[Musique] [Applaudissements] [Musique] [Applaudissements] [Musique] vous [Musique] [Musique] [Musique] [Musique] 1 [Musique] donc [Musique] [Musique] [Musique] [Musique] [Musique] c'est [Musique] [Musique] bakou à m [Musique] pour [Musique] 1 oh 1 un bouquet [Musique] et 1 me écoutez [Musique] à oh hop je [Musique] ans or on [Musique] m hamon [Musique] [Musique] à m m [Musique] à [Musique] m

Michael Martin

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  1. Hey ladies! So what's the most helpful trick so far??? Don't forget to share in the comments! I'm always looking forward to them! 🙂 XOXOXO

  2. Umm..not all girls are like this bc I don't wear makeup an I sleep in an I don't really get ready.i don't even have breakfast bc I'm just like that.

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  4. I can say that the case where the two are sleeping opposite sides and without any touch resembles the opposite of what it seems: the two can completely trust each other, they have a commited relationship and they feel so intimate with one another that feel free to sleep as they want

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