3 Tips on How to use Instagram Story to Increase Followers Engagement

– Man! My Instagram sucks! My followers are not watching
my Instagram stories. They don’t care about me. My engagement is like super low. It’s because of that stupid algorithm. That’s probably you right? Well keep watching this
video because in here, we’re gonna give you
three simple tips that you can implement right now on
your current Instagram account so you are not that guy. – What is up family? My name is Josue Pena and
welcome to online CEO’S the channel that is all
about helping you grow and monitize your brand
business and influence with social media and marketing. So if you’re new here, consider hitting that red subscribe button. If you have ever struggled
getting followers on Instagram, getting engagement up, maybe you have a big account
but your engagement is very low your followers don’t
really care about you, well the simple solution for
that is Instagram Stories. But the question then becomes is, how do you utilize Instagram
stories to make sure your audience is engaged with you
and actually cares about you? So tip number one in
order for you to utilize Instagram Stories in the best way possible to optimize your account. Do more video. Stop it with the freaking pictures. Think about it for a moment. Pictures on Instagram stories
last freaking this much. But videos on Instagram stories are able to capture people’s
attention for 15 seconds. In other words video 100 per cent, stop it with the stupid pictures. Videos are more engaging, more captivating and you can transmit and communicate a better
message to your audience. Tip numero dos Please for the love of my life, put a face behind the brand. And here this is something
a lot of people do not do, especially those with huge
theme pages or viral pages. And what do I mean by putting
a face behind the brand? It means this. Going on Instagram Stories
and talking to your audience. As simple as that through video. For example let’s say you
have a fitness account like my account Elation Fitness. You simply need to go there and just say, Hey what’s up guys my name’s
Josue Pena from Elation Fitness and today we’re gonna be
doing three simple workouts that are gonna guarantee you help you lose weight
and build more muscle. Something as simple as putting
a face behind the brand is gonna dramatically
increase your engagement and the over all activity in your account. Why because people buy people. There’s a reason why right now you’re watching me talk to a camera
and ramble about this. It’s because I’ve taken
the time to put a face behind this brand right here. You don’t care I don’t care nobody cares about a random brand that just posts pictures and posts cool videos. If that account tries
to sell me something, more than likely I will not buy it because I don’t know who the
person selling the thing is like they might be a freaking pedophile! Okay maybe not that much
but they might be weird, and more than likely you’re
not going to want to buy from a person that’s
weird and creepy right? So put a face behind the brand, even if you feel awkward, even if you cannot talk on camera, heck I cannot even speak
English half of the time. English is not my first language. And I know what you might
be thinking right now. Oh Josue but I’m not good on camera, what should I do? Well tough luck. Get on camera practice and you will become better. Trust me when I say that this will dramatically change
your Instagram account, and your entire business. Just putting a face behind the brand, and doing videos talking to your audience is gonna dramatically increase
not only your engagement, and overall activity on your account, but will also increase sales
leads and all that good stuff whenever you try to push traffic
to any offer that you have. There is a reason why I am able to push so much traffic from Instagram, make so much sales and it’s because I put a face behind the brand. Now tip number three, and that is provide
value to your audience. Nobody cares about your face. What I mean that nobody
cares about your face, it means that don’t go
on Instagram Stories and start blogging about your day, and start showing your cat or your food, unless you have a cat or food page, ’cause more than likely nobody cares. Go on Instagram Stories with a purpose. Create with purpose. Provide value to your audience, they will absolutely love you for it, and they will follow engage
and even give you money for it. So how does this look like? Well it’s pretty simple. Again remember what I said about Elation Fitness and the fitness account? What did I say? Hey guys today we’re gonna be
doing three simple exercises that are gonna help you lose
weight and build muscle. Did you see what I did there? I actually said three simple steps that
are gonna give you, and provide you the idea of losing weight and building muscle. I’m giving them something okay? I’m not freaking blogging
about anything okay? In a fitness account you provide tips and tricks about fitness. So in this scenario I simply go to my gym, start doing my workouts, and just keep talking to my audience, doing Instagram Stories, give tips and tricks on
how to do bench presses, pushups all that good stuff, and at the end of the entire
workout of me providing value, I ask a question. I put a poll. And this is the secret and magic
sauce of Instagram Stories. And that question and poll
is gonna serve as a pre-frame for your next Instagram Stories that’s gonna have a call to action. So again going back to our
example our fitness example you simply ask people their Hey, would you like to find out more about how you can lose weight and build muscle in 10 simple steps yes or no. If you did a great job of
providing value to your audience and making relevant to your account, more than likely 70 80
and even 90 95 percent of the audience will say yes they are interested in
what you have to offer. And you know what the
next Instagram Story is? A simple call to action. It can be Hey! Swipe
up to download our free guide to losing weight
and building muscle. A lead magnet that enters
them in your funnel. Or Hey! EM me fitness in order to get your free strategy session, which by the way is just a sales call for you to sell that person
on your product and service. Why because they already
raised their hand and said yes I am interested in
what you have to offer. And this is getting
into sales and marketing and selling through Instagram Stories, which is gonna be another video
that I’m gonna link below, but the basic idea and
understanding here is that you need to provide value to your audience for them to actually care about you. If you just go on Instagram Stories and start rambling about your day, just start blogging and
showing random videos and random pictures of whatever, people are not gonna care people are not gonna watch your stories, and they will just see
you as a spammy blogger that no one cares about unless you’re a famous celebrity a famous
super big influencer more than likely people don’t care about what you do throughout your day. They care about what’s in it for them so make sure you provide
value to your audience in order to serve them
and help them for free, because that’s gonna
help you build the KLTB, what’s called the KLTB The know like and trust of
people for them to buy KLTB So if you’re new here just hit that red subscribe button down below, and hit that notification bell
so you do not miss a thing. Keep crushing it online CEO’s, and we’ll see you on the next video. (peppy music)

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  1. Hey Josue these are some great tips to get more followers using Instagram stories! I will need to do these… Thanks my friend!!

  2. Love it. By far best advice I took from this is when you talk about NOT doing just a random vlog style iG story. Actually be relatable to your audience specific to your “avatar”.

    I love that you always give more value than you ever expect in return. A true servants heart!

  3. Josue knows his shit I've been implementing only a fraction of the things he gives out for free and I've seen substantial growth and engagement

    so pumped about this new channel

    sucks that youtube stole your last one but moving forward like you always do 🙂

  4. Hii Josue Pena…
    I have a Question? How to Create content for page ? And Can I use Other People Content Can It beneficial for me And Can I monetize it Later ?

    I also DM On Your Instagram!

  5. Bro, I just found out about you about a month ago and since then I have been watching all your videos in Instagram stories every day. I even watched all your videos in Fundador Digital. I am from Venezuela but currently go to college in the US. I love all your content and I am really inspired with your story and I feel identified with it. I just started growing Instagram accounts and now I am focused on growing my 3 accounts in the travel, entrepreneur and luxury niche. Thank you so much for all the work that you do to share your knowledge. Saludos mi pana!

  6. A face behind a brand is so important because many people don't do it and if people are really fans of yours people will want to grow and engage with you.

  7. 'How to use Instagram story'
    ✋Hey Josue! I'm Felix Joy from Facebook! I just wanted to say your new channel is giving me AMAZING value! Thank you so much and carry on what you do because you change our lives!❤️ Also, this video I think was very important because Instagram stories get impressions as well, so not only are we just getting impressions from videos on our page, but from our story as well and maximising the amount of impressions from people! Smart!
    Really appreciate the way you explained this video, especially the part where you said 'tough luck', kinda made me think that we need to stop thinking so much and be afraid, but put our selves out there! This was a good video, really enjoyed it, content is not rubbish that others lie about. Keep grinding!✌️🔥

  8. How to use Instagram stories

    Man thank you for the videos. Info bombs are always appreciated. Loved the fact how you explaind not to be afraid on camera! 🙂 We are all just people and we love to connect and social media is called social for a reason. So let's be social and put a face behind the brand! 😀

  9. I have been struggling on my end for a few months now. Yesterday, my big goal was just to win the lottery so I didn't have to stress about it anymore. Being a CEO of your own biz is INTENSE! I woke up this morning and told myself 'there is one thing you have got to do. Get your face in front of that camera." And then I clicked on your link…and you said I have GOT TO PUT A FACE BEHIND MY BRAND. Simple & clear cut, you re-iterated what I already knew, just somehow needed to hear again. So that is what I will do today! Gracias, Josue!

  10. How to use Instagram story?
    Good thing I watched your video before going all out IG marketing. Forgot that even with simple posts, I can still provide value other than just drive traffic to my stores.

  11. How to use Instagram story? I am a photographer from Japan, and I take pictures only about Japan, so I provide information and pictures of Japan to my audience through my stories, but unfortunately I rarely show my face. Thank you Josue for telling me to put out my face!

  12. "How to use Instagram story" – Thanks Josue For sharing these amazing tips! My biggest takeaway was When you mention “ Be the Face Behind the brand” and to be completely honest I will start doing that much more and start taking Action on this starting TODAY! You are truly the Real MVP

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    Just see what others have to say about it 😎
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  14. "How to use Instagram story". Very Practical and Helpful video. Hilarious too. Will be sure to implement these three tips.

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  16. lol the intro is amazing. The whole video is dope brother. Keep going. 🙂 This is https://www.instagram.com/lensmandxb/

  17. I've an entrepreneur niche page and my age is just 17, post engagement is good and I want to do videos but i think just because I'm a 17 years old I think my followers gonna un follow me what to do now ??

  18. This video was made for me LOL. OMG the intro sounded like me. Also when Josue said that I may say I suck at doing videos that's me. I am so afraid to be the face of my brand. Josue is so energetic I just dont know if I can do it but I will try. If not I will have to find some to do it LOL

  19. Love the information you'be given in this video about ig story Josue. I am trying to apply this to my account. Plz make a video on how to grow audience in the same niche. For example. If I have a small following and I go and like and comment genuinely on other photographers account they just dont follow back seeing that I am not someone big with a huge following. What should be done for this issue. ❤

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