639Hz – Harmonize Relationships: Attracts Love and Positive Energy – Heal Old Negative Energy & Pain

Michael Martin

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  1. This is peaceful. Being alone is ruff at times, having people leave all the time gets to ya…just stay positive.

  2. I'm on my last string of hope, my wife of 15 years left me two years ago. I still love her with all of my heart, and all I ever do is ask her to take me back. And all I ever get is rejection,she filed for divorce earlier this year. I am so depressed, even our three kids notice.
    I want my family back together ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    I'm crying just writing this.. I hope this will help

  3. Thank you for this wonderfully peacefull music..and this piano gave me the feeling of ripples of water, really , I was in a dreamland where there was such a peace, beauty and love with aperfect partner and children and animals and birds, wonderfully clean fresh air and clear skies with a bright SUN…told you I was in dreamland๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ™

  4. These comments are refreshing and so positive, as I can emphasize with you that I'm not the only one going through a struggle with, not only my soul mate but my twin flame (yes, we found each other). So we feel more deeply, more passion which makes the littlest struggle difficult. So hopefully playing this will help us with our current issue now. Thank you guys. Peace be with you all and your struggle.

  5. So calm and soothing. Iโ€™ve been always anxious because of my manโ€™s sudden distance lately. Waking up at the middle of night, loosing my confidence and feeling worried all the time. I felt helpless and negative. But this really erase all these emotions and surprisingly he slowly started to communicate with me! Iโ€™m so grateful for everything which happened and I finally found my peace of mind. No matter how it would be, Iโ€™ll believe the universe and let it be.

  6. I love this subliminal. It really works. Once I remember listening to it and the day after I woke with soft and loving thoughts for a friend that was getting in my nerves, whom I cherished but just could not deal with him any more. And then that ! Lovely. Thank you.
    Lili [email protected] Coach

  7. I am healing myself after so many suffering, pain and depression. Now I am willing to manifest a soulmate.

  8. Dear fellow humans,
    Comments and videos like these reminds me of why the internet is so beautiful. A boardless world where all of us can connect with those who are seeking growth, healing from pain and trying our best to experience this life abundantly. Where ever you are in the world know that i'm sending you energy of light and love while i'm typing this. Everyone who is hurting, confused, feels lost, or full of hate or anger know things will get better. It isn't easy being human but we are experiencing this internal battle together. You are not alone. Much of my past trauma has hurt the relationship with the love of my life but he's giving me another chance, this is the last shot. I'm in the process of unraveling all of my suppressed trauma so i no longer unconsciously project them. Please send light and prayer my way for this journey and my relationship.

  9. Relationships. You are Complete. ๐ŸŒน Spiritual Love. Cleanses Lies from your Flesh. AkA ego. Real Love. We thank you for your ๐Ÿ’–

  10. I deserve the love I give so freely to others.
    Repeat 20 times each morning and before you sleep.
    It will change your life!!
    Peace and light,


  11. I am writing this comment a year after listening to this. I was broken, depressed, and hit rock bottom
    After meeting my twin flame. I listened to this audio for three months straight. I didnโ€™t understand our connection at first but through time I did. I lifted myself
    Up made my own YouTube channel have my own business and me and my twin reunited. This audio works guys. It might not Happen in a day but if you believe it will.

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