7 Tips for Enhancing Engagement Practice

There’s a lot to be said for sitting
down – taking some time to talk to people and really understand what
they’re wanting from the engagement process so managing expectations would
be my piece of advice. Finding a mentor, making regular contact with them, checking in if you need anything clarified and finding someone that’s
really good at what they do. Take the time to plan and listen to the people in the room when you’re engaging with them because they give you tips and hints about where to next. Slow down even only for a few minutes – just slow down and have real empathy. I think it’s often really a good idea to co-design a process. Get the key players – and potentially some key stakeholders – in the room and talk to them about their needs and requirements. If you’re going to run a process and you
end up with a big wish list of items that people would like for whatever
you’re doing, always make sure you’ve got some sort of prioritisation
or decision-making process to help narrow that down. Make sure that you’re building enough time at the beginning of any engagement activity for people to get to know each other, have a good conversation and build relationships because it’s much easier to do the work towards the end of the program.

Michael Martin

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