Abigail Spencer Has Some Viral Wedding Dance Moves

you’re from Florida, right? -Yes, a small to–
[ Cheers and applause ] -Florida in the house!
[ Laughter ] Gulf Breeze, Florida.
-Gulf Breeze, Florida. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Okay. Fantastic. -Hi.
-This is fantastic. -I know, this is great.
-Did you learn to — Did you start acting there,
as well? -Yes, I actually did.
We — [ Laughs ] There’s a thing called the
Pensacola Children’s Chorus. So, across from Gulf Breeze,
Florida, across a 3-mile bridge
is Pensacola. And it’s a really big
arts community there, and they have
this program called the Pensacola Children’s Chorus,
and it’s, like, musical variety extravaganza
for kids. So, I started doing that. And, actually, we got to perform
on a cruise line. We got to go, and,
at 15 years old, I get to be a headliner
on a cruise line. Who are my parents?
[ Laughter ] -How fun is that?
-It was so fun. But I learned on that
that I get seasick. And so, in the middle
of one of the shows, there was a storm,
and so we’d be on the tables doing “Phantom of the Opera,”
and we’d be like… ♪ The Phantom of the Opera ♪ [ Laughter ] And we were all moving.
We’re like, “Oh, storms are — Even on a cruise ship,
storms are powerful.” -Yeah.
-And then, every year, we would do a holiday show and
that was really, really fun. We’d do, like,
a holiday with the stars, but, you know, there’s no stars,
just 16-year-olds, so… [ Laughter ] And we’ve got Judy Garland,
we’ve got Carol Channing, we’ve got Doris Day,
and, of course, I was Barbra Streisand.
Of course, right? -You chose Barbra?
-Well, I wasn’t allowed to watch contemporary movies growing up.
-Wow. -I know, let’s get into that
while I lay down on the couch. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] And — But my mother showed me
“Funny Girl” when I was 7 years old.
-Classic. -I mean, probably
the reason I’m an actor. So, I was like,
“I’m gonna do Barbra Streisand, and I am going to re-create
the beginning of ‘Funny Girl.'” So, my mother,
she made me a leopard coat, and we put my hair up,
and I had the nails, and we even —
we even put on a nose. [ Laughter ]
And I come down the stairs, and I’ve got the fur coat
over part of my face, and I pull it back —
16 years old — And I go, “Hello, gorgeous.” [ Laughter ]
And I go… ♪ Chestnuts roasting
on an open…fire? ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ Jack Frost
nipping at your…nose? ♪ [ Laughter ]
And we did the whole — And that’s what we do —
-And you just crushed. -Crushed it.
-As a 16-year-old. -At 16. -You just visited Prague
recently. -Yeah. -Do you know what
I’m gonna talk about? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That’s great. I mean, I, um… Well, my friend
got married in Prague. -Yes.
-And I will go to any wedding and dance. Like. I have been coined
the wedding dancer. I love dancing at weddings. So, I will go
all the way to Prague and dance at your wedding,
but, um — [ Laughs ] I’ve actually never seen myself
dance at a wedding. ‘Cause I’m thinking, like,
“Oh, my God.” -What do you feel like
when you’re dancing? What does it feel like?
-I feel, like — It’s like everyone’s here.
Everyone’s is around me. -Like, everyone’s
feeling the energy. -Yep.
-We’re all moving. We’re all feeling —
I feel surrounded by people and not alone
in that experience at all. -Can I just stop you there
and show you? We have video of you
from that wedding. [ Laughter ] So, you can finally see
what you look like. -I was filmed, and I’m sorry.
[ Laughter ] I’m sorry to everyone right now. -Here’s the wedding dancer,
Abigail Spencer. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Oh, my —
That’s great. -Oh, my God!
[ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughing ]
-Dude! That was fantastic!
-Well, what was so crazy is — So, obviously,
we live in the social media age, and everyone films everything,
and I didn’t even know that was, like, happening. I thought everyone was around
me, but they send me that. I thought it was sped up.
I was, like — [ Laughs ] “You sped it up.
Nobody moves that fast,” and they were, like, “No, that
is exactly what was happening.” [ Laughter ] And I was, like “Oh, my –” And it’s just — it’s just
that weird feeling where you’re, like,
“I’m so cool. Oh, my God.
I’m not.” [ Laughter ]
-No. -“Oh, my God.”
-That is super cool. I would love for to you dance
at my wedding. -I’m crazy, yeah.
-Yeah, no. You did the wedding dancer.
By the way — -That’s our new romantic comedy.
-That’s a movie — “The Wedding Dancer.”
Let’s write that. I would love that.
Let’s do that. -Let’s talk about “Reprisal.”
-Mm-hmm. -Set this up for everybody. -Well, “Reprisal”
airs December 6th on Hulu. -Yes, Hulu.
-Yes. -Yep.
-Yes, Hulu. And, gosh, she’s such
an incredible character. She’s kind of, like
if David Lynch and Tarantino had a baby,
and that baby was my character. She’s a femme fatale.
It’s hyper-noir. It’s a revenge story. And it’s just this really
beautiful, era-ambiguous, really stylized,
incredible world. I’ve never seen anything
like it on television. I mean, it’s really something
to behold, and I’m just so — It’s so incredible that I’ve
been acting almost 20 years, and the billboard
is in Times Square right now. And just, you know, I got fired from my first acting job
20 years ago. -Yeah.
-And to be here and then to be able to play this type of
woman in this day and age, it’s incredible.
It’s an honor. -That giant enlargement —
-Yeah, really incredible. [ Cheers and applause ]
-It’s the American dream. -It is.
-That’s it, buddy. -So lucky.
-Yeah, you’re very talented.

Michael Martin

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  1. Wow. Attention seeker much?
    (classic OTT ‘kids theatre school’ type 🙄
    Plus she broke the cardinal rule about only the bride should wear white/ivory at a wedding!

  2. I really fell in love with her, from the first moment I saw her in Suits, she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. I just hope my wife doesn't read this …

  3. Bar none the hottest actress when she was in her 20s she was super model hot in shows in the 2000s

    (not that shes old now but js )

  4. So kool to see her make her aspirations come true! Went to school with her & she was always very nice & bubbly just like she is now!

  5. Play Ping Pong with Trump in a Peacock outfit. Replace SNL with it. She'll be having an escort shove caviar up her ass in 10 years.

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