2018 CCAurora Commencement Ceremony

(inspirational music) – Welcome to the Community
College of Aurora’s 2017-2018 commencement ceremony. – Hello, CCA family and friends. I just want to say thank
you to all my teachers and my professors that helped
me to get to this point, especially my political science
teachers Glenn and Bobby. Woo! – Just wanna say, shout
out to the Green Family. I love you guys and my
mom because Phi Beta Kappa and you’re super inspirational. Hi, Grandmother, hi, Granddad. Love you guys. – Shout outs to my advisor, Andrea, thank you for all your support. Love you. – Thank you so much, everybody at CCA, all the faculty, president. Thank you for helping me launch my career. – Class of 2018, you’ve done it. For all of us, it’s the
dawn of something new. Every single one of us
is living a life story, that is what makes us unique. But what truly connects us is the idea that we are all searching for
the same exact thing, purpose. Everyone in this room is here today, because their passions and
purpose brought them here. Step outside of yourself, and show that your passion is surviving. Reach for the dreams in front of you. Listen to this voice to the left of you, and bend over backwards for
the people who are behind you. – (applause and cheering)

Michael Martin

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  1. My mom used to go there and I need to tell you something btw I’m okay with it in my 4 grade class we had to write a letter to our dream college and I wrote to this college then after seeing my friends getting a letter back from there dream collage with other stuff and not me I’m was like mmm did I got the wrong address or something I said? But idk and that was 2016

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