Hey guys, welcome back! We’re back with a
brand new video. So today we’re going to be delving into the five biggest
mistakes you can make when it comes to customer engagement, so let’s get started!
The first mistake is relying too heavily on scripts and canned messages. Relying
too heavily on scripts and canned messages only works to widen the gap
between your customers and your agents. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you
can dupe your customers in thinking that they’re having a genuine conversation
with another human when they’re using canned messages. After all it’s very easy
to notice when someone is using a pre-written response to a question that
might need a little bit more expertise. If you’re going to be using canned
messages when you’re talking to customers via webchat, for example, that’s
fine just make sure that you’re appropriating each response so it’s
tailored to the needs of each specific customer. Number two: not making the most
of inbound calls. Inbound calls are an invaluable asset to every company,
particularly in an age where most people like to use their smartphones to search
for and contact companies. Even though real-time online communication channels
are increasing in popularity, such as web chat there are still many queries that
need a phone call in order to be handled properly.
As more people head online to begin their customer journey, you can maximize
your inbound calls by placing a web calling button on your website. Number
three is getting sidetracked by trends. It’s important to move with the times
and to pay attention to emerging technological trends but make sure you
don’t get carried away with all the latest fancy trends and lose sight of
the fact that the most important thing is your customers experience. When you’re
introducing a new feature make sure you ask yourself is this going to benefit my
customers or are we just trying to out-do our competitors.
Great technology should improve the overall experience through delivering
the highest quality service… and customers aren’t fooled by style over
substance. Number four is treating customers as
sales numbers. What makes a company really stand out against its competitors
is how well it engages with its customers. If you take a tunnel-vision
approach and look at your customers purely as sources for revenue you’ll
lose sight of the important relationships that will create a lasting
brand loyalty. If you continue to do this over time this can ultimately damage
your brand’s reputation so it’s really important to develop a good
communication structure. With your customers this isn’t just important for
solving problems in the here-and-now, but it’s also really useful to
understand of the pain points that generally customers are experiencing so
you can work to stop those happening in the future. And finally number five is
not utilizing all channels. People nowadays want and expects a
multi-channel experience, so it’s important to deliver this. WebRTC
technology enables real-time interactions between agents and
customers through varying degrees of engagement by enabling customers to
choose the method of communication they prefer. This can help to boost sales and
increase your brand’s overall reputation giving your customers the choice on how
they’d like to contact you is very convenient for them, and also shows that
you’re considerate of their needs. So that’s a quick rundown of five of the
biggest customer engagement mistakes. I hope you found that video useful. If you
did make sure you follow the Talkative page so you never miss out on brand new
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Michael Martin

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