Above & Beyond Counseling Center Overview

Hello this is Dr. Don Ibbitson with Above
and Beyond Counseling Ministries. I’d like to thank you for visiting our website and
in this short video I’d like to give you an overview of our ministry and our services
so you can determine if we might be of assistance to you. We are a 501(c) (3) ministry located
in Tampa, Florida but we have a worldwide focus. We are staffed with NCCA licenses pastoral
counselors with masters and doctoral level degrees in clinical Christian psychology and
counseling. At this point there is Phyllis Tarbox on staff and myself. We between the
two of us have extensive experience in Christian counseling and in deliverance ministry. We
certainly encourage you to check out our resumes on the website.
From a counseling standpoint we focus on individuals, couples and family counseling. We want to
emphasize that we use a biblical basis and biblical tools for our ministry and for our
counseling psychology with some scripture just some back filled in there. We believe
the bible as the word of God as the key for counseling. One of the tools that we use in
the temperament analysis from the National Christian Counselors Association, that’s
the NCCA. It’s called the Arno Profile System and it’s a very useful and helpful tool.
And we are able to minister locally or worldwide via Skype.
We also have a very important part of our ministry that is deliverance and we believe
that Christians can be tormented and oppressed by demonic spirits that they need deliverance
from. That deliverance ministry is for today and yes it is for Christians.
Deliverance literally means getting set free from demonic strongholds that can be in our
soul. How do we minister deliverance. We use a five step process. It’s a very proven
and effective process that’s been developed and tuned over years. Literally we have ministered
to thousands of people in individual and also group environments. Its biblically sound teaching
and I want to say to you that the process that we use, its quiet, its gentle, it’s
not wacky or crazy. And once again we can minister locally or worldwide via Skype.
Now you might ask if you’ve seen something you like and you make an appointment and communicate
what happens in the first session. Basically we during the first session is an hour you
talk and we listen. We try to understand what the issues are and we need some background
information from you but you get an opportunity to lay everything out. We explain the ministry,
we determine a path of action for you whether it’s counseling or deliverance or whatever
is necessary. People ask about the fees. We work on a sliding
scale for services based upon family income to make it affordable for a cross section
of people. We also have group deliverance seminars called release to soar. Information
is on the website on those. They are held quarterly here in Tampa and those are free
seminars, donation only are received. It involves two nights of teaching then personal one on
one deliverance ministry in a group environment and that’s key. Its one on one personal
ministry but it is in a group environment. And the team that we use is our trained and
anointed prayer team of people. Many of them have been with us for years also been through
our boot camp and training sessions to learn how to minister in deliverance.
We encourage you to explore our website we also have a counseling academy that you can
link over to where you can learn about Christian counseling degrees and deliverance ministry
training. Certainly read the teachings look at the testimonials. You might want to sign
up for our newsletter; we encourage you to connect with us on Facebook for above and
beyond counseling ministries and also for the academy. And then certainly feel free
to give us a call at the number or email us and there is contact information that on the
website and gives our Tampa and Clearwater counseling locations. Once again I’d like
to thank you for visiting us. Please review the information and let us know if we can
help you. And we’d like to thank you for taking the time to watch us and visit our
website. Thank you and blessings.

Michael Martin

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