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on stage is strength luminary we are here to pay tribute to an incredible man dr. Terry Todd and these people all knew him very very well and we're integral in what has become the Arnold strongman contest starting on your left that gentleman is a legend David P Webster OBE next to him Steve Slater created so many of the apparatus that the strongmen have to manipulate Magnus perm met one of the strongest men in the world another legend one of the people that makes the clock tick Kim Beckwith a judge that has been with us since the very first contest John fair another man who makes things happen bill Duerson the cast Bill Kazmaier another gentleman who is part of our family Terry young and our past champions including the very first one Mark Henry the man who won seven Arnold strongman championships under Savickas what eight a man who Cobra came all the odds you can possibly imagine to win the championship Derek Poundstone another champion but to dismiss and these last two people are competing this weekend please welcome Brian Shaw you know him as the mountain just look at him here he is half Thor bjornsen [Applause] now you need to understand the legacy the man the incredible man who is dr. Terry Todd he was a pioneer in powerlifting he coached some of the strongest men in history like Bill Kazmaier Lamar Gant Mark Henry he did all kinds of media including working for CBS writing for Sports Illustrated he was a college professor who specialized in the history of strength when Jim former Arnold's partner that organizes the whole sports festival proposed that dr. Terry start a strongman contest to be part of the Arnold sports festival he used his knowledge of lifting history to come up again and again with unique old-school events and I'm talking about events that nobody else does implements to challenge the modern competitors what is true strength that was always his goal when he agreed to begin the contest started planning in 2001 the first person he talked to about the show other than his wife of course was David Webster David flew all the way from Scotland to be here today just as he did in 2002 when he was the head official at the very first Arnold strongman now along with David and the advice of Bill Kazmaier and Steve Slater of course they all put all of this together and made it as unique as it possibly is now Steve Slater has been more than just Terry's crew chief he's contributed ideas he's built equipment like the Austrian hope that you're about to see and now he and Jan are directing this year's show John fair and Kim Beckwith go back to the beginning as das owed Hagen and Magnus ver Magnusson builders and Karl Gillingham Terry young from Canada and of course the incredible men who come together this year to help spot and load and set the stage and you can see all of them over there in the blue shirts the incredible crew that make this happen today we honor the man who changed the sport of strongman by creating this show Jim and Barb Lorimer are brought back all the past winners of the Arnold strongman Classic except one of course that's Mike Jenkins who has passed away but his spirit is with us today I'm sure all right we do have a video the video place tribute it will show you more of who dr. Terry Todd was who he is in all of our hearts and one more time I would like you to give a big round of applause not only to dr. Terry but to all of these people who are here to honor him and now if you would please we're gonna release our athletes so they can continue to warm up for the next event but everybody else have you would please direct your attention to those two screens on the side of the stage and enjoy this wonderful tribute video to dr. Terry Todd the legend he has always had the visions we each have our sort of separate set of strings and terry has always been able to see three miles down the road as to what might come where I'm just sort of saying like can we just get through today I know we're always looking ahead and it's naturally not what I ever thought I would be doing with my life but I'm really proud of what we've done and I'm really proud of him my name is Terry Todd I live in Austin Texas home of the University of Texas which is the location of the stark Center for physical culture and sports was always active in sports as boy I played baseball and had already taken up tennis if you were curious youngster who liked books and sports University of Texas even back then was a fine place to have near you Terry of course was this kind of physically and intellectually larger-than-life person his ability to imagine futures to dream big to try to say you know if we're gonna do this let's do it right and I think people see that with what we've tried to do here Terry Terry as they're sorting things out in the tests overall body strength the heaviest and hardest ever you had he's got that out for those guys it was his intelligent with his stocks Center this was somebody it could really make things happen by Hickey has done the reason that this collection is here and the reason that Jen and I put it together is that when I was a young man in high school you were discouraged from any weight training at all no one in those days train with weights the word muscle-bound was widely used then everyone said you won't be able to scratch the back of your neck you won't be able to comb your hair brush your teeth and it was a puzzlement to me really but I started lifting weights just as I graduated from high school and had a scholarship here at the University of Texas in tennis I looked a bit out of place on the tennis courts my coach was so unhappy looking out on his beautiful tennis courts here and seeing a bunch of nice slender active young men among whom some beasts had gotten loose I caused him a lot of grief I remember once I came lumbering in and he said I know who you are you're that weightlifting guy you don't need to say any more in fact I'm not gonna give you any advice except to stop weightlifting the worst thing any athlete in any sport could do you know I can just look at you and see you don't look like a tennis player for god sakes you know you're bigger than the football players so I meekly crept out backwards out of the door hoping I'd get out alive so the springtime of my junior year I stepped away and and kept my body in the weight room from then on this made me a believer as I got into it I thought why in the world would people believe this nonsense it's easy to see if you do it that it does not make you muscle-bound I could jump higher when I weighed 340 then I could when I weighed 195 just what I weighed when I started so therefore I began to study it application lifting became my academic focus when I met Terry I was an undergraduate student at Mercer University in Macon Georgia I had never done sports he was the guy who kept coming up with all the cool ideas about how to reform the curriculum and he was at that time 260 pounds and six feet too big sort of reddish beard and he often would bring cavers down to the middle of campus and get some of the guys mainly to sort of engage in caber tossing that was kind of how I first knew him lifting was really my first sport I mean what an amazing supporter he was he has always had my back in everything it was that background that we shared both as athletes and later as scholars that led us to create this facility so that people would have a place to come it's interesting to see how it's developed how it's consistent with the culture and there's no evidence that it's going to stop we feel if you want to call a man the strongest man in the world you need to have a mince that represents strength I continued always to be interested in strength the great strongmen that came were over a hundred years before my time and stories about them filled me with excitement and I began collecting and I just couldn't get enough up I wanted to get it and I wanted to get more alright ladies and gentlemen with that let's give a round of applause for all these unbelievable legends on stage 2 under the great Terry Todd now normally to remember somebody we'd have a moment of silence but dr. Todd loved strongmen and in strongmen it's not about being silent it's about power and it is about energy so in his honor I invite you all to join me in a moment of power and I want to hear everybody at the top of their lungs one time give it up for dr. Terry Todd three two one [Applause] get them one more round of applause [Applause] because up here is my co-host you already met a legendary figure two times he represented the u.s. is an incredible tribute to an incredible man I'm Sean woodland alongside dr. Phil Crawford in this bill to people in strongman community I know to you especially dr. Terry Todd was basically yes Terry was like family to me and speak right now but Terry was visionaries you heard but mostly Terry is a great friend but mostly he gave people in sprint sports a voice he was our he was our our bard he told the stories he knew all the people he gave us a chance to show ourselves I know that men that would go to competitions or know that Terry was there we lift more weight just because he knew they knew that the world would see that they would be lifting those weights because you report out those those results and this voice is going to continue through us as we continue this tradition with strong men the traditional events and with Terry's vision and all of us will always owe something to this pioneer in sport he actually was one of the creators of the sport of strongman in the modern times and no one can ever refute that and he was one of the co-creators of the Arnold strongman classic and the 2019 competition continues here we are through three of five events getting set for these forbes event of the competition the event that just took place so let's recap that that was the wheel of pain and the youngster from Ukraine Alexi Novikov set a blistering pace and had the distance to beat for most of the event he went a distance of 113 feet even and that one stood until Martines they seized the dragon got onto the implement a very steady pace for leases and he was able to edge out and bill becomes mark Marty's Lee sees pushing the wheel of pain a distance of 119 feet 9 inches half Thor bjornsen the overall leader after two events was the last man on to the wheel of pain and he was trying to track down B C's top distance and it was close yours and just could not make it six inches short and that gives Martinez Lee sees his first event win of the competitions the overall standings now after three of five events has Torbjorn with 29 out of a possible 30 total points Marty's dc's courtesy of that last victory moves into second all by himself and now trails yours and by six Alexey Novikov is in third place by one point but right now flexi Novikov is getting checked by the medical team for an injury he is not currently lined up to take a turn on the Austrian oak if he is cleared he will be back in the competition but Novikov getting checked by the medical team and we will have more on that as it becomes available to us the fourth of five events the Austrian oak the athletes with 90 seconds for max refs 430 pounds and obviously you got to be strong we all know that but there is a lot of technique involved with this implements yes the first thing that you need to do is have an efficient lift of the chest you'll see the athletes squat down to turn their hands forward typically and and roll the log back up to the top of the chest the second key is after the implement is on your chest because it's forward it's not a barbell because of our bail on your shoulders this is Florian shoulders you want to point your elbows back you want to push back and up backing up because it feels if you'll notice the athletes have their hands well forward of their face so the athletes will be able to get this log overhead will be the ones that can push backing up most efficiently here is the order in which we will proceed Geri Pritchett would be the first man on the Austrian up followed by Matteo Skelos Kowski who has been waiting for these final two events they are really in his Brian Shaw will go third and we will work our way down to the overall we turn up for your team is now just cait's men out of the ten that started this competition remain but remember Alexi Nova if is clear we'll be back in the competition Gerry Pritchett will be the first man to lift this heavy it's very well made as you can see it's even artistically made Pritchett is a guy who's been interested in strength training since he was 15 years old currently resides in Phoenix Arizona where he works as a metal fabricator for a public utilities transportation department and actually builds a lot of the equipment with which he trains for competition that has been in the Arnold strongman classic every year since 2013 his best career finish was in 2017 when he finished the third place overall and now he approaches the Austrian oak 90 seconds for max repetitions at 430 pounds notice how he has his hands turned over across town drives up with his hips and rolls it back has got his elbows in the core position [Applause] pritchett will reset it's a long time to have 130 pounds up your chest back for a second attempt and Pritchett looks like he is done and he will step away without reporting a single repetition on the Austrian oh yes and they'll have the secondary competition he's got his elbows forward and it really he's really trying to just push it back see his elbows are forward that puts his hands in this position closer to his shoulders if you actually hold your hands perpendicular to the floor what will happen is you'll just drive up but that up is directly in front of your face and out Matteo's kale Ostrosky from poland is next and we saw this man attack a similar implement it was minor I was in Santa Monica but just basically ripped that thing off the ground and this is much heavier at 430 pounds and he used sort of a snatch technique that all dazzled us there was very little pause at the shoulders there on the pier in Santa Monica but again this implement much heavier the off you know 430 sounds bouncy on his first attempt and one rep max limit as K Laskowski his attempt number two now Mateus Kalos Kowski out of forward up and back and that'll be two tears pillows Koski picking up right where he left off in Santa Monica not having a whole lot of trouble with the Austrian over two reps and county probable for journey so viscous eight-time champion here finished with four repetitions with a simple third attempt with Kayla's Kowski [Applause] the crowd was trying to will that thing over his head but those are his arms up to the static event so three basic categories of strongmen events grip events static events where you stand in place like a deadlift or an overhead press and then strength endurance typically like moving to load something like stones or I carry something to push something see that bandage wrapping his left hand he was having nothing worked on quite a bit after day 1 of competition was after the Husa fell stone period he was back behind the stage he received quite a bit of treatment on the leg and as a wrap and he's going to go is probably a high hamstring certian area asking for the oat to be adjusted just slightly attention he's very good with overhead events Brian Shaw has been at this imagine every year this is gonna challenge his mental strength he's got an injury and he's still pushing on first attempt for Brian Shaw Leitao scalers Koski is your early leader with to compute repetitions [Applause] one down yes go Brian Shaw in a lift like this how much of a factor is your hamstring well you have to be able to stabilize yourself and to push your hips forward and lock yourself under awaits the hamstring glute mechanism is very important story you can't flex your hips for inside of the Brian Shaw second attempt the crowd trying to help out Brian Shawn he will not be able to lock that one out and you can tell the leg is bothering him a little bit sir it's time for one more attempt [Applause] will not happen for Brian Shawn you can tell how much he's hurt and you said it earlier at the beginning of the day there was some doubt as to whether or not he was going to be in the competition and you quickly said don't know Brian Shaw is going to compete yes he will compete even in pain and with those restrictions now here's his good attempt that he got over his head pushed with his hips elbows up and back had a difficult they notice how he staggered that's because he had difficulty actually flexing his hips forward blocking out Brian shop saying thank you to the crowd and everybody everyone here was behind him including me and they know that this man is not 100% and he is still gutting through this competition that will give way to the man on the bottom left of your screen Matt Jones fell shocked second career appearance at the Arnold's from a classic he was sixth overall now look he's turning his attention to another competitor to say you know come on let's go let's get it done Bell shock has gotten better with every event something that without seventh the opening event was fourth in the wheel of pain that came up the second and final day of competition here at the Arnold strong a classic second-to-last event five total events is the most prestigious strongman competition in the world a lot of money on the line here – the winner of 73 thousand dollars so these these athletes when they get older or get better at Statik events so as a young athlete like the nut jobs very important overhead pressing squatting strength but he had a definite improvement in his deadlift so his static events are improving year to year he'll shock will be the fourth man take on the Austria note the fourth of eight strong man or an event up before both the tamper bell shot [Applause] Bell Shack has to stabilize it he will not get credit for that rep the athletes do at the weight score signal from the judge yes going back to the chime so he pushed back the carpet pushed back a little bit too much and it goes behind it he did that at sim at Santa Monica is attempt number two for Bell shot once again little trouble getting it to his shoulders but now just cannot complete the press he rolled his eyes them that was a golden opportunity to walk that house which he had but he couldn't get his feet placed you have to have your body under control under the implement to get the down signal from the dugs and nobody's better to understanding this Magnus Magnusson inside hi mr. banks is it's way Montez bell shot the screen right now third attempt elbows are forward the press is not gonna happen in college John Kasich just didn't have enough diesel to finish it up only two men so far they've been able to get that thing overhead not just killers Koski who's still your leader with two complete repetitions and Brian Shaw was able to complete one the first part of this look good for Bell shock it was the finish that he just couldn't put together up and back but it went a little bit behind him he couldn't he couldn't stabilize himself and he knows he lost a golden opportunity that fishing up to the chest just couldn't get it up I can tell you when you have a heavy log up here up to your shoulders like that you don't feel the pressure so much in your shoulders you feel it a little bit in your lower back mostly feeling your abdominal muscles your current standings as we are now halfway through the seat athletes the Laskowski for Poland still your leader with two complete repetitions of Brian Shaw with one with al-shibh LaCava is up next started off great with the tie for third in the elephant bar deadlift seventh of the fifth and the wheel of pain so getting a repetition with this implement then put you ahead of all others who do not and have to go to the lighter implement look op try to get himself fired up the Siberian force being set to take on the Austrian Opel cop making sure everything is in position position was he would like it with Magnus ver Magnusson the head judge and now but I'll Schiller cop on attempt number one pitches through the chest and the press is good as Magnus ver Magnusson gives him the signal one down from Kailua cop now the third man to be able to lift that over his head it's gonna take his time reset just a bit notice how most of these lifters these strong men are using lifting shoes with that heel on them and the reason for that is when you push back with that implements it allows you to lean back onto your heels and maintain that position plus it's a much more solid base to work from and that may not seem like a lot but when you're dealing with something this heavy just millimeters in positioning can make a difference yes and that's that's exactly it is that there's tiny little details that make your break attempts at this level second attempt for Bokashi look up he gets this he would tie for the lead and that is good for the Siberian force and he has tied the cage killas Koski part pink for the lead Kennish Koski earlier with two complete repetitions and because shiva cough will complete two as well great performance from the Siberian force gets it efficiently up rolling it back his helpers are forward pushes back he's got to hold it as elbows are forward pushing back over his face it goes a little bit behind your head but again we're talking about the details of being able to walk it out something about those shoes as well two successful reps on two attempts from Kyle schifflet coffin that will give way to Ronald Heinlein of Estonia who's been pretty impressive so far in this competition his third in the Hoos FL stone had him tied for second place after day one but then he drops down the leaderboard after a sixth place finished in the wheel of pain trying to move back up into contention for one of those top three spots this is actually yes from Estonia the land of George Hackenschmidt so strongman is alive and well or lifting and weightlifting since he was 10 first attempt with Ron oh hi nyla on the Austrian Oh 30 pounds I'll equip me the work which just cannot complete the press and I did start with some hip Drive looked a little sluggish like the weight was trying to roll forward on this so that's why you want to drive your elbows for as part as possible onto your chest also switch your elbows in a better position to push up and back over their heads run oh hi look the sixth man out on the stage now ready for the second attack once again gets it to the chest closer on the press but still will not go and Heinlein will leave without a successful yes perhaps the second attempt you had a little more speed on it what that does is it gives you a chance to have expended less energy to save for the upward movement of this wooden implement overheads over space then drive back just to make a quick comment about him starting lifting at age ten in the US we're starting to have a young athlete start stretch sports earlier Marty's Lee sees who currently sits a second place after his win in the wheel of pain we saw him win that Arnold strongman classic in Santa Monica and that was what we really figured out was this game is going to be a contender with so be someone that always comes comes on stronger to the end of competition he gets right to work first attempt releases [Applause] and he will lock it out now assistant at I born second place with Brian Shaw in this event right to work on attempt number two and Reese's will hit that one and is now tied for the lead with nachos Kellis Koski Nick I'll ship Lacock with two successful reps and he still has plenty of time he wants to dig down and get this third rep this would this was definitely separated from the competition looking to keep the pressure on half though of yours in ITV's he's just six points back with Norton in the overall standings coming into this event one event remains after this third attempt will the dragon quickly up through the chest at least he's out of gas but does tie for the best marks so far with two successful reps and he did not waste a whole on a set-up time here got right to work on this thing in fact it back quick successful reps for might easily seize elbows are forward backing up notice that on the first ramp and content and actually the second rep he's got that right foot back just a little bit to successful attempts from my team's Lee season now the overall leader in your defending Arnold strongman Classic champion path or Lorenson set a record in the Elephant Bar deadlift with a lift of 1045 pounds that was one the Husa fell stone carry to go back to back on day one and was only six inches away from beating Marty's Lee sees in the wheel of pain yes the Icelandic Giants his father's probably close to seven feet tall and his grandfather is two and they're both here in the audience watching him they are an easy family to spot walking through the crowd one more look at the overall standings coming into this final attempt the overall standings in this event three men have completed two repetitions Marty's Lee sees the most recent and a Brian Shaw completed one they really need to have two reps and get himself in that pack but then it can completely separate himself with a third repetition after Watson just needs to stay close to Marty's lis system and immediately behind him in the overall standings yourson leave Lisa spies in six points coming into this event this is his first attempt on the Austrian Oh 430 pounds 195 kilos and that is easy for half-door bjornsen one successful ref to represent after were one of the few athletes in the field who actually weighs more than the log just one more to tie himself would be three other athletes who have completed two repetitions various handle the rest [Applause] Mountain asked for some help from the crowd and they will gladly give it to him on attempt number two [Applause] Georgeson locks that out and he has tied for the lead and he has more time left on the clock if he wants to make another attempt he needs this a tip the middle basically lock down the competition overall [Applause] third attempt for the Mouse's place times no problem to the chest now if yours had just cannot get under it two reps though will tie him with three other men in this event taking the crowd and half their appearance and will remain your overall leader heading in this to the final event will be later on tonight the stew of the shoulder but he pulled that thing up on his first attempt yes super efficient up very very quickly [Applause] another thing when you get a really heavy weight overhead like that it's fighting that pressure in your abdominal muscles and forwards and making sure that you can walk the weight over your heads and now the lighter log will come out that's 385 pounds the athletes who did not complete a single lifts on the heavier log will now get to attempt that so just to set this up just a little bit Sean those in ravensberg baños about 15 years ago set the world's record in the law pressed with 385 pounds this is the consolation log now and just to try to get as many reps as possible so that shows you the evolution of strongmen and how being event specific and working with these blogs is evolved over this time period Jerry prison will be up first he is one of three men who did not record a successful lift on the Austrian Oh not judge bail shocked and Ronald halo were the other two it really does make a big difference now they're fighting for points these points are placements placements as money these are professional athletes they know what they're doing Gerry Pritchett approaching the log 385 pounds now and he will go for as many repetitions as you can in 90 seconds Richard Stolley but he will get credit for in his Magnus ver Magnusson gives him the down signal a little more ginger he's not trying to be too explosive coming up with a little bit of an issue one of his hamstrings there's attempt number two Bridget will call it but he does get one successful live Geri Pritchett with just one event remaining everything was good about this lifter than the only party really struggled with was getting over his head yesterday he had a little bit of distance with the log when he got it up to his chest but again why walking your hips out all those muscles that pertain to the posterior chain erector muscles in the back and the hamstrings you need that those muscles attack not Josh Bell shock is up next and he is another man who has improved of this competition has gone on he grew up in a family of cooking enthusiasts his parents owned a restaurant in Slovenia and he actually works there sometimes as an apprentice chef his powerlifting career began at the junior stages he was 17 years old and he won the 2017 arnold classic europe strongman in the 2017 arnold classic poland and he was a points qualifier in the overall standings to get here to the 2019 Arnold strongman classic and try to improve on his sixth place finish from last year not making his belt too tight just trying to get a little something for the abdominal wall to push on opposite of what people think weightlifting belt really doesn't help with a lower back as much as it helps you push your abdominal wall against something not Josh Bell shock 385 pounds 90 seconds for as many repetitions as he that is one good repetition for the man from Slovenia and that one looked like no problem it's a very routine live for him with Jerry prison also has just one successful attempt his weight Bell shock will get credit for that one very little hip selection to drive that up with his hips more of a strict press it was very very close to that with the Austrian open successful attempts at remember distance this implement regardless of how many times you lived it did not leapfrog you over the man who got at least one successful attempt on the Austrian O's this is now a place yes Bell shot going for three it's not done yet now lining up for attempt number four – good lifts for machi on bail shocks put in the head of cherish Bridget one more man remains and that is Ronald Heinlein another young athlete that needs to work on his static good hip flexion explosive up and it was bored back and above gets the down signal good here's Ron Ohio from Estonia you won a 20-18 Arnold Classic Australia Championship to qualify here six times Estonia is the strongest man again we mentioned started weightlifting at a very young age and started competing in strongman in 2000 six years ago he tore his right Achilles tendon and doctors told him he just had to recover from it his leg actually swelled and in his words began to rot 10 centimeters of his tendon will remove at six surgeries later he's finally recovered and says it's an injury that he still feels to this day and now his first attempt at the 385 pounds law and that is no problems behind yes he handled a 385 panel of the Santa Monica astronomy a classic quite well several repetitions this will springboard him above frigid and also in front of Bell shock he gets another repetition with one successful lift on this piece of equipment bill shock had Milan on his second attempt and it looks like Hyland may not have gotten credit for that added above his head but he did not get the down signal that is a lot of wasted effort well we call that a postcard lifting he took a picture at the right time it looked like an overhead lift this is the third attempt for Hilah he needs to wait for Magnus ver Magnusson signal he's at the bottom of the screen and there it is that lift will count so plenty of time another attempt Magnus is a great judge if he did if it wasn't said he wouldn't have he wouldn't have given him down signals I'm less struggling with it it won't be able to get it over his head so two good legs for waddle Heinlein will tie him with Raja Bell shock Gerry Bridget will finish with one as the fourth of five events of the 2019 Arnold Sean man classic are now in the books and half for bjornsen will take his lead into the final event and try to lock up his second consecutive Arnold strongman classic championship final results for men with two successful lips Morrison was the final man to log to Brian Shaw gets one event on the lighter lock Mashiach Bell shocked behind the podium – and it's Jerry's fridges in eighth place with one good left one more look at some of the men who were able to get the Austrian toke up and over their heads more than once we start with matches and killers possible this this the Austrian oak actually has a larger diameter and that's one of the reasons it's harder to overcome than the smaller law Marty's leases went quickly with good back-to-back repetitions was unable to get a third and now half Thor bjornsen who just needed to stay close to leases in order to not surrender too much of his lead he does just that with two good lifts and here are your unofficial point standings after formats haftorah bjornsen increases his lead now to nine points over martinis Michal silikov moves into third rano Hina is now in fourth not just killers Koski is in fifth the disappointing competition for Brian Shaw continues as he is in sixth place in Alexi Novikov who was in third to start this event again he was getting checked out by the medical team for an injury he may not be out of the competition he did not participate in this if he is cleared he will return it's been impressive so far four events are down one remains we will step aside for a moment but the action is not done the rogue record breakers continues when we return to the artists strongman classic in Columbus Ohio

Michael Martin

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