10 Reasons You Never Want To Marry A Beautiful Ukrainian Women

the fifth reason you never want to marry Ukrainian woman is they have no sense of humor yeah we don't mean no sense yes they don't have Alice tints of humor like I'm a bit of a bit of a goofball like I'm kind of cheeky there's a lady across the way she's that hey guys we're back for part two of ten reasons you never want to marry a Ukrainian woman so strikers gonna get into 0.4 but just before he does you guys know what Salah is this is it right here check it out it's pork fat mixed with garlic it's the Ukraine the staple food really it's disgusting really but you know why guys do this women like a two-button it's the way not to get a hangover when you drink copious amounts of vodka it lines the stomach you know that's why it's the staple food it's true they do drink a lot of vodka not everybody but I'm gonna enjoy my abortion the strikers gonna take it away with point four point four of why you should never date a I'll marry Ukraine go as they have quite a negative mindset and yeah it's and well I believe it's in probably the same as like the environment that they're in right I was just saying why yeah why do you think so well I think life right yeah tough life tough life like I mean like a degree average wage for like you know a good profession like a little air or something that's like maybe like $400 in Kiev yep three four five hundred dollars a month yeah yep I'm on a month so that's on the high end too I would say four hundred yeah yeah yeah so average so it's a life is not that good so if life if your environment in your life is not happy of course you're going to be negative right exactly and because of the corruption corruption yeah the corruption which is systemic here there's a lot of people screwing each other here so you know they just have had to become you know it's like look at the negative in the defense mechanism they don't believe they don't trust yeah and they're skeptical yeah they can't you'll see like good yeah the count will see good they just it's just like this is how it is and this is how it's been my whole life and my life was yeah not so good growing up for my family didn't have much money and even though like a lot of the woman do like they have high education then I like some of them is like unbelievable yeah yeah lots of master's degrees here I'm everybody almost everybody has a at least a Bachelor of education here yeah so they do value that but still the outlook is not there's not good some there comes your what does it lamb you got and some part the better cool look at that guy's sweet huh so that's number four so that's number four you just guys the reason you need to know this is because um when you date her and you see she's got a negative and suspicious mindset just you need to understand why you understand you know where it comes from it's not about you it's it's cultural here and they've had it's a defense mechanism they've had to learn to protect themselves Oh what I was gonna add about what you said is they actually have a superstition one of the many many superstitions here is don't talk about something good before it happens if it something's good you're gonna be coming about you're gonna jinx it yeah they don't want to speak about it to too many people or maybe even nobody are usually they're tight circle of friends I'm all mixed in with that negativity yeah like the Ukrainian girls or maybe even the guys as well very superstitious they've some of the most ridiculous like Supercenter things man like some things that I've heard I'm just like what but anyway absolutely so number five the fifth reason you never want to marry Ukrainian woman is no sense of humor yeah we don't mean no sense yes that I have Alison's of humor like I'm a bit of a bit of a goofball like I'm kind of cheeky there's a lady across the way she's that we should turn the camera well she's got some sense of humor this is lousy you see it's not that they don't have any sense of it's just guys you have to understand it's different we have a different sense of humor we tend to be like it's us they think ours our sense of humor is stupid is idiotic it's like SAP slapstick humor is not it's lame its lamé here yeah they're more sophisticated into political humor and humor with a deeper meaning what else would you say I don't even know if we don't even know I don't know but I like I like to think that I'm relatively humorous and I do have some girls laughing at my jokes but I've also like been a bit of a goofball and I've had girls look at me like not the alpha male you know right as I'm being a bit of a girl yes it takes away from alpha yeah yeah so you need to be staunch and just say something that's dry and you know like something that's you know but but again it's not all ladies again you can't paint everybody with the same brush but if there is an overwhelming tendency for this dry humor very different humor so so you just have to be aware that humor is different and you and the win the waste is like you know like and it's true like if you like it's sort of like the life of the party like you know the gills are sometimes attracted to that here here not not so much you want like you know you want to be like the center but not the beautiful there makes sense exactly so but I don't know like some girls I've dated and they think my jokes are funny some girls I've dated they think I need to like lipid or or maybe even yeah point number six why you never want to marry a Ukrainian woman is they're very confusing and flaky as yeah a flaky yeah take it away striker well yeah very confusing like on my journey I've been on I think I've been confused ninety percent of the time that's pretty much it like it's um they'll say one thing but act like another thing mixed signals right ah trying to read these women that's like trying to it's like running through a minefield with your eyes closed this is this is exactly right like you're getting on so well and then you'll get a text message that basically sees that she doesn't want to see you again and then it's like horn one response or no response and my responses are what or yes or smiley face or some well some weird upside-down emoji that you don't ever seen before ya know so it's like yeah yeah it's but I don't think it's that they're trying to be confusing I think all it is is that they're trying to they're not trying to do anything it's just a cultural difference a language difference and they don't understand it it's probably more so they don't understand us yeah yeah have a bite have a bite will and all I will add into this enjoy your um lamb there was a for example you'll ask a girl for her phone number in the West if she gives you her phone number that means she likes you here it means Jack really she'll give you her phone number just to get rid of you just to not hurt your feelings because they don't like to hurt feelings and then you'll message her later and then she'll be non-responsive then you know she's not interested in you at all if she responds to you then she has some level of interest but just so you know that's what we mean a little bit by the yeah yeah it's it's a tough one that one okay that's part two guys we're gonna chow down now and come back to you for part 3 which would be 0.72 10 reasons why you never want to marry a Ukrainian woman part three are coming up after we enjoy our horse and lamb

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  1. I like the way it is now, got a loyal dog,no girlfriend wife and no kids(told the girl 2 days no need to come back)go where I want,do what want, women can just piss off.

  2. Someone needs to make a video of why not to marry these guys. I am Ukrainian and I definitely joke around, I am NOT after a man money, never have been I am self sufficient, the only accurate thing is liking a strong man. Yes that’s true everything else is very wrong. It depends on the person 100% not them being Ukrainian.

  3. "something good before it happens" is not a superstition, you retards. it is called high expectations and it works on every meridian. if you want to be happier, do not expect good things to happen. if they do, you'll be happier than if you expected a good thing to happen and it never did.

  4. I probably have that #OptimismJinx worse than any Ukrainian. (So much so, I have to constantly "think negative" & #ReversePsychTheUniverse.)
    In 2011, I told her it's why I didn't plan out my trip to Ukraine. She acknowledged, tho didn't really respond, but I'm guessing understood. I mean, If it's already ingrained in culture. (Which I didn't know.)

  5. I've lived in Ukraine for over a year.. (American)

    0. Dudes aren't very open- minded

    1. I've nailed every girl I've gone out with which has been over 100 woman..

    2. Yes, they look as if they did not have a sense of humor but they are shy.. get them alone.. or either friends (different story)

    3. There is a big underworld of kinks and like minded people (these are fun) message me for info

    4. Everything else is accurate

    5. Ukraine overall (waste of time, go somewhere else, another beauplace with much more colorful people) honest opinion despite the fact I've made good friends and met great people

  6. An American in a brit both from the the land of superficiality, and then meeting people that live on a real level? Who are you guys kidding? I’m from New York City and it’s about as real as it gets in the United States of America!!!, But you guys are not a shame of being tacky, why don’t you just go and marry American women or British woman superficial, smiling unnecessarily, bubbly and all that crap LOL have you got guys heard of keeping it real just once in your life, think about that I think you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. They try to sell you a product called "Ukrainian Women are the top notch"…go to Channels like "Entrepreneurs in Cars" or "Rollo Tomassi" or even "Coach Red Pill"…far better truth and deeper information down the rabbit whole.

  8. These broads from Ukraine and Russia, Czech women too are just incredibly beautiful. I think if you are good at persuasion, you can get a Ukraine woman to go against how she was taught by her own society. Put your hand on her lower back and pull her into you (when the timing is right after a nice walk in the park. if she is giving an "im interested" sign), look into her eyes and slightly smile, then kiss her. Tell her that we both need to ditch how our societies taught us if we want to have an awesome relationship! Want a fulfilling happy life? Then go against the grain baby… I'll sweep you right off your feet. Then, actually pick her up and carry her 😉 She will never forget your amazing personality! (or you could get punched in the face 🤣)… What woman who is interested doesn't like to be carried by her prince? YOU ARE Prince Charming my friend!

  9. so much bad experience of Ukrainian woman – looking a China now – Ukrainian women are an waste of time and effort

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