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We don’t just make alliances here we show you angels. ‘One boy perfect for marriage.’ A beautiful girl for my son. Salary?
– He helps his father in business. Name a planet.
– Animal Planet! Qualification?
– He is a boy. ‘Five girls
who are ready for marriage.’ Take a look. Aisha Puru.
Voice-over artist. Anu Chhabra. Coder in a multinational company. Aditi Manchanda. She recently finished her MBA. Titli Jain. She is a talented girl
from a conservative family. Faiza Chopra.
She is a lovely girl. She is cultured
but there is a small issue. ‘And a little twist.’ Hey, babe! Do you want
to come with me to a film? Hey, scoundrel! I’ll stuff
the silencer up your behind! Aisha, you should’ve got yourself
waxed at least for today. You know that I never
get myself waxed. Nobody wants to marry
a hairy girl. Bald!
Mom, she is bald. Now is the time to move on. Sid, you know I am..
– Divorced. I know. ‘Who will get married?’ You’re the shy type. I am on my way.
– Watch it, fucker! Sorry.

Michael Martin

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  1. I watched this show. Don't go by any notions formed by the trailer. The show is BRILLIANT. Very well written and beautiful characters! Must watch for everyone.

  2. I have seen all the episode of this series this is a very good series to shows the emotion of the girl and dealing with society

  3. Baheen Chod Anshul ke liye yeh nahi dekha toh kya kiye bey life mein 😛
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  4. Bro ye max player k.s.a mai kaise use kre…yha to hum max player ki web sires dekh he nhi paa rhe hai..plz koi solution bataye

  5. So people suddenly seem excited to watch series filled with sexism and stereotyping women. Perfect 👌🏼

  6. Just disgusting aise vahiyaat shows banane valo ko fasi de deni chahiye pata nhi gatar me paida hote honge shayad ghatiya log sale jise dekho bas gand machane me busy hai saale cheap or sari galiyan inhi jaise logo k liye bani hai mere desh ko ganda ktne me lage hai saale Tharki

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  8. Beautiful web series, shows how poor we are with our culture and mind set, i sometimes believe that we really live in a men's world, we are living in 21st century and there is still no place for equity and equality for women.

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