7 Signs You Need A Divorce (Don’t ignore #3)

Hi John here from defeatingdivorce.com and
in this video we’ll discuss the signs you need a divorce: how to know when your marriage
is over. Before we start the video, make sure to subscribe
and hit the bell button to be notified whenever we publish new videos! In order to come to the conclusion that you
should get a divorce, you must first ask yourself whether or not you are making the right decision. To determine whether or not you should get
a divorce, consider the following signs. Number 1 You’d rather be alone If you prefer being alone instead of being
around your spouse, then that’s a huge warning sign. Perhaps you don’t enjoy their company and
you feel relieved when you have the house to yourself. If both of you have tried to spend time together
to rekindle the romance but it just hasn’t worked after valiant efforts on both of your
behalves, then it may be time to call it quits. #2 Their touch makes you flinch and feel uncomfortable The romance is completely gone and perhaps
you even feel repulsed by your spouse’s touch. Despite both of you giving it your all, your
efforts to bring the spark back and spend time together have unfortunately proven unsuccessful. This alone is not a reason to get a divorce,
but it does signal significant trouble in the marriage. #3 You or your spouse can’t stay faithful Sometimes couples that experience infidelity
are able to work on their issues and develop an even stronger relationship. A huge component of this success is that there
is only one affair and the cheater is committed to changing his or her ways. If you or your partner has had multiple affairs,
its not even fair to be in a marriage. If you’re unable to stop yourself from committing
adultery, you probably don’t want to be monogamous and be tied down to one-person
whether you can admit it or not. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to have
as many partners as you want, however, the issue is that you have made a vow to be monogamous. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. #4 You don’t see a future with your spouse If you imagine your future and only see your
personal fantasies being a reality, you’re likely disregarding the desires of your spouse. A healthy marriage requires sacrifice and
not getting to do everything you want. #5 You just don’t care anymore If things that used to upset you now seem
mundane, you may be emotionally detached from the marriage. For instance, your spouse did something that
would usually make you angry, but at thing point in the relationship, you simply just
don’t care. You’re indifferent and perhaps may have
mentally and/or emotionally disconnected from the relationship. If there is no desire to work on your marriage
from either party, then it may be time to consider throwing in the towel. # 6 You stop confiding in them You don’t feel safe confiding in them and
would rather turn to family members and friends instead. You don’t have an interest in telling them
about your day and they’re no longer your go-to person like they once were. The next time you witness something hilarious
or amazing, pay close attention to who your mind naturally first thinks of telling. # 7 Marriage Counseling Isn’t Working You have both sincerely demonstrated immense
effort in saving your marriage. You have sought out professional help from
a couple’s counselor (or two) and put in serious time outside of your appointments
to work on what the therapist recommends. Despite all the effort and time, if things
still aren’t getting better, you may both just have to accept that the relationship
is not meant to be. If you and your partner are against getting
a divorce and really want to save your marriage, then I highly recommend checking out the same
marriage system my wife Emily and I used. You can go to www.defeatingdivorce.com/savemymarriage
to access Again, My name is John and I hope you enjoyed
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Michael Martin

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  1. Did we miss any signs that you need a divorce? Which ones stuck out to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

  2. Divorce would decrease if we married people spent more time modeling a successful Christian example of marriage for our kids. I'm not saying this approach guarantees marital success, Christian relationships struggle and divorce too. My wife and I don't have a perfect marriage, but we do our best to follow biblical principles in our marriage and when we do our relationship thrives, but when we don't, we struggle too. I am confident; however that the success of our child's marriage will depend upon the success of her parent's marriage.

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  4. As a person who’s getting a divorce soon, I can truly say marriage is a fucking joke. Don’t get married. Don’t waste your time. Stay single and ENJOY YOUR LIFE

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