8 Tips for Starting An Event Planning Business from Home

hi guys welcome hi excited to be here this is my first time streaming on YouTube ly so I'm a little bit excited and a little bit nervous see how it will go so bear with me if we have any technical difficulties but I'll be sure to fix them as we go through the program I'll just wait a few minutes before I get started just because I went ahead and tested the old link to the life cast and I accidentally deleted it I'm so ashamed to admit this but I accidentally deleted the link so I had to create a new event and then I've gone ahead and circulated the correct link to everyone who had subscribed to my channel or something to join the event so they have the correct link but I'm sure if they came over to the channel they might still also be able to find it but until then so just wait about five minutes before I get started so I'll go ahead and get started just by letting you know how I'll be delivering the webcast today so one of the first things I'll do is I'll just introduce myself for a bit as well as go through the 8 tips that I have for starting your event Quan in business and then at the end I'll have a question and answer session where you can ask me anything you wanted to know about event planning about myself about the company or about any of the programs that's run through event certificate so I'll just go ahead and maybe I give it one more minute before I launch this slide and what I'll do is I'll share my screen with you so what you'll see once I start doing that is you'll no longer see my face but instead you'll see my slides so I'll just go ahead and do that right now I can welcome so I'll be talking about the 8 tips for starting your event-planning business and just introduce myself for those who are not familiar with me I'm Jodi Ann I'm Jodi Ann row owner of event certificate calm and we're an online event planning resource website particularly for new and as far of n planners as well as for established event planners um so I'll just give you a brief introduction to myself I'm going to my story so before I go here in my timeline I'll give you a little bit about my educational background um I do have an undergraduate degree in economics I went into the program because I enjoyed studying econ and I wanted to learn everything I thought I knew and I really wanted to work in the field but after completing my degree I must say that it was not exactly what I wanted to do I didn't have the passion for it so eventually ventured into event planning so you'll see in 2003 is when I first ventured intuitive and fun and officially um before that I'd always been planning events for my friends and family of course this is all these free of charge but until then it wasn't until 2003 that I really got started going into the business and doing it for more pay more money and then in 2007 was when I secured my first event Kuantan job and this is a job within a company planning their events so I was now officially getting paid for someone to plan events all the time however after working in the position for a couple of years four to be exact I really found that it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do and that I really wanted an opportunity to grow more and increase my income and being in a salary position within a company wasn't allowing me to do that as an event planner particularly because I wasn't at an event planning company I was an event planner working within a different industry so there really wasn't there isn't a lot of opportunity for growth within that position so what I decided to do is I decided to start my event planning business and I did this in 2011 and instead of leaving my job and going to event planning full-time as a business I decided to start it on the side just to ensure that it was viable and that I could obtain a few clients before I left my salaried position so I launched it in 2011 and the photo you see on the screen that's with me and one of the iron chef's this is an event in San Francisco that I coordinated and when I launched my event uninvited 2011 it was it was a little bit difficult because I had to learn everything but differently right so in my salary position the clients are there right the clients come to us we plan the events based on the company's direction in my own business I really had to learn how to go out and find those clients on my own how to market my business everything that I didn't have to do in my salary in-house position so it was a lot of learning but it was also growth opportunities right I learned I made mistakes but I was able to grow from those the business really took off like I did a lot of volunteer work and eventually I started to look a few clients and I'm my side business I really worked mostly with corporate clients that was my preference I do still plan a few weddings and other events but my preference is for corporate events and that just includes conferences workshops um I do also book launches but anything that's more geared toward a professional crowd now in 2013 2013 I was let's just say at the height of my business and my career in that I'd finally figured out how to make my side business work at that time my business on the side was bringing in more money than I was making in my salary position and I was doing both so I was not getting a lot of sleep as you can imagine as I was working a full-time job and I guess doing my business on the side so every hour out that I was not sleeping was in some way working but in 2002 2013 what I realized was I was getting asked by a lot of people who had seen how my business was growing or see what I was doing kind of like how did you get started or what are you doing there how are you making money so what I decided to do was I actually went back to my alma mater and I started mentoring and teaching some of the new event planners that were coming out of their continuing education program because these were the questions that they were asking they were looking to launch their business and they didn't know exactly how to do it so I explained to them my path and how I got here and then after doing all of us above for over about a year I realized that I really needed to put all this information and all that I was getting into a package or into a program that other people could access because if these students had this question it also mean that other students would as well so in 2014 after doing much research I decided to launch invent certificate calm which is where we are today and I launch event certificate mainly as a blog so I just started blogging and sharing some information a common questions that I would have received over the years and from there I decided to work more one-on-one with new than planners or existing event planners and then I decided to create a course really just packaged a lot of the knowledge that I had to share with everyone else who really needed the information and I launched my course in 2015 and this was one of the first courses that I launched is called learn how to be a successful event planner and that course did really well in the first year we had over 500 students in the class and each year after that it's done pretty well so that's why I'm here today because I thought I would do the webinar just to share my knowledge with you as well and as I said before at the beginning of the lecture that if you have any questions you can just write them down or just type them in the chat box and I'll address them at the end now of course during my journey as I said earlier I've had the pleasure to work on multiple types of events right I've worked on and you seen the top look of my screen that's Michael Ignatieff he's a Canadian politician so I've worked with corporate clients political clients I do conferences I do weddings as well however I tend to do weddings for clients who I'm already working with so I might be working with a corporate client and someone in their family is getting married and they ask me and I'll do that but I don't market myself as a wedding planner because this is not the type of events that I like to focus on but I do coordinate weddings I also do a number of fundraising or gala events for nonprofit organizations throughout the year and this includes hospitals and other nonprofits and I've just shared a couple photos from a couple of my events on the screen for you but what does all of that mean right essentially what I'd like you to know is that I understand exactly where you are because I was also in that position right when I started I was new to event planning and I was planning events for free or for little to no money some of the events I planned I would plan them and I would even pay for the supplies however that you don't have to be in a position forever as you learn and grow you will get to where I am now where right now I work mainly with corporate clients I do consult in-house with different companies as well and I teach event planning now I want to take you step-by-step through the eight tips that I think every person looking to start an event planning business should do and the first one or the first tip is that you have to research your market and find who your ideal clients are and not everyone tends to do this as particularly I find in event planning because if I'm planning sometimes as a feel that people will happen into accidentally so not everyone would have an opportunity to really look at it as a business and start by your doing a bit of research but if you're where you are right now and you're watching this webcast then you're looking to start your business and chances are you haven't already launched so the first step that I suggest is to research your market and I'll explain why this is important when you research your market it gives you an opportunity to get inside the mind of who you'll be sending to right because you want to sell people exactly what they want to buy and how I often explain this is if I live in a small town where the birth rate is low the divorce rate is low and there's chances are there's not a lot of people getting married then being a wedding planner who's just focused in that area in that town is probably not going to be my best market however if I find that people tend to have a lot of celebration events in that town so they're celebrating birthdays and retirements and everything like that then maybe the best way to position my service is as an event planner are a celebrity earth celebratory event planner right because then you'll have more clients and more access to those clients because of what you're marketing but the only way to find that out is to do the research so who should do market research well everyone everyone should be conducting a market research before they start a business and that's whether you're a big business a small business old business new business online brick-and-mortar it doesn't matter you really need to research your market before you launch and there are so many places where you can get the market research done I think sometimes people think of market research and they think of these large firms that conducts research and that's what they need to do but know guys you can do all of this online and if you're watching this webinar right now it means that you have access to the Internet and a device to which you can watch it so the you also have access to the resources available online so just go online do that search go through the resources that are available and use that information to inform your business decisions the next thing you can do and this is a bit old-school but you can go to the library like libraries are there you can still use them access the information or you can go to your local government offices so your Chamber of Commerce or other offices such as that that would house these information that gives you information on maybe demographics in your area so the general age of you book people living in your city their income levels those are good information to have if you're thinking about marketing your service to a particular audience but most importantly what I've done is I've given you resources that you can use to do this as well so if you go to my website that's WWF any certificate com I do have a free market research worksheet that you can download and it walks you step-by-step through all the process that you need to do or all the questions you need to ask yourself to get to what your target market looks like what your market looks like and the best way to position your company and one of the most important things that this worksheet allows you to achieve is not you can determine if your idea is viable so in the example that I gave with a small town now if I want it to be a wedding planner in that small town after completing this worksheet at the end there are three set of questions that I have that it would tell you right away if this was the market to do that or if you needed to reevaluate and adjust your branding and how you plan to position your company so market research is really important and this leads me into your target clients you know when you complete market research for your company what this allows you to do is to discover who your target clients are so who are those clients that you need to be focusing on who will be taking money out of their wallets and out of their purses to pay you for your service and before you can work out you know what event-planning clients you need to work with you really do have to know where they're located who that who they are first of all where they're located and how to find them and there are numerous ways in which you can find target clients so once you've done your market research you'll have a clear idea of what your brand and positioning is and what kind of service you will be offering and from that you can usually determine who you need to target so one of the things that I often tell my clients that they need to look at is where to find your clients so if I'm looking to target our position my brand within the fitness industry and I'm a yoga instructor let's say so I know that my target clients particularly in January are probably all looking to start new yoga classes or fitness classes so then I need to be in those spaces or in that area with them and this can be offline so I could be going to the local gym if they don't have a yoga class – maybe advertise my service or put up a notice about my service because then they might see that a yoga class is closed by that they can attend or it could be online so maybe they're searching where to find yoga classes so then you need to have your business listed in different places such as on Google listings or on any directories that relates to yoga classes and most importantly you need to think about where your clients hang out online so if you know that there's yoga forum that a lot of yoga enthusiasts are usually going to be on then go to those forums but the important part of that is when you go to those forums you need to not just go in and sit and read their comments and just post information about your business you need to engage with them so someone post a question about a particular style of doing yoga then respond to them share your knowledge be be in their eyes and expert on your topic and then you can explain to them your expertise and what you bring and your business right but don't just immediately throw out your information if you don't just blast it now the next step and this is a very important one as well actually they all are is that you have to create a business plan you have to outline exactly how you plan to create your business or what you would like to see for the future of your business and a business plan allows you to accomplish just that you know I want you to think of it this way a business plan if you're currently you're currently thinking about the start in the business you you're not sure where to start you're not sure what resources to access write a business plan allows you to map out your plan of action for starting and operate in your business and what this does is that it creates an outline it gives you the exact plan of what your future vision will be and it also helps you determine your financial starting point and puts you in a better position to manage your company and to launch your business so you'll see my photo on the right she is managing her company and multitasking now there are many programs out there that can help you to write a business line you don't you don't have to feel like you're doing this on your own and I've listed two of them that I highly highly recommend using and the reason why I give you two is because everyone have different learning styles and different ways in which they they engage their minds so I want you to always when you're comparing any programs that you're using to always look for two options and just look at the ones that work best for you before making a final decision so the first one I've listed is future preneur CA they have a free online business writing program and future preneur is a Canadian company and what they do is they offer their nonprofit that offer a free service for helping youths launch their business online however their business plan Rider is completely free for anyone to use and I've given you a little screenshot of it their business plan writer is divided in sections so you'll see you have the executive summary the company profile market research but the great thing about it is as you're writing your business plan the program will pop up these little information by it's these info bytes with tips that you need as well as in each section it will give you a sample business plan that someone else wrote so if you're writing your executive summary it will pop up a little tip and you will see it says here on the screen do you need a little help and then it will show you a sample executive summary from someone else's business plan which i think is an amazing feature because sometimes as you're right in when you get stuck you don't necessarily need to copy someone else's information but just seeing something else written that you're trying to does can it can help your brain kind of get moving along right get your creative juices flowing the second one that I highly recommend is on loop calm and on loop has a very intuitive program and the great thing about their business one that I like is that it has a score so you see at the top right of the screen on on loop it says five five one so as you're writing it scores your business plan which allows you to see the areas in which that your business plan needs to be edited or it needs a bit of work and you can go back and update that as you need as needed right so this is a perfect tool if that's the way you work but it's very intuitive and I do like it now the future preneur was the one that I used when I was writing my business plan right so that was one of the reasons I included it because I personally used it and I really enjoyed using it on news.com however I did not use for my business time that's a program I think you and I really enjoy now within your business plan writing with a name for your business you'll notice I intentionally did not put this first or within the business fun area right because for this reason I find sometimes as business owners or just as entrepreneurs when you're get started when you're just getting starting sometimes you can get stuck trying to come up with an idea or something for your business and what I've discovered from working with my students design name and their business is one of those road thoughts sometimes I've given them the task of doing that and it has taken weeks for them to need their business so what I've done is I usually remove that obstacle now so I'll see write your business pond even if you don't have a name for your company in your business plan writer where to ask for the name of your business just put your own name so instead of getting stuck and hung up this allows you to write the plan and then gives you a bit of time to be creative and really think about your business name before you move on but the key is to not get stuck on this before you get the business plan done because the business plan is actually the most important part and if you go to my website again WWE event certificate com I do have a free worksheet that helps you to come up with a name for your business by asking you just specific questions about your passion your skills and tries to find where those to meet or words that really generate with you or words that you enjoy seeing or just sounds good and it helps you to come up with a name for your business that is suitable to you so if you have a moment go on over just go in the search bar and type name in your business and you'll find the worksheet the next step that I wanted to bring your attention to you is registering your business and this is probably one of the easier ones depending on which country you live in and registering your business what this does is essentially makes your business legit right now you are official you have a registered business name you have a business number and your company can operate as a business so I really encourage my students in the early stages to register their business because this helps you to solidify that business idea make you feel more official and it really helps you to move along to getting your business started but what does the process of registering your business really look like and this will be different depending on what country you're in what state or province or what city but the three key things that you need to do are the three key things that's probably common amongst all are these the first is that you need to do a bit of research so before you register your business you'll need to search for the business requirements in your area such as go on Google visit your local government office for registering a business and just find out what all the requirements are for register in your business so that you can gather and prepare all the documents and information you'll need to submit that application the second thing you need to do is to determine or to sign on your business structure and one of the main reasons that you when you're submitting and registration application one of the things that ask you to do is to identify the type of legal entity under which you'll be operating so you'll need to do a bit of research to determine that because you might be starting your event-planning business by yourself however there are many people who might be starting with their event planning business with a partner so they might be starting with two people it really depends and you need to just do some research to figure out which one is the best one for you what works best for your business structure and which one you're going to go with but this you need to do before you actually start the process of registering and of course the third step is to get your business registered and once you've identified you know your business name and you've gathered all the documents required to submit the application you can go ahead and officially register your business and as I said earlier the process will be different depending on where you are but you can usually find this information online from many cities or if not you can visit your local offices in step four is that you will need to set up your business structures and I linked these all together instead of space in the mouth because I think there are very important and they all need to be done at the same time and setting up your business structures just includes getting everything ready such as your legal documents your bank account everything that your business to function and one of the first things I usually tell my students is getting a bank account for your business is really important particularly if you would like to track how your business is doing it's important that you keep your business bank account and your personal finance is separate however that being said if you are really efficient or really organized and you know how to separate those finances within the same account then go ahead and do that but if you're not and you want to see a full picture just by open up warm bank account off your business I do suggest open in a separate bank account just for your business and once your business is registered you are able to set up a business bank account in your name or in the name of your business the next structure that I find the most important is consulting with a lawyer and when I tell events honors this they're often a little baffled by why they need to speak to a lawyer but I'll explain when I say that you need to contact a lawyer I don't mean you need to have a lawyer hired at all times but I highly recommend depending on depending on your city and what type of clients you're working with that you really sit down and speak to a legal profession professional and explain to them what you're planning to do the type of business you're operating and get their advice because a lawyer is able to explain to you a lot of the risks that might come with more Keene in a particular industry or with certain clients done would never occur to you right because you don't have a legal background the next important things for event planners is done lawyers can also look at your contract and there are many free contracts that you can find online multiples and if you go to my two-week event business channel I actually lists within the challenge a lot of free templates that you can find online however these templates are they're more or less standard right they're standard rights templates that cover all the basics they do not look at who you are the city you're in what policies or laws are in your particular area and how these might impact your clients and your work in relationships so this is where a lawyer is helpful and the thing that you do have to keep in mind is that if you get a lawyer to look at and help you come up with a custom contract for your event-planning business this is just as done once it doesn't have to be done for all clients they can help you come up with a standard contract template just for you and you can keep reusing that contract with other clients right now if you're not able to afford a lawyer I'm sure depending on where you are there are many many services offered by local nonprofits that gives you legal advice without asking for any payment so look into those options if your city has them and do you take advantage of those as well the next thing you want to do is you need to speak to an accountant and I know you haven't launched your businesses yet and you're not making any money as yet but accountants really can offer you advice that ensures that your business operation get started without any glitches no glitches no hitches and what this does it it puts you in a position that at the end of your financial year you do not have any surprises now of course there are also many online accounting software's that you can find that can help you to keep track of your expenses your revenues your receipts and in my two-week business challenge I listed a lot of these right that you can access but it's good to speak to an accountant because they will also tell you what items maybe you can write off at the end of the year so what receipts you should hold on to you maybe you know if you go across the street and meet with a client for coffee you can actually use that receipt and claim it as a business about everything like that but you won't know that unless you speak to a professional so it's important just to touch base with them to get some basic information so those are the three structures that hype highly recommend that you put into place when you're launching your business and number five and this is the one that tends to be a little bit more interesting for everyone is establishing your event planning fee structure so how are you gonna get that money in the bank and you'll see my photo here he's trying to get some money in this Bank and there are multiple ways that you can charge for your event funny fees and how you can charge your clients and I'll go through the three most common ones as well as explain some of their advantages and disadvantages so the first one is hourly so and this is where you charge an hourly rate for the total amount of time that you spend planning an event so whether that be $25 an hour $50 an hour $100 an hour and depending on where you're located this fee will vary right I'm in the City of Toronto and the average event planner in Toronto charges anywhere between 50 to 150 dollars per hour the third is flat fee and this is where you will charge your clients one-time fee it's usually predetermined so they know exactly what it is right out the gate right so you decide on a cost you let them know it will cost me $1,000 to plan your event then third is percentage and this is where you'll charge a percentage of the total cost of hosting the event and depending on where you are again depending on your city it's usually between 20 to 25 percent or depending on the type of event and percentage is the charge of use mainly with my corporate clients at the moment and I'll go through the pros and cons of these so for hourly rates hourly is really really good it is amazing to use when you're just starting out and the reason for this is as a new event planner you won't know exactly how long an event will take you so if you're new to event planning and you've never worked one-on-one with a client to plan a wedding for example you might not be completely aware of how long it will take so doing an hourly rate is a bit easier so you just give them your raid and you'll start billing and tracking your hours and billing your client accordingly now the disadvantage of hourly billing is not the cost is usually ambiguous that means it's not clear to the client upfront what it will cost them by the end of the event for your services so for that reason clients are sometimes there this is not an easier option for them to choose and the second and this is the most important one or the reason why I don't recommend hourly for planners who are already in the industry is that hourly rate encourages your customers to negotiate based on price rather than on value and what I mean by this is if you tell a client that you charge $50 an hour to plan their wedding and that client only makes $15 an hour in their own job they will immediately try to put these two together so they will immediately try to compare what you're charging versus what they're making and then they will try to negotiate the price of your services just because it seems it will seem high in comparison to their cost frame it will seem high in comparison to what they're getting paid so they're not they're no longer focusing on the value of your service only on the price and this does create a disadvantage because you'll find you might be you spend a lot of time haggling with customers or they're trying to get discounts and you're negotiating prices and this is one of the disadvantage of using an hourly rate the next is flat fee pricing and the advantages of using flat fee pricing I really really enjoy this one it's a really really because I do encourage my students one sense that you're established to get to the fact be pricing flat fee pricing it's very transparent your clients know right up front the total cost for planning their event there are no surprises there are no changes nothing they know the cause and they agree to it the moment they sign your contract so the advantage of that is I it really places a focus on value rather than on price so your customers already know the price there's nothing to Hangul about there completely agree so instead they tend to focus on the value that you can bring to their event so are you able to collect all the RSVPs to their event do they not have to look at seating arrangements because you'll do all of that right all the value of your services become the focus of the conversation rather than the price now the disadvantage of flat fee pricing is that if you're not sure or if you don't know exactly how long the event is gonna take you to plan or if the event turns out to be more difficult and time-consuming than you expected this will work to your disadvantage and I'll give you an example now I will I won't use real numbers in this example but when I first started my business on the side I was extremely eager to get clients and the fact that anyone would now pay me outside of my job her event was it was just mind-blowing however at the same time I was scared that I would scare clients off if I gave them a rate that was too high so I'll give you an example with one event where I was contacted by a a client who wanted to put on a fundraising gala the gala had over 400 people and I gave them a flat fee pricing just so they would know what it was and there would be no discussions on price and will say I told them a thousand dollars now this event I never planned a 400 person gala before and it took me way longer than I expected right I didn't account for the amount of time that I was going to be spending trying to contact some of their sponsors to get items for the event and this ate a whole chunk of the amount of hours that I could have dedicated to other tasks because of this at the end of the event when I calculated my hourly rate I ended up making about ten dollars or less which believe it or not is about love with the minimum wage in my city right so I end up losing out on that event this is why I only recommend flat fee pricing after you've started fund an event and you kind of have a better idea of how long it takes and the kind of obstacles that would be in your way as you go through the process the third option is percentage pricing and this is a favorite of mine because I work with corporate clients and the advantage of this is percentage pricing allows your profit to grow with the demands of the event so if the client is requesting additional tasks or additional items and this is increasing the overall cost of the project what this does it it also increases the amount of money that you get to take home from that which is fair right because if you're increasing the amount of items and the amount of tasks that's required and then your time needs to be compensated or accordingly the disadvantage of this however is that when clients know that you're charging based on a percentage they may try to compromise on quality in a effort to save on cost so I'll give you an example if a client knows that if they use a venue that cost five thousand dollars versus one that costs one thousand dollars you're getting a percentage to see on that cost they might go with the one thousand dollar a rental fee at the what that venue just so that you don't increase their cost with your fee even if this venue might not be the best one for their event it is for this reason that I tend to use percentage pricing with corporate clients right a percentage pricing you really do have to know your clients and if you're working with Bryan's depending on who they are or how high-end these clients are they may compromise on the quality where I know with corporate clients if they compromise on the quality of the event then they're compromising on the quality of what they're providing to their customers because when I host for example a branding launcher event for a corporate client they're looking to position their brand in a certain way to the public and to their customers so the the opportunity or the idea that they would compromise on quality would not be beneficial to them that would actually cost them because then their customers or clients would see the compromise in the event right it would look like a lower quality low budget event and that's not the image that they usually want associated with their brand now of course there are multiple different options that you can use within pricing models and these are the three main ones there are also additional items that you can use such as getting commissions on vendors so that's where if you are if a client is renting furniture for an event and you are the one contracted to rent with the vendor you could charge a markup on the rentals to the client and that markup would come to you but these are not pricing models and that's why I haven't listed listed them but they're rather additional revenue streams and I won't go into much detail about them because one they're a little bit more advanced in terms of strategies and I find you do have to start working in the industry before you start adding some of those and you also need to be transparent to your client if you are doing that so if you're doing a markup from your vendors and getting a commission you need to be transparent to your client so that they don't feel like you're cheating them or trying to get additional money from them right so that's the reason I haven't listed those but again if you have any questions about those please just wait until the end of the event and throw them out there and happy answer them for you in step number six this is how you gain experience and that is to volunteer when I started in my business I had already had experience just from working in a company however because I work with a company that has a brand attached to them I could tell the client this to let them know a bit about my background but I couldn't use this to market my business because there was a conflict of interest so because of God I really need to involuntary to get experience with clients that I could then use in my portfolio in a different way to market my company and volunteering is an amazing way to do that now outline for you what I like to call the 3s of volunteering and the first one is to be strategic when you're looking for volunteer opportunities to gain event planning experience you really do need to choose organizations that reflects your passion because if you don't then you might not bring your best expectations or at least your best qualifications and skills to the position and you need to do that because while it's a volunteer position and you're not getting paid you still do need to impress them want to be able to use their event in your portfolio and be can you be used as a recommendation to future clients right you also need to look to see if there is an opportunity to grow within the organization so you might not be passionate about what the mandate is for that organization but if there's an opportunity that you see that would be to your advantage then by all means go ahead and do that volunteer position the second s is being selective you need to look for positions that can enhance your skills not only just volunteer to provide your service I'll give you an example with myself when I was looking for volunteer positions when I was starting my business on the side I specifically was looking for event positions but I didn't want to be a volunteer on just any event are working in event services because when I looked in my local city like when I looked at ball into your opportunities online a lot of what I saw were they were looking for event volunteers to work at events right so you could be a volunteer on 5k run our Cancer Drive or anything like that you could be a volunteer that would be handing out gift bags or registering clients but gaint given that I'd worked in my corporate position for a number of years I already knew that right what I wanted to do was to enhance my skills planning those sort of events and in quote-unquote being hired by those clients so I specifically looked for volunteer positions where I was on the event planning committee of that event and that's how I targeted my clients so depending on where you are in your job in your business or in your skill set you might decide to do one or the other if you've never planned events and you have no experience then doing event services position where you're registering customers at a volunteer job or handing out gift bags does give you an opportunity to see what the event is like on the ground floor so don't discount those experiences however if you have already planned events and you have a basic idea at least you know all the concepts required then I would really encourage you to try to look for more more volunteer positions where you have a say and you have a you can determine how the event is coordinated rather than be on the ground floor and the third is to be salesy I don't know this but I really want you to sell yourself when you go to these volunteer opportunities you are probably really good at what you're doing that's why you're trying to look into event planning or that's why maybe family members and friends have said to you you'd be a really good event planner you need to let them know this right when you're looking for volunteer opportunities let them know how amazing you are that you've planned events you've helped fund your sister's wedding it doesn't matter let them know your background it's okay to toot your own horn and once you've completed the volunteer positions put all these in your portfolio this will be used for your advertising right you need to market yourself now this brings us to step 7 my apologies guys I just took a sip of my tea and step 7 is promoting your event planning business and once you have all your business structures and your business is registered and you have a good idea of what you're doing you have some volunteer experience right and you have your portfolio that's now starting to build up a bit you will need to promote your business once once it's open and to do that I want you to literally become a peacock and why I say that is I want you to spread your feathers like shine and show how good you are but I also need you to be everywhere see see when a peacock really opens up their feathers I would it's really why that's open I want you to do that with your business and there are many strategies to really advertise and promote and you can do that offline as well as you can do online and I listed just a couple of major ones here but the list is extensive of what you can do so offline when you're new to your event on new she's been fine and just getting started and you have your business up I want you to host a launch party post a large party and invite everyone you know and their mothers and their fathers to your event right let them know what you do and let them know what services your you can provide and how they can hire you the next one is word-of-mouth marketing and word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best advertisement that you can get for free so you need to speak to your friends speak to your family members give them your business card right let them know you're here you're available here's what you can do and if they share that with everyone else in their network this is how word of market really surprise to help you the third thing you need to do is you need to create partnerships so if you find that you're not getting a lot of traction in your business and then reach out to local partners so if there is a florist in your area that you could rely on as a partner you could speak to them and see if they'd be open to collaborating on a project maybe it could be a just a referral program or if they refer brights to you you give the bride's a percentage off or just a bonus item or if you refer to them then the same is true right so look for partnerships that could help your business or is you need to pound the pavement and believe you guys do not discount the value of this you need to get out there sometimes it's great to speak to friends and families but sometimes it's also best to go directly to your clients for example if you find that your look to work with tech companies within a certain area and you live in a startup environment with lot of tech companies around you put together a little package about your business put together a brochure on your business the services you provide and how they can contact you and go around to these companies ask to speak to the person in charge now you might not get to them but at least ask and try because chances are you may get to the one person right and just go in drop off your package leave it with the front desk leave it with HR or if you get to the person who owns the business leave it with that right but get out there and push your business and one of the final ones I'll address is networking and networking comes in a few different ways you can network at business events with other business owners I find while this might not necessarily bring you a lot of clients it's a great opportunity to learn meet if other business owners not necessarily event planners but other business owners maybe add a local business Meetup and they may talk about strategies that be used to market their business or how they work with their clients that can give you ideas in your own business as well they can also be a source for referrals the other thing you can do is you can go to trade shows and other events like that that gives you an opportunity to network with potential customers and other business owners but on a bigger platform the courser are the online methods and if you're looking to market your business online there are a few things you need to do the first is you need to get a website I will not understand event planners who are out there marketing their businesses and saying I'm not getting any clients but they don't have a website if you're looking for customers online you need to have a website something to send them to you to show them where you are in what you can do and let them learn a bit more about your company and yourself you also need to get on social media if you're working with clients work a certain age guys they're hanging out on social media you just need to find out which platforms are so whether that's on Facebook on Pinterest on Instagram find out where they are and open those social media accounts start a page get people to like your page or join Facebook groups write anything to get your business name out there the next thing you want to do is get your business listed people won't know to find you if your business is not listed so whether that's listed on Google business listing if you have a physical location or targeting more event planning and wedding planning websites such as wedding wire or the not get on those website and list your business look on compaq then you want to engage with your customers online so don't just open a social media account going to the conversations see what they're saying speak to them and again I'll say this don't just go in forums and on social media and push out your business information don't you see I'm an event planner in North Carolina here's how you can contact me speak directly to your customers like you would speak to someone in person because if you meet someone in person you would not necessarily say to a friend I'm an event planner I'm Jodi Ann and here's my business card here's how to reach me you might say to them what problems are you having fun in your wedding okay well maybe if you're having a problem due in seed an arrangement these are the these are what you can look at doing or here's what I would recommend speak to them like you would speak to a friend the next one that you can do online and this is very effective is paying for advertisement so if you find that you're not generating a lot of business then you can look into paid advertisement options so paid ads on Google on Facebook there are numerous opportunities for a buyer you just have to do a bit of research and the final step and final one is I think one of the most important is that you have to invest in your learning so you'll need to enroll in an event planning course or program and I'll tell you why you say this when I started event planning I had never completed an event planning course my degree as I said earlier was in economics so I started planning events I was working in the industry and then I officially got hired by a company and I was flying events for years and I had never completed a program however I got to the point where I thought I needed to really update my skills and see that what else was out there because I needed to know what our village was doing and how the market was changing so I went ahead in an enroll in an event management program and guys I'll tell you this when I enter the program I had been planning events for over seven years at this point and I walked into that class thinking I knew everything and I was in for a shocker being honest I can say that I knew about 70 to 80 percent of the materials in the class however the other 30% I knew nothing about like I learned so much in terms of financial stuff how to plan financially and how to really work with a client on a budget risk management and all the strategies that you can use to really minimize or mitigate risk in your events I learned so much that I didn't know and it was a little scary because I've been planning events for seven years and I didn't know some of those stuff and not because and they weren't there but when you're doing events you tend to learn based on what you've done in the past right so if it's not something you experience you wouldn't have learned it and that class provided the best opportunity to do that so I really encourage you to enroll in a program and find something that does that because and I'll tell you why it allows you to stay ahead of your game planet has really become more established as a professional career and with that being said it does mean that it is now more competitive for new event planners because clients are now looking to have a certain everyone they want to see experience they want to see skills but they also want to see demonstrated knowledge they want to know that you've been through some course that you have a certification they're looking at multiple event in winning planners at any given time so you do want to give yourself an edge over your competition and you can achieve that as I said earlier by going ahead and obtain training and looking into certification programs but knowing that you have the skills and the knowledge not one or the other to really effectively fine an event is crucial so I really encourage you to look at planning but look at an event planning course and research what's best for you what's out there and I'll share with you one program that is offered through my website and that's it's called event you and I call this the ultimate guide to successful event planning and what this program is is event U is an online event planning course specifically for new event planning professionals so if you're new to event planning you're not sure how to get started this is the course for you and it's delivered through an online program so you'll have access to the program online two lectures two videos worksheets and all the templates and tools that I use in my own business but in addition to that so in addition to the videos the lectures powerpoints worksheet you also get adult homework and this is one of my my proudest features of the program and that you get something that you can take away work on it and you submit it back to me and the great thing about adult homework is that there is no grade to adult homework unlike regular homework right what this does it gives you an opportunity to really see how far you are to see what you've learned and four to get some feedback based on everything that you've done through the program and you can find more information out about this and WWN certificate com backslash event you I've opened up the details of the program so you can go on and browse at your own time at your leisure just to see what's included and everything that you will receive most importantly I want to share just one comment from a student who completed the program and you can see at the top of the screen in total I've had 817 students complete this program and the great thing about having 817 students complete a program is that I've been able to speak to them to get their feedback so this year I reopened and launched the program and I opened it as a newer program because it's been revamped a bit based on the feedback of the students one was the adult homework so previously our adult homework was done in the form of a case study and based on the feedback of the students they wanted to get more opportunities to submit it back to me and see exactly what I would say but individually so I am given everyone now the opportunity to do this now of course I'm the new revamp program I won't put you in the same class as that eight hundred and seventeen students because you all are started in different places so the open and Lycoris freshed on January 30th and everyone joined the course then will have an opportunity to really go through the program at their own pace without having to be in the same program with students that have already completed that and who might be at a different stage in their business but what I wanted to share is a review from one particular student her name is Casey Lori and I often refer to her as Lori and I've got to know her really well over the past couple of months and after completing the course she sent me a review and I just go ahead and read it for you it says I have been doing a series of small events are events in a small scale for over ten years I recently got into doing a wedding and realized that I needed to learn as much as I could about what he event wanting as wedding planning is no small affair after taking this course I realized a few things one I didn't know what I thought I did I thought in doing events for a while I knew all I needed to know wrong I learned so much from this course and how to effectively plan execute and review events with what I didn't know this course assured me I was doing something right positive reinforcement is always a plus and an encouragement three confidence I wanted to start my own event planning business and I've been on the fence about it for a while after taking this course I feel much more confident ready and excited to achieve that dream and she closes by saying to anyone thinking about taking this course do it you know as well as I do that if you like you in events there's always something to learn the more prepared you are the better prepared and excellent your event will be the only downside I would say about this course is that I wish it had apart you and I really had to thank her for her review on God now what's included in event you well I'll look into a couple of the items that you get if you join that program and first is a certificate of completion once you've gone through the program at the end of the program you get an official certificate that you can share on your LinkedIn profile or you can download and save that shows proof that you've completed the program next you get access to a private Facebook group and everyone in the Corps we'll be added to this group and this is your opportunity to be around a group of like-minded event planners we're going through the program at the same time so even if I'm not available right away to answer a question your peers will be there because they are going through the same obstacle and they might be able to share their experience as well as provide guidance you also get a sample client Welcome kit and the Welcome kit includes about 15 templates for when you've signed a new clients includes a welcome letter a brochure a thank you note it goes over the entire kit that you would give to your client and this is provided for you next you get access to the event planning template bundle and this template bundle is one I update every year so there's a template I discover I started using more and more each year I add it to the bundle you also have lifetime access to the course so as I'm updating the course material each year you will have access to the updated materials I also provide and this one is so important email template the exact words to use for booking your clients next I provide you with a list of industry software and tools and I outlined the tools I've given you a summary of each how I use them and why you should as well as well as there is links to several external resources that you might not even thought about using that I linked to within the course now this is one of the more exciting features is that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee with event you there's a hundred percent 30 days money-back guarantee and the reason I do this is because I've done everything in my power to make sure that event U is the simplest foundation for planning that you can use the best resource I port all my knowledge into it and if you put in the work you will get reward so I give you 30 days to try out the program before you commit so you try it out if you're not happy you can ask for a refund you know one of the things you really are probably asking yourself is is event you for you and event you is not for everyone I will be honest but if you're if you love it planning events and you enjoy planning events you've always wanted to be an event planner or everyone's always told you you should be an event planner if employment is for you then event you is one of the great programs to start with so if you are you thinking are you stuck on how to get started are you unsure of what kind of schooling do you need should you enroll in a college course she give you an online course or online courses credible and how will you make money how will you find clients if these are questions you have event you is the perfect course to start with now if you start not in along for any of these statements I definitely want your gram now if you have no formal event planned education and you're trying to figure out where to start this is exactly where I was many years ago event planning is definitely for you if you know that you become an event planner is what you're passionate about if you don't mind the extra hand-holding and step-by-step instructions and I provide in the course and if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work then event you is definitely have a program for you and the question that you might be asking yourself is what is the total cost of the program well the total value for everything included is over $1,300 but if then you will be open on January 30th and the cost for early enrollment is one hundred and ninety five dollars that's it one ninety five for lifetime access to the program now registration as I said opens on January 30th however the waitlist for the program is open today so you can go on the website go through the program look at the course module and if you're interested join the waitlist because I do have a few extra special bonus for people on the waitlist that I will have a time limit on and I will send that only to people who have joined the waitlist now again you can find all the information you need about it and WWE events are to Viacom / event you now I really want to take the time today to thank you for watching this training and I really look forward to working with you again in the future

Michael Martin

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  1. Hello, I just discovered your page and I love the things you’ve done and what you are about. I’ve volunteered, I’ve taken the course but I feel I still need a little help or push in helping my business get to the next level. I want to take part in Event U because I feel there are some things that I can make use of that’s in the program but I don’t need to get certified as I already am.. also the amount just isn’t in my budget at all right now so I was wondering if there was any advice you could give me in what to do, can I email you??? I am trying very hard to push myself and keep myself motivated because there’s a lot of people that are literally praying and waiting to see me fail because I didn’t do what they advised me to or go in the path they recommended to me.

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