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hey guys it's your girl Juliana your event planner the queen that creates while you celebrate thank you guys for joining my channel again for those of you who are new to my channel thank you guys so much for stopping by please do not forget to Like comment and subscribe and then for those of you who are returning thank you guys so much for all of your love and support now I just want to start off with a disclaimer if you hear stuff in the background it's because I have my dogs out and of course every time I get on a phone or do something important that's the time that they want to fart for lay or do whatever so like my dog is chewing ongoing right now just ignore him alright so yeah I just wanted to come on here it's been about two months since I've left corporate world and I just wanted to give you guys an update on some of the things that have been going on with me I'm gonna keep this short today so I just wanted to talk to you guys about some of the things that I've accomplished as well as some of my challenges that I've faced and still working through so when it comes to my accomplishments next week is actually my last week in class so remember when I first started I said that I joined this class of a group of women that taught you about you know building building your business well tomorrow's my last day of class and so was attending program and I don't have to give a presentation but I've learned so much through that program I'm super thankful and I've just been using what I've learned and will continue to do that so that was one of the accomplishments because of that I had made a lot of connections I forced myself to be uncomfortable and so the class taught me that and this is something that I did already know but it's more so I wasn't really applying it so every month it me to apply to my old life if I needed to be successful I needed to make myself uncomfortable so that's what I've been doing so times where I don't want to do something or I'm a little reluctant I just say Jelena do it because if you want to be successful you got to do it so that's what I do also I got more direction on the actual business part of it I know the event planning and the design piece of it but the business part of it I got more clarity on and when I first started that was the reason why I wanted to join that classes because I felt like that there was a lot there was so much stuff to do and I just didn't know where to start so I really got direction and I feel so comfortable being able to plan out like the rest of my journey I've also booked a lot of clients through the rest of 2019 and still working on booking more I thought some other additional projects such as some caves some radical Kay's that I make for some brides and bridesmaids and also I make boutonnieres and things of that nature so I put more of those and just a ton of other things I'm just really excited today I decided to kind of reflect and right now my accomplishments because I don't know if there's a Capricorn thing but I always tend to feel like whatever I've done is not good enough so today I decided to after I completed my checklist I said let me trying to sit back and really think about what I've accomplished so I can give myself a break today and just be proud of what I've done so now let's talk about some challenges the challenge is that one of the things that I thought as I was like I felt like I had to do everything and I just didn't know where to start and I thought I talked to you guys about that already I felt like there was so much to do and I'm just like I have so much to do but what do I start what what do i do first but the class help me do that I still go through some of those struggles just trying to do everything but I'm in a process of getting an intern in a process of getting some more people to work for the company so some of those things will be taken off of my belt balance that was is another thing that I challenged myself are that I've been challenged with mainly because I can't what Blake when I am so passionate about something I am very focused and that might be another Capricorn trait but I focus so much on it and I would literally like that's I have tunnel vision I just want to see it Luers I want to see it coming to fruition so I work so much but there's other responsibilities that I have outside of just my business and so it's just having that balance and I think that's just always something I'm gonna be challenged with I try my best and I continue to say I'm gonna try even more but that was just a challenge that I've been working through and one of the things another challenge that I will say is that I just had to get had to get used to adapt into my new schedule I was feeling I was working so well when you backtrack I work in corporate world you were 8 to 5 or 95 or 96 however you have it you get so accustomed to work in that schedule so when you don't work that schedule then at least for me I kind of felt bad I felt like that if I wasn't up at 8 o'clock working if I didn't work all the way to 5 then I wasn't being successful I wasn't using my time wisely however with the event plan it just doesn't work like that because there are times that I'm going to networking events there are times where I'm talking to other people I'm always working on the weekends I'm sometimes I'm up three o'clock in the morning working on things sometimes I'm up you know I'm just always working so I had to pull back and say you know it's okay Jelena if you're not working eight to five create your own schedule and figure out what works look what works best for you and just if you write down your checklist and you write down your goals that you need to accomplish as long as you're getting those done then that's how you're going to measure how you're gonna be productive or that you've been productive so these are some of the things that I challenge myself with and that I've been challenged with but being able to kind of identify those issues and figuring out how I'm gonna solve it that's been how I've been working through it so there you have it folks it's been about two months like I said and those were some of my accomplishments and those were some of my challenges so if you guys had any fun essay recommendations but I guess any words of encouragement I am happy and I am focused but I think that's sometimes you know if you guys read in it if you guys can relate if there are any entrepreneurs that are out there and can relate to some of the accomplishments or challenges that I've had then please write down or comment below all right so that's what I have for you guys today and hope the guys hopes you guys come back and look at some of my other I've been kind of doing a combination of things individually and things with some friends or some clients and I'm going to I'm going to continue to do that because I'm sure you guys just don't want to hear me talk all the time so I want you guys to come on this journey with me so look that's what you guys will see all right so please do not forget to Like comment and subscribe also don't forget don't forget to go follow me on my other social media channel it's like Instagram that create that party and then it's Facebook I forget it Facebook is create that party and you guys can stop by my website and let me know what you think that's another accomplishment that I've done I've been working on my website I've done it myself I've been thinking about doing a tutorial for those of you who aren't kind of when you don't have the money to pay somebody to do it and you need to just quickly do something I use Squarespace so I was thinking about doing a tutorial on that so if you guys would like for me to do a tutorial please comment below let me know alright you guys have a blessed day I'll talk to you soon

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