A high school cheerleader and football player's tumultuous relationship: 20/20 Sep 14 Part 1

Michael Martin

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  1. Of course this little prick is at fault, but ultimately the parents are responsible for their CHILD. If someone is threatening your girl, you must aggressively intercede. I made huge mistakes as a father and by the grace of God my children turned out great, but had they not, I would have to own it.

  2. What an insecure boy….so sad he had to kill her and spend the rest of his life in jail. Such a waste of life.

  3. The boyfriend (Riley) was fine with his girlfriend (Emma) wearing tiny shorts throughout her Cheerleadering practice & games but wasnt okay with other shorter skirts? My man makes no sense.

  4. 2:30 okay… I can already tell they will mix his love for 'video games' with his aggression. Why dont they show footage of him playing Maddan, NFL, NBA, Fifa, why just the shooter mate??

  5. Riley was raised by his mom and grandparents. Where was his father? We don't allow our High School daughter to date anyone until age 18 and out of HS

  6. OH WHAT THIS IS ABC NEWS!!! Fuck I thought this was inside edition no wonder this video didn’t give me any answers

  7. No one:
    Emma's friend who was supposed to describe her personality : "She could do the worm"
    Weird flex but okay

  8. Damn those rude ass Snapchat messages. I would have blocked his ass and he would have never heard from me again but sadly with psychos like this that usually doesn’t work and they keep escalating it.

  9. I was in this relationship for 3 years and things escalated to the point where he wanted to kill me and tried. This hit me hard.

  10. Is this POS "football" player doing life? Or did he get off since it was "her fault"? If I were her parents I would hunt this asshole down and torture the life out of him.

  11. This is the classic jealous boyfriend who gets obsessed and gets too clingy and ends up murdering at a young age lots of girls can Learn from this video if he's too agressive it's probably a good idea to run

  12. Such a sad tragedy,it’s not the parents fault completely .If they would’ve restrict her from seeing him she would’ve have done it behind their back.Its easy to judge the parents I guess those that do have perfect children that have never rebelled.

  13. My mom would have whopped my ass black mommas don't play that if she says it over then guess what? It's over

  14. As soon as they said he loved video games and showed a shooting game I knew something was up with him…

  15. It’s funny how dudes think that calling us “Bitch” can break or destroy us or something. But I call myself “bitch” everyday. I throw around that word like how lil tay throws money. “Bitch” doesn’t faze me anymore

  16. I feel sad that none if her friends felt alarmed she must have told someone like a best friend, they could have raised the alarm but the police can't actually do anything untill something violent happens sadly. Everyone blaming parents 🤣 you think they had a chocie over us drinking in the park at 14 and going to raves no you are going to do those ethier way my dad wanted to know where I was and who I was with instead of lying and going anyway

  17. My mom was a nerdy school girl. My dad was a quarter back. They started dating because he was her boss at a coffee shop. Eventually he became an alcoholic asshole who scared the fuck out of me for most of my childhood. And he left us when we were young just to come back when my mom moved in with his parents as she had nowhere else, because my grandparents are rude. Then a football player I was friends with saved a ton of girls nudes and sent it to me, because I was like a bro friend. And I knew a foot player player who is accused of sexually assault someone.

    So pretty much don’t date football players because they have tons of complex. 😂😂🤷‍♀️
    (Not all of them are awful but you gotta be real damn careful)

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