8 Life Hacks And Ideas For The Best Party Of The Year

getting ready for a party don't forget about beautiful invitations fun games sweet cocktails and of course the vibe on the dance floor watch our new video to learn how to throw a party when your parents are home Ben and Rosie's parents are going out of town for a couple of days the house is all theirs now which means it's time to throw a crazy party Rosie made starry invitations get two sheets of blue scrapbooking cardboard cut a star out of one of them poor star-shaped glitter into a ziploc bag the size of the cut and pour in some water attach a sheet of white paper to the blue cardboard write your friend's name glue the bag with glitter on top and cover it with the upper cardboard layer with the star hot glue the pieces together make lines for the date and location with a silver marker decorate the invitation with stars and glitter glue now sign the invitation and send it out to your friends but Ben just calls his friend he knows Stevie's really busy and he never reads mailed invitations Stevie would absolutely love to come to Ben's party Ben and Rosie are preparing their house for their party fix the curtains clear up the same room for a dance floor and the most important thing a light-up sign so their friends know where the party is right the word party in white marker on the glass of a picture frame cover the back of the glass where the writing is with masking tape coat the glass with acrylic paint make transitions between colors cover the front of the frame with shiny square sequins when the paint dries remove the tape and glue on a string of LED lights Rosie hangs up the sign now no one will be able to miss the party entrance the door shines even at night now let's wait for our guests Stevie showed up first the party King didn't come empty-handed he brought a present a star pinata cut a big star following a template out of thick cardboard make two pieces use a strip of cardboard to make a border around the star cut a strip into pieces that are the same length as the Rays hot glue them on cut a flap out of the center of the second star and glue it to the border make fringe out of a strip of metallic paper round the edges with scissors cover the star with different colors of Fringe pour candy inside and big confetti glue the flap poke a hole through the top of the star and attach a ribbon through it now hang up the pinata and hit it as hard as you can rosie has a baseball bat that'll do the trick let's cover Stevie's eyes Ben has a dangerous job careful Stevie don't hit your best friend let's go Stevie easily destroys the pinata and candy and confetti showered down to the floor a pinata was a great idea thanks Stevie now we can eat candy will we wait for the other guests the next guest is blondie she got their invitation and prepared a surprise for Ben and Rosie she brought a fun game involving balloons right animals and characters on strips of colored paper wrap the notes up and put them into balloons sprinkle in some glitter blow up the balloons and tie them with a ribbon attach them onto mesh fabric decorate it with ribbons the girls attach the balloons to the wall blondie has a dart this game is a cross between darts and charades Ben Ames pops a balloon and has to explain the word he just got he shows up all his acting skills something that flies is it a bird is it a plane is it Swan Lake Stevie films it for posterity finally they guess it it was a butterfly now it's Rosie's turn she pops a balloon then acts like a brave superhero it's Batman that was easy Blondie's turn she gets Harry Potter she explains for a long time someone who wears glasses and flies on a broomstick our math teacher no finally they guess it Stevie's turn but he got a complicated character to explain it's a girl with long hair the friends can't decide maybe it's Barbie that's right Stevie got his favorite doll great job buddy Rosie prepared the next game it's a dance contest and the friends will write down the scores on star-shaped boards cut a star out of thick cardboard following a template glue it onto a chopstick decorate it with a ribbon stevie performs an interpretive dance he's definitely got what it takes to be a star and he gets a high score the friends write their scores using special crayons for the stars break up crayons and divide them by color microwave them fill a star-shaped silicon mould with the liquid crayons for the colors in layers let each layer cool put the ready stars into a box along with gift filler Rosie shows off her dance she's destined to be a hip-hop star and she gets a decent score but then dance better than everyone else Justin Timberlake wishes he could have swag like this great work then the stage needs you blondie wraps up the show everything she does is magical even free-falling after dancing so hard we need to have a refreshing hot chocolate cocktail pour milk into sugar microwave it and mix it pour the syrup into a flat dish dip the rim of a glass into it and dunk it in sprinkles pour milk into star-shaped silicone molds add food coloring to each one and put them in the freezer melt white chocolate in a microwave dilute it with hot milk add edible silver pearl powder pour the chocolate into the decorated glass pour in edible glitter and add the colourful milk ice decorate the top with whipped cream and more food glitter Rosie made a unique cocktail following a special recipe just for this party the ice makes the yummy cocktail turn different colors let's have some serious fun Ben Hank's a disco ball on the chandelier that means it's time to dance cut old CDs into small pieces color a plastic sphere with spray-paint cover the sphere with the CD pieces use hot glue make slime mix glue and pink acrylic paint add borax sprinkle a mixture with baking soda and mix pink slime add different colors of glitter into it and place the slime into the disco ball DJ drop the beat now this is a real party we're all going wild and DJ stevie is spinning his favorite track he's heating up the floor everyone's having an absolute blast what's up neighbors Ben feels the dance craze and accidentally hits the disco ball oh gosh it's leaking turns out that's just some flying it just wants to have fun – no worries we'll just keep partying finally the parents come back Ben and Rosie act like nothing happened but they forgot about the photo zone that has all the photographic evidence from their party blew a tube to a clothing hanger spray paint it white attach organza ribbons party ribbons and strings of beads to the tube cover the whole thing alternating layers glue the bottom ends of the ribbons to a second tube cut the word party out of a shiny foam rubber sheet and decorate the hanger attach stars made out of shiny felt to small clothes pins and hang photos of your friends on the ribbons mom and dad take the photos down from the stand well well well looks like someone had a party it's a shame that Ben and Rosie didn't manage to hide all the clues did you like our party ideas then let us know in the comments about which one you'll use at your next get-together and don't forget to like this video subscribe to our Channel and click on the belt so you don't miss new party life hacks from shroom shroom

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  1. Look closely at their parents between 10:14 and 10:20 Their Dad has a painted coat and their mom is Blondie

  2. I see they show you how to have a party when you're parents are gone

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    Then show you how to get caught with the pics

  3. Omg rosie and Ben are in big TROUBLE

  4. I will use all of them I’m going to (have) make a party and I already got some things to do thank you guysπŸ€ͺ

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