5 Subtle Signs Someone Feels Attracted To You

A lot of people don’t realize how much communication we do with our bodies. And so some people will be out there flirting, thinking they’re doing it very slyly, but the truth is they’re being indirect verbally and screaming interest with every fiber of their body. So if you’re that person and you wanna catch it in yourself, or you think someone might be interested in you but you can’t tell, I wanna help with that. So I’m gonna give you five of the most common yet still very subtle signs that someone is interested in you. Particularly the things that have to do with their body. So the first one is to pay attention to how the person breaks eye contact. If you think of yourself throughout your day, what you’re typically doing when you make eye contact is just continuing on. That’s it. You look at someone, and you continue on your path. Now, when you’re caught, what you often do, you shouldn’t be staring, or you see something and you know, you’re just staring too long and think, “Oh shoot,” you look down. Now if someone that you know looks down after you catch eye contact with them that is sometimes a sign that they were staring at you, in which case they might be interested or just that you make them nervous. Another thing to pay attention to, is people who like other people will often tilt their chins down, and then kind of look up at them with the big eyes, right? It’s a flirtatious way to look at someone. So that takes us to number two, which is how they touch you. I think it goes without saying that if someone likes someone else they tend to find opportunities to touch them, but the touch can be very particular, and often times, it’s not just a touch-and-lift, it’s a drag-touch. So some people are huggers. Don’t read too much into this, but if you get a hug, and they give you one of these, and then they kinda slide off down your arm to your elbow or your wrist, maybe a sign. Or if you’re having a photo taken, right? and somebody wraps their arms around your back, totally cool, but as they slide off it’s kinda like your lat or your low back is being dragged. Hopefully nothing terribly inappropriate here. That can be a sign that someone is interested. Women often times will touch men here, on their arms, Hopefully men are not doing the same thing to women, but that’s just something to pay attention to. Number three is the flipside of that: how they touch themselves when you enter into their presence or how you touch yourself if you’re trying to catch this in yourself. What we subconsciously do when someone we’re attracted to is nearby, is we try to make ourselves look better. and this expresses itself a little bit differently in men and women. So men often times will stand up straighter, they’ll put a hand through their hair, right? They’ll tuck their shirt in. Women oftentimes have jewelry and they’ll begin to fiddle with it, right? They’ll play with their ring, they’ll sort of adjust this They’ll play with their necklace, but by far the most common thing that I see in women is hair-touching. and if you want to run a fun little experiment go to a popular date spot in your area, scan the room, and look for any couple where the woman is just kinda playing with her hair, right? That’s going to be a strong sign that that date is going well, that she at least is interested in the other person, so if you see that, not a dead giveaway, none of these are, but used in conjunction, it’s a pretty strong sign. Now the next thing to realize is that people often have pretty good control of their eyes, right? We’ve been taught not to stare, but we don’t have such good control of where our body points. So if you’re out somewhere and you notice that someone is talking to their friends but their body is angled towards you, particularly their chest, sometimes their hips and their feet, that is a strong sign that their interest, is if you drew a line where their feet are going, boom. That is where their actual interest is. and because we’re paying all attention trying to look like we’re paying attention to the person right in front of us, when really, we just wanna be talking to the person over there. Now the feet are a strong indicator of where someone’s interest lies in any conversation it’s also a strong indicator of who the leader is in a group. Just look to who most people are facing. but this does have one caveat in very crowded areas. If you’re out at a crowded bar or club, nobody’s going to be pointing themselves at you over a sea of ten different people

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  1. Women will sit with their legs toward you when sitting with you- like pointing their crotch at what they desire. Pay attention, if a woman doesn't like a person they will point away.

  2. Lol 😂 I
    See a cute walk near me what I
    Do is I keep a serious face if he looks at me I look even more serious hehe 🙃 and then he goes away lol me in my mind why didn’t he like me back I looked at him what more does he want lol shy girl issues ☺️😆

  3. You can't do or say anything these days without offending someone.This world has finally lost its mind!

  4. Im sorry but everytime his mouth is really open I just think of that giant mouth with a high pitched squeak meme.

  5. Women are allowed to touch men. Men are not allowed to touch women? Sorry, but until the world regains it's sanity any woman that puts a hand on me is getting reported for sexual harassment.

  6. I'm on an endless search for confirmation that this person likes me back because for reasons I can't ask them myself and everyday I'm just more convinced that they do

  7. Hopefully men are not doing the same to women? Uh wat. So women have free reign to 'drag' along a man's body, and it's a nono for men to do?

  8. so often times i have woman drage there hand down my chest what does that mean? i dont want to assume its sexual but that hows it feels.

  9. Erm…I personally think this can be really misleading for people like me because I do all of these actions while talking to most or certain people but I never ever was attracted to any of them. And then there was one time when I suddenly just kept on playing with my hair (almost frantically) and I just realized that everyone mustve think I was flirting like crazy when all I could remember was that I was extremely nervous at that time because I was asked a question (it was a really simple question, "Tell me your favourite film, and why?") by a film director in front of everyone in the auditorium.

  10. is she into you? Yeah again there's really no way to tell so your best bet is to keep your wits about you and keep looking for signs.

  11. I always play with my hair and ring maybe more when I’m nervous or annoyed but I realy do this with everybody ! Now boys are gonna think it’s a sign 😓😓😂

  12. I couldn't agree more with everything he said. I do that all the time when I hug someone or touch someone I'm attracted to. THIS IS SPOT ON.

  13. There was a random guy that just stared at me. Even when I stared back, he just stared and smiled, but it wasn’t creepy- I-

  14. Good tips and video + thanks etc! The part about touching is more nuanced than described here imho, as this varies so much from country to country. I have a sense that California is much more touchy-feely than, say, London, for example (correct me if I'm wrong), where wide-spread hugging does NOT happen and is reserved for a select number of close friends and family and, even then, is only done very occasionally. Plus, bitching about other people, to bring oneself up in the eyes of others, doesn't happen in London (not in my circles, anyway), but we would moan and criticise full-pelt the government, famous people, Remain or Brexit, the political parties etc, anyone in the media, music etc…

  15. For men. If you are interested in a girl/lady just pop your willy out of your trousers. They will get the hint.

  16. No wonder guys can never tell if I'm interested, I don't do almost any of these things (other than standing nearby but not facing them) 😀

  17. The problem is I first need to find out if she’s also into girls and then I’d have to actually try to make her interested and I mean she talks to me sometimes and asks me questions but I don’t feel like I’m good enough

  18. Lol I’ve been watching your videos because of YouTube recommendations and I finally see your face and this video was uploaded on 2018 😂😂 This video randomly popped up too 😂😂

  19. Lol #1 I keep eye contact like a creep,
    #2 never touch people for no reason,
    #3 yeah true,
    #4 I avoid my crush, so there no pointing shoes at them either lol
    #5 my crush is instantly gone when they talk about potential admirers

  20. I'm never sure how applicable any of these social situations videos are for my life when their always described in terms of being at some bar. Very different kinds of people go to bars than I ever interact with. I live in a mostly rural area where the most town has are some fast food restaurants and a walmart. And the social circles clubs? Their all places filled with geriatics.

    I shouldn't have to take up smoking hookah or take up drinking just to find eligible people my age to talk too.

  21. Most women are oblivious of how men interpret our completely innocent touching.
    I had no idea that men make so many assumptions about touch.

  22. Sometimes if I liked a guy I used to purposely pay no attention to him, but talk with everyone else lol eventually we went out on a date and he mentioned about how I used to ignore him 😉 I was shy and it was more calming to try and ignore him than be a basket case of nerves around him lol

  23. I play with my hair a lot just to fix it up after wind blows it or to make sure its still good. I purposefully try to restrain myself from doing it just bc I know everyone associates it with liking someone 😒😒

  24. i'm still at school and there's this guy i like. he's not really in my friend group at all but i do talk to him fairly often. during the summer we spoke on snapchat a lot and when we got back to school i always see him looking back at me from a distance with a smile on his face. i always try to look away because i hate looking like i'm staring at people but he does the same thing. dunno tho, dunno why i don't know

  25. A guy has been staring at me conitnously for 5 years. He is my neighbour. But he hasn't approached me. He has a lot of girlfriends on insta but he hasn't approached me there as well ,then why he still feels the need to stare at me? Plz tell me if you know

  26. I always have trouble knowing what to do regarding eye contact if someone is at a distance but in my field of vision.

    Can't hold it too long. Can't break it too soon, especially if you are approaching. Either way it is supposed to be creepy.

    The problem is that my eyes are damaged and I don't see clearly at a distance. I have to get pretty close before I can see their eyes to tell if they are even looking back at me, which makes it impossible to read the situation. In some lighting I nearly have to be within arms reach. Others about 15 feet or so.

    So I tend to divert my eyes elsewhere until I'm close enough to actually see what they are doing, which isn't unnatural for me anyway because I typically try to keep track of my surroundings and avoid tunnel vision. Usually by the time I reach a person I can tell I've already made them uncomfortable.

    This extends beyond eye contact because I cannot react to facial expressions either because I cannot see them (which can be a bit unnerving). It is very frustrating.

  27. @Charisma on Command I wanted to know if a girl likes me so I studied her behavior and I wanna know what you think an unbiased third party opinion
    Okay one she broke eye contact by looking down and occasionally looks back up
    Two when she notices I'm there she figets with her hair
    Three once we played tag in p.e. (yes I'm in school ninth grade) and when she looked back and saw me chasing her she stopped. Plus when I was hiding she was constantly asking others about me (I'm sneaky)
    Four one time for a test I started talking about different things with her group and when I reminded something she also did.
    I would like to know your opinion on this does she like me or am I desperate?

  28. I’ve watched hundreds of these kinds of videos, and looking at lots of psychology stuff. I look for people who exude the most signs in order to minimize risk. I have been rejected by every guy I’ve ever asked out. Part of me doubts the logic, a bigger part of me feels like I’m misunderstanding what the signs actually are bc of my autism

  29. I just drank a bottle of wine from the bottle because I didn't have a clean glass, and couldn't be bothered to wash one…

  30. "How they (a woman) touches herself as I enter into their presence"??? Sir, I believe if we've gotten to this stage, I don't need to look for any more signs of attraction. *rim-shot*!

  31. Random girl: exists
    Boys: bruh she's into me bruh

    Wife: spends 4 hours getting ready and setting the mood for romantic evening
    Husband: Comes back from business trip a day early and is horrified to see her boyfriend has been manscaping with his good razors

  32. Started high school in my country (although in my country high school starts with American Junior year so yea) but I keep getting eye contact with a dude from another class, I go science-dance and he goes music production so are schedules are sooo different so he only go past where me and our friends are but we ALWAYS get like 1sec of eye contact 🥵✊🏼🥵✊🏼

  33. Im a woman and guy im totally not interested in have comment i play with my hair, and he thought i was interested. I played with my hair automaticly i think because he is good at give me compliment and telling me how beautiful i am. I enjoy conversation with him, i also notise i play with my hair when i i like another person as a friend and enjoy their company, doesnt mean it mean something more

  34. ok help i don't know if my crush likes me
    okay so months ago he started walking up to me and asking for brofists (idk why) but i thought it was friendly and i took it as nothing but my bff pulled me away (once she fell over) because it was getting out of hand lol
    forward to two months later.. i started to notice that he was staring at me and once we had very long eye contact but i broke it because i got nervous
    btw months ago in december last year i was in wetherby which is 3 hours away from where i live and we were driving home from london so we stopped at services, and I saw him there and we both smiled at each other and waved and stuff but it was weird how we saw each other when we both live three hours away-

    it got to the point where my friends walked with me past him to see if he would stare and every time he walked closer to me they would alert me lol
    two weeks later it was sports day and me and my friend were taking selfies and this other boy caught and said stop peeking at the lass in a jokingly way so then we all took a selfie together
    now.. when i've came back to school he still stares at me and I THINK i heard him say my hair was sick because i had box braids in and they were dark red at the ends.
    btw i'm in year 8 (grade 7) so if it sounds babyish you know why lol

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