Abraham Hicks~ Compatibility in romantic relationships.

I am currently battling with every person I date before I date them I already in my mind think that it's not gonna work out okay I said self-sabotage like I'm not worthy and all my friends always tell me relax relax it's fine everything's good you got the perfect guy this time and as soon as I know it that person's gone and I have no reason why and obvious and I'm attached and I don't know how to get stop the attachment I was like what did I do wrong so his last relationship I had I got completely out of the blue dumped and there was no reason or rhyme for it and I'm stuck completely like what did I do why did this happen and I don't know why I'm stuck in the situation of doing this in every single relationship so so first there's a whole lot of awareness of what has been happening going on yeah and keeping it alive keeping it active by talking about it yeah but in the process of all of this exploration you've been launching rockets of desires so you've been defining and refining what you're really looking for in a relationship so your relationship vortex is much more detailed much more evolved than it was before all of that so it hasn't been a waste of time it's all been for something and where in your previous understanding or even in the understanding that you've been garnering from us where did you pick up the notion that that you should make happy out of situations that you don't like what do you mean we marry we mean you got it we mean what is it that makes you think that you should be looking right out something that isn't pleasing to you and pretend otherwise isn't it isn't it okay for you that when when you go to a restaurant do you just say to the waiter bring me what you like or or do you say to the waiter I'm not a good chooser so I pick that or or do you appreciate your past experience that has helped you to define what the path of least resistance is for you in other words what makes you assume and we're talking to all of you really that you are bad at creating your own life experience don't you think your experience has been good for something and don't you think you really know don't you prefer pleasant to unpleasant and don't you prefer happy to unhappy and and don't you prefer someone interested in you to someone not interested in you so think about let's let's talk about Esther was watching television the other day and saw one of those matchmaking commercials the words were we find true compatibility and the word compatibility just sort of Esther could hear it she could feel the word compatibility compatibility and then we said to Esther compatibility and law of attraction are the same words because when someone when you feel compatibility with someone that means that something that's active in your vibration currently active in your vibration is active and there's the thing is a lot of you have a lot of compatibility with things you don't want because they're active in your vibration so you keep attracting people you don't want and then beating up on yourself when you realize I don't really want this you see what we're getting it so we want to put the word compatibility into a different way of looking at it we want you to think about compatibility with your own path compatibility with who you really are compatibility with your core values compatibility with who you really are and what you're really about and until you figure that out you can't begin to figure out what you're compatible with otherwise you got to get that going first you see now there's lots of good news here because in all of these relationships you're figuring out who you really are and what you really want aren't you and so rather than putting a a desperate sort of timeline on it why not just feel appreciation for the clarification clarification clarification but put more emphasis on caring about the way you feel don't be so quick to look at someone and call them wrong and or look at yourself and call yourself wrong about feeling that somebody is wrong we're trying to loosen things up a little bit to get you to all feel more inclined to give yourself permission to not like something path of least resistance means you like this better than that so how can you use the path of less resistance when it comes to you don't agree with the person like how they feel or letting go well it's a nice thing when you get when you sifted through a lot of this to realize you don't have to agree with anybody about anything but you do have to agree with yourself about it so if you're selfish enough to keep finding your agreement and finding your agreement and finding your agreement finding your agreement then you can stand with someone really not agreeing with you and they don't threaten you and you don't feel bothered by it and you don't need them to change and you don't need to change either it's just more of the variety that makes the world go round in other words isn't life more interesting with more you really don't want somebody to walk run around with you who just says yes I agree with that yes I agree with that much yeah absolutely right about that I think do you think you do but you don't you're absolutely right about that oh yeah yeah you're absolutely right about that yeah yeah that's exactly what I think that's exactly what I think that's exactly because if you could be surrounded with that you think you want that but if you could be surrounded with that pretty soon you'd all just be sitting around and looking at each other and saying kill me now I thought I thought there would be they can't talk about anything because there's no there's no expansion here there's too much agreement here there's too much agreement here and therefore note not watching any so do you see how it's just this this path of least resistance no don't when you're bored don't you want adventure and when you've got too much adventure don't you want to slow down and when you're hungry don't you want to eat and when you've been eating and eating don't you want to stop in other words isn't it it doesn't the path of least resistance change in relationship with where you are in relationship with what you want so so what we want you to really feel is that you've been putting a lot into your vortex there's a really clear relationship there for you but you've got to become a match to it before anything can like because now here this you're gonna like this one who's in alignment with who they really are is more powerful than millions who are not so if you stop trying to be compatible with all of them and you be compatible with who you are so that you're really in sync you are this powerful energy clear minded good feeling happy girl as that's who you are then that vibration send such a strong beam that anybody in your vicinity who matches that signal will be drawn right to you and you'll know it when you see it and meanwhile isn't it fun to just keep working the kinks out of it I thought you're right I thought you were right for me but it turns out no and it's not your fault it's me I'm not right for me I'm not yet right for me and your evidence that I'm not yet right you are the evidence you are the evidence that I am not in alignment with who I really want because I've got you and it don't feel good you think we're kidding but we're not kidding this is the way in other words line up because these things are certain you have put a clear distinct vivid relationship in your vortex that you keep resisting with all of your awareness of what's going on what's going on what's going on so if you could just change one thing as you're looking at what you don't want in someone acknowledge what you do want and as you see something else you don't want acknowledge what you do want so it's what I do want when I do want what I do want what I do want what I do want what I do want and then before you know it evidence of what you do want what you do want what you do want most people relative to relationships are looking for someone to fill that void between them and them and they're never gonna find that person not ever ever ever ever ever because it's not their job but once once you discover it on your own and you are you are you know so much more what you want about all things then you act like you know and it's because you haven't been practicing that selfish determination to go toward what I know I want you put up with too much and you know what you're not putting up with stuff from others that's not what we mean others aren't aren't mistreating you you put up with too much from yourself about them use all those people as your excuse to throw stuff on your path resistant stuff on your path can you tell my mom that well the reason you bring up your mother a lot of you do is because it was in those very early years that you disregarded your own relationship with your own path to someone else so it's easy to blame those early characters in your life for your divergence from your path because you just weren't selfish enough to go your own way they convinced you in your FAL ability and in your in your inability they convinced you that they knew better and they never ever do because they don't know who you are coming in they don't have the vibration of who you are they don't know what's on your path they don't know they don't know but they care about you and so they do their best to guide you and so they didn't do anything wrong they followed their path of least resistance to the best of their ability but what they did or did not do what their path is irrelevant to what you're doing with your path now and now you know better

Michael Martin

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