10 Wedding Planning Tips from a Newlywed! What I learned!

hi friends welcome back to my channel yay thank you so much for watching my last video if you did if you didn't you can it's lots of fun it was a chitchat get ready with me summertime glowy bronzy smokey all the goodness um today we're gonna switch it up I told you this is a beauty and lifestyle channel um hopefully the lighting is a little bit better I'm sitting on the floor in front of a window that has a bunch of trees in front of it so looks alright and viewfinder you'll know I love looking at a viewfinder um but yeah let me know if this is a little bit better I don't know if I can do this for Beauty setup but whatever but today we're gonna talk about weddings I just got married like 3-4 weeks ago on June 14th and it was amazing and I planned it on myself with a lot of help from my two best friends like a lot of help a lot of help but it went really well right really smoothly so I wanted to talk about a few things that I learned well number one this was like life-changing in terms of wedding planning download the not it's an app and there's also a like desktop version of it I used both but mostly the app it can help you find vendors that's amazing it can help you manage your guest list and then my number one favorite thing that it did this is my tip number two electronic RSVP that's right no extra stamps because guess what stamps for 50 100 200 people gets expensive over postage could you not USPS um so electronic RSVP was great people could change it I set up a deadline for my RSVP so like a month before the event people could not RSVP like you snooze you lose I sent out my RSVPs pretty early moderately enough but pretty early like people had plenty of time and then also emailed them to be like hey sup you come in or nah and then people could still change it after the fact of like oh we RSVP'd but then Paul McCartney was playing on the same day that I was getting married how dare he so a couple people chose Paul McCartney which I understand but they were able to go in and change that whereas if it was a paper RSVP I would have been stuck with a yes when it was actually like three or four knows so I was very thankful for that tip number three um you can also do this through the not but doing an electronic registry we did ours through Amazon and then we did a honeymoon fund as well but I'll talk about that in a second but Amazon's registry was awesome there were a couple times you know millennial problems we moved by the time I between the time I started my registry and we got married so Amazon was actually great a couple gifts were delivered to my old address and Amazon was like oh no problem we got you we got you my only tip on that is trying to register for things that are sold directly through Amazon rather than a third party seller because we had an item that was bought for us sent to our old apartment our old house and then they wouldn't refund or send a new one because it was a third party so Amazon was like okay whatever so they took the hit for us and just refunded my guests and then like put it back on our register it was really great except for that one detail the only weird thing about it is that Amazon sends you an email saying like hey somebody bought something off your registry it doesn't really tell you who it doesn't really tell you what you have to go into like your thank-you card page so you can send thank-you and then it tells you but it doesn't give you any track any shipping so there were a couple times that I got the email that it was ordered and that it was shipped but it wouldn't tell me if it was being shipped directly to me or to the guest so I was a little worried on that but again they have a dedicated registry line which was amazing to not have to go through the actual like Amazon helpdesk situation I just called them and I was like hey I have a registry question they're like oh cool trans for you and I talked directly to people who understood what a registry was so that was super helpful piggybacking on that we also did a honeymoon fund through the not not through Amazon and that was a good experience we had a couple people donate to that donate gift to that um but we didn't actually use it that much because we did our honeymoon at Disneyworld and it was amazing highly recommend it was great so we actually just put on the honeymoon funds like in the description like hey if you want you can send us Disney gift cards because Disney gift cards pay for everything at Disney um and that was actually better because the honeymoon funds charge a credit card transaction fee to your guests there's no way for you the host to eat that fee or have it be a take out of the donation link so if somebody wants to gift you $40 they're actually gifting you $40 and then paying 250 so it's 40 to 50 coming out of their account which I don't know why it didn't really sit with me that well I mean it's fine you can also try I know Lola has a honeymoon fund as well I don't know if there's any different number four um we did our flowers through Costco which is a little unusual I suppose but it was amazing Costco flowers were so much cheaper we had I think eight like centerpieces and then my bouquet and then I didn't have bouquets for my bridesmaids um for a couple but whatever and then we made boutonnieres out of all that they do have a wedding package yes I can't remember what I'll sign it but it was a really good deal and they had a couple different variances they're all generally neutral and my wedding was really neutral anyway so it's it with our style if what they have doesn't fit your style just by the bulk flowers either way they will deliver it to your venue or to your house or to your mom's house or whoever which was super great to just have them be delivered to my house and that I had a bunch of people come over and we just assembled them all going on with florals this has nothing to do with Costco but we only had an hour-ish to really set up our venue which was really tight and during that hour I was gonna be doing first looks so I was not able to really help with the setup and so I had some friends and family that we're gonna set up what I did to make that easier this is just like a bonus tip was I assembled the centerpieces wrapped them in floral wire or you can use tape or string or whatever and so that they were grouped generally how I wanted them and then the vases were at the venue I know that's not necessarily typical but it was really helpful for us and then I set up a fake table spread at my house so we had table runners we had black tablecloths but my dining room table is black so I just set up my dining room table as I wanted the tables at my reception and then I took a picture sent that to the girl to my sister-in-law who I had in charge of like setting up all that it was really easy I think me my matron of honor and then a friend we set up all of our florals we just like did a like a factory line and we probably took maybe two hours to just set them all up um she really highly recommend saved us a ton of money like I think Costco was maybe half the cost I'm doing it through a local florist and I'm I don't really care about flowers like they're pretty but I just wanted roses and some greenery I'm really simple so it didn't seem worth it to me to pay $1,000 for flowers that I wasn't even gonna get to see per more than 15 minutes so I think our flowers were total like maybe $300 and our wedding was like 60 people so take that as you will but super easy loved it my fifth tip is go to a bridal convention take your bridesmaids I took my now husband take your mom take whoever and go if I think our I think we may be paid 12 bucks a ticket to go make a fake email account like if I were doing it I would you like Emily wedding at gmail.com don't use your actual email because you I am still getting email blasts and I've been married already but I made my dress shopping appointments at the convention I booked my photographer at the convention which was great because I got to meet her face to face if you're in the the Dallas area Lea with the click is incredible I'll link her down below I haven't gotten my pictures back yet but just working with her was so great because she's such a bubbly personality but calm and so having her there with like really intimate moments like she's in your face basically like when you're getting ready and when you're doing your first dance and it was really helpful to have somebody who I I kind of clicked with the click so it was nice going to the convention meeting her and then I was able to get multiple quotes at once so I went to her house like hey I really want to book you but these people are charging like 200 dollars less and she was like okay fine I'll meet it I'll meet it so that was really great like I didn't want to be haggling but I did whenever we were on a pretty tight budget so we had to do what we had to do but I highly recommend if you're in the area please go through I also booked my DJ at the convention we used a DJ connection and their local out of Oklahoma actually but they were great if you are in Dallas recommend Tandy he's also amazing he like brought me and my husband a beer and a glass of wine at like right after the ceremony we were doing pictures and he just like walked up he was like you go I was like thanks bro and he was like feeding me water all night cuz I did not leave the dance floor and I made that very clear to everybody like if you want to talk to me you better meet me on the dance floor and you better be buggy and while you talked to me I paid a lot of money for this DJ this is what I was looking forward to you know so he like honored that request and he was like girl drink some water bring some water drink some water because people can't bring any wine which was great but then he was like I got you I got you hi they recommend Tandy and Lea they made my wedding I made my husband did too but oh but the bridal convention is great to meet a bunch of different people you get a lot of free swag I had an ice scraper I live in Dallas I'm not gonna use an ice scraper more than once every two years but it's in my car it was great I got a lot of ring pops too cuz wedding people love kitschy things but it was fun it's cheesy fun goodness and then it's also an experience to just like if you don't know what you want it's all there so it was just like a one-stop shop book book book book book and you get a lot of discounts a lot of like people take off certain amount of money if you book right there and whatever and I took my husband so people were like oh you brought the groom good for you that's all of a sudden he gets brownie points here hat extra swag oh you're so great they were just fawning over him because he was like one man and a sea of a thousand women in veils there's that number six is something that is gonna tell you guys what a nerd I am I made a wedding binder it has a lot of personal information in it so I'm not gonna show you too much but I kept everything in here I cut a list of to do's um I had I printed out like a Google Calendar and just like keep track of when things are due cuz like my menu had like six payments and I wasn't gonna remember when all those were due so it was nice to just like write things down if you have meetings if you have tastings whatever it was nice to just be able to mark all that down put your contracts in your binder keep them all together if you want to scan them and have them in your phone as well I think that would be great I didn't do that um but put them in your binder put your contacts in your binder highlight your contact person and contact information for that person that was super helpful and I brought this with me on the day in case like somebody didn't show up I could have somebody call my whatever I mean everybody was there and we had three vendors that really needed to come to the place but it was still nice to just have contact information there my receipts for my gown information for the tux that's another story for another time I also made like this little timeline that I just printed out I think I googled wedding timeline and it goes from like when you're first engaged like a year out to like the week of and the day of so that was nice I didn't use it that much it I used the not more because they have a day at a timeline that you can adjust and then they also have like a full like to-do list from the time you get married and it was really helpful so I used that over this I also made a wedding emergency kit I think I found one online and then just added to it but that was really helpful the day before in the day of to just go through this and check check check check check I did use a lot of this stuff but I knew that if I didn't bring it I would need it so and like it's stuff like straws your menu might have them but what if they don't and you're thirsty and you just put on lipstick you know also if you want a tutorial on how to do lipstick that will stay on all day comment down below woo paper in the back for notes like when I went to meetings I could take notes questions if I knew I was gonna have questions before the meeting I wrote them down that way when they get to the point of the meeting when they're like do you have any questions yes yes I do number seven um a coordinator we did not hire a wedding planner we did have a venue coordinator if you're not sure the differences basically the wedding planner works for you and the venue coordinator works for the menu so venue coordinator is not gonna like plan your wedding for you they're not um I follow a girl on YouTube and Instagram her name is Jamie Wolfer I will also link her down below um she is a wedding planner in California and she makes really helpful videos if you're planning a wedding please look her up she goes over everything from like who to tip and how much how to start a budget how to hire a wedding planner why you should hire a wedding planner you know like she is a wedding planner so of course she's biased but she's very honest of just like if your budget is six thousand dollars maybe don't get a planner that's valid um we did not hire a planner we did have a venue coordinator and that was helpful for like directing us like who's gonna walk down when and like you know getting the food set up and then my deejay and my photographer really coordinated a lot during the day of like maybe more than the the venue coordinator I think they'd all work together so they just kind of knew how it needed to fly it was great if you're having a big wedding and you can afford it I would highly recommend getting a wedding planner um I planned the wedding almost by myself again like my bridesmaids helped out it's so much and I wasn't stressed until the week of and like the week before a little bit but the week of because I did a lot of DIYs and I'm not a DIY person I'm really not I can but it's not my strong suit um so it's a lot to coordinate when you're doing five DIYs in three days for 60 people so a wedding planner can help you navigate through those navigate all throughout the whole process if wedding planning just stresses you out hire a planner this is you know a year year and a half two years of your life that is special and you're not gonna get this time back you should enjoy it if you start to feel stressed planning your wedding take a step back and I'll get into that a little bit more okay DIYs be reasonable okay story time we were gonna pick a venue that is completely DIY it's run through the city of Dallas it's on the lake it's beautiful but they don't do anything they don't clean up they don't sweep they don't they don't do anything they don't have tables you have to source your tables your chairs your linens your plates silverware you have to have security there which is good you should have sorry you should have security at your wedding especially if there's alcohol but it was just too much and then DIY everything else to make it pretty you know that was not reasonable for us so we decided to just pay extra and for the convenience and that's a choice you're gonna have to make um if you're on a really tight budget you can still make your wedding beautiful and magical and wonderful you're just gonna have to DIY a lot plan ahead recruit people delegate tasks remember the DIY is cost money so just because your DIY and something doesn't mean that it's gonna be free it's not if it is and you have some magic hook up and you own all of the Michael stores which why would you be DIY for budget reasons but whatever like just be reasonable don't stress yourself out if you love DIY things go for it live your dreams I support you um but like I said I di wide programs streamers florals something else signs guestbook card box and a couple other things like three days before my wedding a whole lot I was very stressed and then still trying to get enough sleep so that I didn't look Haggard on my wedding day just be reasonable stay true to yourself you know Oh think about who is gonna set things up and who was gonna tear things down you really don't want to be doing it on your wedding day okay the bride and groom should not be in charge of setup and teardown you're gonna be too busy you're gonna be busy taking pictures you're gonna be busy going off for your grand exit whatever delegate people and how specifically like at this time this person is gonna do this task I'm when I made a full itinerary for people so people would know where to be and when and then like over communicate whatever um but also remember like these are your wedding guests do you want them to have that experience or do you want them to just enjoy themselves and that was the struggle for us in the end we decided that for the most part we wanted people to just enjoy themselves but some people did volunteer and I was like yep I'm good I'm gonna take your help definitely number nine this is just a really fun one I made a Spotify playlist for my wedding of like songs that remind me and my husband songs that remind me of weddings whatever and I made it on Spotify and I would listen to it and it just made me really happy and make me all gooshy throughout our engagement and then when it came time to pick songs for my DJ I already had a playlist and it was ready to go I also had a bachelorette playlist I was pretty much it um yes and so it's just silly and fun but like driving to work and then listening to you know wedding bell blues I'm just like oh yeah oh yeah I won't sing it coz copyright but it's it's fun it's sweet those songs will always remember remind me of being engaged okay number 10 mindset don't be a bridezilla just don't please don't be a bridezilla um my bridesmaids got mad at me because I refused to be a bridezilla like things would come up or I would need to make choices and I'd be like and that's my personality but like some people go the the opposite end of the spectrum and they want rainbow colored birds to fly out of a hot air balloon as they have their first ant so I'm like your budget is $3,000 No so stay true to yourself and if there's something you care about and something that you want that's great I support you but don't be like that with every detail every detail should not be the end-all be-all like care about your dress care about your photographer care about your first dance and whatever else that really matters to you but if it's something else like let it slide remember what's important and that's marrying your person that is joining legally spiritually emotionally to another person to vow to honor and cherish for the rest of your life not what kind of cake you have not the wrong colored roses not baby's breath like stuff doesn't matter so don't be a bridezilla but stay true to yourself and then lastly things will go wrong your wedding day will not be perfect just prepare yourself prepare yourself now prepare yourself the moment he puts that ring on your finger that something is gonna go wrong and then when it does go wrong you'd be like yeah right it was that thing all right cool um I don't think much went wrong on the day of uh the fake eyelashes I was gonna wear didn't work and I took them off and had to redo my eyeliner but that's easy um we were coming late to the venue and our photographer beat us there my dog's got to the venue before we did but again it was fine like people adjusted and it it was fine um yeah so we didn't really have anything go wrong but I think that's because I prepared myself and I was like it's not gonna be perfect it's just gonna be a struggle and that's fine and so I was prepared that like I don't know the only thing I didn't want to happen was I didn't want it to rain that was my only thing those are my 10 wedding planning tips um some of them are really simple and some of them are absolute game changers for me um but if you all want more wedding related content let me know down below also I have started some social media accounts for this channel on Instagram it's Emily fun bun and on Twitter it's at Emily fun bun so follow me both of those places I will be glad to talk to you and hang out with you online or real life if you're my real friend subscribe down below that will basically keep you up to date if I post a new video which I plan to you and then next to the subscribe button there's a little bell icon if you click that or tap up on your phone whatever tap that well on the flow tap that all on the phone yeah so if you hit the bell you will be notified every time I post a video I think that's all I have to say thank you so much for watching if you're getting married congratulations it's a really fun time marriage is wonderful if you're not getting married and you watch this anyways high five I love you cool thanks guys have a good day

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