30th SEA Games 2019 Opening Ceremony At Philippine Arena

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Asian Games and Miami culture and Pinoy liebe liebe mina zangalewa Philippine
arena Peraza ceremonia qabil Anjana mana
leader nailiang banza at game bro the royal families you a magnificent building completed through
been kinds creativity and overcoming nature here is another proof of
mankind’s greatness it is a record of fighting against the
impossible and the outcome of infinite tenacity to overcome mankind’s every
limitation the indisputable grandeur and refinement
the technology that made this possible the arena was inspired by ancient
architecture by accomplishing a magnitude that exceeds the scale of
ancient architecture it has created a new miracle of 21st century construction
technologies the Philippine arena was designed with aesthetics in mind and
every aspect of it was built with a grand an enormous scale the fourth-floor interior was designed
to create seamless flow and harmony creating an enormous space in which
communities can interact the Philippine arena is a multi-purpose
facility for hosting large gatherings and various sports matches as well as
performances and events with maximum convenience for the audience now the
Philippine arena stands as the new landmark and pride of
the Philippines you to overcome this challenge
Hanwha ENC implemented the new sandwich plate system SPS is material used primarily on ships
and implementing it at a construction project was an innovation the
implementation of SBS dramatically increased the construction efficiency
adopting the lightweight SPS minimized the use of lifting equipment during
installation being able to use smaller equipment added greater flexibility in
the order of the construction the SPS makes it possible to assemble
all the components in the factory making it an ideal choice for adding greater
precision to the construction and shortening the construction period one of the challenges to overcome in the
Philippine arena project was natural disasters
the Philippine arena was designed to withstand any natural disaster and was
built applying earthquake resistance technology that can withstand up to a
7.5 magnitude earthquake lrb is with 400 millimeter displacement
were installed in the connecting points between the roof and lower structures so
that the roof and other structures can move independently in case of an
earthquake lr bees reduce the member force by five to six times if the lower
structure of the building trembles in the case of an earthquake
the upper portion moves independently and withstands tremors up to 400
millimeters expansion joints were designed in the
lower structure to maintain a suitable distance between buildings and to
prevent building damage or collapse in case of an earthquake technologies to withstand strong winds
infrequent typhoons were also researched and applied Hanwha E&C performed various
simulations based on typhoon data over the past 50 years and applied its
results to designing the roof and the structure the roof of the Philippine
arena consists mainly of the roof gutter nosing and back of Bowl the surface of the world’s largest roof
was finished seamlessly with 187 meter extrusion molded sheets furthermore
technologies were absorbing expansion caused by the tropical heat were
developed and applied considering the poor local conditions such as the
unstable power supply and frequent blackouts the Philippine arena was
equipped with a backup power plant with enough capacity to carry 100% of the
power load to provide sufficient power for hosting events without power
failures the ventilation was also engineered
through various simulations to supply optimal cooling effects in the shortest
time possible the Philippine arena was completed with
impeccable strength to achieve the dream of an everlasting architecture looking
back I got on board that only last year when the route was not yet complete
Hanwha finished it sooner than expected we cannot overemphasize the technical
hardships of the technicality of the roof of everything it’s it’s done it’s
complete ahead of time we you surpass all our expectation the ultimate architectural work created
by combining technologies and innovations the Philippine arena is the
result of hard work and tenacity and proof of Hanwha ANC’s capacity in
building four large structures design the world Hanwha ii and see

Michael Martin

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  1. The Philippine Arena will host the Opening Ceremony. The opening ceremony of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games is scheduled to take place on the evening of Saturday 30 November 2019 at the Philippine Arena, in Bocaue, Bulacan. This will be the first SEA Games opening ceremony to be held in an indoor venue.
    Location: Philippine Arena, Bocaue, Bulacan, Date: 30 November 2019.

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