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  1. Hair for when it’s super hot! Also updos that you sleep in when it’s super hot, so your hair isn’t on your neck,

  2. I'd love see hairstyles for when it's HOT and you want your hair up but still want to look cute.
    I have thick wavy/curly (2c/3a) hair that makes my head feel extra in heat waves and normally just end up putting it in a messy bun ontop of my head.

  3. Can you please do a week in the life of Kayleys hair?! Almost like a vlog style video, washing, sleeping, daily hairstyles for grocery shopping then off to the gym etc.

  4. Although the technique looks good, I do full ringlets and as they loosen up it looks with volume, and my hair is so straight that if I do a soft wave, in two hours I'll have nothing. Great video loved the low bun.

  5. I loved the videos you did where the hair looked like flowers; could you do more styles like that? I have super short hair, so I can't do any of the styles you create, but i love seeing them!

  6. Can you do a half up half down hairstyle video please, I need more inspo. One more request: can the video have EASY braids ie: no French Dutch etc…

  7. I would really like tutorials for thicker hair. My hair is very voluminous and it kind of hurts my head to put it in a medium to high ponytail. Some braid inspo would be nice and who can do braids better than Kayley Melissa

  8. Can anyone explain all the hate surrounding traditional ringlets??? I feel like every hair channel has this opinion and I just don't understand.

  9. Oh wow Kayley I adore you so much. ❤️ it makes me happy seeing you on track to doing better. ❤️ sending you all the love and support possible on your journey in life.

  10. How do you cut your hair? Those small shorter pieces around your face looks so lovely and soft. I tried it a few times but in my opinion they'd cut it wrong.

  11. possibly some more medium to short length hairstyles? I love the ideas you come up with for shorter hair! some times I really struggle trying to come up with different and cute styles with my shoulder length hair.

  12. Could you do a really easy updos that look really good for medium to short hair for when it is hot out ( so I have SOMETHING to do with my short frizzy hair besides a messy bun)

  13. I would really love a tutorial of a 60s high ponytail, that would otherwise be pretty much like the last one here, only that instead of these curls, the hair would be almost as in one huge curl/wave.

  14. Just wanted to say that I completely agree about the 2 steps ponytail, I learnt it from you and it hair, so thank you!! always love your videos<3

  15. Any tips for getting big (or big-ish) hair when your hair is super fine and SUPER thin due to hair loss (post partum)? My hair just keeps falling out and I’m in a wedding this fall and I just fear I’ll be bald before then 😬

  16. More styles with your long curly wig. My hair is wavy, long, and so thick and heavy that styling is challenging!

  17. Honestly, the hair and the lighting in that first shot was like getting to heaven and the hair angel is there greeting you before blessing you with gorgeous locks. Also, I'm officially obsessed with the constellation hair and I'm wearing it to my semi-formal thing this Friday or wait am I gonna wear the half up twist decisions decisions

  18. Hi Kayley! I have really fine, thinning hair on top of my head. I'd love to see more styles that volumize the bangs/top of head hair or use accessories that don't pull on the hair like hair bands or clips 🙂 I have medium length hair so a lot of these gorgeous styles just don't work for me. Something for medium/short hair for spring would be awesome!!!

  19. Can you do some short everyday hairstyles pls?
    Btw I'm a HUGE fan!!!! You're SUPER TALENTED!!!!

  20. Kayley I would love a video of cute hair styles with a full fringe/bangs, because i feel like either a mum or toddler atm 😂

  21. I am bridesmaid for my best friends wedding and I am still in need of some more wedding hairstyle ideas. Please post more wedding hairstyle ideas!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  22. Do you think you could do some videos with hair that has a shave on the side? Bc I'm struggling to find a good hairstyle for my friend with a shaved side of her head for prom.

  23. Can you do hairstyles for bangs ? And also hairstyles with bangs for college or work? because it is difficult to work with open hair

  24. Hey Honeygirl! I would like to see dark hairpieces with silvers in them. I have gone natural, and my hair is super fine, like yours. There are times when I want to use extra hair, but I want it to look like mine. Can you help an older sister out?

  25. Could you do more cute everyday short hair styles? I just chopped off 8 inches of my hair up to my shoulders and I have no idea how to style it

  26. You've gotten soooo confident and looks like you've a sea of tips and hacks always love you Kayley keep working hard

  27. Totally gonna try that last ponytail! 🙂

    Could you maybe do one on Lindsey Stirling's hairstyles? I've fallen in love with her hair in her music videos of Roundtable Rival, The Arena, and Mirage.

  28. I have a week long roadtrip coming up and we will be by the ocean for a few days(pray for my fine, naturally curly hair) and then camping on an island in the Adirondack mountains. How can I look decent with as little product as possible because we gotta pack smart?

  29. I'm so happy to see you here! You're lovely and amazing, I've been following you since 2012, love you Kayley!

  30. Could you do formal hairstyles for naturally curly hair with your wig? So many of your current formal styles are so pretty but hard to achieve with thick curls 🙁

  31. Kayley, I've watched you for years and I was so excited when you finally got a curly hair wig because it looks like almost exactly my curl pattern and I never find hair tutorials for my hair, but you never post any tutorials with that wig. Please, please, please, if you could post a video with cute summer hair ideas for curls that would be amazing. Love you! 🙂

  32. Any suggestions for getting more symmetry in half updos and braids? Everytime I do a hairstyle like that (especially braided fun buns), one side is significantly larger than the other.

  33. Does anyone know any UK Kristin Ess' 1 inch curling wand alternatives? They are unavailable over here

  34. I have just discovered this channel and I could not be MORE delighted!!!! What a sweetheart and SO MUCH great information!

  35. this is so random but my neck is really short and my occipital bone (the back of my skull) is quite flat so sadly updos don't flatter me at all, but i LOVE the way they look on everyone else 🙁 thank god for half up hairstyles lol

  36. I absolutely love you. I’ve been watching your videos for at least two years now and your growth has been tremendous. I love getting to see your personality shine through in videos like this. You’re so sweet and kind and absolutely hilarious. Please don’t stop sharing your talent with the world!! ❤️

  37. love the little add in bloopers at the end Kay. been following you for years and you're stilll my fav hair hairtuber. i do have a question, not sure if you could make a vid out of it since your hair long. if a girl has a short bob (just a little longer from the chin) can you clip in extensions and do braided updos and have them look natural?

  38. 6 Cool Prom Hairstyles Half Up Half Down


  39. I love your make up so much here!! what are you using? btw love your videos, been a subscriber since forever!

  40. I usually skip the curling part because I already have curly hair but I’m glad I didn’t because I love that running the iron through the ends trick!

  41. How about down with a sleek middle part perfectly tucked behind both ears. With silver hoop earrings. I love that hair style i do it a lot its very classy what do u think? I love my hair tucked behind my ears. And always re tuck them so it stays

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