9 Tips for Running a Successful Event

hey there Xander here with the vent MB and in this video I'm talking about my 9 tips for running a smooth event welcome to the event manager blog video series this video is brought to you by event and be the number one blog for event professionals I absolutely love working on-site at events after all of the grueling hours and paperwork and schedules and negotiations that we go through in the planning process there's nothing more fulfilling than getting on site and seeing your event come to life from the ground up so I've threw together some of my top tips that I could share with you in this video 9 tips on running a smooth event the first is to be the first to arrive except for your venue manager who you probably are meeting outside of the door with their keys in the morning you need to be the first person on-site at your event so that you can serve as the gatekeeper you are bringing all the different elements together at this event which means you need to be there to be able to communicate where people need to go where resources need to be placed and any other minutia that happens well their on-site to make sure that your loading is flawless which also means that you need to strangle your loaded schedule if a delivery shows up an hour late that could completely derail your entire process so you need to know your load and schedule backwards and forwards and be on top of any service provider that doesn't show up when they're scheduled to work smart not hard we've all heard it before but the way that I like to think about it is to think every process through in the next five steps what are the next five steps we're gonna have to tackle before we get to that end goal and find a way to make steps 1 through 4 as easy as possible trim them down streamline those processes make sure that they are simple so that once you get to the last step you've thought through the most efficient process possible always carry pants my friend Gary told me that his old boss at a department store would tell him to always carry pants what that meant was always have something in your hands so it looks like you're doing something and for event professionals it works so well if you're carrying around a clipboard or even a glass of water with a determined look on your face and a dedicated move forward towards that crowd they're going to separate for you no question the next couple are gonna be reflecting on feedback that your attendees might have to share with you so the next item is going to be listen sometimes your attendees don't want any sort of explanation don't want to hear from you they just want to talk at you they want to complain they want to make sure that their concerns are being addressed or they just like to chat now in this time that you're using to listen you should be able to prioritize where their specific needs fit within the needs of the event as a whole to figure out whether or not you're gonna actually be able to do anything to help them and here we should note that not every concern is critical you're gonna hear a lot of feedback from your attendees who are gonna give you pointers on XYZ or everyone's going to have a comment about everything but not everything that they're going to complain about is something that you can solve sometimes they don't like the venue well that's not something we're gonna fix in the day out so be sure to prioritize like I said what those concerns are when they come in and figure out if any of them are things that you just have no ability to respond to and let it fall off your plate and finally their response to any question that any attendee has for you or any comment that they make is to just say yes someone comes up and says that it's too cold in the room yes of course we definitely understand working on it right now engineer is turning the temperature down even though sometimes it's not gonna help for another hour or so no need for explanations no need to go into details just smile say yes and let them know that their concern is acknowledged and you're taking care of it the next is to have support this is something that I never did when I got started out I used to run conferences single person solo man operations from registration to AV production to getting everybody on buses and shipped out to a reception venue off-site that I checked in with so now I realize how bad of an idea that is we're so much better at producing events when we have a team of skilled professionals bringing together all of the elements with one person kind of serving as that ringleader bring on staff to manage registrations have bus captains to have people at your restaurants before your attendees arrive making sure that everything is arranged you're gonna have a much smoother process when you're on site and finally eat drink sit and breathe event planners suck at personal wellness we are really bad at recognizing that yes we have a lot of work to do we have to get it done we work ourselves to the bone but we're not drinking we're not eating we're not sleeping set something on your phone that says eats every four hours have a snack take a break breathe you're gonna do no good for your events if you're passed out in the corner so rest take care of yourself so as we wrap up here being on site can be pretty stressful but it is also one of the best parts of planning events it's that glamour that everybody is talking about so it must be the best part right well if you follow these couple of tips that I have to share for you you're gonna see your events running smoothly on site and you are going to be set up for success what are some of the things that you do on site at your events to make sure that they run smoothly let us know by leaving a comment below thanks for tuning into this video 9 tips for running a smooth event if you liked the video remember to check out our youtube channel and give us a like on Facebook this video is brought to you by event and being the number one blog for event professionals thanks for tuning in

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  1. Thanks. I’m just getting started as an Event Planner and I have so much to learn. Am doing a Grown & Sexy Safari Baby Shower tomorrow, so your suggestions are right on time and genuinely appreciated.

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