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oops sorry I just got done taking a shower why is my fiancee panicking you know you and I are alone Minnie Shh no minigame I was thinking I should just be honest with myself confidence is sexy well confidence in mini-games yeah you guys don't need pants huh yeah Ramon she's dumb you know what you wait until you're in a romantic moment next time fine I love minigames bogus ha good luck I have no romance in my life what you you said you loved me Oh baby no wait um that's it going on vacation for 17 days aren't we already on vacation uh-huh we can't do a minigame without a fourth and Kaitlyn is gone oh I'll be Kaitlin minigame good-looking where my ears Garth what did you do what did you do already do nothing oh don't look at me like that Wow ugly guys I'm the biggest door so I'm think I'm gonna get out of here first before you notice a nightmare that is that you babe yes hey you stay right here you match you match the story okay you stay there released knock knock here I come oh wait you guys don't scare me like that listen listen listen you shouldn't do this you shouldn't do this okay no you shouldn't do this why are you turn great you must have great hinges please honey honey please babe please save me no no no babe it's your worst nightmare let's do it together no he's yours up I found how to perfectly blend in Aaron well now that your you're also a Garth you understand our love for doors Wow hi where are you you go where did you go Daniel where did I go are you a good sign Garth but where are you like okay you're here oh yeah there is looking at it Daniel now I would like to point out you are a very tasty door but but besides that you're also much smaller than the other doors yeah but I buy these doors these doors your parents weird homes Daniel that's a nice outfit I feel so tropical oh it's great is it Oh No all of you Garth you a glass door I am oh no right through you III let it all out I feel like there's like you know something here we're like you know Garth shouldn't be slamming doors because he's a glass door I don't know look I built the rocks and glass houses I could personality I'm slamming you first whoa okay dude she's right there everyone really seems awesome hinge when everyone's the door it's okay is that the rule that's the rule and I saw a tasty white door going to this bathroom here Daniel you're looking really nice right now I'm sorry it was it was amazing I think I'm just a pushover babe yeah babe I'm really yeah Garth did you find it did you find the other doors hey Garth wait what I'm so confused listen we've got to find the other door girl other guards I think okay great all right Gareth's we may be he's your door not of course yeah your door uh okay hmm did someone check the roof I'm going oh I should be open to more possibilities doors shouldn't be making door jokes what else should make a door joke Oh Garth Oh Garth should make a door joke you would know that look if you guys would such hot doors this would be weird we're not doors were guards oh yeah just watch him just watch him oh look at him look at strut Wow look he is look at twirl he ah he's got all the right moves be like it's not what it looks like Garth oh hey I think Garth to do the honors we're both going we're all Garth let's do it them together hey guard leader has revealed himself oh look it's another Garth well okay then I'm going to go this way listen they're very sensitive don't don't look at them my eyes are up here yep now I know how it feels oh I am super confused I am till now I know how you feel about doors now that I'm in your clothes you all just raid my suitcases yes Wow oh I mean I was in there before we even took the clothes wait what I was seeing if you had can oh there's just there's just an album of doors yeah so really weird for today I didn't touch it or anything I looked through and was just wow a lot of sketches really nice handwriting too I was lucky to get that through customs no Garth what's what is her favorite door like what's a color like it's a matter of wood well me I mean the color of the door doesn't matter all doors are great but it's about the architecture the feel how smooth they are how good their hinges are how firm the knob is it depends on all these things do you like the knobs of the doors do you mean the doors with knobs you good you have to get that very right he doesn't like a push bar he likes the knob yeah you got like the door it's the firm grasp and then you can push it open it's great Garth how could you let Daniel get a hold of your door book I didn't ask him to go into my suitcase let's get here to go to my suitcase no I can confirm he never did ask me to should just go and grab stuff that's not yours no that is that's just a regular door Daniel you have to talk about what you saw in that book okay all right I don't want to talk about what no we have to talk about it was sketches okay it was just get you yes he's gonna get ideas all right and he's gonna get ideas that we have to make sure you put them in the right place all right well you know what because of my idea he might get it he might find a nice door but a nice door you'll be great obviously the doors are Oh Mike show me your knobs listen listen listen you weren't supposed to come back you should go on the couch okay hey guys oh hey Garth Garth is so confusing we're all guards is it where we all multiplied oh I remember that time that was weird what what is going on out here why is yo what up what were you doing what were you doing in the sand what is this did you hold you build that I'm going over there oh honey honey babe I found something I found something hid it from everybody I did it making what did he make honestly after looking in that book I wouldn't be surprised with the things you could make look what he did thank you look at this what is this wow this is this where you go and you look at all your doors I'm going in here [Laughter] what work weird an actual Garth go though I don't know I'm not going in the same spot Joe listen babe we're not done it's okay Clark will never find me to the beach are you sure it's okay for us to be together I mean I'm an iron door and you're a wooden door yep and I'm and I'm a walnut door I'm a hog a nut that's not a birch door definitely not a bird store I'm a brick store not your iron you just said your iron no I'm a burst or now you can't change yes again it's just a nice lonely iron door out here you're trying to steal my woman where did you actually you actually not see me so Erin no listen listen Garth would never sell us out yeah did you see what he did Erin did you see what he did I saw what he did oh my god never get in the door like us ever again you don't deserve a door it's okay I've got all my sketches I have to say we all just get doors Wow Wow alright alright alright babe where are you oh I'm coming I'm coming alright I've got the greatest idea okay yeah now we may have you know you may be familiar with this idea yes I feel like it's it's only right that that we hide here because of how we're hiding yes I agree you'd be the first you'd be the first door I'll be the second or man you you just really you really fit in there you know did you guys go back he remembered he wouldn't remember but he's remembered he's getting smarter I know what's wrong with him I don't how dare you all right all right well Daniel likes to hide on the beach you out here maybe I'm underwater no I'm not I can't swim Daniel well not well Daniel are you here maybe no Ross come out what's wrong who know Armand you got door madness going on yeah because if the word Ross like the word Ross it's like door but because it has four letters in it man that looks Lissa Jess shut up Andy [Applause] okay Ross come on we're going to get Andy all right wait I bet you know Jess sounds like a really hot name I'm not gonna lie guys talking about some show you watch yeah it's it's called it's the channel called Jess cause that wasn't taken

Michael Martin

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  1. Oh my gosh as soon as he said Abby Caitlin I was in the army already tracer songs it was like I'm okay so what about Winston I want to be Winston and then all the sudden I hear these exact words into my iPad I'll be Caitlin know that was such a perfect timing

  2. When Aaron said : " you know u and i r alone…."

    Me : *pausing the vid and pray" pls, DO NOT NYA" 🙏🏻🗿🗿

  3. I know this is hard to believe but I ship Garroth with a person…

    I actually kind of like Garroth and Kim together cause in season 4 Garroth was pretty clingy with Kim

  4. language people there are kids here and why all the jokes no touchin da child lol love your vids jess

  5. I noticed now, in reality you both start on J, Jessica and Jason, and while playing minigames and roleplaying you both start on A, Aphmau and Aaron.. w

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