Aakhari Baazi 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie || Nara Rohit, Aadhi, Sundeep Kishan

[POURING HEAVILY] [CLOCK TICKING] [SONG PLAYING ON RADIO] [BULB FLICKERING] Sir…! Sir…! Sir…! [STAMMERS] Mom, sir… My mom… What is it? What happened to your mom? Car… Mom… Tell me properly. What happened? [GASPS] My mom was in the car, sir. Hey! Stop that. [MUSIC STOPS] Tell me now. What happened to your mom? Car is lost, sir. Is the car lost? Hmm. You said it was your mom earlier. Mom… My mom gifted me the car. You made it sound like someone died. Sir, this is really important.
You have to search for it immediately. It’s not possible now.
File a complaint tomorrow. Go… No, sir. You have to call
the control room immediately. Don’t you get it? We have many
car missing cases every day. We very well know when to write the complaint
and when to call the control room. Come and file a complaint tomorrow. Sir… Sir… Sir… Please, sir… Hey! Don’t you get what sir’s saying? Increase the volume. [SONG CONTINUES TO PLAY ON RADIO] What happened? Why are you so tensed?
How much did you buy it for? You can’t put a price tag
to everything in the world. If the price is what you want,
it’s worth 5 crores. [DIALLING] Hey! Are you guys still in the studio? I have a really shocking news for you.
Get 10,000 rupees ready. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [ON TV]: The whole city is
gossiping about the stolen car. That’s what I am talking about.
He is a real man. Forget about wallets and suitcases.
He has stolen a car worth 5 crores. ‘The entire State is discussing
about the Samanthakamani.’ We acted all chaotic when we lost a cycle.
Look at that. A car worth 5 crores is lost. Bro, a car has been stolen
from the Hi-tech city hotel. [ON TV]: Both the police and media
are unaware of this occurrence. 5 crores? He’s one to watch for. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [ON TV]: Everyone is
surprised to know of the car. What the hell! Heard that? That is why
I ask you to be careful. The entire city is filled with thieves. I warned him many times to check
the locks before going to sleep. But he never listens to me. [ON TV]: Police are yet to take an action.
[PHONE RINGING] Sir… I will look into it. Okay, sir. I’ll be on it right away, sir. [SIGHS] Where’s Ranjith? [PHONE RINGING] Hey! Hey, pick up the phone. Let me sleep. You kept me awake all night. I will do the dishes after waking up. [SCREAMS] I said I’ll do the dishes. What are you doing at my place, sir? Hey! We are patrolling. That means… At night? Look for my phone first. Sir, your phone… It’s the Commissioner. Why is he calling at this hour? Good afternoon, sir. Good afternoon at ten’ o clock?
Where are you? You didn’t even go to the station. At home, sir… Worked late last night. Switch on the TV first. TV? [MUMBLING] TV… TV… Power cut. There’s been a power cut, sir. The department’s been degraded, man. What actually happened, sir? Do I have to tell you
what’s happening in your area? A car has been stolen.
A car worth 5 crores. In the Provotel… I heard the complaint hadn’t
been accepted at your station. Where ‘d this happen, sir? In Provotel… Media had already begun
grilling the Police Department. I will go right now, sir. [EXHALES] Start the vehicle.
– What happened, sir? Start the vehicle first. [INDISTINCT VOICES] Say something, sir. What do I say? My foot! Give him time. [WHISPERS]
We had too much to drink. I can smell it. Say something and manage. Do I have to? Hmm… [MEDIA]: Sir, give us an answer. Did you find anything? Excuse me. Sir… Sir… Sir… Welcome to Provotel, sir. I am Srinivas. I am the duty manager here. Never has such a thing
happened in our hotel. We don’t understand
when and how this occurred. Where’d this happen? Sir, the car was parked here yesterday. There was a huge party last night. Actually, some of the biggest parties
in Hyderabad happen in our pub. There was a huge party, sir. Meaning? Meaning there were around 500 people. Do you have the list of attendees?
– Yes, sir. Do you have any cameras?
– Yes, sir. 18 megapixels. HD camera, sir… [THUD SOUND]
– Are you out of your mind? He asked you for the security cameras.
Not your mobile cam… He slapped me real hard, sir. We have a total of 30 cameras, sir. 4 at the main entrance, 2 at the pub entrance, 6 in the restaurant
and the remaining in corridors. What about the parking lot? Nothing, sir. Thank you for the cooperation. Play from the beginning of the party. Okay, sir. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Sir, would you like to have tea,
coffee or a soft drink? I want the car. Will you get it? Have you got ***? No, sir. Buttermilk? Yes, sir. Forget the ***. Get me buttermilk. Sure, sir. [MUSIC CONTINUES] Stop there. [MOUSE CLICK] How long did the party last? Till 12:30 at night, sir. Play the last 10 minutes footage. Yes, sir. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Sir, I’ve seen him before. Buttermilk, sir… Sir, he is back again. He’s staring at the CC camera like
he’s posing for a passport photograph. He’s looking at something for sure. Why is he pulling out a screwdriver? Sir, he’s stolen the camera. Idiot, aren’t you aware of
a camera stolen in your hotel? You call it a star hotel on top of that. [PHONE RINGING] Did you reach the hotel? I am right here, sir.
I just watched the CC TV footage. Have you found out about the car? You will have the car in three days, sir. Elite hotel in Hyderabad…
High security… Five star rating… 500 people… A car worth 5 crores… [INHALES] Who must have stolen it? Satya Narayan… What’ the car called? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [TRAIN RUMBLING] [INDISTINCT YELLING] [PANTING] Run… Run… Run… Is that Siva?
– Huh… What is he doing here
instead of being at the theatre? You didn’t have to jump over a small pit. Hero’s opening scene…
Minimum show off is a must. Come fast. Hey! Stop! Run fast! Where are we going? To board a train… Where to? I can tell you once we board it. Did you get the money? I have around 500 bucks. 500 bucks? I have around 490 for sure. We aren’t catching a second
show movie at the mall. We are eloping from home.
– Hey! Don’t be so loud. Even heroines wouldn’t ask
so many questions in films. Even I wouldn’t ask
if I was eloping with a film hero. Everyone wants a hero.
What about us commoners? We can fight later. Let’s get out of here. [TRAIN CHUGGING] [PANTING] Hey, wait!
– What happened? Do you have a boil on your feet? I get it. I understand everything. What do you understand? I’ll not come.
My life will be at its worse if I do. What are you saying?
Your guys might kill us. Why would they kill me? They would kill you once you are caught. You go board the train. Careful, huh… Sridevi… Bye… Sridevi…
– Bye… Sridevi…!!! [WEEPING] [PHONE RINGING] [WATER DRIPPING] [ANKLETS CLINKING] Bro, your phone is ringing. Don’t you think I know that?
Mind your business. [BRAKES SQUEAKING] [PANTING] Bro, he is here! Hey! [INDISTINCT YELLING] [TRAIN HORN] [GASPS] Sir… What? Where is this train headed? Hyderabad. [PRAYER AT SHRINE] [SINGING RANDOMLY] Listen, dear. I’ve been asking for a car since 5 years
and you finally had the thought. I had the thought long back.
But I just got the money. Come on, let’s go. Greetings, priest. Come, Maniratn… Dear, I will go check the lock once again. We are going to buy
a car with the money you gave. I’m in sheer loss with
the gems you gave. How come? I asked you
to wear the blue gemstone. I lost my job after doing so. I gave a green gemstone later. Wife passed away with that. You already have the coral stone, right?
– Sister parted from our family. Oh… What about the pearl? I mortgaged the house
as soon as I wore the pearl. You have to save me with some stone. Err… Where do I wear this, sir?
– Bang your head with it. Your destiny is never going to change.
– Why, sir? Oxygen helps a guy in the ICU but a fan
serves no purpose for a guy in the mortuary. There must be some way. Hey! Where is my vehicle?
– Where else? Your son must have taken it. [ORCHESTRA PLAYING] Hey! Don’t hurry. Now’s not the time to play.
Play once the girl hops on the bike, okay? Seriously? On this shitty bike? How dare you call it shitty?
Don’t you see it’s shining? I washed it with shampoo in the morning. Do you have brains at all?
The girl is coming from America. She’ll not sit on this bike. Hey! Do you know who’s coming? Madhu… My Madhu… When we roamed on this
bike before 3 years… The Chudi Bazaar in old city bowed to us. It would salute to us. We need to parade
the whole of Hyderabad now. Whole of Hyderabad? On this bike? This bike can go nowhere. It’ll break down midway. Oi! Enough of your crap. Tell me when the flight is landing. A whole hour… [WATCH TICKING] Sir! It’s over. Let’s go. One more idly to go. Sir, I am not talking
about breakfast but time. The bad time has ended. Let’s go. Have you checked properly? Two seconds here and there. One second is enough for a guy
like me to become a guy like you. Sir. The bad time is over now.
Take the briefcase and put it in the car. Sir, driver isn’t here yet. What? He’s not coming. I fired him. He told his fellow driver I am a demon. You eat quickly. Time for school. Call for some other driver. Where will we find a driver
who’d call ma’am a Goddess, sir? There are many jobless
people in the house who can drive. Krishna… ‘[MOTHER]: Krishna… Krishna… ‘ ‘Happy Birthday!’ ‘Same to you.’ ‘Thank you. What gift do
you want for this birthday?’ [TRUCK HONKING] [SCREAMS] [VEHICLES CRASHING] [GASPS] ‘Hi, Krishna! Birthday is in two days.’ [BEEPING] [EXHALES] I’ll be 25 in two days.
Nothing went as expected till now. I wonder when this picture was clicked. My expression is still intact. Has it started? Oh… I am coming. Where is he going?
– To the auction, sir. Is he selling himself? Who’d dare to buy your dad, sir? We’d never find a buyer to take him. Which car is he taking? Your car… Hmm… How is the car’s color supposed to be? Red… It looks good, you see. [TYRES SCREECHING] How come you’re here suddenly? Sridevi… Sridevi…? Who is Sridevi? I meant the heroine. She loves the hero. You tell me what’s up. You know what’s up. Same to same… You mean? Like a hero loves a heroine,
I love my Sridevi. But when I met Sridevi,
she wasn’t in love with me. She was in love with that ring from the film. Are you still drunk from last night? Afternoon’s peg didn’t kick in yet. Hey… What are you talking about? You fool! Red car, man! [BEGGAR]: Sir! Sir! Sir, my son is hungry.
– Uh-huh… Get lost! Dear, he hasn’t eaten in 2 days. Please give me some money. May God bless you. Why? Are you feeling too rich? It’s easy to donate
when the money isn’t yours. You will know the value when you earn. Donate when you earn for yourself. Dear… There’s no bigger deed than donation. Stay blessed. [TRAFFIC NOISES] [MAN 1]: Whose vehicle is it?
Get it out of the way. [METAL SPLINTERING] Bro, a car broke down. Traffic is jammed. They want you to open the lock. He can’t even drive a bloody car. The door is locked and the key is inside. Bro, the car is in front of Chandini’s shop. [MUMBLING] What do I do now? Hey! If you don’t move the car… Hey! Stop…! Stop…! A mechanic is coming. Is he coming or do you
expect me to push the car? He will unlock it in two
minutes once he’s here, sir. Look over there. He’s here. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Bloody rogue! Come open the lock quickly.
I can’t put up with them. [MUSIC CONTINUES] [APPLAUSE] Wow! You are superb. Bloody rogue! [WHISTLING] Hey! Stop… Stop… Stop… Where are you going? Stop! You can’t come here. Get the bike out of here.
– Two minutes, bro. Please… You might get run over. Move!
– I’ll take two minutes. That’s all. Stop! You can’t enter. How long until the US flight lands?
– It has already arrived. Is it?
– Hmm. My Madhu is here. Dad is looking. Oh… I planned a surprise for you. Surprise? What’s that? Ta-da! Our love bike! How do you like it?
[LAUGHS] Are you still roaming on this bike? I brought it especially for you. You haven’t changed at all, Karthik
– Hey! I am always the same. Give them your luggage.
We will go on the bike. Hey! No! No! We can’t go now. Dad’s here too. And your bike looks worn out. It just looks bad.
It’ll be fine once you ride on it. Come on.
– No. Listen to me. What if dad saw us? Hey! Listen. I’ve got a surprise planned for you. Everything is ready outside. You just come with me.
– Karthik, listen to me! What?
– Dad’s waiting. Bro, it’s been too long. Move your vehicle.
– One minute. Move the bike aside first.
My boss will be coming. Please, bro. Please…
– No way. Move it now! Don’t you get it?
I said I’ll move it in a minute. Do you even know about
the surprise I planned? Move the bike first. Okay. Okay. Sorry, bro. Sorry. She’ll come sit on my bike. And we’ll leave. Girl has already left, bro.
Move the bike first. She left?
– Look. She’s leaving in the car. Come on, move your bike now. [SECURITY]: When she’s got a car,
why would she sit on your bike? You’re a fool. [ORCHESTRA PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] Hey, stop it! Why are you lighting a cigarette now? That shows he’s burning from the inside. You take the bike and go home. Where are you going? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Play the drums now. [MUSIC CONTINUES] [BIKE ENGINE VROOMING] [AUCTIONER]: Ladies and Gentlemen…
Welcome to the auction. I am glad to have you at this event. An auction like this is
a very rare occasion in India. Dear, you said no one would
attend an old car’s auction. Why are so many people here? We will pay a thousand or two more.
Don’t worry. The one and only Rolls Royce…
1940’s Samanthakamani…! It sounds like a girl’s
name in an old item song. Samanthakamani… What kind of name is that? The history of the car begins
from the 6th King of Mysore. Don’t underestimate it.
It was a lucky car for Kings. It is rare for that car to be auctioned. Will your dad let
a car with such history slip? What’s the use when this
piece of metal is all I get? So, let’s begin the auction. One crore… [AUCTIONER]: Mr. Jagannath at one crore. A crore without even looking at the car?! Two crores… [AUCTIONER]: Mr. Rao at two crores.
– Have they gone crazy? Two and a half crores. Three crores… [AUCTIONER]: Mr. Reddy at three crores. I can’t take this. Their madness is at peaks. [CHUCKLES] Okay. Okay. He buys an old car worth crores. But I can’t donate 10 bucks to the poor. [AUCTIONER]: Now, let me reveal the
masterpiece. The royal Samanthakamani! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Five crores… [AUCTIONER]: Mr. Jagannath at five crores. Sir… They have revealed the car. [AUCTIONER]: Mr. Jagannath at 5 crores. That’s it. Samanthakamani is sold. [ENTHRALLING MUSIC] Krishna… I want this. [GIGGLES] [APPLAUSE] [MAN 1]: The car resembles a ship
and the price is that of a palace. [LAUGHS] What do you get from the photo? Except for visual treat? You’re right, sir. If this car is in our dump yard,
it adds beauty to our station. I wonder when we’ll get to see that. Soon.
– But when, sir? No matter how much you earn, you have
to seek a cop once you lose something. [SARCASTIC LAUGH] Greetings, sir. Come, Chandar. It’s been so long. You have lost weight. What do I do, sir? My second hand
cars business isn’t working out. Number of customers is declining. Really? Get me some job at your station.
I will happily do it. We haven’t had a case since two months. Two cells are empty. Will you fill one for a week? Are you kidding me, sir? Stop your nonsense and get to the point. I want a good Skoda. Skoda, huh?
– Huh. Take a look, Chandar.
Choose the car you want. I don’t want a shitty car, sir. I want a car that I can ride. Listen. To meet your requirement,
someone has to meet with an accident… Or park in the ‘no parking’ zone. Or I would have to steal it. We can’t put such efforts for
what you are paying us. Indica 1216 is shining bright.
Pay 2 lakhs and take it. What? Two lakhs? Even the owner
wouldn’t have paid that amount. I am a regular customer.
Quote a cheaper price for me. No one would sell it for any cheaper. Why not, sir? I know of many men who do. [MUMBLING] Satya Narayan…
– Sir… Do you think he sought a new station? Are you selling or not? What did you say? [NAVANEETHA CHORA MEN’S HOSTEL] [ON WALKIE TALKIE]: Krishna Nagar Station…
Krishna Nagar Station… Krishna Nagar Station… Krishna Nagar Station… Krishna Nagar Station… What is he doing? He’s been doing that since he found it. What are you doing in
the washroom for so long? There was no water.
– There was no water? You know our junior, right? Looks like he stole the motor. Stole it? He didn’t steal it. He went to get it fixed. [ON WALKIE TALKIE]: Krishna Nagar Station… I told you it’s not
the Krishna Nagar station. Want a quarter of buttermilk? I want a phone. Pick whatever you want. I don’t want to buy a phone. I just want to make a call.
– Got it. He just wants to make a call. Here… Outgoing free.
Incoming is also free. You idiot! [PHONE RINGING] Hey! Are all the arrangements done?
– Yes, sir. Hello… Praveen, this is Siva speaking. Siva… Hey, Siva… Where have you been?
Are you fine? I am good but how is Sridevi? Sridevi?
– [SRIDEVI]: How do I look? Sridevi… She is having a gala time here. She might look so on the outside. But she must be hurting inside. Hurting? Stay on line. Sridevi… What, Praveen? Are you smiling on the outside
and hurting on the inside? I will slap you. Which idiot told you that? Siva… Look. Don’t answer his calls. He is a cheapo.
He will die if he sees me laughing. Hello… You heard that? [ON TV]: What did you just say? ‘You’re angry that I called you a beggar?’ ‘I wasn’t cursing you.’ Deva! What happened, man? I have to earn money right away. Why are you furious about that? I will give you. How much do you want?
– 50 lakhs. [EXCLAIMS] 50 lakhs?! A 10 here and there will do.
But I have to earn that money. This guy is way beyond our level. Get the Samanthakamani for him. Samanthakamani? May you be rid of all
the evil eyes cast on you. No one would cast an evil eye on it.
The car itself looks evil. Why? Why do you say that to a brand new car? Brand new? When it’s used for 10 years,
it’s not brand new. Sister, what’s happening? We bought a new car, Saroj. How is it? Washing it doesn’t make it new.
It’s a second hand car, right? Correct. Look. Even she
got to know it’s second hand. You shut up. You don’t even
have a second hand car. You don’t get irritated. Come on. Being second hand doesn’t
make it any less of a car. Listen. Take a picture of me
and your mom with the car. What did you say?
With this phone? This phone? With this useless phone?
It shuts off even I say hello out loud. Don’t shout or else… Or else what? You can’t get your son a new phone
or send him abroad to study. But you wife and husband needed a car now. I want to go to America.
– America? Hey! Trump is not a nice guy like your dad. He is chasing fools back home. Get him one of your gemstones.
He will be stricken with bad luck. Your engineering could be completed
only after selling 60 such gems. I need to start selling granite
stones to send you to America. [PHONE RINGING]
– This hung up again. Bloody phone! Why bother with him?
Get your phone. Let’s take a selfie. [SMILES] My life is ruined. Tell me! Hey! Why are you cutting my call? My phone… My wish…
I will cut the call or burn my phone. Why do you care? Hey! You are saying a bit much.
You did the same yesterday. We are going out in the evening.
Come pick me up on the bike. That isn’t my bike. I didn’t mean the other bike.
I was talking about our bike. Why do you think
I would come after such an insult? No guy with self respect would come. Why talk about things we don’t have, dear? Don’t be satirical now.
I will burn the car. Go! Come near the car and
I will show you my evil side. Why are you laughing? What happened? Why are you laughing? Nothing, mom. You are coming by 6’o clock. That’s it. I’ll not come. I’ll not come. I’ll not come. You’re feeling like a hero for nothing. But you are more of a comedian. Happy birthday returns. Birthday happy returns to you! Returns happy birthday!
– You say it like ‘Mummy Returns’. Happy Birthday would do.
Why are you rehearsing so much? I’m not rehearsing to wish
happy birthday but to gather courage. I finished fixing the puncture
but your love story isn’t fixed yet. You talk like a pro.
– Of course, bro. ‘She’s been a widow since 10 years. You’re getting older by day. If you delay anymore,
your engine will be out of service. And we’ll be fed up with the story. Shut up and get the bolts
and nuts tightened. I will go and sort everything out. [GOON]: I don’t want the cash now. Change of tone? It’s that guy speaking. I don’t want the cash or interest. I want the capital amount. I will pay you but not right now.
I will arrange in 4-5 months Your dead husband told me
the same while borrowing the money. This is not happening. No, brother. Please give me some time.
I’ll pay back. You always give the same reason. I don’t think you understand me. No, brother. Listen.
– I want the money right now. I’ll pay you soon. Ah, I’ve had enough. You repeat the same every time.
– Please don’t do this. How much debt was taken from you? One lakh… One lakh! For that, you are yelling at
a woman with no respect or mercy. She pays the interest on time. Addresses you respectfully. Suppose she files a complaint
on you instead of being polite… Cops will cut both your arms and throat off. Now tell me. What would be better to do? It would be better if you pay my 3 lakhs. What? You just said one lakh. One for the vegetables shop…
Two for your garage… Three lakhs in total. If you don’t pay in two days,
we will destroy your shed. Consider this a threat. [DOLTY LAUGH] What’s that? Mirror, bro… Mirror… Oh… Happy birthday! Huh! Today… Today… You were born… Happy birthday! Did you say something? Umm… Will you come out with me? [SMILES] You smiled. Which means you are coming. Thank you! What? Yes. You heard me right.
I will introduce you to dad tomorrow. Are you mad? Introductions aren’t necessary. After we go to America, we can happily
video call your dad and tell him. No. Let’s meet him personally. Cousin’s engagement at
8 in the evening in Taj Oh… Engagement is in Taj.
Is the wedding at Taj Mahal? Listen to me. You have to
come pick me up like a hero. Like a hero?
– Hmm… You mean? Come in a nice tuxedo. That’s enough. Taxi isn’t needed.
You think this bike is all I’ve got? Not a taxi, dear. Tuxedo… Tuxedo… Here… This is how a tuxedo looks. You have been to America
but you didn’t learn English. It’s not called a taxi. It’s a suit, dumbo. Hey! What did you say? I called you a dumbo. Come to the place I told you,
dressed like I asked you to. Let’s see. What will you do if I don’t come? I will marry whomever
I like from the function. He will come. My bet is 1000 bucks. Even I know he’ll come. But the bet is if he’ll come in
the 5 crores car or not? Here’s my bet 2000 bucks. You’ll lose your 2000. I bet you 3000 bucks. [LAUGHS] What a car! What a car! So this is
what a 5 crore worth car looks like. Stop it, man!
– Come on. Thanks, bro. I won 4000
bucks because of you. For what? We had a bet on your car. Guys! You know about my dad, right? What, man? You are too excited. Did you get the loan or what? No. But I got the pending alert. Looks wow, guys. Fantastic color. Hi, guys! Were you talking about me? Nah! About your car… Oh… I just got it serviced yesterday. You know you can
buy a new car with that bill. We can buy two of his cars then. Seems there is a surprise
party in the evening. Surprise? Hmm.
– What’s that? It’s a surprise when untold.
She gave it away. Tell me. Tomorrow is your birthday, right?
So we planned a party in Radisson. I am throwing the party.
You need not contribute. Don’t worry. You wouldn’t come if we told you. Who said I wouldn’t? I’ll introduce you to a special
guest at the party tonight. Okay? See you later, guys.
– Whoa! Party confirmed! You won’t ditch us, right?
– No way. Be there. Okay! Hands up! Aren’t you ashamed to
steal from your own house? Put the keys back. You’re not the owner here.
And stop trying to be my mom. Want me to call your dad?
I am talking to you. Wait! What’s your problem? I’ve already told you everything. And you’re asking me now? Eh? Do something. I cannot bear this tension. Where to at this hour? Outside. I know. But outside where? Birthday party. No birthday parties allowed.
Get inside. Go! I am talking about mom’s birthday. Mom’s birthday? Hey!
She passed away 15 years ago. And don’t you know you don’t
celebrate dead people’s birthdays? Get inside right now. I will celebrate it.
I will celebrate it until I die. Won’t you listen to me? What’s that? Who gave you those car keys? Who gave you? Who would give him? He only stole them. Whose property is it that you steal? I don’t need to steal someone’s wealth.
This is my mom’s wealth. Your mom just gave me 10 crores.
I worked hard to make it 100. Give it back.
– It’s my mom’s gift. Your mom’s gift?
I bought the car with 5 crores. It’s my hard work. My money. I’ll beat you up if you say another word
or go anywhere near the car. No. It’s my car. Go! Get inside! Go! [MUSIC] Hey! Get changed. What’s this? A program to change your mood. We had to go to the temple
but I changed the program for you. What? Tell me. Sir, it is madam’s birthday.
– So what? Employees are asking for bonus. I will slap you if you say bonus again.
– Sorry, sir. Money doesn’t grow on trees, boy. Hey, Krishna… Happy birthday. Why didn’t you attend your birthday party?
We waited outside Radisson for you. You didn’t attend your own birthday party. We confirmed with you, right? Hello! Hello? Say something. Party was not yesterday. It’s today Today? Are you sure?
Who’s throwing the party? This party’s on me.
Come to Provotel all o you. Okay. See you there. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Err… Daddy… My friend…
– Madhu… Rohit is coming to pick you.
Come with him. No, dad. My friend is coming to pick me up.
You carry on. Is he coming to drop you
or to attend the party? Umm… Actually, I wanted to…
– Stop it, Madhu. I know where you were all day yesterday. [HONKING] Do you know which party we’re going to? You know what happens
when we take such people there? [HONKING CONTINUES] Is this cheap fellow all you could find? Holding hands in the
airport, following you… Look, Madhu. I never liked
such guys and I’ll never do. Think well and take a decision. Okay? [BRAKES SQUEAKING] [CLEARS THROAT] How do I look? Why were you honking? In this taxi… Sorry… Tuxedo… Why were you honking? I look like a hero, don’t I? I am asking why you honked.
Can’t you hear me? I just honked. Come on. Because of your behavior,
my dad almost slapped me inside. Slapped you? Did he slap you? How could he slap you?
– Hey! I just honked. Not a big deal. Won’t you listen completely? That’s the problem with you.
You never listen completely. What will you tell me? Except for my honking,
have you even looked at me? How do I look? You’ve said nothing.
Your rattling just goes on. Stop being cheap. Come on! Cheap? Cheap? Do I look cheap in this? I paid the tailor two thousand.
Two thousand! That tailor is dead. My dad was right. We shouldn’t take
people like you to such places. Oh… But now that you’re
here, I’ve got no option. What else did your dad say?
What else? Tell me! Empty vessels make more noise. What did you say? Empty!
– What? Empty! One minute. Empty, huh? I brought ten thousand rupees. Look. I put on new shoes. I got half tank diesel filled in the car.
Half tank, you know… Bro…
– What? It’s a petrol vehicle, isn’t it?
– Hey! Get lost! Enough, Karthik. Let’s go. You can’t get into my car. [SCOFFS] This car?
– Yeah. This car is too cheap for me to sit in it.
Look how it is. Even the valet at the
hotel wouldn’t take it. Cheap? Cheap? Whose car is cheap?
Whose car? Yes. My car is cheap.
Which car will pick you up? Audi? Will Audi car pick you up? Audi, huh? Yes. Audi will pick me up.
– Yeah, sure, Audi! I thought you were a good girl.
But I get it now. Is it?
– All you want is costly cars. Your car is here. Shit! Yes. It’s here. I understand pretty well.
All you want is costly cars. Hey, Madhu. Any problem? Problem? What problem? Who the hell are you?
– Stop it! Karthik! Karthik, leave him. Sorry. He is taller than me, eh.
I get it. I get it now. Why the delay? Please go. Go and get… Stop it. Don’t say another word. Let’s go. – Come on.
– Get lost. [ENGINE STARTS] [TYRES SCREECHING] Hey! Even wine shops
have waiters these days? Shut up! What do you want?
– Alcohol. ‘[MADHU]: We shouldn’t take
people like you to such places.’ Hey, man! What happened? Madhu insulted me again.
She called me a cheapo. You tell me. What do I lack, huh? What? She got into an Audi and left. I will also go to parties.
Parties grander than hers. Tell me what’s the top hotel in Hyderabad. Why are you asking me? Are you telling me or not? What’s the top hotel in Hyderabad? Man, you’re at a costly place. You’re falling short of attitude. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Is this enough? 5 crores…!!! What are you guys waiting for? You go inside. I’ll come in two minutes. What if someone stopped me?
– No one here stops anyone. Just get in . Sir, you have to pay here. Oh… Money.
– Sir, five thousand rupees. Oh… Yes. Hello, come here. Click a picture for me. [CAMERA CLICKS] Sir, it’s night time.
My tongue is drying up. Why do you drink cheap liquor every day? What do we drink then, sir? Go to a pub that opens after 10. Forget it, sir. Let’s
just drink from here. We just get liquor here.
There, we get cash as well. Okay. Let’s go there. [DOOR BELL] [YAWNING] Why are you outside at this hour? Dad… Huh? Car… What happened to the car? Why don’t you say something? Where’d the car go? Tell me where the car is. Mom’s car is lost, dad. What?! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Car’s lost! Dad! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] BP is a little high, sir. Can’t you make it out from my face? Bloody machine! Get lost. Get out. BP has hiked, my foot! His BP and his son’s ego are on a stroll. You are the reason why my BP is hiked.
Will you shut up? You blame me for everything. Let’s go
– Go inside. Sir’s BP is fine?
– So fine. You go. This is too much.
– Hello, ma’am. Go… Sir, media is waiting
downstairs for your reaction. I will slap you if you say reaction again. They want reaction, huh?
– I will send them back. Sir! Have you at least filed an FIR? Your son is already in
the police station, sir. [BUBBLES POPPING] I’m hung over.
Which brand did we have last night? I said we’ d have our liquor. You drank the free foreign stuff. You’re having headache pills now.
They’re not going to help. How much did you drink? I drank three with soda
and two without and… Whose car was stolen? What, sir? Whose car was stolen? Err… Where do he stay? Sir, he lives in Nizamabad. Get his son. Why my son, sir?
– Not your son. Get his son. Okay, sir. [EXCLAIMS] Why are you looking at me? He is already here, sir. Come. Your name?
– Krishna, sir. What’s the car’s name?
– Samanthakamani, sir. Krishna… Samanthakamani…
That’s a really weird name. Have you found out anything about the car? We’ll find out if you tell us anything. The car was stolen at night. I meant to say we should
investigate further. I need some information. That is why I called you. Tell me, sir. What information do you need? Why did you go to the pub? Birthday party…
– Whose? My mom’s, sir. Do you have any friends? Yes, sir.
– How many? Around 10. Do you doubt anyone amongst them? No, sir.
– When did you go to the pub? At 10:30, sir. When I came out at 1:30 and looked, …mom’s car wasn’t there. Have you fought with anyone in the pub? No, sir. Okay. You can leave. Okay, sir. Sir, that car is so valuable to me. 5 crores worth… It’s valuable to anyone. It’s not the car’s value but my mom’s.
That car is my mom’s memory. Don’t worry. I will take care. Sir, what do you think about him? More than losing his car,
he’s sad about losing his mom’s memory. No, sir. I doubt him only. Of course, sir. He starts and ends the sentence with mom. Watching his act, I am
sure he stole the car. Satya Narayan…
– Yes, sir… Where does your mom stay? I put her in an old age
home for her own good. How can a guy like you
understand his emotion? Go and get the CC TV footage. Mother sentiment works not
only in films but also with cops. Have you found anything?
– Uh-huh. Why’d they call you? They wanted some information. Information? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Stop. Rewind a little. Stop. Zoom in. Satya Narayan…
– Sir… How old do you think he is?
– Maybe around 40, sir. He must be over 50. He came with a younger girl. Not the age to party. Khan! Sir! Get him. Bro, what’s the matter?
Your body is here and mind elsewhere. Bro… Singing a dream song, huh? Where? Ooty or Kashmir? Madhapur Police Station… Let’s go. What happened, sir? You’ll know at the station. Come on. [MECHANIC]: Sir, why are you taking him? Move! What’s your name? Mahesh. What? Mahesh Babu. [THUD SOUND] Uma Maheswari. Uma Maheswari,
I will tell you a small story. A street in Hyderabad… A mechanic in that street… He is a specialist in unlocking keys. He’s in love with a widow selling
vegetables near his mechanic shed. The lovers went to a star hotel. And stole a 5 crores worth car. How is the story?
– Horrible. [THUD SOUND] Have I asked you for a cinema review? Where’s the car? I don’t understand one
part in the story, sir. Which car? [THUD SOUND] What’s your age? Your hair is too good.
Do you dye it? Why did you go to the hotel? You shouldn’t doubt a teenager in
a temple and an uncle in a pub, sir. Stop fooling around.
Where’s Samanthakamani? Samanthakamani? Who is she, sir? [THUD SOUND] The name of the car you stole. Being a mechanic doesn’t mean
I stole the car. I don’t know anything, sir.
Please leave me, sir. [SARCASTIC LAUGH] Hey, he’s not an ordinary performer. He won’t confess this way. Satya Narayan, what’s
his girlfriend’s name? Chandini, sir. Huh! Get her. But why, sir. She doesn’t know anything. Do you know then?
– Even I don’t know anything. I told you. He’s not an ordinary performer. Do one thing. Take a lady constable
and hit her on the way here. Sir, no. You will have sinned. Why don’t you say then? He won’t say it. You go. Okay, sir.
– Sir… I will tell you. ‘I went to the pub with
Chandini around 10:30.’ ‘It felt like a different world.’ ‘Those lights and sounds…’ ‘A girl with frizzy hair took
a shot saying cheers.’ ‘Chandini also started drinking.’ ‘She kept on drinking, sir.’ ‘That was it. The dancer in her came out.’ She was dancing, singing and shouting aloud.’ ‘I tried but I couldn’t stop her.’ ‘She later came to me,
held my shirt and puked.’ ‘She had too much to drink
and she couldn’t take it.’ Sorry. ‘I left the party with her.’ ‘Chandini was in a really bad condition.’ Water… Water…
– She kept asking for water. I was looking around for water and
that’s when I saw the car owner. Have you seen the car owner?
– Yes. He was with a girl. Sir, did you hear that? What happened next? Err… Excuse me. Can you give me some water? Bottle is inside. And the car is locked. We lost the keys. Shall I help?
– Yeah. Please… I opened their car door,
took the water bottle and left. That’s all, sir. I don’t know
anything more than that. Nice story. Not a story, sir. One needs talent to lie.
And I am not that smart, sir. When did you leave the hotel? Around 12:30. Satya Narayan…
– Sir… Check when his vehicle left the exit gate. Okay, sir. They left at 12:30, sir.
– Sir, haven’t I told you? You believe me now? Hey! I’m talking to him, right? Sit down. We found proof.
What are you still thinking, sir? He was over acting in
the name of mom’s car. He’s the thief for sure, sir. Show him his photo. Hey, Uma Maheswari.
Look at him. Is he the guy? Who is he, sir?
– You ask who he is? Have you gone blind? It’s the car owner. Who was he if this guy is the car owner? Will you check properly
or want me to hit you? How does he look? Tall and wheatish complexion. Everyone looks wheatish in the dark.
Mental fellow! When did you join the
police department, sir? Soon after I came on duty. Hey! Show him the CC TV footage. Come on. Get up. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Stop it, sir. Hey, that’s you. Yes, sir. It’s me. I look really handsome. Is it your wedding video
to watch again and again? Hey. Play it. [MUSIC CONTINUES] Sir, it’s him!
– This guy? Yes, sir. Why are you so shocked? Do you know him? Is it definitely him? Yes, sir. Promise on Chandini. Satya Narayan…
– Sir… Take him inside. Come on… Move… Why are you pushing me inside? Move, uncle. Who’s this uncle, huh? Guys, tell this young man who the uncle is. He’s out to romance in his 50s. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [PUFFING] I’m so high my head is spinning, sir. Lucky drop, sir. Lucky drop. I need to take a leak before
I have the last peg. What? [SINGING RANDOMLY] Sir, who are you? Who? I’m a police. Get down. Sir… Sir… Sir… One minute… Please… Hey, get down.
– One minute, sir. Please… Hey, get down.
– Sir, keep this. Do I look corrupted to you? Huh?
Get down! Sir, wait… Sir, please wait for a minute Get down now.
– Give me your chain. Keep this chain. You have a golden heart. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you, sir. Idiot! You could get
a hotel room at this price. Khan!
– Sir. I want this guy. [TYRES SCREECHING] [LAUGHS] [THUD SOUND] Police are here. Run! Run! Run! Sir? Sir!!! Sir, where are you taking me?
– Shut up and come. What did I do?
– Get him out. I’ll call you back. Sir, listen to me once. What have I done? Sir, we found him. What have I done, sir?
You are unnecessarily… Oh, this sir… I know him very well. Sir, tell them. Sir, can I have a tea? What else, sir? Khan!
– Sir… Step out for 2 minutes.
– Khan! Ginger tea! Satya Narayan… Go, Satya Narayan.
Sir and I have a lot to talk about. Sir, tell your guys.
He dragged me here like I’m some thief. This won’t do, sir. What happened, sir? Hey, everyone go out! What’s so personal, sir? Shall I go out too? Sir!!! Idiot… You gave 10,000 and
stole a car worth 5 crores. Which car, sir? This case has got me all worked up.
Tell me. Where’s the car? Sir, I can’t understand a single word. Have you sent the car to the village? Whose village, sir?
– Have you sent the car to the village? I haven’t sent any car to any village, sir. You have taken the car
from the hotel, right? Why would I take the car, sir?
I walked to the hostel, sir. Who took it then? How would I know, sir?
I swear I don’t know anything. Ask my friends too. Are you kidding me? Sir, everything is confusing. If you don’t mind, let’s sit and talk. What will you talk, huh?
[THUDDING SOUNDS] Sir, listen to me.
– Let’s get the truth straight. I really don’t know, sir.
– I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me. What will I tell you
when I don’t know anything? What will you say?
You enjoyed with her and left with the car? What the hell did I enjoy, sir?
Nothing happened that night. Tell me what happened then. Idiot! Tell me! ‘An idiot took me
there saying I’ll find peace.’ ‘I suddenly bumped into a girl over there.’ ‘She looked exactly like my Sridevi.’ Who is Sridevi? She is the reason for
every tear in my life, for coming to Hyderabad and
also for my present situation. Did she encourage you to steal the car? She left me as I have no money. Stop this nonsense and
tell me what happened in the pub. ‘She pinned me against a wall suddenly.’ I want to kiss you. Do you have a car? ‘I couldn’t hear
anything except for the kiss.’ Let’s go. Where’s your car? Which one? Let’s go.
It will be too good. Come on. Come… [SMILES] ‘An uncle came to us at the right moment.’ [UMA MAHESWARI]: Excuse me. Can I have some water? ‘I then had this feeling, sir.’ Door is locked. ‘Girls are born with the art of lying.’ Keys are inside. ‘That uncle was so great.
He opened the lock without a key.’ ‘As soon as he left,
the girl pulled me inside.’ So cute! Say something. Say something. What happened next? When did you come inside? I came at the beginning of the story. Wait, sir. It’s the main content.
I can’t hear from outside. You continue. What happened next? She asked me to speak in English. I started speaking in English.
– What did you say? Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health. What?! What did you say? Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health. You idiot! Don’t you know?
That line appears before the titles. Not in this scene. Sir, he seems crazy.
– Hello! She felt the same.
But she said it in English. Will you shut up already? What’s wrong? I mean ‘Smoking and
Drinking are injurious to health’ What the heck? What are you talking about? This is nothing. I have many of these.
Want me to say? Bastard! Aren’t you ashamed? How dare you say bastard, huh? I’ll not leave you.
– What the hell will you do? Did she slap you? Yes, bro. Sridevi hit me hard on my heart.
This one slapped me. You should’ve slapped her back.
How’d you let her slap you? It’s okay if a girl I like slaps me.
But some random girl… You…! [THUDDING SOUNDS] Idiot! How dare you slap me? How dare you, rascal? ‘You entered at the right time.’ [KNOCK ON THE WINDOW]
How dare you slap me, girl? Sir, who are you?
– Have you gone blind? Police. Get down. Sir… Sir… Sir… One minute… Please, sir…
– Hey! Get down! Police… Crap! Crap! Crap!
– What are you doing? What to do now? Give him money and send him back. Who’s got cash? It’s in my purse. Give it. Hey! What are you doing? Sorry… Sorry… Here, sir Am I looking corrupt to you? Get down! One minute, sir. One minute… Wait, sir.
– Get down! He’s not leaving. What to do now? Shall we give him the chain? Ugh! Give it. Thanks. Is it of steel? Platinum, you fool. Platinum? What’s that? Sir… Stupid… You could get
a hotel room at this price. Sir, are you a part of this crappy story? [EXHALES] Sir, we thought of leaving
as soon as you do. But the car’s original
owner came right then. [CREAKING SOUND] Wait… Wait… [LAUGHS] He’s here. Didn’t I tell you, sir?
He’s back again. Raja is back in the story. [TYRES SCREECHING] Shhh! ‘He drove so fast we felt
we were inside a concrete mixer.’ [BRAKES SQUEAKING] ‘And then, the car suddenly stopped.’ ‘He stepped out and started puking.’ [PUKING] ‘We left as it was the right chance.’ I don’t know anything more about him. And I have nothing to do with the car, sir. Are you saying this is all true?
– Sir, I think he’s telling the truth. I’ve already told you
the owner’s son stole the car. Just say the word.
I’ll bring him here and break his bones. Thanks, bro. Hey! What’s your problem? My problem is this story
is just getting complicated. I am telling you clearly. He’s the thief. Hey, show him the photo. Why, sir? It’s a waste of time. Hey! Do as told. That’s him, right? Uh-huh. Who is it then? Who is this, bro?
The joker in the game? He is not the joker. He is the car owner. You said he puked last night. Sir, he might be the car owner
but he was not the one who puked. He must be the guy. I have been watching action films
since childhood, bro. There’s no confusion.
He’s not the guy. Siva guarantees you. What’s your guarantee, idiot?
– Hey! Hey! He doesn’t agree, sir. Will you kill him if he doesn’t agree? That’s what I feel, sir. Hey, show him the footage. What footage? Your love story’s… Come on… Come on, show me. [SUSPENSFUL MUSIC] Bloody thief!
– What did you say? Nothing, sir. Sir… Sir… Sir… It’s him. It’s him. Look how high he is. He was fully drunk at the pub. Hey, is that really him? Sir, trust me. His suit and his face
don’t go together. It’s him. Hey, get in. What have I done, sir? Your brother is waiting for you inside.
Come on… Move! You lied, haven’t you? No. I told the truth. What was that expression then? Just like that. For build-up. Heroes in suspense
films have to react as such. Haven’t you changed
even after getting beaten up? Oh, really? Why did they beat you up? What?
– Tell me, uncle. For opening your car key. That was not my car. They told me that. What were you doing there
when the car wasn’t yours? Girl called out and the boy went running. Do you jump right into it
when a girl calls? Terrible! Excuse me. Hello, uncle! It was also a girl
who compelled you to open the lock. I shouldn’t be locked up but you should be. That’s what they did. [MOTHER]: Karthik, get up.
You are sleeping like a buffalo. I’ve been trying to
wake you up since morning. I wonder what’s wrong with you. Smells like a rat died in here.
– It’s okay if a rat died. But I’m scared he is dead. What are you talking?
Call the ambulance first. [POLICE SIREN WAILING] They’re here already?
Have they heard you yell? Come on. What brings you here, sir?
– Where’s Karthik? He is sleeping inside. But, sir… What’s the matter? What are you guys doing? Sir… Sir
– Dear, they are taking him. Stop them. Where are you taking him?
– Where are you taking him? Why don’t you talk?
– What did our son do? Tell me! Your son stole a car worth 5 crores. Huh?! Dear, sweetheart…
My boy… Hey, boy… Hey, boy! He is totally drunk… Get lemon water. Sure, sir. Sir! Hey, drink the lemon water. Satya Narayan, give him buttermilk. Why don’t you feed him biryani… Drape a blanket and
put him to sleep with a lullaby, sir? What is this, sir?
Two blows and he’ll be up. Hey, get up! Where am I?
– In a cinema theatre, sir. Increase the AC then. Hey, where’s the car? Where’s the car? Which car? Get up! Which cheap car are you…?
– Cheap car? That car is worth 5 crores.
What’d you do with it? Where is it? I don’t remember anything, sir. You don’t remember?
Tell me! Where’s the car? Sir, his phone… Bro, that’s my girlfriend’s gift.
Don’t touch. Didn’t you know this
while stealing the car? Let go of my hair, sir. Let go. Hand me the stick.
– Sorry, sir. Sorry… I found the keys and took the car. Who gave you the keys? Car owner… Hey, are you sure? Yes, sir. Didn’t I tell you, sir? Sure? Sure, sir. Satya Narayan, show him the photo. It’s him, sir. What actually happened? I went to the party, sir. ‘I was really angry.’ ‘I wanted to drink badly.’ ‘But I was out of money.’ ‘I sat at the table and
drank whatever was there.’ ‘I didn’t even know what I was drinking.’ ‘I just kept on going.’ [CAMERA CLICKS] Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whisky, Wine, Brandy… You gulped the drinks
for a lifetime in a single night. One needs stamina to drink so much, sir. Tell me about the car. I’m telling you, sir. ‘I was totally high.’ Owner himself came
and gave the car keys, sir. What are you saying? He put them on the table, sir. That doesn’t mean you take the car. After drinking so much,
how would I use my senses, sir? Tell me what happened next. And then, I left the pub. I saw a huge car there. ‘I put the keys in and the door opened.’ I just started the car. [ENGINE REVVING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Where did you go? I started the car and just drove. That’s what I’m asking you.
Where did you go? I know. I started the car
and just drove, sir. I will show you third degree torture
if you don’t tell me what happened next. ‘I kept going, sir.’ My stomach was upset as I drank too much.
I stopped the car. [BURPING] [VOMITING] You opened the door and puked. How did you know, bro? Another guy told me in the scene before. We know till this part.
Tell us what happened next. Err… I don’t remember, sir. What did you say? I don’t remember, sir. Get up! You steal the car and say you don’t
remember. Tell me where the car is. I really don’t remember, sir. Will you tell me or not?
– I don’t remember, sir. Let me in. I have to see my son. You can’t go in. I told you already. Investigation is going on. I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me.
– Sir… Sir… Wait. I’ll make sure that you say it.
– Sir… Wait… Where’s the car?
– Sir, he’ll die… – I don’t remember, sir. What investigation?
Did my son murder someone? He stole a car and we have proof. Our son isn’t a thief.
I will talk to your sir myself. Let me in. Tell me! I don’t know, sir. [THUDDING SOUNDS] I’ll file a case on you
if you don’t let me see my son. Sir, please… Tell me! – Sir, his mom is
creating nuisance outside. Lock her up. Sir… Sir… Sir… One minute… I remember, sir. What do you remember? Tell me.
– I’ll tell you. Tell me! I got a call, sir. [PHONE BUZZING] Yes, mom! Hey idiot! You said you would
get the car home by 11. Where are you? It’s 1’o clock now. I’ve been asking since 5 years and
your dad finally bought the car. It’s worth one lakh. I’m yelling here. Why are you silent?
Answer me! I am coming, mom. I have to reach quickly. ‘I then realized I was driving
someone else’s car.’ I went to the correct place
in spite of being so drunk. [HONKING] Oh… It’s okay to honk from a luxury car. But it’s cheap when it’s a small car, huh? Am I right? Bro…
– Wait, man… What’s the meaning of cheap? Umm… Doing what we like, saying what we wish… Laughing out loud and yelling when angry. Is that it? I know. Hello, I am cheap. I think this is right.
Yeah. I think this is right. Uncle… Hello, uncle. Sorry… Love, trust and concern are
your feelings for your daughter. That’s because you’re her dad. What will relatives think?
What will they say about her? These are your borrowed feelings for them. Just like my suit. Sorry… Tuxedo! What isn’t ours doesn’t suit us, uncle. What the hell am I saying? The point is, uncle… I love your daughter a lot.
Let her scold and I’ll take it. Let her beat me and I’ll endure it. But I want to be with her. Your daughter is the reason
for Karthik’s existence. I really love Madhu, uncle. I really love her. I’ll leave. Bye… [SMILES] [CHUCKLES] Sir, it’s over. What’s over? It’s over, sir. Tell me! What’s over? It’s over, sir. Give me the stick. I’ll tell you, sir. Is this because I came in a costly car? You won’t change. It’s my mistake. Hey, Madhu… He’s drunk. Just leave him. No need. If you really love me,
my flight is at 6 tomorrow. You will come. You’ll put the car back
where he took it from. [SNIFFS] Get lost. I’ve seen many girls like you. You’re one of them. Sir, what’s the time? Why do you ask?
– Please, sir. Tell me. Hey, boy! Are you fooling around? 3:30, sir. Please let me go.
Flight will be missed. Please, sir. Hey! Where are you going? I will lose Madhu if I don’t go now.
Please understand. You take the Madhu again and again.
Did you steal two cars? No, sir. Please let me go. Where’s the car? Why would I need it? I put it back where I took it from. You mean? Back at the hotel? Yes, sir. I put the car there and left in mine.
I went home, dozed off. I woke up here. Please, sir. Madhu is leaving. I need to go to the airport urgently.
Please, sir Wait… Sir, please… Please understand.
I need to go to the airport. I love Madhu. Satya Narayan… Sir… Send him to the airport.
– Come… Come… Thank you, sir!
– Come… I will drive you. Thank you, sir. Love you! Flight is delayed. Wait here for a while. I told you everything. Please leave me.
I beg you. Flight will be missed. He is also here, uncle. Hello, brother! Who are you? We are your ancestors.
We are of the same clan. Come and sit. Sir, flight will be missed.
I have to go urgently. [SARCASTIC LAUGH] Hello! They don’t even let us out to pee
and you are talking about some flight. Tell me why you have to go to the airport. Madhu is leaving, sir. I have to go. What’s your lover’s name? Sridevi… Mine is Chandini.
Girls cause all the problems for us boys. Satya Narayan…
– Sir… Give the entry and exit reports. Samanthakamani exited
at 12:45. It returned at 01:15. Santro left at 01:30. Damn! Everyone is telling the truth.
But the car is still missing. Who stole it then? I told you at the beginning of
the film that his son stole the car. You ignored me and wasted our time. Accept my point at least now. Get him here. CI sir is calling you. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] He is here, sir. Krishna… [SMIRKS] I thought you would run away. Come. I will narrate you a small story. A rich father and his son…
They don’t get along at all. The angry son wanted
to teach his father a lesson. He steals his father’s most expensive car. He complained at the
police station to avoid any doubt. He assumed he fooled the police. [SARCASTIC LAUGH] How’s the story sound? Nice story, sir. Quit your job and become a writer. What the hell are you talking?
– That is what I’m asking you. Hey! Hey! Do you think we can’t catch you
if you steal the car and complain yourself? Why would I steal my own car? Because it’s your father’s car,
you planned this. Let me know if you can’t find the car.
I can’t listen to your stories. When did the party start?
– 10:30. When did you go to the parking?
– 01:30. When the party was at 10,
why didn’t you leave till 01: 30? What were you doing in there? I’ll tell you. Hello… Mic testing… One… Have you turned it off? [GRUNTS] [CLAPPING] Ladies and gentlemen… Hi… I’m Krishna. Today is my mom’s birthday. [CHEERING] Mom, do you hear that? Mom is up there but she
can hear everything. Happy birthday, mom. Happy birthday.
– Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you too, Krishna. Happy birthday. [EVERYONE]: Happy birthday, Krishna! My mom and me were born on the same day. How lucky am I! Mom and I celebrate our birthday together. But… She always said I am
the gift God presented on her birthday. But for me, my birthday
started with the gift she’d give. But for my 8th birthday,
we were in a huge accident. She held me tight in the car. When I had to face death,
my mom fought it for me and… And she left the world instead of me. Since that day, I have no mom or gifts. No wishes or birthdays or parties. I was really angry that mom left me. [SNIFFS] But do you know
why I’m celebrating after all these years? Because my mom sent me a gift.
Birthday gift! She sent me the gift
she promised me during childhood. I understood today. My mom didn’t leave me and go. She is right here with me,
around me. Since forever… How can I not celebrate this, dude? Huh? From now on, there’s no worries or tears. Only joy! Yay! Whoo-hoo! [APPLAUSE] [WEEPING] Sir, I thought he was
over acting since the start. But it’s emotion, sir. Emotion… Sir, I am telling you for sure.
He didn’t steal the car. No! People like him
don’t do things like that, sir. These days aren’t for good people. Trust me, sir. Trust me. What happened next? Had fun, eh? [KRISHNA]: ‘Party ended.’ ‘We tried to pay the bill.’ ‘But the card wasn’t working.’ ‘We tried several times.’ Card’s not working. By the time it worked, it was 01:30. ‘We were all really happy.’ ‘I thought everything was just perfect.’ ‘But when we came out and looked…’ [GASPING] Where’s my car? Car… Damn! Ugh! Hey, Krishna… Krishna… What happened? He’s telling the truth, right? Is the information enough
or you need anything else? Sorry, Krishna. I don’t want your sorry. I want my car. Can you wait outside for 10 minutes? What will happen in 10 minutes? Please… Sir, I need some information. Name? Krishna… What’s the address?
– I have seen him somewhere. Plot no.92…
– 92… Bro, turn towards me, please. Area?
– Jubilee Hills. Jubilee Hills.
– Uncle, he’s the car owner. He looks exactly like in the picture. You’re right, uncle. I never was this happy even
while looking at a film hero. Bro, what’s the time? Hey! Will you shut up? Why are you bickering so much? Your girl must have flown long back.
Forget it. So, have you found your car? Your car… Have you found it? Sir, do you know anything about the car? Your car…
– Yeah, we know. Your car was lost because he unlocked it. No. Because this idiot sat on it. Uncle, show some respect. You shut up. Let him talk. Bro, I put your car from where I took it. Ask them to leave me.
I need to go to the airport urgently. This means you all know about my car.
Please, sir. It is quite valuable to me. I will do whatever you want. See that I get my car back.
Please, sir. I request you. Look… We don’t know much about the car. We already told to the
police everything we know. Ugh! Why is this Samanthakamani
playing around with me? Sir, even Krishna and
couldn’t escape these struggles. [SCREAMS] I’ll just kill you. It’s not that mechanic, the village guy
or the drunkard or the son. Who stole my car then? Car came back to where it was taken from. Everyone is telling the truth. Where did the car go? [PHONE RINGING] Is it the Commissioner again? No, sir. This is an unknown number. Hello… You can all leave. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] What happened, sir? Go home and look. You’ll know for yourself. Tell me. We haven’t found any evidence
regarding this case, sir. No evidence. No information through
suspects. It’s better we close this case. There’s a lot of pressure
from higher officials. It will be a havoc if they know. You take care of that and
I will look after the rest. When will I have my share? It will be home in half an hour. Is the suitcase here? Yes, sir. Here… How much?
– 30 lakhs, sir. Thank you, sir. By the way, who stole the car, sir? Do you want the cash or
your doubt clarified? Cash, sir. But I can’t bear the suspense. Please tell me who stole the car. I got a phone call before an hour. Who was it, sir? [TYRES SCREECHING] What are you talking, sir?
Why would his father steal his own car? Forget about what happened till now. Let me tell you the real story.
– What’s that, sir? [SMIRKS] ‘A day before the theft.’ Hello, Minister. How are you? There is going to be
an Income tax raid on you. What? Income tax? You bought that 5 crores
car and got unlucky. What happened? Your fate is going to eat you up. They are keeping an eye on your wealth. All the help I can do is
give you this information. Hey! Go back home. Do something.
I am unable to bear the tension. Where are you going at this hour?
– Birthday party. Always off to some parties…
Go inside. Go! Dad, I have to go.
– You won’t listen to me, huh? What’s this? This is my mom’s gift.
[THUD SOUND] ‘There is going to be
an income tax raid on you.’ He got to know his son
is partying the next day. [PHONE RINGING] Hello…
– Sir, we are calling from Provotel. We confirmed the booking for your party.
– Party? Who made the booking? Umm… Sir, it’s under the name Krishna. Okay. Confirm it. Thank you, sir. An idea then struck Jagannath. What kind of an idea, sir? A call from the hotel. His son’s booking for a party. Knowing he will definitely take the car,
he left the keys in his sight. Idea worked out as expected. Krishna took the car to the pub. He gave his PA the spare key and
asked him to get the car back. Right at 12, …without falling in anyone’s sight,
take the car and leave. Okay, sir. PA must’ve reached on time. Oh, damn! But Karthik took it out for a stroll. PA took the car and left. Sir… Sir… One minute. I’m confused. What’s the relation between
income tax raid and stealing the car? I don’t get it. Caught up with Samanthakamani,
you missed a small news. What news, sir? IT raid on Jagannath’s house. They haven’t found a single rupee. Who are you, sir? We are from the Income Tax Department.
We have search orders. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] He’s a good man. He’s into social work. You fool! Income tax raid… Car’s theft… FIR filed in the police station… Don’t you get it yet? So it was all black money. Samanthakamani! Wow! He made a great plan. This is Jagannath speaking. I’ll give you 30 lakhs. Close the case immediately. There’ll be a news update about
the car burned outside of town. He burnt the car? Poor Krishna considered it
a memory of his mom, sir. A man who grabs and a man
who hides have no feelings. Where’s dad? I don’t know, sir
– I asked where dad is. He went the old shed.
He also took a diesel can. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [HONKING] Hey! Hey! [CAR CRASHES] [GASPING] Diamonds… Diamonds… Hey! Where are the diamonds? What happened, sir? Where are the diamonds?
– Diamonds? Where are the diamonds?
– What diamonds? Where are the diamonds in the car? Thank you. Documents… Money… Money… Where’s the money? [KNOCK ON THE WINDOW]
Police! What to do now? Give them cash and send him back.
– Who’s got cash now? In my purse. Take it and give him. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hey… Hey… What, sir?
– Where are the keys? What do I know about the keys?
I gave them to you. Original… Original keys… There was a diamond in that key.
– A diamond? [GROANING] What happened, sir? Sir, are you fine? I did everything as told.
I don’t know anything. Sir! No one in our family has
ever been to a police station. This bastard compelled me to go. His fate is as such.
What can we do about it? You look at everyone’s horoscope.
Have a look at his too. What’s there to see?
He is a disaster in person. Here comes the bloody one. Ask him how he can be so shameless. He’s a bastard like you said. [CREAKING SOUND] What is this, dear? Did you bring a diamond, son? Hey! Want to go to America? [TYRES SCREECHING] Send half the money to the Commissioner. Sir… Who are they? Anti Corruption Bureau, sir. Sir! Ranjith Kumar… Circle Inspector of Police… I will narrate you a small story. A CI in a station, dissatisfied
with his Government salary… Sells the cars in his
dump yard in second hand. How’s the story sound? I can’t understand
what you are talking about. Ravi! Sir… my car… Indica 1216…
He sold it for 2 lakhs. He is lying, sir.
– Sir, it’s not a lie. He sold it to my uncle only. [LAUGHS] Pack up! ‘A few days later…’
‘In Dubai…’ [UPBEAT MUSIC] Where’s our friend? Here you go. Cut it. [CHANTING] Hey, Shankar!
– Bro… You had the same
weapon in the first scene, right? Yes, bro. Cut it. No, bro.
– Hey! Cut it. [APPLAUSE] Hey… Who is he? He drank six pegs in just 30 minutes. Who is he?
– He’s the guy who married your Sridevi. Bro, have you married my Sridevi? Samba…
– Samba… From now on, all his drinks are on us.
Free! He’s paralyzed. Bed rest is much needed. Don’t pressurize him. Take care. Hmm. They stole everything we saved, sir.
You have to take care of everything now. Sir, shall we file a complaint
about these 100 crores? Let it be. Think of it as mom’s birthday gift.

Michael Martin

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