10 Things You Should NEVER Do As A Wedding Guest

10 Things To NEVER Do As A Wedding Guest As you sit down to write RSVPs to all the
invites scattered in your living room, do you also question yourself if this is apparently
the year everybody wants to get married? It’s gonna be hectic for you, going around
shopping for gifts and stacking your closet with frilly frocks and tuxedos! But it’s a happy occasion and you plan to
make it a joyous moment for your friends, so a little pain now is a happy gain later! So your plans are made, dress up- show up-
drink up and finally fall down! Uhmm, as a wedding guest you are expected
to do more than this and if you have your eyes widen at this thought, you aren’t going
anywhere before you check out what you SHOULDN’T be doing on someone’s big day! Number 10. Get hammered before the ceremony
A wedding reception may be the time to eat, drink and dance but getting sloppy drunk before
the bride and groom have a chance to say “I do” is just not acceptable! So you are asking what wrong would that do? Okay, imagine a scenario where the beautiful
bride dressed in spotless white descends from the stairs and all eyes are on her, then suddenly
a drunk man stumbles near the stairs and accidently throws his red wine on the white gown. This is exactly the nightmare a would-be-bride
gets for weeks before her wedding day, don’t make it a horrid reality for her! Number 9. Forget to RSVP
Ever seen a person request for an extra chair at a wedding and later look expectantly at
the groom who gives up his meal for this lost person? Do you know what happened? Uhmm, this person forgot to RSVP! Like seriously, how can you forget something
as important as this? Oh, we get it, the groom is your best friend
and he knows well that you’ll be there but he is probably just counting RSVPs to plan
things! So do you want to cause them so much trouble
or isn’t it easier to get back to them with an answer? Oh and that applies to the reverse situation
where you promise to come and keep them in the dark till the very last moment and they
have to see an empty chair with a wasted meal! Number 8. Bring an uninvited guest
Before you plan to drag a cousin of yours to a friend’s wedding, read the invite carefully. Does it say you can get “any” guest with
you? If not, assume that they are not invited. Come on people, you can’t make the bride
and groom uncomfortable by showing up with someone they weren’t expecting, isn’t
that a given? Oh and worst still, you could get the bride’s
ex-boyfriend with you, now that is a whole new level of awkward! Long story short, no “surprise” guests
for the couple! Oh and did we forget to mention that this
rule applies to taking your kids along with you? Did the invite say kids are invited? No? Use your discretion, we won’t repeat! Number 7. Forget the gift
You had the time to plan a nice gift for the couple, don’t lie! They were nice to have invited you to their
special day where they paid for your food and drinks, you gotta show gratitude! Don’t come without a gift or money for them,
that’s the least you can do! And if you are thinking that you could send
it to them later, know that they would soon jet off to their honeymoon and by the time
they return, you would have completely forgotten about it! Now you’d wait till they invite you for
a baby shower so you can shower them with gifts that you forgot to do at their wedding! Long term plans don’t work, so just get
a gift NOW! Number 6. Complain
The flowers aren’t orchids as you would like them to be or the music is too slow or
the menu is not as per your taste. Ever felt that way at a wedding? Doesn’t matter because it isn’t about
you! It is someone else’s special day and it
is as per their liking. You don’t like something, stay shut and
resolve to do it differently at your own wedding! Why announce your displeasure about the event
on the mic and ruin the couple’s big day? If there is something that you must bring
to notice, say it politely to the staff and certainly not to the bride and groom, they
have bigger things to handle, like take the vows! Number 5. Take photos at the wrong moment
Haven’t we all seen moments when the aisle is crowded by “close” relatives and friends
to capture the big moment? Are you guilty of shouting out to the couple
in spotlight during their first dance to smile for your iPhone photo? Dude, they need privacy to enjoy the moment
and just in case you forgot, they paid a hefty sum to the photographer to capture the day,
LET HIM DO HIS JOB! Well, this brings us to the group of people
who start posing around the décor and ask the photographer to click them, uhmmm, this
isn’t your personal session! We aren’t overlooking the selfie addicts
here who can’t keep their pouts in check when the couple is taking the vows. That’s rude and shows disinterest, get the
hint?’ Number 4. Go wild to catch the bouquet
Raise your hand if you love catfights! Now for you guys we have a special tip, watch
out the girls lined up to catch the bride’s bouquet. There is scratching, there is pushing, frocks
going haywire, bruises showing up, an earful of curses and a great deal of drama, girls
go wild in the process! Now to be honest, it isn’t a pretty sight
and the last one that the bride would want to see on her wedding day. Even if you are engaged and genuinely moving
towards marriage, nothing justifies fighting to get the prized bunch of flowers! This simple win is not going to prove that
you are more desirable than the rest, so why the extra drama? Number 3. Try to switch your seat
Just in case you don’t know, we’ll take a moment to make it clear to you, somebody
took great pains to plan the entire seating weeks in advance. The bride and groom have given enough thought
to where they want to place which guest and trust us, it is too much effort. Imagine their plight when in the middle of
the party a person stands up and starts dragging his/her chair across the hall to reach a table
where they can sit with more bearable neighbors! If you are this friend, sit tight even if
you aren’t happy about the sitting because you could save the couple from extra trouble! Number 2. Dressing inappropriately
Does the card mention the dress code? If yes, please follow it and don’t turn
up wearing whatever you feel like! Imagine yourself dressed in a casual outfit
while the rest of the guests are donning a cocktail attire, you don’t wanna be the
odd one out we guess! What is worse than making it awkward for you? Yes, make it unbearable for the bride and
if you are close to her, you won’t wear white! This may sound the most obvious thing to some
while for the others, this rule might sound outdated. But ladies no bride wants to look like one
of the bride’s maid, come on, she has to stand out! As for the men, by all means you have to ditch
the jeans unless otherwise stated on the invite! Number 1. Make personal announcements
OMG, the maid of honor has been dating the best man for 2 years and the guy decides to
propose now! The romantic aura may have moved him to do
so but the bride and groom won’t want the attention to waver towards another couple
when it is their big day! You are not making any announcements that
could take the thunder away from the couple, take it as a RULE here! Even if you are the pregnant sister of the
groom and you just got to know that you are having triplets, the wedding is not the time
and place to spill the news! The bride might be thirsty for your blood
after this, that’s a joke but still don’t do it! Which of these things have you done at a friend’s
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