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Yesterday, you– you told
my producers that you’re ready to– to leave this. Is that true– that divorce? You ready– Oh, it’s ran across my mind. Really? Tell me why. Hearing him say it so much. – He says that to you?
– Oh yeah, he said that a lot. – Interesting.
– And– Cause yesterday, he told
the producer that that wasn’t even an option. That’s not on the table. What do you want? I don’t want a divorce. I want my friend back. I want to continue in my
marriage and my commitment to him. Do you respect your husband? No. That would be a no. So we got to talk about how
you lost respect for him. I guess, with all
the name calling and the physical violence. And what did
that remind you of? My home. Let it come out. That’s in the way. Tell me about home. It was very, very violent.

Michael Martin

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for this clip. This is exactly how I feel at this present moment for the same reasons. It has even lead me to have an affair that seem so difficult to let go.

  2. It’s cause he strangled her that’s why divorce ran across her mind. But she should’ve beat him with the divorce papers until he forgot who he was. But live your best life girl.

  3. I found the headline very peculiar.
    What wife hasn’t thought about divorce? The headline seems to suggest that’s worth noting. I don’t think it is. Make the headline have substance.

  4. I know she loves him but once the first time he hit her she should have taken a stand for herself and left then.. Because most times a man/woman will say they are sorry more than likely they will end up hitting you over and over again no one deserves to be beaten no matter what…. Respecting someone that is verbally and physically abusing you is extremely hard, because deep down they don't respect themselves either among other things…..

  5. Love is NOT pain. Love is Passion, Provision, and Protection: Everything that Almighty God gives to us. You have to know that you deserve LOVE in its purist form. You're loved.

  6. White women’s obsession with putting up with anything, including physical abuse… just to say and show you’re with a black man is TRULY mind boggling to me.

  7. I try to have empathy for people in these situations because I don't understand the effects of other's past trauma. I don't understand the mentality of letting it happen.

    That being said never in a million years can I imagine anyone putting their hands on me. If you know Sicilian parents at all lol, they would KILL that person for doing it. Well, my family anyway.

    I broke up with someone because they yelled at my dog once lol. I can't handle disrespect of anything I love. The DOOR! 👉👉👉👉

  8. If a person dosen't love themselves its impossible for them to truly love someone else.
    So if your single soulsearch, find a therapist and heal first.

  9. I have 2 sisters any of their boyfriends physically hurt them they'll loose their ability to breath in their own

  10. Can you hook up kind of like a blek wemen in the clan sort of Clan thing black woman is in the clan hook it up for her

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