2019 Nashville School of Law Graduation Ceremonies

[Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen family and friends of the 2019 Cooper class on behalf of the work trustees at the faculty and staff of the world premiere commencement exercises all of us are delighted they joined us today to recognize and honor our students who are very the degrees we're about to confer and diplomas we're abominable stove our tangible rewards for work and sacrifices of these students as well as their families friends and employers throughout the students years of studying and attended class at night almost appropriately proud of each member of it's a lot of competition in our schools ignited by visionary leaders Board of Trustees are our leaders to back and they are indeed fortunate that our trustees of joined us this morning it is my privilege to introduce to you the Chairman our ability of nationally and internationally renowned attorney and community leader Audrey Harmon who will introduce his fellow board members I want to reiterate for the congratulations this blast or going to be proud of all my success replied that you could vote this wall also successfully we have most our board members here today comma comma it's the gentleman to my leather Tom's with friendly successful businessman invented by the graduates to the goddess degree from national student wall he has become for years been fundamentally Godfather thanks for playing this hospital he was first year before we had we've got to walk even graduate or very successful real estate construction company Eva's destiny list of phenomenal he says his fingerprints all over the community he recently shown to our students financially by 2070 financially that's very well magnificent last people then we got the Auto Club right number first 99 three member the Court of Appeals 2003 before we know the Court of Appeal teach the judge on the circuit public court when station is because he's not ready to breathe diversity business if law degree from national civil law we also had Chief Judge miss district or village identity the original had come we could not be with you oh yes we passed off as congratulations vegetable [Applause] our students in our school success message in the hands of the dedicated women and men attacking each of these distinguished lawyers and judges have accepted the challenge some for many years of using their knowledge to produce them and experience to prepare their students for successful and rewarding to leaders you members of the class of 2019 of the Faculty's legacy to the profession it's been their goal to pass along not just an assortment of living principles and rules but also to expect for the rule applause and for the noble profession you are about to hand we have push that they've been you joined us this morning and I appreciate each faculty member standing when I call up his or her name remain standing until all the faculty have admitted general did maple Boyer you know Stangl David Ragan Larry the bridge Smith Laura testing the Honorable Anjali last year solving the Honorable Marshall Davis all righty days and the Honorable our daily duties George Dean part of a Johnson down the steep Dozier Scott fielding yeah our Fishburne Patrick Frog gentleman-farmer million develop artisan Andhra Hedrick candy Henry and Anne Hildebrandt Trevor County Davidson Jonathan kitchen honorable call me Lewis John those Philip Miller Jeff Mowgli Bryan Neal Diana do Steve Paragon Kimberly retracing Chuck Charles Michael small Honorable Philip Smith Clark spoke Leslie Turner wirelessly and the shovel castle they're citizen faculty go about their work environment created maintained by our dedicated efficient and experienced staff the doors of the school above the lights would not be on the business school about predominantly dedicate available this ceremony today is a result of their planning a party to avail us to properly acknowledged their contributions I would appreciate that it stays Angela Pete Cantrell as a bright Susan Neuman Melvin Fame Shawanda green chip Wilson Beth McDonald and the shovel of philosophy stand in direction [Applause] just a minute this flow is not a tradition of awarding honorary degrees but if we did the awarding an honorary degree today – Debbie Patterson my wife she is the reason why I did this school and she has put up with late hours early mornings that a consistent oods of being the Dean of a law school and today it's our 30 20 [Applause] our wages because one is to abandon club who sits on the vision – of the circuit court for Davidson County we are truly fortunate that she said the validation when Nashville became the city of transplant has turned a plan in fact because the kind of moves are deep and go back at least 280 amateur Justin Clinton's educational foundation was constructed in Nationals Park schools she received her baccalaureate degree in economics and history from and she remains active in many professional and civic organizations including the National intensive Bar Association's the National Park Foundation that pretends to traditional foundation the National Association of Women Texas and the heritage of America new report last November she was seen expertly we lead the press Paragon and habitat as sponsored by the National Park this cake is most prized both of us the network because judgment plant which is also the championship marks Jasmine Clinton is my and according to the members of the Board of Trustee hook this team faculty member from very impressive families and especially the budgets of the national school when the Dean myself where I used it so much would be very duct tape money so I got out my cables marked by the new research keynote speaker for a commencement good morning that keynote me is a prevailing tongue or central theme for the note on which a key is played commencement means the start so I'm here to share with you some thoughts to consider as you commence restart the rest of your life you are as I stand here pallbearers you were each person to against the odds identified attorney University law graduating and going out in the world and acknowledge the fact that you had that dream for the student and attainable dream means you have set yourself apart from others who say they want to do something where they tried you have thought about and identified as wanting something aspirational and pursue to be successful most of you I suspect have achieve this dream while working like persons very lost immediately after college typically the financial assistance from family members either shoulder responsibility alone before we receive that we can others in my mind are not just women's you have a change or dream congratulating from Law School in accomplish that dream despite pressures and responsibilities accommodating and unlike those went straight through college student through law school you have demonstrated a quality and character as others do not have it's very bright Elmen said from the defendants late hard work persistence and initiative are still a non-magical success for most of us as it has been for you and Shelby and she's important line so we've now determined they were winners for you demonstrating that character and thanks there was left but eighth month just like my life observations to help me become wise his way I put on the glasses route 1 if you're self-employed doesn't matter it's in law but you can use your law degree for each other things not just faxing long keep your monthly overhead low initially we'll do it yourself that was a pleasure do not go out and buy something that were large that they monthly after that remember one beastman keep your overhead low so put that money away and don't count that money to have it in hand inter-services the nucleus attorneys that associated on the case return on your expertise plan why I had one doing that on my third year of practice it was a first degree vertices each Oh Catherine Keener in retirement so there I was the first degree murder case my third year practice and I went up he needs to distribute ronzo I ended up my life friends was young he did it I stuck the dude and he wanted me to play myself and we ended up with a second degree in seven years a very sociable day so it was actually a success that was so stressful so kind of awareness over 20 placing or determination seek and find out mentors participate in your Bar Association I did not know it away and it was always people to make money to make I can't afford to do that maybe was a big mistake it made my practicing law much more stressful than it needed to be there are people out there that are glad the advice that myself among my office I'm a bit for the historic courthouse remember your Bar Association mentor remember your family here at the national school law they all want you to succeed ask questions now you've never questioned about the Evans anything what I suggest you do call the Board of Professional Responsibility and ask them now situation they will write down that you called what the facts are made by Skinner and that could come in handy later rule 6 nervously every morning always introduce yourself to the court why well I remember faces name multitasking one up on the bench and I thought don't forget bangs so you're helping me or a judge when you introduce yourself and introduce yourself every time you speak even if it's on the same docket when the first time you say Your Honor may have reason for my name is so-and-so I represent mr. Sampson now the next time it might be another time would you say your honor markridge they're here so I mean and then any people why am I doing this well you've gotta remember if you're out there making a living practicing law you've got an audience on IG you're not just selling the jack you are spreading your name you're I've had people come up to me after I've done the residents unaffordable they retainment in the postman problem is when an adversary branches you for another matter and said I want you on my side this time so it gives you a new member every chance you can and this part is a little bit longer than is rule seven allowing people to underestimate you opponents will try to intimidate you in any matter possible to get around it is always to your advantage to be underestimated let them think that they are sinners year-around once again my third year practice I had a firm of one me when an office out of Noblesville Road there was a confirm attorney representing a large car dealership on the lawsuit that I brought under the lemon law the issue was a repeated vote of brakes on this car the work that is really kind of funny to be true but the making model what's and you go you can probably guess the rest of it aside that I'm talking about in California you got here you've got all that stuff work anywhere well to be reasonable have a UK dealership one last time attempt to fix the brakes recall this when I bought this for the children it was crucial she was making monthly payments it was devastating for her life after several days the epidemic attorney called me and said we know the problem opposing counsel says well we can't worked on the you go very good to protest right yes it wrecked the birth language on the mechanic was not injured right you can go anywhere but now they have to argue about the damages as you've noticed minutes graduates their soul their students philosophy you have to prove your theory a recovery which a lot of times is easy and then you have to prove your damages at this point if you converts me at home being disrespected of this world of our attorney and so I decided I can play back what I did is I ignition just one time that I might need an expert to testify as to the cause for their distress damages several weeks later the day the full court the big firm attorney called and said hey you're an expert right so you're good well as you all know they're worth one way to settle or to establish your damages on the first apology among those other ways the owner can simply testifies pre-collision penalty our live in my habits earlier that in fact we sent over to pay statements later underestimated and assumptions were made probably based on where my office is located and they were incorrect my last roll be unflappable in court and otherwise in life things will often happen I expect the judge might rule a way that you assumed was a non-issue you prepare to do with a place without that having been established think on your feet envision yourselves will be likely played a little to my plan that is waiting at a time that you get they go down but they pop right back up envision yourself as being that Torian no matter how hard your get you can get knocked down and you can come back up in other words failure is part of success in 1923 vaguely set the record for the most home runs in a season while striking out all the other educated labor so now that I've finished was some of my rules the key thoughts to consider before food now acknowledge that sexual thought that knowledge is power you were privileged to have a car even though the scholar English and I know you're probably DeMarco Murray the multitude of blackboard experiences in the past four years there's one more phrase for what you remember now let's open English this is the infer responsibility of privileged persons direct the generosity and mobility enforce those rulers privilege many of us raised with the responsibility of versus bank money for those who do not know your origins they had a knowledge you now have ever image and the employee to go forward give a voice to those other circumstances you have the rules the care and give a voice to those who are not used to be heard and I assure you it is rewarding I will now the misty mountain office note these remembered for whatever you demonstrate the character to succeed despite adversity and as you met your lives to end succeed succeed remember [Applause] the deans certificate of recognition is awarded to the graduated students completing the school's pro bono service program this year we recognized was the Grimes Christie home and Heather Michele who earned recognition as law students for justice by the Tennessee Supreme Court [Applause] this evening the gene certificate of excellence for recording the most pro bono initiatives I his head of Michelle miss Michelle will stand the Honourable Society of Coopers and is comprised of graduates who distinguished themselves in their studies by graduating in the top 10% of their class I request that each inductees stand to be recognized and remain standing when I Jonathan Ayers [Applause] the fathers award is given to the student who is earned the highest overall grade point average in the graduating class be it known that this year's Founders Award recipient is merited ladies and gentlemen could return graduating class of 2019 please stand by the authority vested in me as the 15 of Reventon School in Rome I hereby declare that each of these graduates are hereby awarded the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence this 25th they made 2015 congratulations [Applause] [Applause] Desiree Taylor Anderson [Applause] John W Aires corny kale pitchman Eric Wayne bit Jerry win why [Applause] Richard Alan bow [Applause] enemy Thomas Randy [Applause] [Applause] William Deane rasher [Applause] and the Dillon breeder Joshua Dwayne Kentrell Jonathan Hudson Carol Amanda Powell sto [Applause] righto cocaine Joshua true flemeth's [Applause] Nora dot Marcie ha [Applause] Laura G Bryson Nichols Eubanks [Applause] Fletcher Thomas Evans [Applause] Christopher our princess Kim will read Elizabeth got Elsa [Applause] Gaylen sophia-rayne Melissa Manette rods [Applause] William Ernest Ronis Charlton Malloy Duffy [Applause] Cindi Harris Peter J [Applause] he follow Joshua Daniel Hatcher [Applause] Ashley Lauren Paolo Chrissy Aikens ho Brian Alexander Hornets [Applause] kayla marie or rad James Lee Sharma the third Fred Johnson [Applause] Antron see him [Applause] Scizor Jared lapper [Applause] to research below [Applause] Paul C bar Henry Michelle Ryan Todd Miller [Applause] [Applause] Jordan lang Morgan Sean Nicholas Murphy [Applause] Jason Ross favors [Applause] Tushar RB for me [Applause] Holly Nicole aravindh Joshua Lee Phillips Christina in green marry Jessica Rigsby [Applause] mark Andrew Rutherford [Applause] marry me Charlotte Courtney yeah secret [Applause] Ronda cheese Spidey [Applause] Kyle s been stabbed Alexander James star [Applause] Donald Landis [Applause] Jesse e Walker [Applause] ready s war [Applause] Roger D layman lacy Michelle where to the Joseph wedding [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] congratulations I don't want to do calisthenics very recently we also want to thank our good friend and in fact the nominated [Applause] earlier the ceremony was my privilege to introduce you to our distinguished faculty these 38 lawyers and judges are second to that and our beautify mention barb Tennessee one of our schools most bang glasses in his 1881 masterpiece the Commonwealth just as long a Wendell Holmes observant quote the length of the law has not been logic it has been experienced our officers bring their unique blend of act and experienced their students they do not simply teach the law they apply it and live it blesses been for over 100 years today's leaders of the bench and bar continue to teach tomorrow's Warriors the natural school of law we are indeed fortunate this one to bill Harvison has agreed to speak on the act of faculty during the ceremony to say that the law courses through his veins would be an understatement he is the son and grandson of a motor his father was a lawyer and a judge who is without peer in Tennessee in terms of the life of Tennessee law while his father still casts a long shadow bill now cast a long shadow of his own his son Jay and joined the bar in 2014 need look no further than his father and grandfather and great-grandfather for mobility excellence and professionalism in the practice of law bill is finally a graduate of the University of North Carolina a cobra a graduate of Harvard Law School is made as the threshold home in Nashville and his practice continuing in the same firm a rigidly or inertial our problem now sure our troubled wait on us for decades he has been listening to the best one herself America under the categories of that the company litigation commercial litigation trusts and estates litigation elder and trusts and estates closer to home he makes regular appearances in the National Business Journal best of our list and not Nationals top 50 orders bill it's also put his considerable legal skills to good use in the social justice arena among his significant cases are in the Avis versus Metro government involving a documenting a pregnant woman shacking to a hospital and while chemically burn the Georgia O'Keeffe foundation versus University involving this versity sales pages alfred stieglitz collection through the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Benton Arkansas and Georgia versus Haslam involving the manner in which votes to amend the Tennessee Constitution should be kept but perhaps bills most celebrated social justice cases tanco versus Passman involving the way the same-sex couple to have that out-of-state marriage recognized at tennessee this case was one of four cases consolidation decided by the United States Supreme Court in full focus on versus honest quarters work in that case but was recognized as Nashville Ian of the Year 2015 and it's also received the ACL u–'s Bill of Rights Award bill and his Co longer films cranker have read the book the fight for marriage offering their unique perspectives on this litigation during his career bill and served as president of the National Tennessee Bar Association is the thought in the Nashville Tennessee American bar foundations and like his father before him he serves on the Tennessee Supreme Court's board of all examiner's in addition all these amendments bill has been our schools contracts professor since 2005 his students speaking with the same respect that we use we're talking about his father 50 years ago today we have a very strong first few faculty and there is no benebalm for first-year students of a truly professional water bill – bill thank you baby hardly know what to say after that but it is truly a pleasure to be here this morning with this class become members of the board fellow faculty the guests and folks especially in the class of 2019 congratulations this is a day for you your families to remember always and it marks a significant house coming all of your lives as you prepare to graduating and embark on new careers where you will undoubtedly use your law degree needs to graduate I want to take you back to the beginning of your journey to your first year of law school many of us here in the room today will once new law students as well and I no exception in thinking about what I might offer you today I have not as a law student the year is 1977 and two works of literature that were really intimidating it recently come out in which they felt about starting law school the first was James bridges book the paper checks which was released as would be in 1973 it starts in three bottoms as a first-year law student and the dreaded John Houseman as his brilliant intimidating and staring contracts professor aptly named kingsfield's Houseman one of the Kennedy a worker that was born this or about him in a moment the second book was a book one day Elvis got her it was released in 1977 the year in which I started law school and it documented the recent experience of the authority' thinly veiled diary lock presentation of his first year of law school as I was entering the first year Scott to rub his entering his third year so the book adjusts my wonderful and supportive parents thinking they were doing me a favor gave me a copy of the governor's son both the Paper Chase in one he'll emphasize the main characters force in contrast as a central component of the stories what is it about a contract law that drew the attention of the two hearts well that problem as well and both of the stories present the law school experience for the eyes of a first-year student who does not really know what to expect to begin to the Paperchase main character whose name is James Hart starts his first year in a very bad way in his contracts law course with professor kingsfield's he assumes the first class will be an outline of the course for the coming year when Kingsfield immediately tells you to the material using the Socratic method sometimes all Socrates dawn that heart is totally unprepared and feels so Beverly billion that after class he throws up in the bathroom in one else not for us similarly emphasizes this contrast professor the because professor greedy as a source of intimidation and fear in fact the first chapter of the book is called meeting my enemy one of whom is presumably green both of us discuss study for the exams romance and the books are loosely based on the character of the contrast professor who was based on a real-life person his name is Clarke ice and now I'm coming to the personal part of my story I'm fortunate to say that Professor bias was my confidence professor and he was indeed a skilled proponent of the Socratic method in his first class professor advice told us that he would teach us to think like a lawyer he never directly told us what that phrase but I believe that over the course of the year he showed us by example on the surface the Paper Chase and one day I'll present a pretty native image of what it means to think like a lawyer the Socratic method is depicted in both books as a source of intimidation and embarrassment the contracts professors depicted as pretty much of a filament and often to the model thinking like a lawyer maybe being clever or tricky parsing words and sentences and ways to distort their meaning in To Kill a Mockingbird Bob Ewell says to the court and to the jury in a moment of frustration you've got to watch tricky lawyers like Atticus Finch it's so – a lot of folks thinking like a lawyer might not see the first like sentence day but in reflecting on my experience with our lives the real-life professor kingsfield's I know there is much more than thinking like a lawyer than being tricky too clever to be three aspects of that phrase stand out the first thing professor fights on his class is to have a strong sense of empathy he demonstrated to us through the Socratic method that there is more than one way of looking at a problem as someone once said even if in pamcake has two sides and by lawyers learn to see the disputes always involve two or you the ability to empathize and understand and appreciate your host points of view is one aspect of thinking like a lawyer a second aspect of thinking like a lawyer is idealism this can take many forms one of them is design principle ways to argue which take legal rules so that they come in ever closer to achieving the ideal of justice all of the cases we read in law school or about finding adjust and hopefully in the principle result that builds on precedent and does not do violence to plus the old ideals scott turow again when a not desperately wants to claim through this sentence of right and wrong and not to let them get lost in the pressures of law school I once heard a revered Nashville lawyer Charlie Warfield give a speech in which the emerged lawyers at some point in their career to take on a lost cause it is good advice that is something to remember from law school and to try never to forget idealism it's a big part of why he went to law school in the first place the third aspect of thinking like a lawyer is compassion compassion and forgiveness do have an important even a huge place in the life of a lawyer we can see the importance of compassion in learning judges who are University for a party who may be in the wrong but it does not deserve penalties that are overly harsh as judge Cardozo said in Jacob in Jones versus Canada I love this language the wilful transgressor must accept the penalty of his transgression but the transgressor whose default is unintentional in trivial may hope for mercy if you reflect on the court is wrong law practice is sometimes a tough profession it's called in our tradition an adversarial system of justice they get to have compassion for an opponent or the posi lawyer is a critical part of happily for a long time in the profession remember however Theatre in the end professor bias was really nothing like professor kingsfield's especially in those parts of the fiction that I saw that was my law school owner yes he was good at the Socratic method but all of us who had as a professor learned that he was down to earth on the line even approaching he may have a point to eat lunch at the law school cafeteria so he considered students to know he was a great example of civility professor Weiss died in 2007 at age 95 a memorial at Harvard Law today said he was Kingsfield or Harvard Law School has lost a legend many thousands of its graduates have lost the finest teacher they ever had and all of us have lost the friends that Dean and Elena Kagan now Supreme Court justice painting nobody cared more deeply about great teaching and no one communicated more effectively to his students he insisted on excellence but always with a twinkle in his eye it was kingsfield's but also so much more than his field a wonderfully generous and caring human being the king's field sentries of the world are watching the movie go read about the book but I think it's deplorable Isis in the world if you remember back I told you we would come back to the forces in contract law it figured the both of us books perhaps into the adjacent when they all the courses in contracts were central because contracts are private learnings of relationships with the force of law behind them you have to understand the people and relationships to understand contracts you have all learned to take one alone to my mind this is a very good thing I wish for all of you every success and happiness and I hope that empathy I feel those men compassion are harder days of your lives congratulations again Thanks [Applause] as you might imagine each of today's 62 graduates could recount their experiences the students at the School of Law in different ways and different voices each graduate stories worth telling but time constraints permit only one to speak on behalf of the class Miss Mary Charlotte has been requested to provide some brief parting words on behalf of our classmates Michelle good morning introduction I'm extremely honored to be here today not only to be graduating people but to have a special opportunity to speak to you as well I know we're all getting a little antsy and ranches to bust out those doors and enjoy what's going to be a hot but very fun day but I've a few messages for you and I think David Hudson will appreciate and stay to organize as using headings and subheadings so I'm gonna speak to – my fellow graduates first you know I was researching through his speech the other than being anxious about it you see a lot of graduation speeches trying to inspire me to go on throughout do great things to run out the doors with the drive to help those in need helping advocate for those two feet advocating and help solve some of the most difficult parts their lives typically if excitement over the places you'll go another serious but I very quickly realized that this room does not need inspiring I've been personally inspired by so many of you and I have absolutely no doubt you're gonna continue forward in Tennessee and do absolutely wonderful things I couldn't spend my entire time like you're detailing all the challenges and trying some of our classmates have endured in their time but I opted to offer some thoughts that only hopefully keep you grounded and it's something I've had to remind myself of frequently lately so days and weeks ahead of us as you know are going to be stressful I know as soon as the Olaf at the store we'll probably aren't thinking about the bar exam don't today is for celebrating my graduation regardless of what other tasks play out of us we have being here today right now I'll be with your family they care for you they have sacrificed so much to be here and help you graduates they take the time to be with them enjoy it present celebrate you definitely aren't it so now a brief message to school guys when I found out mr. Maris in this meeting today I thought it was unbelievably fitting because on August 3rd 2015 an auditorium in the cell Phil Harrison gave us a very first law school lecture on a day that was full of anticipation and anxiety his calm and kind words asserted sure us that law school would be difficult but it would be one of the most rewarding endeavors we will ever pursue today he addresses those graduates with the same Munir and we are so grateful not only for his words but the example he says his humility and kindness are critical to effective practice of law and I think it's one of the many reasons mr. Harlan has been so successful but mr. Murchison is just one of the many many many professors but molded and guided us to be here today from Judge Davidson's mixing bowl and his hatred of Paxton since it to Kimberly read race – yelling – stop will at us pretty frequently during our Correll here Chuck do you like to go out to make sure whoever to use our common sense and stuff you stop thinking too much like a lawyer looking back at the professor's I think we witness some of the most patient individuals possible our class as you can tell is pretty vibrant full of personality and I think we may have tested your limits a few times in fact I know one student in particular who or main names probably expect you to drove some of you mad but you keep coming back the professor to the nest keep showing up work day jobs in one of the most stressful and high-paced perfections but you still show up with a smile and answer all of our endless questions except maybe got one students questions tell them this topic without a tell all that wonderful faculty here I know many of us would not have been able to attend law school we are forever grateful to each and every one of you and hope to see you out in the world Celeste I speak to all the engine prints in the room today congratulations are due to you as well because now you have an attorney has family that you'll likely be able to pester for free legal advice some advanced warning though our answer to 99% of the questions will involve some variation of it depends so don't expect a lot of profit and all honesty thank you cannot come close to expressing the magnitude that we all have for everything here supporting us today life didn't stop because we decided to get crazy school students had horses marriages funerals before even a set of twins we've had a professional set by setbacks as students and trans and cried stressed complained frequently question nursing email and you all have been our biggest cheerleaders through all of us even when we try to explain the rule against perpetuities to you I know my husband Greg's been my biggest cheerleader and there's absolutely no way I could have attended law school without its dedication is supported and patient and very last but certainly not least I want to thank all the children in the room today you are necessarily consulted before honored at which full of school you can make a lot of sacrifices I know my kids have had to miss after-school activities they've had to deal with mom being studying all weekend family vacations have been postponed and I know in my house at least one Thanksgiving was quite boring things to a constitutional midterm but it's worth it so we appreciate you we've been grumpy tired sometimes so overwhelmed that you could sole this I know I make it my children sat next to me when I stay one attended with me on rare occasion when I had to attend class and you've celebrated us with us my great suppose I hope you don't just remember today's daily your mom or dad then something pretty cool but it's a day that can help them achieve so all the things out there thank you in closing I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that everyone here are going to go out do wonderful things I'm absolutely truly genuinely honored to be included in the class the National School of Law last 2018 cheers congratulations [Applause] just wear clothes before you bust out the back door I don't really prolific just energy closing words of mine tell this is a woman consequences for the men and women have been the worth of their JD degrees today all this music marching and medieval robes and the ceremonies meant to mark a single decisive moment of transition in their lives you the members of the class of 2019 are the truth the leaders of honors today the greatest human beings is not so much that poverty made the world but it's the power to remake themselves and this is precisely when you've done and is this accomplishment that we celebrate we are living today in uncertain times the rule of law the very foundations of our government are under assault from without the traditional norms of mutual tolerance and institutional forbearance have been replaced by partisanship they distrust the principles of the calcaneus of civility below freedom and the shared purpose that characterised mid 20th century democracy in America every Nobel prize-winning Irish poet William Butler made cakes lived through similar times immediately following World War one the Easter Rising in Ireland the Russian Revolution the rise of fascism and the political decay in Europe ruptured traditional values and a world of the collective sense of purpose there was a feeling that the old rules no longer apply and there was nothing to replace them the first fans of the second coming published in nineteen sounds like it could have been written today each word Things Fall Apart the Senate cannot hold mere anarchy is loosed upon the world the blood-dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned the best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity it's precisely in times like these that lawyers are needed most lawyers are not mercenaries and hired guns lawyers defend the Constitution and move law lawyers are the guardians of our liberties lawyers advocate for just causes no matter how unpopular lawyers are the protectors of the powers and lawyers of lies counselors of our society it was about water from Virginia to those and it was a trial of Illinois that issued the Emancipation Proclamation there was a corporate lawyer from New York who led this country to the dark days of repression and Second World War and there was two good ol country lawyers from Huntsville Tennessee and Morganton North Carolina who established that no person not even the President of the United States well over a century to go justice Louis Brandeis called the Harvard technical society quote there is a call upon the legal profession to do great things for this country this call still rings true today today more than ever our communities need lawyers who are wise courageous and creative even if you did not engage in the traditional practice of law your legal training equips you to absolve this ruse rationally and fairly without resorting to force the talent or trigger you have the threshold of entering a noble profession and you haven't been chosen to become communities I am confident in each of you rise to that challenge and with these thoughts members of the 2019 graduating class you have my congratulations and best wishes please realize for the presentation the very latest I want to also offer my heartfelt congratulations to my fellow classmates thank you for enduring this journey with me and I also want to give it a graduations to everyone in this room as we have noted if you are definitely a part of our Karen area so if you would if you would please bow your heads with me dear Lord today I bring our graduation class before you asking you to keep your hand of protection upon us please guide our steps in the days ahead as we embark on this new journey grant us the wisdom to make wise decisions according to your widow and may the road before stage with joyous opportunities that bring honoring or defeat the greatest mercy in Christ Jesus our follow

Michael Martin

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