Abraham Hicks Relationships 2016 (New) – The Path To A Satisfying Relationship – Law of Attraction

Abraham Hicks 2016 New so my question is about relationships
and as a friend with the chocolate had mentioned about practicing a vibration I
think that kind of support of my question but but I’ve been I’ve been
told or led to believe that maybe I have like a fear of commitment in a
relationship cuz I have had several relationships I like to get new cars
often I move a lot and so so do I like to experience new things and my in a
perpetual step one this is the this is the day to have this conversation about
relationships because you’re all primed for it as a result of the conversations
we’ve had already here today and just want to ask yourself this one question
about you and the relationship that you’re moving into let’s say and that is
my seeking this relationship because it will be a condition that will help me to
feel better or have accomplished alignment and I feel better and
therefore this relationship is occurring to me or has been realized by me as a
result of my alignment in other words and my filling the void with this
relationship or is there no void and in my alignment now I am receiving the
impulses to the path that leads me to the relationship that I put into my
vortex big difference isn’t it because the majority of those who are seeking a
relationship want it because they believe they will
feel better in the having of it it’s a condition it’s an improved condition
that they believe they need in order to feel good and that’s what goes wrong
with relationships because what you’re saying to each other is I need you for
me to be whole which means first of all you have to meet these standards and you
have to always be present and you can’t let me down and nobody can do that for
nobody in other words no one can do that for you and yet almost everybody is looking for
their partner to do that for them and that’s why people are moving their
relationship because this one works for a little while and then it doesn’t then
this one works for a little while and then it doesn’t then this one works for
a little while and then it doesn’t then this one works for a little while and
then it doesn’t define vibrational aligned stability first then the path to
the relationship that is the satisfying relationship that you have put into your
text will flow to you easily like knowing that shit I did I give up too
soon do not clean up vibration in every relationship or was there somebody else
in the cortex well it’s not about somebody else it’s
about you needing that that person to be the way you needed that person to be in
order for you to feel the way you wanted to feel you see relationships Abraham Hicks 2016 New this is going to sound odd but we want
to say it in a way that you will never forget it a relationship is not about a
partnership with another person a relationship is about accomplishing
relationship between you and you and then another person who will enhance
that will flow into your experience but if you make the relationship but you and
me it’s not ever gonna work out it’s got to be about me and my alignment and then
what happens after that so sometimes we say to people yeah you took score too soon because
there was potential for coming into alignment but what we really want to say
is you were trying to fill the void with that relationship and until the boy
distilled don’t look for another one that was blunt really good advice thank you Abraham Hicks 2016 New if someone look deep into your eyes and
says you fulfill me ron Fair if someone says to you I cannot live without you
run like the wind if someone says to you before you I was
nothing go running and screaming into the word if someone says to you I like a
pretty good let’s see how it goes alright if someone says i’m having a
really wonderful day and you keep coming into my mind then we might be meant to
be together build a different yeah

Michael Martin

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