A Day in the Life of an Employee Engagement Specialist

Hi! My name is Evan and I’m an Employee
Engagement Specialist here at Reward Gateway. Employee engagement is
something that I’m really passionate about. We have the ability here in our
work to actually make a difference to other people in their jobs. So, our
mission to make the world a better place to work is something that
resonates really closely with me. Helping other people enjoy their work helps me
enjoy my work as well. Every time I wake up I know that we’re gonna have a fun
day at work. That we’re going to work hard because we all genuinely want to achieve together and I’m gonna have good people around me. There’s no such
thing as Sunday night blues when you’re working at RG. You don’t ever not want to
go to work because you actually keen to learn more and contribute to this
fantastic mission that we’re on. My favorite part of the role is getting
on the phones or getting in those meeting rooms and talking to the people
who are interested to learn about employee engagement. Nothing makes me
more excited than having a meeting with somebody who maybe it was a little bit
skeptical at first and then at the end of that conversation you know that
they’re they’re a believer – that they had it in them as well and that you’ve
you’ve been able to take a problem of theirs and marry it up with a solution
that we provide. No two days are ever alike from one day when we’re filming personalized messages for our clients to being out there and meeting people and
being out there and getting to mingle with other HR professionals at events. Not only that but cross-organizational development across the
business in both Australia and internationally as well. We get to learn
around the marketing, the product and other aspects of employee engagement. In my team I often feel like I’m the least intelligent in the room. You work with a
wonderful array of people who I learn off every single day.
They’re people who are selfless, who will always stop what they’re doing to help
out with your own development and any questions that you have. But they’re also
always the ones they’re pushing you harder to make sure that you are having team
and individual success as well. I came into the role really hungry to learn and develop, but also to bring myself to the next level and level
up when it came to a professional as well. Not only as an operator, but also
as a sales person. That’s something that has been at the forefront of what
I’ve demanded of this role but also what I’ve received at every single stage
and every single person and that I come across. It’s all about that long-term progression and making sure that we’re better tomorrow than we were
yesterday. I think the thing that surprised me the most was how much we
celebrate each other’s high moments and get around each other when we are having
a tough time. I’ve had people from all over the world, our CEO right through to the most recent employee, pat me on the back
when I’ve done something great. I think that’s something about the culture here
that makes you feel really human and really valued at RG. Reward Gateway is the
best kept secret in Australian work. We are the most fantastic business to
potentially work. If you’re a person who is hungry and came to learn and
willing to work hard – the sky’s the limit in these four walls. I think that’s
something that a lot of people are yet to learn about Reward Gateway. You will partner with a business who will invest in you and make you the best
professionally that you can possibly be. Now that I’m here I couldn’t
scream it out loud enough. I think it’s kind of like
having a present that you can unwrap every day. It’s just the best place you
can be!

Michael Martin

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