right. esp if wealth is involved. her action is asiain in nature. on the other hand its hard to live without sex wch is prevalent in the western society. esp for a full.blooded male. more compounded by eating beef which is common diet. my hindu brother eats beef and salami in UK. ITS COMMON. THE ENVIROMENT WE LIVE IN CONTRIBUTES TO OUR DECISION. THERE OUTSTANDS CASEY. A PROUD DAUGHTER. TO HER PARENTS. OUTSTANDING INDEED. FM RTD ARMY MSIA.

  10. Shes lucky i gof married and worked hard for my family , but being finding out my wife cheated on me my whole marriage.

  11. I've seen a similar video before depicting this woman's story. I applaud her for being able to hold it together to get to the altar after finding out how he is.
    He was lucky! If I had been in her shoes, if lived, he would have had to squat to pee every time he went to the bathroom!
    P.S. How could she have not known he was cheating before then?? Ladies, don't ignore your intuition.

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