25 Wedding Photos YOU Won't Believe Actually Exist!

welcome back to top 5 best if you like this video consider liking it maybe even subscribing to us because your click equals our smile ah picture your wedding day family friends your true love right in front of you that final final kiss truly all amazing and what better way to capture these kinds of moments then with wedding photos of course some wedding photos are probably better off not being shown the light of day again let's take a look at some shall we number 25 which color recycling bin does this dress go into to be honest it looks like this dress is made out of bits of paper and plastic and was thrown together a couple of days before the wedding make sure wonder what they were thinking on this one number 24 nothing to look at here cuz I mean that's what they're wearing nothing following their underwear this couple has decided to save some money on a suit and dress and rather just paint it on themselves let's hope it doesn't rain number 23 ride together stay together you know I never really thought about what a biker wedding would look like but I guess I would have assumed there would be at least be a shirt and a dress because I was wrong I mean you should at least wear the leather jacket rather than the leather vest probably really cold out there number 22 death by marshmallow every time I see this image I imagine this poor guy suffocating in all these folds of material she looks like a giant marshmallow just ready to be made into a delicious s'more mmm s'mores number 21 madame tussauds missing a model seriously whoever created this wedding cake is incredibly talented it looks like it could be in a wax museum mothers taking them hours to create this masterpiece and the fried looks exceptional you happy with the end result number 20 where's the groom wait wait oh there he is I didn't see him because of his camo gear perhaps the groom was getting ready to hide from his mother and all after the wedding number 19 little underdressed perhaps this is appropriate for their honeymoon perhaps but not the actual wedding outfit guess his whole family knew what he will be enjoying later including his great-grandmother number 18 babies on fire to be honest it counted like the painting of a Hot Wheels car playset for little boys and actually if you look deeper into the image there looks like a little boy's room so perhaps it's an honor of her little boy guess we won't know number 17 if the shoe fits well that's about all that fits in this catastrophic wedding outfit would you feel if your father of the bride I'm really run der if it would be the proudest moment you ever felt being a dad number 16 have-your-cake- and-eat-it-too how's this for killing two birds with one stone it's a wedding dress cake to be fair never really made it down the aisle but it really is something you just want to take a big bite out of isn't it number 15 up up and away you know it's a good thing this bride made it down the aisle and didn't float away a wedding dress made out of balloons it really must have blown her husband away to be honest this feels kind of like a prequel to the movie up number 14 modesty is not in her dictionary that was a guest at this wedding I would really struggle to focus on anything other than her enormous assets just look at him number 13 the good old days are dead and gone whatever happened to the modest bride walking down the aisle being handed over by the beaming father to the new husband those were the good old days weren't they number 12 orange is the new black this couple must have a thing for orange maybe the editing ready for the next set of auditions for orange is the new black number 11 cuz traditional is just so boring this couple could be featured on brand-new Tim Burton Corpse Bride movie they clearly wanted to get married dead or alive uh seriously those scorpions creeped me out though number 10 girls gone wild I actually feel a little bad for these girls what was meant is a bit of fun and more than likely something quite personal has ended up on websites across the world kudos all them for keeping in such good shape though number 9 in her birthday suit not such a happy occasion her old man doesn't look charmed I mean who would blame him on this one number eight only in Japan would you find a full-on Hello Kitty themed wedding it's amazing that since 1974 when Hello Kitty was first introduced there has been no lag in her popularity Hello Kitty is worth 7 billion a year without advertising number 7 hanging by a moment this is probably one of the most bizarre wedding images I have ever seen and looks pretty painful this couple is exchanging vows in the forest hanging by their skin from trees they say that love hurts to be honest I'm kind of hoping that cartoon Lodging kicks in and they both go catapulting off number 6 smoking hot now this is no Photoshop it's part of a new craze called tres the dress natasha Samuel poured lighter fluid on her dress instead of light it is proven fatal before when a Canadian girl drowned in the waterfall trashing her dress sum up mud fights dyed the dress paintball dead food fights and ripped them up a lot a very peculiar thing to do number five something old something new something good and something yeah so you know live in creepy I know the story behind this but it appears that there are several best men including a snake and two lizards one of them was the ring bearer number four for the love of shoes lisa says for as long as she could remember she wanted to get married at t.j.maxx in the size 8 shoe aisle well her dream came true and she married Ruelas insite t.j.maxx whilst the store was still open for business this guy is lucky if he ever crosses the line all we needed to do is buy her shoes number three bad timing what was meant to be one of those beautiful whimsical photos of the bride peering out of the window staring at something of pretended interest I think you get the rest number two a match made in well hell it would seem held the creativity of some of these themed weddings this zombie wedding is just superb at least some zombies love you for what's on the inside number one keeping it in the family yet to feel for the moms out of these four siblings because if they were paying for the wedding it must have cost them earth sisters Megan Grace and their brother Marcus all got married on the same day they each had 30 minutes for their I Do's and then went to a reception with 1,000 guests this is not the record though as five siblings in Arizona got married on the same day it was a just as a joke by the dad Doug Waddell but the family loved the idea and the record was set oh boy that was interesting have any of you seen anything completely unique at a wedding let us know in the comments below subscribe to our channel for some crazy videos just like this thanks for watching and have a great day

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  1. I like the themed ones a LOT but the ones where some ugly old man is trotting out his purchased Hooker to be publicly humiliated make me sad.

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