2017 Zucker School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony

good afternoon everyone I’m dr. Larry
Smith I’m the Dean of the Medical School and I’m here to welcome all of you to
our seventh white coat ceremony now it’s hard to frame exactly what the
white coat ceremony is in the continuum of going from a college student to a
physician so I would say this is a ceremony welcoming the students to the
profession of medicine and acknowledging the beginning of the beginning
graduation for medical school I would say is the end of the beginning and then
you have residency training which is the middle and then fellowship training
which is the end of the beginning completely and then practice for a few
years before you retire because you’re deep into middle age by your time you
finish all of those steps but this is a very special day because it is an
acknowledgment that medical students are part of the profession of medicine with
the expectations that they gradually take on a new identity the identity of
physician and in acknowledging that the gold foundation not that many years ago
started this process of the white coat ceremony and it is my guess is it is at
almost every Medical School in the country today many of the advanced
practice nursing schools and it is really something that has become an
acknowledgment in a tough world of practicing medicine that we are here for
a special purpose and that purpose is to patients and so today I welcome all of
you and let me introduce the people who are going to participate in today’s
event dr. Dave batt Nelly Dean for medical education will give the
introduction and then a very important person for
this class like the Rona waldenberg the Dean of Admissions who will read the
names to people that will attempt to smoothly get these white coats on your
bodies without any muss or fuss dr. Samara Ginsberg and dr. David elk
awaits and to give out the pins for both the gold society gold humanism society
as well as the pin for the EMT certification Vinson pops Adaro good afternoon on behalf of the entire
faculty of the school of medicine and the leadership of Hofstra University and
the North Carroll Health System let me also welcome you to our white coat
ceremony for this vii incoming class of the School of
Medicine well this is not the inaugural class of the first class is it it is in
fact the inaugural or first class of the Donald and Barbara succor school of
medicine they deserve a round of applause and humbled and honored to have the
opportunity to address the inaugural class of outstanding students and all
those significant others who have joined us here today to support them and
acknowledge the beginning of their journey into the profession of Medicine
I’ll spend a few minutes today describing first the origins of the
white coat ceremony as dr. Smith started and next why we choose to conduct this
ceremony at this time in the academic year so I stated at first the white coat
ceremony it’s a relatively new ritual that in fact is not in just some medical
schools but most medical schools that marks the students transition from the
study of preclinical to clinical Health Sciences at some schools where students
begin meeting patients early in their education the white coat ceremony is
held in fact before the very first year begins on the very first days of school
this white coat ceremony typically involves a formal robing or cloaking of
students in white coats the guard positions have traditionally worn for
over 100 years many of the Health Professions have adopted and similarly
have adopted white coat ceremonies the cloaking of the white coat is referred
to as the mantle of this medical profession the modern white coat
ceremony has envisioned been initiated by dr. Arnold Gould in 1993 welcomes
those embarking on their medical careers to the community of physicians by giving
them this powerful symbol of compassion and honor and most importantly it gives
them the standard against which they must measure every act of care to the
patients who trust them I’d like to take a few moments to acknowledge the work of
the Gould foundation as stated in 1993 dr. Arnold gall the pediatric
neurologist at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and his wife
Sandra began the foundation whose mission is to promote humanism in
medicine well they have many incredible programs and initiatives the one that
gained the most traction is the formal white coat ceremony in fact it is not
some but almost all medical schools with over 15,000 medical students in the US
and abroad having the ceremony 10 years ago when I first came to North while
having known Sondra and Arnold from work that we did nationally and work together
in Boston I can’t the foundation well before we had a
medical school to inquire whether they would allow us as a health system to
start a gold humanism chapter as we all thought it was critical to help promote
humanism in patient centered care it said on their website that they worked
with medical schools and hospitals well we’re not at that time of school as
stated but we certainly were more than a single Hospital but the gold foundation
had never been approached by just a teaching hospital and not a medical
school and after a couple of months of negotiating
I think they simply just changed their website and came back and said you know
see us when you’re in medical school so we did and I’m happy to report that now
teaching hospitals are in fact recognized by the gold foundation all
joking aside Sondra and Arnold have been incredibly supportive and we have been
in constant communication since the earliest days of the development and in
fact Sandra has called several times to sent her regards and regrets that she
and Arnold could not be here today without their vision and support most
medical schools would have very little formal way of acknowledging and
rewarding humanism and professionalism however we are privileged to have with
us the Foundation’s president and CEO dr. Richard Levin and many members of
its staff they are also joined by Kerry cravat a trustee of northwell health and
Lisa cravat a trustee of the gold foundation we also welcome to invited
guests of the Gulf foundation allies in the business world who understand how
vital the human connection is quest diagnostics and Becton Dickinson
welcome Lori Park and quest Diagnostics and Jennifer Farrington Becton Dickinson
welcome in addition to the white coat ceremony
we also formerly a member of the gold humanism Honor Society the gold humanism
Honor Society is dedicated to recognize support and promote the values of
humanism and professionalism in medicine the Society is committed to working
within and beyond medical education to inspire nurture and sustain lifelong
advocates and activists for patient centered medical care for many years
there was only one recognized Honor Society medical school Alpha Omega Alpha
now the gold humanism Honor Society is also recognized across the nation and
highly valued I’d like to read for you two of our values that form the pillars
of our school for the ceremony and that is humanism and professionalism two of
the 10 first humanism we recognize that only through the comprehensive
understanding and appreciation of the human condition
will we successfully develop and nurture a culture of community of culture and
community of physicians who will care for themselves their patients and their
colleagues with compassion tolerance respect and empathy this commitment to a
curriculum that recognizes teachers and rewards humanism enables us to support a
culture and environment truly dedicated to healing and promoting health
now professionalism we are committed to fostering the personal transformation of
our students into physicians through a thoughtful and appropriate admissions
process be careful mentoring program an appropriate reward system and a
curriculum embedded in the student doctor-patient relationship we believe
that the virtues and behaviors of the good doctor will redefine the personal
identity of each student and we believe that this transformation is a learned
continual process that’s that must be thoughtfully designed evaluated and role
model to be successful I think the mission of the Gould foundation is a
perfect fit with our values and what we are trying to achieve
so let’s finished with the timing of this ceremony why did we choose to
conduct our white coat ceremony not at the very beginning in days of the
curricular year as other schools but rather at the completion of the first
course CPR challenges privileges and responsibilities spent years of planning
to ensure that we would do our best to break
from previous molds and traditions in order to construct a developmental
learning experience that would embrace learners from the very outset as
colleagues and adult learners contributing to a true collaborative
learning community from the very outset so therefore one could argue that we
would begin this journey with the white coat ceremony our cloaking at the outset
however to emphasize our commitment to the developmental transformation from
person to professional we thought a better suited to occur after the
completion of the CPR course where our students would have experienced to a
certain degree the spectrum of the process they would journey through on
the way to full transformation to provide you a short glimpse into the
experience to date our students have had you must realize that already just 10
weeks or so into their year they have learned and demonstrated the abilities
to perform complete histories and physicals learn scientific principles of
disease have all become certified EMTs licensed by the state of New York work
ambulance shifts and communities patients homes emergency rooms and
chronic care facilities seeing the world from the eyes of both caregiver and
patient beginning that journey to experience and hence understand the
human condition and recognizing the transformative process that has already
begun as one is entrusted with professional activities usually reserved
for more advanced trainees we firmly believe that the way to enhance and
promote this transformation to professional is to treat them as
respected colleagues and professionals so with this immersion they have already
experienced some of the challenges of privileges and responsibilities involved
on that personal transformative journey have occurred most would argue there is
no more challenging career than that of caring for a suffering human being no
greater privilege than serving as one’s personal physician entrusted with their
most their innermost fears and secrets and true needs and hence no greater
responsibility than always needing to live up to the highest standards of the
medical profession despite the inevitable stumbles we all
encounter along this lifelong journey we at the Zucker School of Medicine and all
our communities and all the people who are here today are here to support you
and make sure you know that we believe in you respect you as our colleagues
believe in this mission and your commitment and we are confident
that you will succeed because we have already seen the beginnings of this
transformative journey congratulations welcome and good luck all right so this year we’re going to do
it a little bit differently we’re gonna bring up everybody in pairs so it’ll
make it a little bit and more rapid in terms of the throughput and I’m a
radiologist and we’re all about rapid throughput so it’s all good all right so
it is my distinct pleasure to present to all of you our class our entering class
of 2017 and we’re going to start with Bilal Ahmed and Sasha Alcott Maya Alexandria and James a latte zou habe baaga and zarina brood kitchen bull sorrow and Samuel you tense
key christena Castagna and Michael Catalano dennee cha and kathleen chain Christopher Chung and OMA yeni Clement now that was a cheer Cyril Daniel Cuddy and Christy David
Rafa Erica Diane and Holly Dupuy Catherine Edgar Bochy and Matthew Erlich Madhavan along Gabon and Kate Farber Vasiliki Glee arias and Joshua Glidden Cassandra grouse and Dylan Gercello grace ha and Rachael hainline Julie hempful and Peter Shay way wrong and Arushi Johari Amitha cap pure and chung-yong Kim Sharon climb and truthy Cote Maribel Lima and William Lycus David Lynn and Daniele Janos Christopher Lucarelli and tomorrow Lanza Anthony Marciano and Nanette Beto’s Elliott Melanie and Joseph boots tomorrow mopsa Saba and Nathan Murray Vincente neg me and Eric new fella Terrence Eng and Jeffers win Tommy win and Brian O’Donnell janay parish and Navin Pathak Robert Penna and Kenneth piscina Christopher Peterson and Nicole Quatro
cheese John Reid and Matthew rice Kevin Richardson and Melanie Rivera Joshua roberts and William Roberts Melissa Robinson and Adria Rama Daniel Russo and Abel Samanas Benjamin chat ler and Gilbert she Christopher Shum and David Sloan Danielle so Berman and Rachel Salman
herbage Anup Santi and Alexander spring Lane standard and Morgan staring Ross stupor and Rachel Tennant Valley Jose Torres and Mika goofin himer Claire Wahlberg and Sarawak Tiffany Wang and Xing you way grace whoo and Jeff yang William yang and song Jung and last but not least the Zhang’s
Corina Zhang and Henry Zhang please let’s join and applaud the
entering class of 2017 all right you guys look pretty good I’ll
tell you and the coats fit remarkably well it’s
the first good sign so there are two other people here I
want to introduce because I think they each represent something special to me
so as I was thinking about this day and adding up numbers I realized that I
probably participated in the education of well over 2,000 medical students and
well over a thousand residents in my career and the person who is sitting on
the stage representing both of those the last chief resident I had before I
joined northwell health is dr. Samara Ginsburg and so Samara you stand here
for all those special people in my life who the students that I care so much
about and my other great love is doctors who
care so much about the next generation of doctors and so let me just point out
that the other person that I want to specially introduce is a person who
loves medicine loves teachers has unbelievable resilience and remarkable
courage dr. Dave Alka wits and now I’ll ask all of you the class
and all the physicians in the audience to stand and we’ll all say the oath
together together we’re gonna say it together it’s a long oh it was modified
by the very first class of this medical school but I think it’s an updated
version of something very important to all of us so I swear to you together
I I knew you wouldn’t get this you ready I swear to fulfill to the best of my
ability and judgment this covenant I will respect the hard-won scientific
gains of those physicians in whose steps I walked and gladly share such knowledge
as his mind with those who are to follow I will apply for the benefit of the sick
all measures that are required avoid those twin traps of over treatment and
therapeutic nihilism I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as
science and that warmth sympathy and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s
knife or the chemists drug I will not be ashamed to say I know not nor will I
fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for
patients recovery I will respect the privacy of my patients for their
problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know most especially must
I tread with care in matters of life and death and never abuse the power that has
been bestowed upon me I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart a
cancerous growth but a sick human being whose illness may affect not only the
person but a family and community I will prevent disease whenever I can for
prevention is preferable to cure I will remember that I remain a member of
society with special obligations to all my fellow human beings those sound of
mind and body as well as the infirm I will maintain the health of my own
mind body and spirit so that I am able to discharge my duties appropriately if
I do not violate this oath may I enjoy life and are respected while I live and
remembered with affection thereafter may I always act so as to preserve the
finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing
those who seek my help congratulations and have a seat okay a little housekeeping please
remember when exiting allow all the students to exit first and wait to greet
them outside so that we don’t have a big logjam and second please join all of us
at the School of Medicine for a reception and also a brief special
presentation which is a surprise so we’ll see you then

Michael Martin

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