639Hz Manifest Love While You Sleep ➤ Harmonize Relationships – Attract Love & Positive Energy

Michael Martin

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  1. I’ve been listening for 5 months. I still haven’t found anyone. I hope she is coming. I have enough love to give and share. I have faith she will be here.

  2. Guys I just met this amazing girl … and I feel attracted to her … Please everyone pray for me it will work out … I hope she will know how I feel about her … I hope that I am not just a fool who dream of the impossible .. She is way above my league … but when we talk I feel like I have a chance … maybe who knows? …

  3. I was reading all the comments and they are so sweet. I hope this works for me. I’ve never had a boyfriend but have had a relationship. Haven’t been on a date in over a year. I’ll listen to this for s while an be back to let you know how it’s going!

  4. Universe please bring back my ex into my life… I know I messed up big time but i also know that he is the one for me. I’m ready to give and receive love

  5. Well I guess this works. I just listened to this last night after stopping for a few weeks. Again just visualizing running into my twin or getting some form of communication from him. It's been more than a year since last time I saw him. I just ran into him. In a city where he doesn't live. In a place I never go to. Changed my schedule, made a u turn and end up in a place where I did run into him. Warning though: You can pray and ask all you want. But if He doesn't wanna see you or want that won't change. Instead you'll end up picking up pieces of your heart and running to your car in tears. 😭💔 I am sincerely broken right now. Good luck to y'all 🙏❤️ it works

  6. I can honestly say I feel so amazing right now! Listening this is bringing me so much peace and love. I know that Pete is my husband and I am so grateful now that we have a happy fun loving marriage that honors God and brings Him glory!

  7. I am feeling like me and my one , my sweet sweet love , my twin , we are coming soon in union , physical union , I.m super excited and can.t wait to see the mirror with my physical eyes too . He.s sweet like cherry pie and I.m feeling ready for both of us to come in perfectly and harmonious union here to raise the earth vibration in love . my dear ALL . we are one . we come in peace and love for everyone and everything . the kingdom of God and the truest and purest form of Love and freedom of joy is coming , the 5'D it s happening . Be open to step in this new infinte refreshing love , of the ones who have been chosen . Be ready to become one with all . Be ready to see the true face of the golden lion God heart … Only love and the freedom in love and light who conquer any form of intrusive abusive or inferior vibrational .
    FREE YOURSELF OF" THE HUMAN CYCLE "by thinking that this …is an wonderful experience and not a cycle of a nightmare like you are being traped . you create you reality so if you feel like you are traped in the human cycle or any cycle you become the cycle and trapped , repeating experiences . you are an individual being whos forming smth .. you have the perfect non judgemental right to believe and BELIEVE in love and the kind of GOD who is Only Love !
    Peace light and love …

  8. This isn't gonna work for me because absolutely no one on this planet capable of loving me. Guess I'm not meant to have a physical relationship ever.

    Just know if it works out for you guys how lucky you are. Other meditation methods work for me except love ones.

  9. May you be blessed with gratitude for the abundant love within all. I am so grateful for this benevolent universe of only rewards and no punishments. I am grateful for my heartache. I am grateful for the high I will feel at the opposite end of this feeling's spectrum for like a vessel this pain is taking me to where I am supposed to be. I don't have to know where that is i just have to know that my higher self knows it for me. I am grateful for the in-between, the beautifully up and down process. I am grateful for my heart who endures all that I go through with me. I am grateful for you and that you are breathing right now. Thank you. I love you.

  10. Joanna B. I love you like no other..I wish you'd be in my life forever. I can't stand missing you anymore. It haunts me and the pain never lessens.

  11. Isn't it painfull when you wanted to have something with someone and the timing was bad. Even though there is no such bad timing. But you wish them the best. And for you too? 😢😢😇🙏

  12. I do not have luck with love at all I am beautiful lady inside & outside have very good spirit Try to help as much as I can ,But no luck with love at all. last year I broke up with my lover relationship for ten years after that I thought I met the person I did not want have relationship with him ,But without knowing what is going on I start dating him I am with him for 9 months I find out he is drinking so much , using weed and very loud. he does not have any rolls in his life he does not have a stable job all bad stuff combined in him>>>> after I threaten him to leave him he stopped drinking and using weed ,But start to yell at me at any small think if I say . his words only I want to leave him , But i fell I am alone in this world I do not trust any body quickly … I wish him to be better or I have to leave him ,because I am tired

  13. I'm crying listening to this as of thought i am here just to seek true love.. why life is so unfair 😭

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