A Brief History of Korean Americans and Our Need for Civic Engagement

On December 22nd, 1902 S.S. Gaelic set sail from
Incheon, South Korea with the first 102 Korean
immigrants to the United States and arrived in Honolulu Hawai’i on
January 13th, 1903 approximately 7,226 Koreans immigrated to Hawai’i, following this first voyage up until 1905 when the Japanese
government put restriction on Korean immigrants mimic eighty-five percent of such K&A go
into work young men in their twenties and nine
percent were women in the meantime sandwich Korean
immigration was sanctioned between 1924 and consistent by and/or to immigration was open only two
families have been asking for James adoptees and students who wish to study
abroad who readily assimilated into the United badeah allowed last information a Korean
immigrant community was not haha the immigration reform in 1965 a lot for
official and she appeared on immigrants into the United States leading to a rapid increase in between
on population according to the 1940 census there were
only 80517 nonimmigrant across the United
States the number had soared to several
thousand by the flagpoles and 250,000 ET’s the nineteen seventies
might the beginning on the influx of greens into the united states and some
championing engine in nineteen sixties which helps
bring up in Manhattan Broadway as one of the first green small businesses in New
York by Dan 1917 with the increase in the
korean immigrant population small businesses divers fight and forms
a cursory laundromat devils and restaurant in the nineteen nineties tensions
increasingly arose between korean-american communities and other
ethnic minority groups two incidents that showcases tension
with the Korean african-american conflict on Church Avenue in Brooklyn and Los
Angeles riots that took place in April 20 1999 10 LA riots initially started as a
backlash against the conclusion community by the african-american between
america’s between the light effect and LA riots service and I open it korean-americans all across the United
States korean-americans came to the realization that their accomplishments not solely on
diligence and hard work can banish in an instance
korean-americans were further infuriated that law enforcement system sure no
effort to protect the korean-americans the mainstream media even plan to create
a make a small businesses for providing poor service to
african-american customers which cost there right the importance of fostering benevolent
relationship with other ethnic minority groups and participating in SB heartaches
finally dont on the korean-american community this layout the foundation for Korean
American voters Council which later have become too known as the
korean-americans in a compartment I’ll all ethnic minority groups in the
united states are indebted to the like civil rights movement in one way or
another discrimination dehumanization that african-americans faced since the days that
institutionalized slavery were unimaginable by today’s standards and
individual rights chains and buses had Fabiana seats by
race and by scan acid in the section reserved
for whites people of color were forbidden to enter universities for my
students blacks had to pass a difficult to reach
an easy and to become registered voters african-american interest groups united
under Danny NCAA CP began to bring down these
discriminatory policies one court case after another however it was not easy to eliminate effected
discriminatory practices against last there were deeply embedded across
the United the society arrest that rosa parks in 1955 add to
her refusal to give up her seat to a white passenger on a bus started a chain reaction of civil
disobedience and strikes by african-americans Martin Luther King junior mobile life
black activists across the nation and culminated a powerful civil
disobedience movement backed by African American churches the
movement reached its climax at the civil rights march on Washington
in 1963 leading to the passage of the Civil
Rights act by the US Congress in 1964 the Jewish community holds a unique and
special place in the United States society jewish-americans have a sin to key
positions in america’s economic and political circles in its crisis lobbying groups such as a
pack and its leaders the grass top are exerting tremendous
amount of influence and United States politics other ethnic minority groups have tried
to mimic the jewish-american community without much success korean-american community was no
exception because it failed to take into account the cultural
religious and economic differences that existed between them and the Jewish
communal furthermore the jewish-american community tends to be viewed with awareness and
hostility by other ethnic groups due to their aggressive approach to
political lobbying korean-american community moving to see to impacted korean-americans the
compartment found method up in parliament in grassroots activism case came to a conclusion that educating
the community mickens about this civil rights and systematically mobilizing
communicant voters will strengthen the korean-american community to rival that of the Jewish Americans
meanwhile reforms were being made in political
funding in the United States corporations and nine years were no
longer able to provide unlimited funding to partitions consistent teams so that politicians
would rely more on small-scale donation spread over a large group of people the best rank then the influence of
individuals in grass roots in context partitions began to cater to the needs
of each individual voters more closely the mobilize voters were becoming the
center of the United States politics the initiative set forth by case corresponded with the needs of the
time to shift in paradigm of the United part korean-american said the compartment was
founded in the basement up a prep school impression like on April 29 mountain at the time voter participation rate of
korean-americans is critically low but voter registration rally and voter
participation rate my beloved by percent all the korean-american community had
begun to form in Flushing it went unnoticed elected officials paid
little attention to the korean-american constituent korean-americans a highly invested in
businesses or were not aware that voter registration was a car from owning many had a faulty believe that a social
security number was all the needed to vote like how it is packing her yet he’s conducted voter registration drives
changes this temple supermarket in flames
wherever there was a large group of Koreans want to count and he’s doing as a result
the voter registration read korean-americans has risen to 60 percent and voter turnout has increased 15
percent as a August 2014 providing language assistance the
korean-american burns thankful for the year 2000 served as a
turning point for Korean American communities entry into mainstream American societal case undertook
administrative work as the task force my senses and conducted census campaign that much
success just like to the keys County Board of Election providing render service to Korean
voters starting in 2002 now and voter registration form with me
available in Korean a similar project was undertaken in 2010 and brought about the similar results
for Bergen County New Jersey me although voter registration rate of
korean-americans with increasing it was the Italian unless they
registered voters participated in the elections case conducted voter hotline on election
days and work closely with the Board of Elections to prevent problems that may arise at
the inn poll site making the learning process as accessible and easy for
korean-americans as possible in addition key says published election
die stem from korean-americans about elected officials intended as a result voter turnout me has
increase to sixty percent for presidential elections and 50 percent average from the nearby
percent 20s was first founded case is currently promoting the ED
campaign which seeks to increase the voter
registration and voter turn every city percent korean-american community began
to be taken notice I love by mainstream me again elected officials the tactic of
mobilization voters into an organized group have
begun to work governments on both local and federal levels started to pay
attention to commune american voters k seize this opportunity to launch
large-scale projects within Parliament and the korean-american community passage house resolution 121 also known
as the comfort women resolution in 2007 was the first accomplishment made by
grassroots efforts of korean-americans this project was followed up by lobbying
for similar resolutions to be passed on state-level and erecting come from the memorials
across the United States these projects for any possible by the
effort to mobilize citizens the removal of parking restrictions on
Northern Boulevard is another example of the project at the
TD for the engines that korean-americans in 2009 high school students enrolled in
korean-american sitting in Parliament summer internship program started the
project to move this cumbersome parking restriction we went down the street and me actually counted the car they were
passing each other way on to figure out whether there was any
increase in traffic from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. like the transportation borrowed that what has sided with me so and bone
found was that there really wasn’t genuine genetic change in the chapel do
you know how hard trapping along the northern wall art was actually pretty
consistent throughout the day which proves our point that the parking
restriction is pretty pointless and while we also fun with that the
traffic congestion that that happen from time to time was
actually caught by police field goal because a lot of times they
would be parallel parking to issue tickets to the park cars were
parked cars ever park along by the same addition giant so we
actually wrote a petition form is asking people to
support the removal such parking restriction
that was affecting the korean-american small businesses
session and I and so we have got these petition forms and
we I walked around that entire area and
maybe even beyond to get the signatures from business
owners and residents and we ended up getting settler that that on that thing that you’re so while
you do with those images that we deliver tend to like local elected official we also deliver them to
you the community by and I’m so eventually what does people who saw that there was all the support
behind our car did was be brought this issue up to
energy transportation I didn’t think that this little project
that high school student I started really go anywhere and I really doubt it
better with me too actual changes in it on the party in
your city so I was really pleasantly surprised
when I heard that the actual side it to remove the parking
restriction and I think it just goes to show that why we do here add K as interns arm actually brings about change in for the engine founder korean-american store owners can now
conduct their small businesses in the ease without fear parking ticket this project showcase aggressors
initiative set forth by the korean-american community brought about tangible change to the
local governmental policy the ashes Los Angeles riots in 1992 left us with a different kinda makin
Jane the political in Parliament on the korean-americans and the dream hasn’t pursued by
educating individuals about their voting rights and mobilizing create american voters to
create a strong powerful mass as a result korean-americans have been
recognized as one of the more influential minority groups in the
United States this tremendous growth with demonstrated during the
korean-american grass its conference of 2014 way two united states senators and 11
representatives honored as the president grassroots have become the new paradigm
of United’s these politics citizens have more freedom than ever to
express their ideas and opinions and elected officials can look forward
to the next election only if they are receptive to the parts
of their constituents first thing the President Barack Obama had set out to do upon his graduation from Harvard Law
School was occurring voters in the slums of Chicago with supper from those voters he was
elected to the position of senator bill in on went into his presidency the voters are
one moves the current e90 politics korean-americans for the
compartment will continue in a and other to increase
the per participation we have korean-americans to eighty percent throw voter registration drives and
voting rights advocacy and we’ll continue striving to empower
the korean-american community to become the most respected and
responsible members of the United the society we ask for your continued interest in
supporting our cause good

Michael Martin

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