A Hasidic Guide to Love, Marriage and Finding a Bride 1/4

it says on Friday finger and toenails should be cut on the same day so you cut your nails then today about money I look up it's disgustingly bites isn't it if you've already bitten your nails you don't need to cut them nobody can become a 10 million Jew it takes weeks and weeks and months and months of study and learning and understanding these laws it so vastly away from your way of life but you would never have no understanding of it whatsoever at the tribe Stamford Hill London just a few miles northeast from the heart of the capital it's home to a devoutly religious community of around 20,000 Hasidic Jews and it's the largest of its kind in Europe the Hasidim live by an extraordinarily detailed set of ancient commandments that have their roots in the Torah Stamford Hill is a per wildering blend of biblical law and modern day life and for the next few months it was to be my home one of Stamford Hills most outspoken residence is Gabby Locke a retired teacher who now dedicates several hours a day to learning the Torah and Jewish law slam their vengeance and bearing a grudge rules concerning physical well-being things forbidden because they are dangerous laws concerning charity this is a code of Jewish law this was made by up slam against read it's called the kids Hashanah and it's really just basic laws it doesn't discuss how a law came about from where but the ins are the laws that you live your life by my I'll actually live your life by and they're based on the 630 613 mitzvot Commandments 613 commanded and they loosely based on sorry the Ten Commandments they are loosely based on Ten Commandments the salting of meat eating and drinking before the regular meals laws concerning meals so everything is controlled the way Wow how you go to toilet what you or whether whether you the toilets permitted a communal toilet would it be permitted is it embarrassing or do you not have it embarrassing everything is controlled for instance you're not allowed to if you well i'm excuse my English but you're not allowed to fart with filling with the phylacteries on your head the laws of circumcision the redemption of the first poem the telling of children it may not put on a woman's garment and vice versa Lord concerning you crops the separation of color first portion of the dough and how much of your life have you dedicated to studying these these laws most in it my wife's coming in oh yeah why do people ask me who's coming stop it in proper way to me we shall Oh will she not want to be enough no she doesn't mind she'd ever say hello yeah yeah oh sorry I'm not sure I should shake yeah now you don't very too late mom is now but you can't you can't oh yeah it's not oh it doesn't it it's it's the intent what are you see some people think of shaking hands and sell petrol terrible thing but it's not a really this Exchequer it's the intent as I said expression in in a cynic life the man I shouldn't shake the woman is that nation have any physical copies no contact contact I'm very sorry I'll forgive you how should you know do you think this is the first time we've done some filming we're going to be filming for a few months in the area do you think you'd be able to kind of guide us around the area why why not because everybody's very very secretive because they always think about the children they have to marry off what will harm their name oh that's not important and we haven't got that problem any more potential and they're married and blow we just say what we like especially my husband one of the most important commandments of all is to get married and most acidic people marry young and around 19 or 20 can I ask you a question if it's too personal you to say but you've been married 40 years where what did you feel that you were you you felt attraction and you felt compatibility I don't know I don't know what it was I've known I was 24 a 24 and a half and a boy and I yeah it was before then and I didn't really want to get married I'm scared of him really yeah I was pretty scared I tried to put off the going to bed but present off as long as possible I was scared of it stiff yeah they made only mess of it living in Stamford Hill it's not unusual to be invited to as many as a hundred weddings a year later that week Gabby and tick were were invited to a wedding by an old friend from the neighborhood and to my surprise he was happy for me to come along too what's your name my name is avi Breslow right I live in Stanford till I came here 21 years ago I got married to Israeli girl who came a few years before me okay and we have five children today is the day that my oldest is getting married okay and how old is he is 20 how do you feel about him getting married very excited really yes she's the grandmother she's my wife's mother I love well that's my mother for me okay my lips are Mia let's get a hot party should be able to come cakes evil is Hebrew yeah yeah she wish you should be able to come to lots of Secrets lots of karsenault of weddings and okay be happy my brother-in-law from Israel hello hello Zelda is also a zalto my first Hasidic wedding every Sun itchy Maya is 20 and works at his father's grocery shop he met his bride six months ago working behind the till but in accordance with Jewish law they've avoided all physical contact once married the couple still won't be able to touch until the end of the night during the last dance the canina man gets ignired under par on Jesus and Nam Lamora similar boss the cuts on the home are Baku Sydney finish now the muna the crucial McNally die hark I shoulda thought about playing now the second play of the day would you do that as well yes I'm going to join the mouth you guys enjoy your cigarette yeah this is that's right yes of course pressure pressure yes after the ceremony avi had put on a big meal for all his guests the hall was divided into two because under Jewish law men and women are forbidden from mixing at public events even for the dancing there's nothing in this entire world bigger and greater and more enjoying than a real to his heartful simcha simcha means a wedding you can feel it in the spirit in the wood in the air how much people are loving and I feeling I'd anticipated something more serious more somber from such devoutly religious people this wasn't what I've expected at all yeah too much me as the night went on Gabby seemed to withdraw a little what did he make the party and its host happy Pressler hello coming laughter you've been filming mr. swimming that's right I didn't enjoy it why not it's so clear it's it's people from Yemen they come from a total different backgrounds and people from Eastern Europe it's just it was queer it's always the best of this Mook Polly did you yeah I said that is the young couple happy you're saying your tears that said that's the main thing yeah he's a really nice guy he's sweet wait a bit of a mess of his life okay you do did you find it moving the wedding did you my I don't get emotionally involved I liked it very much when I I saw them the other people happy but I'm not really III look at happiness completely as a different thing it's just inside thing of happiness happiness is not something just when you dance around like a lap caves that's not happiness and there was a bit in my eyes a bit while dancing and some people express the happiness and I was very pleased father he's married of his child because he sees a futures and I hope the marriage is a successful one but your marriage they have to understand so that started I do sorry sorry so good you belly removed it what did she do she put on the machine but I was talking with you and I'm hearing mid-flow let's go back in marriage is like God that's what God's Amos on this world to different people get together and tired to build a life the idea is to make one person of them the more one you make out of your unity of marriage the more one you are and the more love that is that's what we love is about love is not about when I when you get married first you love yourself but then you learn that love is not loving yourself loving your partner is be loving your part and being in love has nothing to do with the physical it's a spiritual connection which you feel near to each other it's also practice smooth physical but it is mostly a spiritual connection you don't have lunch together I eat when I'm feeling here don't eat everyday exactly the same time that's why your friend what that's why you is fit as he goes for sweet things he eats too me three things yeah and he doesn't eat at the right time making salads I need whatever's there I don't food is not my life at least a whole number whatever you have tonight what about samba what say I eat them when I'm hungry I'm not high till among you know I don't eat if my body tells me it's hungry then I need I don't have to have seen you today because somebody has decided breakfast and has happened although not unheard of divorce is rare among Hasidic people even more unusually avi Bressler is separated from his wife and lives alone in a gated residence on the outskirts of the community so what you do every morning you wash your hands – it is that law yeah how many times you meant to wash your hands three times each and envision order right left right left right left right left right left right left mean why do you do that

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  1. All 613 of these restricting thunk up by the power hungry rabbis, Now Jesus has come we are under grace not law.All power to Yeshua.who gave us the 10 commandments.

  2. Avi Bresler, father of five, has been living in the community since he moved from Israel as a teenager. His eldest son, Yitzchok Mair, is getting married to a girl called Simcha who moved to Stamford Hill with her family from Yemen.
    Avi spent over four years in prison for money laundering. According to the prosecution, just over £6.5m was found, to be used to buy drugs from Colombia.

  3. LOL religions on love, you mean the shunning/outcasting/ women on the back of the bus love ? you're so called religion is a bust with any investigation. the future will leave you behind. disgraceful morons

  4. How do these Hasidics earn their living ? They are NEVER seen working. Assume they are parasitic, living off the working 'goyim' (cattle)

  5. What's with the hats do they think it makes them look taller the groom didn't look happy lol I like that older couple to the gentleman what he says about love is so true

  6. Do they really have to say the bride is a virgin…give the woman some privacy and respect…why not say the groom is one too…fair is fair ;

  7. Oh Mr. , you who never acknowledged Otto and what he did for its daughter ANNE FRANK , is talking of marriage? BIG MISTAKE. Look at you now you are accepting all mixed dirty people as Jews from India. GO AND STARE AT THEIR FACES I AM ENJOYING YOUR STATE THOROUGHLY.

  8. That kid s wife is beautiful
    I m surprised he didn't t faint when they uncovered her face and reveal how beautiful she looks

  9. I m a Former Skinhead …regardless of what friends of mines said ..i always loved Jews but never said it
    I do because out them came Christianity …i love them ….i don t believe they 're. Bloodsuckers..i never believe that…i like their togetherness and even though they 're hated ..they live their lives …i m impressed by that ….i would never let anyone make fun or hurt a Jew in my presence..i mean in general…..it was people from ( Asians , Hindus .Arabs and Africans I didn t really like ….
    I had no problems with Hispanics Blacks from the islands and Black Americans …..but time has changed ..the skinhead movement is no more …yes there are still a few that bear the name skinheads because they can t let go ..do you see skinheads anymore ?

  10. Yep like he said you will expect a very humble, calm, no alcohol little dancing etc from these very religious people….is the contrary is PARTY time baaaaabyyyyy

  11. If God asked you to do some great thing for him, wouldn't you do it? How much rather than when he tells you…

    1. Thou shalt not have any gods before THE LORD.
    – No "higher power"
    2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
    3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain
    – OMG!
    4. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy
    – The Sabbath of Jesus is Saturday. It is a mandatory lazy day. Don't go to work on Saturday.
    5. Honor your father and mother
    – Keep your insults to yourself
    6. Thou shalt not murder
    7. Thou shalt not commit adultery
    – There's more to life than lust
    8. Thou shalt not steal
    9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
    10. Thou shalt not desire anything that belongs to your neighbor
    – Be grateful for food and clothes. Don't be envious

    *Don't put your trust in your 401k. Ye cannot serve God and riches.

  12. do not think for a minute that this is real Hasidim as it's being filmed and they're on their 'best behaviour' for BBC viewers. real life behind the scenes, is absolute torture – and once you try to leave the fold, you're rejected from society – your family and friends will shun you and threaten you. most Hasidic Jews are not able to work once they leave, they lack basic skills, and typically claim most benefits where possible. the religious law they abide by is alien to you and I and you would be sad to know what life the children are indoctrinated into.

  13. The photo of them when they were wed at 4:52 is beautiful! The smile on her face, the sort of cheek and grin look. I love it

  14. Seeing these Hassidic jews all dressed in black is putting me off my food…absolutely disgusting!

  15. lived in Stafford Hill for fifteen years I'm a Catholic and found Jewish people very nice indeed. I emigrated miss the place a lot

  16. The groom seems ready to faint. And, of course the bride is a virgin. The couple hasn't been allowed to even breath the same air…

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