14 Wedding Photos You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

top five best presents WTF weddings you won't believe getting married is the thing that most people aspire to do at some point in their lives there are classic traditions when it comes to weddings such as the bride wearing white and the groom wearing black but there are some other weddings that are just plain crazy number 14 the longest dress this Chinese bride held the world record for the longest Bridal train it measured in at six hundred and fifty six feet long with guests having to hold part of it as she stood at the altar this record was later broken in 2006 in Cyprus with a train that measured four thousand four hundred and sixty eight feet long number thirteen cream puff dress this Ukrainian pastry chef made a wedding dress for his bride Valentin Stefano was a pastry chef in 2008 when he got married to Victoria he's well-known for his often inventive and delicious creations it's not clear how she managed to sit at anytime during the wedding what she admits was embarrassing at first since a lot of people turned up just to see her dress the dress was made of sugar eggs caramel and flour number 12 wedding ring piercings I do means forever and if you're someone who really really means it getting a wedding ring piercing doesn't seem so strange the courting has changed throughout the centuries sometimes people want to go that extra mile marriage is a commitment and nothing shows you are more committed to something like a wedding ring piercing number 11 rice wedding some couples like putting a little fun in their ceremonies by doing some weird wedding photos you may have heard of people throwing rice at weddings well these two thought you should have a whole dinner mixing protein with their carbs number 10 robot priests in 2010 this couples wedding in Japan was officiated by a robot this was supposedly the first time a wedding has been led by a robot the one seen here is an eye fairy and is four feet tall a man behind the scenes controls the robot who apparently drew lots of joy and laughter from the crowd the bride works for Kokoro the manufacturer of the robot while the groom is a robotics professor number nine bridal diapers there's been some debate online whether brides really wear diapers underneath their wedding dresses the reason for doing so is that wedding ceremonies can run long and bridal dresses are often complicated the easy way to deal with it wear a diaper it's a practical albeit gross way to go to the bathroom without having to run off in the middle of the ceremony a reception number eight married to the Eiffel Tower a woman now known as Erika Eiffel has a fetish for inanimate objects she's apparently been in a relationship with the Eiffel Tower for ten years officially marrying the tower in 2007 she identifies with being OS which is when someone is attracted to inanimate objects a documentary was filmed about Erika in this OS aspect of her life number seven shark cage wedding Shark Week is quite the popular phenomenon and with all the very extreme weddings out there it's not so surprising that getting married in a shark cage is a thing at the Long Island aquarium brides and grooms can be submerged in the tank of sharks while they get married number six chamberpot in France couples are gifted with a chamber pot to eat out of it's usually leftovers from the reception after a long night of festivities it's not as common nowadays but there are still those that partake in eating out of the pot but the tradition has evolved with some people now eating out of toilet bowls by the way the chamber pot is usually new number five themed weddings so themed weddings are quite popular now there's loads of ideas out there from Hogwarts wedding invitations to the bridal party dresses characters from Lord of the Rings this couple went a little further and had the groom dress up as Mon Calamari from Star Wars complete with members of the Empire in fact their wedding officiant was dressed as Slave Leia from Return of the Jedi number four fast food wedding whether the couple couldn't afford it or they simply wanted to weddings have been known to serve fast food and even take place inside fast food restaurants and with chain fast food places now offering catering it's a little easier to do so this past year a couple got married at a Macdonald after two years of dating before them in 2013 a couple had the reception at a McDonald's in England that only costs one hundred and fifty pounds number three blackening the bride it's Scottish tradition to blacken the bride a few days or weeks before the wedding this custom is mostly practiced in rural parts of Scotland either the bride or groom or both get covered in food or other substances the rules are that it's just got to be as messy as possible number two bungee jumping when Rossby and Hannah P got married it was at the Highland Fling bungy platform in Scotland the two did a tandem bungee jump as a way to symbolize their union while most people just kiss it was the first ever bungee jump wedding in Scotland the workers of the bungee jump had to attend of course and they did wear a wedding garb before we get to number one on our list make sure you hit that like button and subscribe to top five best number one test of strength some weddings in South Korea involved the practice of beating a groom's feet the groom's shoes are removed and his ankles are bound by rope as wedding attendees take turns beating his feet with the stick it's for reasons that involve determining the man's strength both physically and mentally

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  1. Blackening the bride is so disgusting. The pastry clad bride is pretty sensible. If on the wedding night you discover you are not that keen on her but are stuck with her, well, at least her attire is sweet enough to eat… As for the French chamber pots,being European origin, I often wondered why anybody would give an ornate chamber pot as a gift when we have modern toilets in this age, but nobody would enlighten me. I just got strange smiles, as, obviously, previous generations knew why. Now I know and this is disgusting!

  2. my mom and dad got married on the tallest sky costar they made world recurred of 300ft first to get married on the sky coaster

  3. Those wedding pictures were so interesting I loved the video thank you 4 putting it on YouTube I laugh very hard I almost started to cry

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