7 Money Mistakes to Avoid When Planning your Wedding Day

Hello everyone, I’m Leah from Loanry Did you know that the average wedding cost in America is about thirty nine thousand dollars? Most people don’t know how to pay for their wedding Before you turn to financing options, we suggest listening to these seven money mistakes. You should avoid them planning your wedding Number 1. Not having a budget: It is critical that you have a budget you can use Budgetry.com to create a budget for the big day 2. Underestimating the cost of the venue and other costs: keep in mind that the most critical thing is to ensure that all Expenses are accounted for and fall within your budget 3. Waiting too long to have the money talk: this may result in spending waste or overspending on things that aren’t a priority 4. Spending too much on the dress or any single item 5. Inviting too many guests: you should certainly factor a headcount into your budget 6. Trying to go it alone: Accepting help from family and friends is better than ending up in debt 7. Forgetting to focus on what is important: You should remember that beyond the wedding you will be starting a life together Always consider a solid financial plan that is based on long-term thinking Good luck with your wedding planning, please subscribe and comment for more money tips

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