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Hi, I’m Adam Weber, co-founder of Emplify. And research shows that 70% of the workforce today is disengaged, causing employees and businesses to suffer. At Emplify, we’re a purpose-driven company. Our mission: To help all people achieve their true potential at work Now knowing the best way to engage and retain top talent is tough, but it’s critical. And at Emplify, we help leaders make sense of the many dynamics that are at play in their workforce. Our employee engagement solution fuses advanced survey technology with human strategists To identify the specific actions you can take to continually improve both manager and employee performance. So here’s an overview of the Emplify solution: We run our system up to four times per year, and there’s three main steps. The first is measure. It’s a scientific look at the state of engagement in the organization, and it pinpoints Precisely where there’s pockets of disengagement. Then, we ask. A couple specific groups where we know disengagement is hurting performance, and we invite them in to confidentially give their ideas on a solution. And now finally, it’s time to implement, or act, on what you’ve learned to move the needle on engagement. And what makes Emplify truly unique – the part that our customers love the most, is that we don’t just hand you a bunch of data And send you on your way. We pair you with an engagement strategist who facilitates the system behind the scenes to ensure your success. Think of your strategist as a data analyst meets executive coach. They’ll facilitate a series of coaching sessions for you and the executive team Where they analyze the data for you and provide guidance on how to move the needle going forward. And as you know, it’s not just about what you do. It’s also about what you say. And so your strategist will coach you on how to share with your employees about what you’ve heard What actions you’re taking, and why you decided on those actions. So start taking real action toward a more engaged and productive workforce. Get truth you can act on, with Emplify.

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