51-Year-Old Actor Doug Hutchison Marries Teenager: Couple Speaks Out

Michael Martin

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  1. The way she walked and the way she looked at him creeps me out!!! She believes she’s a sex symbol and that’s definitely how she portrays herself!! If God is truly important to her, then she’d realize it’s not necessary to dress that way.

  2. Lock up your daughters, fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers. This shit is fucked up.

  3. Father walking his "girl" down the aisle in an extremely skimpy "wedding dress". Bride was a "virgin, saving herself for him". (😂😂😂) Of course her parents consented to this marriage, he's an actor!! If he'd been a nobody, he'd be in jail right now!!

  4. If they are so in love then why not wait til she turned 18 . Keep talking getting to know one another , then get married when she turned 18. I don't believe it's not for fame in her mind . 4 months of talking on the internet. Let's see when how long it lasts if he is not from the creepfiles see if when she really starts becoming a women if he is not on to the next or if she don't come out with a book 15 20 years from now saying her parents put her up to this or should have stopped her. I just don't get it if you were so in love and no sex talk was going on why not wait 2 years or even 1. I want to believe that it's for real but something keeps me thinking something is really wrong with this situation.

  5. Plastic surgery duh! Dumb asses lol 😂 and on top of that THATS NASTY! As fuck and your fuckin parents r PATHETIC AND RETARDED AS FUCK

  6. Funniest thing is That they make shows for ylutube about predators that are 43y old or 45 wanna hang out with 15 y old 16,and police catches them and what is this???No predator?

  7. Yes she looks way older but we understand. He probably is the same personality he played in The Green Mile. I didn't know who he was. It won't last. Just Watch.

  8. Bruh that guy old enough to be her grandpa and if they didnt say she was 16 id think she was his mom

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