okay we'll continue with the postgame press conference for the 2019 Allstate Sugar Bowl we have Texas head coach Tom Herman defensive end Charles omena who and we will be joined in a few minutes by quarterback Sam Ehlinger after a brief opening statement here he comes right now after a brief opening statement from coach we'll open the floor to questions for coaching the players left Sam get seated and then you can take it away really proud of our team you know I know that the phrase team win gets used quite a bit but the way our offense defense and special teams complemented each other the entire night I thought was was magnificent it was what we needed to have happen in order to have a chance to win I have an unbelievable amount of respect for Kirby smart and his crew and his program so much so that we took a trip out there this spring just to pick brains and you know talk shop a little bit and it's a really really good football team that he has there and and one that I'm sure he will continue to field throughout his tenure at Georgia so our hats off to them it was a heck of a football game but again just really proud of the physical nature in which we played this game at this point in our programs trajectory that's what that's what we're going to need to do to win is we've got out hustle people we've got out hit people and you know we've got a play with a purpose and a passion greater than anybody in the country and tonight I feel like we did that we'll open the floor for questions for Coach or the players and as always raise your hand we'll bring a mic to you identify yourself by name in media outlet we'll start right over here players either one okay Brian Davis Austin american-statesman Tom I've asked you I asked you this in the spring in August and September and I want to ask it again at the biggest moment of the season first and goal at the one your guys finally lined up and slammed it in there to take the lead with this guy what did it say about your team's toughness at that moment and this entire night about how tough Texas is now yeah I appreciate you notice that we've developed you know that we have continued to develop I'm not sure we I am sure we wouldn't have been able to do that week one or week two but we did it tonight against an unbelievable defense and you know we were gonna have to do that I mean that when you get down there you got to be able to punch the ball in and I think it it certainly provided us a validation of our confidence heading into the game that you know that we could we could do that we'll move over here to the right side just Wells inside Texas co-chairmen notice that you really focused on the run game because and with Georgia being an incredible run defense that seemed like to be the mo the night and you switch till around the offensive linemen kind of sneakily we saw you know Calvin Anderson slide inside patrickv I popped to the left side cosmic slide inside a couple times it was that part of your game plan to try to throw off Georgia a little bit it wasn't necessarily to throw off Georgia it was to get the right people doing the right things on a certain play that actually we had to check out of it all three times that that we had called the play so we wanted to make sure our game plan was two things one we wanted to run our plays but run them out of different formations and motions you saw us in pistol quite a bit you saw us motion in the back into the backfield you saw his motion the tight end in and out you saw us motion some receivers just you know when you've got a month to prepare as good as that defensive staff is if you if you let them diagnose exactly you know what's going on they're pretty dang good and so we wanted to disguise a lot of you know again our base plays and then we wanted to play with tempo we felt like we could wear him out a little bit they like to play a lot of guys on defense in that front seven we wanted to make sure that we could keep him on the field and I thought we executed that plan those two parts of the plan pretty well I believe the microphone is over on the left-hand side turned – Dallas Morning News Tom you talked a lot about how much the senior class's mints and how this might be the most important senior class that you might have in your Texas career after having won the Sugar Bowl now can you put in perspective just the impact that they've had and then capping their careers off this way yeah I I mean any time I'm asked about him I'm gonna thank them publicly I we would not be here if it was not for their buy-in two years ago I told the senior class even in the locker room you know despite an up and down year last year they never wavered in their buy-in and their commitment despite you know us laying an egg in the first game you know that that could have been a time when a less bought in group a less mature group would have you know rats jump and ship if you will and they didn't it brought them closer they brought them more together and they were the heart and soul of this season and you know they are a huge part of a huge reason why our trajectory is headed the way that it's headed move over to the right side towards the back Rickey Doyle Spectrum news Austin Sam I'm wondering if you can tell us how the drew brees Westlake Jersey came to be for tonight and then also just overall what this this night and this win meant for you and for the program yeah I think coming into Superdome had to respect drew because of all the amazing things he's done in this building and I honestly wanted to play like him have a little have a little magic but that was just paying my respect to him and then I mean this win is it's a huge stepping stone for our program it's gonna carry a lot of momentum into the offseason and I look forward to getting back in January back over on the left side front row Center golden Austin american-statesman Sam piggybacking on our Ricky's question arm do you have a relationship with Drew and and how cool was it to come in here and and produce that magic that he's produced so many times in the same building yeah we've connected a few times he's always been incredible to me reaching out always letting letting me know that he's there if I need him he obviously is a tremendous role model because of what he's done in the NFL and I thank him for that outside front row on Richards blood say coach did your heart drop when Sam yelled that do you guys are back as far as Texas is concerned and if yes then can you from your perspective just put into now that the season's over you know have another opponent what does this win mean and is Texas back I'll never know what that means is Texas back so I'm never gonna comment on that it could mean a lot of different things and so I i'll never comment on on that i know we're headed in the right direction you know i I don't ever want to give any kind of finality to you know where we're at because we were always making progress and you know the the win again just means you know we're headed in the right direction you know we lost in Dallas a month ago and left a really bad taste in our mouth so the good thing is there's still a lot for this program to achieve mainly win in our conference title but to be such a quality opponent like that the way that we did it and to do it on this kind of stage in the Sugar Bowl certainly leads me to believe that that we're headed in the right direction back over on the left side Chuck Carlton Dallas Morning News for Charles wanted to get your take when Sam stepped up and did the you know along our nation we're back thing what was your reaction when you heard as a senior what does this game and this season what you guys accomplished what do you think that does mean well he said that keep saying it keep saying it man because that's that's a confident that this man exudes to the office and to the whole team and I've committed him so many times I'll commend him again for just being the guy he is and the way he is back because it's really been transcending and inspiring to everybody on this whole team in the whole University for the as far as the win I mean it just like Coach Harmon said it's it's it's it's a up-arrow for this for this program these guys are led by amazing men and amazing coaches and have a leader like Sam that is going to continue to lead these guys in the offseason to make them not as satisfied for this matter this ain't and go for this University obviously like coach Harmon said that the big 12 championship is still something that these university needs to accomplish and I know that this is this football team this program isn't the grace of hands man thanks for Charles you made a big decision in the offseason to come back Charles and you had an incredible year defensive lineman of the year in the big 12 what would into that decision to come back and just kind of talk about a little bit about just the feelings of winning the Sugar Bowl and accomplishing what you have laying the foundation for the future of this program a lot of that was was being able to feel this man winning this this game with these guys with this class dog that came in with it was a big reason why to be honest with you I knew in the offseason what we were getting coming in as far as freshman than what was already here that this team was gonna be an amazing squad and that personal geomod to play on the stage like this and to win a game like this was was a huge part of why I decided to come back to school and and that's the best decision I've ever made my 21 years of living for right here in the center of the room chip brown with horns 24/7 Tom if you can talk about the you know the defensive performance today just how suffocating it was and Sam house or you're gonna be I mean that the go-ahead touchdown the game-winning touchdown drive you carried it nine times six in a row at the end forged and slammed around on the goal line but your mindset down there I think that that mindset and the physicality and whatever it takes and the fourth and inches is the the mindset that our offense needs to have our team needs to have every single play and I'm gonna do everything that I can for my team to put them in the best situation to win so I knew that I mean I thank you for giving me the ball I wouldn't want it any other way and I'm just just so proud of the way our defense stepped up and how the offensive line did in the run game then to your point about our defense a great game plan by coach Orlando and our staff unbelievably well executed we knew we had to stop the run I had to and we were committed to you know pressuring on first and second down and trusting our guys on the perimeter if if they were to pass and trusting that that pressure would also at least make the ball come out quick and I thought the game plan was well-designed and even more proud of of how fiercely it was executed by the players on the field we'll stay over on the left-hand side on the far end coach Steve hable from Horne's Illustrated defensively the next-to-last drive for Georgia you just got you guys kind of rolled the dice I mean the Blitz net on that first one first down Willie got the ball out of his hands super fast like you were talking about was that an all-or-nothing type situation for you guys at that point him and he felt like that was the biggest thing in the game which which drive the one will Reese act him on first down is that the one you're referring to yes sir yeah I think and we forced him to punt at the end yeah you know I think we we learned our lesson on the drive before that you know the so good their quarterback receiver Oh line that you know if we sit back and play too passive with that much time left on the clock that's probably not the smartest thing to do so we wanted to pressure them on that drive and and it worked out well and I just can't you know I think you know we all want to think that offense and defense are you know as mutually exclusive they go hand in hand and they're very complementary I'm looking at this stat the one that sticks out to me which is amazing and I know it's it's an archaic stat at times but it really mattered in this game we had the ball for 12 minutes in the fourth quarter 12 of the 15 minutes and I thought our offense did a great job of getting first downs and and milking the clock down with a lead and our offense played a part in playing great defense as well stay on the left-hand side in the front row Sam specifically about the goal line those go line plays were those all you and I was there any talk about field goal on fourth down or was it gonna be all you all the way on that well we didn't really talk about it because we got stuffed three plays in a row which we'd have to fix but I don't know what was being said on the headset but I'm just glad that they trusted me and gave me the opportunity to punch the ball in no not with that guy carrying it back on the saddle just run wheels inside takes it for Sam you had a little moment Sam with the trophy and when you went over to the to the stands and you got to see your mom and your family just tell us how special that was for you yeah it was incredible to see to see my family and all that on the trauma that we've been through to get this opportunity Texas football and the University of Texas has meant so much to me and my family and to be able to do this with my family here I can't think of anything better we have time for two more questions we'll go on this side of the room and then we'll finish up right here huh Tom Ted Lewis from New Orleans advocate you've been part of a championship team of the house stage you talked about you you went to see Georgia and I know you've got to be familiar with Alabama Clemson when you talk about we're getting there what's it going to take for a Texas or anyone else right now to get to that level to dislodge what Alabama and Clemson are able to do right now they've part they've they've got a pretty good head start on everybody and I can tell you that it's going to take multiple years of recruiting classes like they've had in the last half decade or so and then it's going to take the development of those great players and you know we feel like we're on track you know having been at this program for a couple years we've recruited really well we've developed really well I think we've got the best strength coach and strength program in America and so I I think we're gonna need you know to continue to recruit and at that elite elite level and then once we get them here we've got to develop them at an elite level like those programs final question right in the center of the room Jeff how horns 24/7 Tom talking about the end of the second half or the end of the first half in the start of the second half it was almost a complete opposite it wasn't the big 12 championship game where you don't you know they don't score boo chefs key gets the 50-something yard punt to get you to halftime the defense comes out and forces a turnover how huge was that swing right there just to to not give up points or have a special teams gaffe another for the defense to come and get the ball the but the offensive ball right back yeah it was huge you know any you want to start both halves really well on both sides of the ball all three phases of the vault mean and you want to end both halves the same way and you know I feel like that sequence was really important for us you know to maintain our confidence especially there in the second half to maintain our confidence that we were going to be able to finish in the second half gentlemen thank you for your time to congratulate you

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